Shopify Review - What is Shopify?

How To Sell Products Online From Home With Shopify Webstore and e-Commerce

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

Shopify Review: Get a Shopify Store
Price: $29/month for basic version with 14 days free trial

A Shopify Store is very simple an eCommerce platform where you can sell physical or digital products, either your own products or others products.

Shopify Rating:

One very popular use of a Shopify store is to sell physical products via drop shipping where you take the order and let another vendor deliver the goods to your customer. When you do drop shipping you can start for very little money, you dont need to invest in inventory.

You Don't have to be Techie
To run a Shopify Store, You don't have to be super techie in order to figure out how to list your items and how to build your site, you don't have to know website building and coding and you don't need to know how to integrate shopping cart and all that. Shopify Store has built-in payment system so you can accept creditcard or paypal payments, the store also has order tracking. 

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Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

Shopify Store Fully customizable
A Shopify Storefront is customizable with different themes you can choose from, so you can get the feel, looks and design you want. You can add your own name, header and logo. You can buy a domain name and host your shopify Store under your own domain name.

You just login into the BackOffice and upload your items and your pictures and you are ready to take orders.

​Accept Payment in a physical retail Shop
With a Shopify "Point of Sale" add on system, you can even accept creditcard payments in a physical retail store.

Sell on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter... or from your own blog
You can sell Shopify products from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and even on your own blog. You don't need to have a complete store up and running, You can integrate single products to sell on your current website or blog, so you can turn any website in to a money-making selling machine.

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Training How to run a Shopify Webstore - Free Signup

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

​TecAdemics is an educational company that teaches Online Marketing. One of their specialty is Shopify Stores and eCommerce. You can signup as a free affiliate with TecAdemics to get access to their free training Videos.

TecAdemics has several free training videos about Shopify Store, how to find products and how to load them into your Store and how to run a Shopify.

You will also find a casestudy about a Guy, a Shopify Newbie, who sold for around $35,000 in two weeks from his newly created shopify store.

==> Go to TecAdemics to become free affiliate 


Example Shopify Webstore

Example how a Shopify store can look like - Start an Online Shopify Store

Shopify Store BackOffice

View into your Shopify store backoffice - Start an Online Shopify Store


Video - what is Shopify?

Video - What is Shopify - a Simple explanation - Start an Online Shopify Store


Video - how to build a Shopify eCommerce webshop

How to Build an Ecommerce Website with Shopify - Start an Online Shopify Store


What is Drop Shipping?

What all that buzz about Dropshipping and e-commerce - What is dropshipping?

  • Droppshipping is a way to sell products online - without having an inventory - without actually handle the products physically
  • You find a product you want to sell on different places lets say ebay
  • You announce your product on your shopify store or on your blog
  • you will probably need to advertise like facebook paid advertising
  • when someone buys from your shopify store you get the money to paypal and you buy the products on ebay and give order for the product vendor to be send to your customer.
  • So you take the order but you buy the product from a vendor that physically sends the product to your customer.
  • I watched a video in tecademics backoffice and he mentioned, with experience, it take average 5 mins for you to handle the order and buy from your vendor and give instruction to send to .....


Is Shopify a Scam?
Is Shopify Legit?

​Is Shopify a Scam?

Is Shopify Legit?


Shopify FAQ

​Q: can I use my own domain for my stopify store?
A: Yes

Q: What language does Shopify supports?
A: all languages

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training



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Adobe PhotoShop Review
the Best Photo and Graphics Editing software

For Windows and Mac users

Adobe PhotoShop Review - the Best Photo Editing software

Adobe Photoshop CS2
This is my absolute favorite program, I use it all the time for editing photos and graphics.
Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X.

Photoshop was created first time in 1988. Since then, it has become the de facto industry standard in raster graphics editing, such that the terms "photoshopping" and "photoshop contest" were born. It can edit and compose raster images in multiple layers and supports masks, alpha compositing and several color models including RGB, CMYK, Lab color space (with capital L), spot color and duotone.

Photoshop has vast support for graphic file formats but also uses its own PSD and PSB file formats which support all the aforementioned features. In addition to raster graphics, it has limited abilities to edit or render text, vector graphics (especially through clipping path), 3D graphics and video. Photoshop's featureset can be expanded by Photoshop plug-ins, programs developed and distributed independently of Photoshop that can run inside it and offer new or enhanced features.

GET THIS, highly recommended, I use it all the time. ... and the best thing it's available FREE as a legal download. Adobe actually gives away this awesome program. Why? because this Adobe Photoshop CS2 version, released in 2005, is discontinued and replaced by another program (Adobe Photoshop CC in 2014). I'm sure if you are a professional photographer you want the newest version, however this version CS2 is VERY good.

Photoshop is a revolutionary piece of software that not only changes images, but also changes lives. Photoshop has become the foundation on which many freelance designers make their living, it is a vital piece of kit in any designer’s artists’s tool-belt.

Without Photoshop there would be no impossibly beautiful women plastered on the front of magazines, without Photoshop everyone would be seen as they are, warts and all, and without Photoshop the selfie rebellion might have looked a little different.

That’s not to say that everyone alters their images, but these days it is incredibly common for most people, from well-paid magazine artists, to self-obsessed teenage girls, to use Photoshop on a daily basis.

The most recent versions of Photoshop include a number of 3D modelling improvements and video editing, giving you the same control over your videos that it gave you over your images for many years.

The Adobe Photoshop interface is rich and plentiful, which is one of the reasons why it has become so popular, but at the same time this is one of its few downfalls. Although it has been used by many amateurs across all professions, the interface can be a little confusing to these amateurs at fist. There is a lot going on, a lot to do and a lot to learn about, which often puts the inexperienced user off.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 review in PC Magazine. editor rating: outstanding,2817,1781938,00.asp

Adobe PhotoShop Download here

Note: I think the serial is no longer working!

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Win
(Windows® 2000/Windows XP). I have it on Win 7 and it works great.
Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Win serial: 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431
rightclick to save the file, it's exe file on adobe's server:

Adobe Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Mac
Download Adobe Photoshop CS2
Rightclick to save the file, it's .bin file on adobe's server:
Mac Serial: 1045-0410-5403-3188-5429-0639

Adobe PhotoShop Manual

​Adobe Photoshop CS2 Manual Right click here to save (pdf doc)


Adobe Photoshop Training Videos

​Video explaining The basics workspace in Adobe Photoshop CS2

Photoshop CS3 - Introduction

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Full Tutorial 12 - Beginner Essentials - 6+ hours video Training on Youtube

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Full Tutorial 22 - Advanced - 6+ hours video Training on Youtube

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Other Image and graphics links

Free Image Editor -
Paint.Net, Image and Graphic editor. A more simple image editor. FREE.
Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools.

Free image hosting was founded in 2004 to provide forums with an easy way to upload images for free. Postimage is a very simple, fast, reliable free image host. It's perfect for linking to auctions, message boards, blogs, and other websites.

Photo sharing & Photo purchase
Find Photos for your webpage.

Buy Cheap Graphic work on Fiverr
You can find tons of people who wants to create graphics and much more for you for $5. Fx have your banners or facebook header created.


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NotePad++ NotePad Plus Review
a Simple little Text Editor the Best Texteditor

For Windows users only - mac users see below

​Download NotePad ++ here:

NotePad++ Review – a Simple little Text Editor - The Best

Notepad++ (Notepad Plus Plus) is a FREE powerful opensource, feature-packed text editor that more or less has everything Notepad needs but lacks (it can replace Notepad in Windows). Supports Multiple languages.

Loads of options:
Behind a clean face and busy but efficient toolbar, Notepad++ is a wonder of features and options. You can choose to use it as a simple text editor for plain text, and it is absolutely perfect for this, for taking notes, for creating plain text for use in HTML og Word documents where you don't want any text formatting initially. I use it ALL DAY for everything.

One cool thing is you can have many text files open simultaneously and easily switch from one to another. That's the feature I like the most.

​Video explaining Notepad++, how to download and install. You might want to skip the 2nd half of the video, they talk about html coding, you probably just want to use it for plain text editing

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MAC Users

Textwrangler a FREE Simple little text editor for Mac much better than default TextEdit

Download here:

​This video basically shows you how to get the equivalent of Notepad++ which is called TextWrangler, on a mac!

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By Hans Ronne, Published July 18th. 2016

TecAdemics Review
Tec Mastermind Review

Online Business Education for Entrepreneurs - By Chris Record


It's FREE to become TecAdemics affiliate & Get FREE access to 30 Internet Marketing Trainings videos by Chris Record)

My TecAdemics Review Below (Tec Mastermind Review), but first Look here: Promote TecAdemics via "4 Percent Group" System - the Biggest team in TecAdemics, dominating 9 of 10 places in top 10 TecAdemics Leaderboard (Click Banner below). You could also check out my 4% System Review

My TecAdemics Review (Tec Mastermind Review)
You probably came here because you have heard all the buzz on TecAdemics and searched Google for TecAdemics Review or Tec Mastermind Review, because You are interested to know more about this educational program and want to learn how to earn money online and are sick and tired of not succeeding in your online business. (TecAdemics formerly known as Internet Marketing College).

TecAdemics (Tec Mastermind) is the high end products promoted by The 4 Percent Group a genius sales system (by Vick Strizheus). If you want to Join 4% Group and are already a member of TecAdemics, no problem, Just Join and input your TecAdemics username and you are good - and start promoting TecAdemics via the 4% group Sales System.

I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED You get the 4% group system. As a member of 4% group You will also Get 90 episodes of FREE training from Vick Strizheus - He will show you how to earn $100,000 in 90 days, starting from scratch as a newbie, with no name, no list - You literally watch him over the shoulder and can model what he does.


International Affiliate Marketing Conference - 3 days of Pure Value Internet Marketing Training


How to get a ticket to Conference

Step 1. Join TecAdemics FREE affiliate program: Become Free Affiliate here - As an affiliate you may promote their products and You have free access to 30 internet marketing videos in the backoffice.

Step 2. Login to your TecAdemics backoffice -- In the upper menu, choose "Products" and the first thing that comes up is Purchase Ticket. That's it, that's all there is to it.


TecAdemics Review
( Tec Mastermind Review )

Official Website:
Opened 1st. September 2016
Product Name: TecAdemics

Here is my review of the brand new TecAdemics educational program which opened 1st September 2016.

TecAdemics is a brand new affiliate program, a new model of online education created and owned by Chris Record a 8-figure earner and internet entrepreneur, one of the most respected online marketers.

TecAdemics Review


TecAdemics Review

The internet marketing and business education that TecAdemics delivers is high quality trainings taught my TecAdemics faculty members who are experts in their fields and people who actually practice what they teach.

TecAdemics is where Technology and Academic education meet

TecAdemics also has an affiliate program built in, so you will be able to earn good commissions by selling the educational programs.

TecAdemics contra Tec Mastermind
TecAdemics Review contra Tec Mastermind Review

What is Tec Mastermind?
Tec Mastermind is a special marketing funnel within the 4 Percent group, promoting both TecAdemics and 4 Percent Marketing system all in one funnel.

Sales System & funnel to Promote TecAdemics
Tec Mastermind Review

You have two options to get involved with TecAdemics
1) You may sign up directly to TecAdemics Here - Tec Mastermind  - It's FREE to Become TecAdemics affiliate

2) Or you may sign up to the 4 Percent group system, promoted as "Tec Mastermind" in a special funnel (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) which is a sales system promoting TecAdemics as the high ticket backend product. If you are already a member of TecAdemics, no problem, you just input your TecAdemics ID in the 4 % backoffice and you are good.


TecAdemics: Where Technology
and Academic Education meet

TecAdemics e-learning, Training and Education

The TecAdemics Education is divided into 3 different program levels. The education TecAdemics provides, is a Global educational distance e-learning program, Virtual Classrooms with online interactive courses with video and slides, your own course workbook, with students attending from all over the world.

Here are some of the areas that The TecAdemics Education will cover:

  • Online Marketing strategies and traffic generation
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and marketing on Facebook, Youtube and Google, the 3 largest advertising platforms on the internet
  • ​Social Media presence
  • ​How to generate leads and email marketing
  • ​Blogging and speedblogging
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • ​How to work with webshop and e-commerce
  • ​Amazon marketing and dropshipping
  • Much more..

In addition to being an online education, the highest Program level offers the opportunity to attend live classes in Phoenix, Arizona. The classes are held every 3 months during 5 days a 6 hours. It's free to attend these classes, it comes with the highest program level. For those who cannot attend will have access to recorded classes.

Entrepreneur Club
As a TecAdemics member and student, you'll have access to online forum to meet and discuss with like-minded entrepreneurs to help and ask questions.


TecAdemics Products & Prices

TecAdemics Products
There are currently 4 products available in TecAdemics. Entrepreneur Club, ImpactSeries, TecWeek and Ecom-Incubator.

A 5th. program will be added soon a software for creating websites and Membersites: SmartMember.

TecAdemics Review

1. The Entrepreneur Club - Price $100/month
That's were you want to start, that's the minimum member level. You will get Access to the internet marketing forum and basic internet marketing training and weekly new lessons.

The Entrepreneurs Club  is a 100% online learning experience designed for beginners who want to learn more about internet marketing and begin implementing strategies that will deliver results. The cost of this educational program is less than what many people spend on specialty coffee drinks in a month. For $100 per month, you will have access to a digital inner circle of forward-thinking business owners.

Entrepreneur Club is Comprised of Two Core Elements

Weekly broadcast
Weekly broadcast of structured interviews with industry leaders who share tips, tools, and best practices for increasing traffic, conversions/sales, to achieve short- and long-term goals. These sessions will be recorded and shared in your private, password-protected Virtual Office. These weekly masterclasses (4 per month) will be taught by proven successful internet entrepreneurs who will walk you step-by-step through the latest updates and tools available for quickly and consistently making an income online.

EntrePreneur Club FORUM
Our core community for students of Tecademics. Discussions, Bonus Training Sessions and Masterminding are what you will find in the TecForum™. Our forum has the highest caliber content and training. You will have access to our T.E.C. section inside the forum. Many of the tactics youll discover are on the cutting-edge of todays technology, giving you an almost unfair advantage over your competitors.

Easy-to-navigate online forum with structured discussion threads that allows users to select topics and delve into detailed categories within those topics. The discussion threads bring together all levels of internet marketers who can share strategies and best practices. To ensure our master students are at their keyboards sharing their strategies, Tecademics rewards their participation!

2) IMPACT-SERIES: Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training. Price $2,000 onetime fee.
This is where most people will be at. The online education is a comprehensive introduction to different areas of internet marketing.

IMPACT-SERIES™ Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training™
Access to the IMPACT™ home-study course is only $2,000 and will cover 12 proven methods for starting and profiting with your own internet business. You can think of it as the "Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing." This course is specifically designed and tailor-made to take a complete beginner and transform them into a solid intermediate. IMPACT™ is also a great course for seasoned professionals who want to freshen up their advanced skills. IMPACT™ has something for everyone.

In each of the 12 modules, youll benefit from step-by-step video classes, audio training and workbooks. On top of that, youll also get bonus cheat sheets and tools to fast-track your learning curve, along with exclusive access to the IMPACT™ section in our TecForum™ for ongoing discussions and Q&s's.

IMPACT-SERIES™ - Internet Marketing Principals and Core Training is for learners that desire to move from a beginner to an intermediate level using structured educational modules that focus on the top 12 producing internet marketing tools and strategies.

Cost: $2,000 to purchase IMPACT™ product Virtual Office Access

Two product modalities:
1. IMPACT-SERIES™ "Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing"

This product delivers a video "Home Study" program that explores the top 12 internet marketing strategies for making money. Modules were recorded on-site with a LIVE audience.

Easy-to-navigate online forum with structured discussion threads that allows users to select topics and delve into detailed categories within those topics. The discussion threads bring together all levels of internet marketers to share strategies and best practices.

  Live and Online Internet Marketing College™

Week-Long Global Educational Program Events. Price $10,000 onetime fee This is the flagship of TecAdemics educational program. For those who wants to become master of online business and internet marketing. In addition to live Classes, a 5 day a 6 hours in Phoenix, Arizona four times a year, you will have online access to recorded sessions with the teachers, which means those Masters Tuition Students who cannot travel and attend the live classes, can still benefit from the education. You will have 120 credit hours of live education available.

Obviously by attending live classes, you will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers and meet and discuss with other students live.

TECWEEK is a $10,000, one-time tuition fee for our Tecademics College of Internet Marketing. Your tuition includes 120 credit hours and allows for 2 people to attend. The college education is a two-year program, with the second year giving you the right to repeat or audit the classes you attended in your first year.

Tecademics signature product brings students into a physical classroom to learn, share, and explore the concepts and strategies for maximizing internet marketing success. It is a two-year program offering for two people, so bring a friend or business partner to learn alongside you.

Year 1:
Students can complete a total of 120 credit hours • Students take pre- and post-tests to measure learning • Students and student partners can attend the same or different classes

Year 2:
• Student and student partners can audit courses taken in the first year and student partners can attend the same or different classes

Auditing classes is a great way to understand the principles without using your credit hours. Because we believe that repetition is the mother of retention, if you retake a class, it will NOT cost you credit hours. These classes are LIVE, structured, and taught by expert practitioners with real experience in the field. The MASTERS curriculum is developed by Ph.D. and Master's prepared educators with deep knowledge in the science of learning known as Instructional Systems Design (ISD).

  brand new product just added

You will learn all about ecommers, how to set up webstore. You will work at the TecAdemics Head Quater together with the staff to set up your webstore. You will have 25 days you can physically visit the TecAdemics office to get help setting everything up with your webstore and have it up and running.

Ecom-Incubator Price $25,000 onetime fee This is the flagship of TecAdemics educational program.


TecAdemics' affiliate program

It's FREE to become a TecAdemics Affiliate

TecAdemics Affiliate program
TecAdemics business education and coaching program has an affiliate program attached, so you will be able to earn commissions on sales. The commission is up to 40% of the sale.

The TecAdemics affiliate program is a two tier hybrid affiliate program with a leverage, which means for some of the sales half of the commissions (20%) will pass up to your enroller while you will keep 20%. Other sales will give you the full 40% commission.

A very important feature of this structure is that you will earn commission on all sales, either 20 or 40%. You will never pass up a sale completely, you will always be paid at least 20%. Commissions is paid out to 1 or 2 people only, either You alone (40%) or You and Your enroller (you split the commission 20+20%).

So TecAdemics is NOT a MLM or network marketing company that pay most of the commissions to the top people. This means that no matter when you enter TecAdemics as a member and student, you will have the same possibility to earn good commissions.

The structure of TecAdemics' affiliate program is very simple and straightforward and in my opinion honest and very attractive. Since some of the products are high ticket price, you will have the ability to earn a very high income.

Example: If you enroll someone why buys all 3 products ($100/mth + 2,000 + 10,000) total $12,100 you either earn 20% or 40% that's $2,400 or $4,800 and 20% or 40% of the monthly $100.

Commission structure of TecAdemics' affiliate program
When do you earn 20% and when 40%

When do you earn 20% and when 40%
OK, here it goes. It's very simple.

1. To qualify to earn commission on every of the 3 products, you will need to
A) either buy the product yourself (You do not earn commission buying your own product), that's your qualifying sale.
B) Alternatively sell a product to a member you enroll in TecAdemics
You do not earn commission on this qualifying sale.

2. After a qualifying sale of each of the 3 products, You are qualified to earn commissions on a product.
The first two sales of a product are "trainings" sales. You earn 20% on these two first sales and your enroller earn 20% (20% of the commission pass up to your enroller).
(You pass up the product to your enroller and but get 20% commission (You do not pass up a person).

Every 5th sales after the first two will pass up 20% of the commission to your enroller and you keep 20%.
Which means sale 3,4,5 and 6 will earn you a commissions of 40% and nothing to your enroller. The 7th. sale, 20% will pass up to your enroller and 20% to you.

That's it, that's how simple the TecAdemics affiliate program is.

TecAdemics Compensation Plan

1. each of the 3 products are independent and has it's own compensation plan.

2. If you don't owe a product, your first sale will role up to your sponsor. You don't earn commissions on that, but you get activated = activation sales

2b. if you own the product = you bought it, you are activated, but you don't earn commission on your own purchase.

3. the following two sale after the first activation sale, will roll up as well, however you receive 20% of the commission and your sponsor gets 20%. The rolled up sales are gone forever besides the 20% you got, which means you dont earn commissions on roll up sales from these sales.

4. For each 5th sale thereafter will roll up to your sponsor and you loose the sale, but get 20% and your sponsor gets 20%. That's the whole compensation plan, plain and simple

Wait there is more...
TecAdemics has a matching bonus program, called "Matching Millions" There are two levels.


TecAdemics' Matching bonus program "Matching Millions"

TecAdemics' Matching bonus program "Matching Millions"
TecAdemics has a matching bonus program, called "Matching Millions"
There are two levels.

1.) $100,000 matching bonus
When you have earned $100,000 commission in a 3 year period, that includes passup commissions, you will receive another $100,000 onetime payment matching bonus from the company, paid directly in to your paycard.

2.) $1.000,000 matching bonus
When you have earned $1.000,000 commission in a 3 year period, that includes passup commissions, you will receive another $1.000,000 onetime payment matching bonus from the company, paid directly in to your paycard.

The matching bonus is paid to ALL who during a 3 year period reach total of $100,000 or $1.000,000. You are not competing with others to get this bonus, you only compete against yourself. This means that no matter when you enter TecAdemics as a member you will have the same possibility to qualify for these matching bonuses.

Can you earn $100,000 during the next 3 years? - that's 36 months and around $2,800 per month.

TecAdemics' affiliate program payout method - Paycard

TecAdemics' affiliate program payout method - Paycard
Commissions earned in TecAdemics' affiliate program will be paid to a paycard, which you will receive.


TecAdemics Videos

Vick Strizheus interviewing Chris Record the Founder of TecAdemics about the program and earnings potential - TecAdemics Details and Money

Vick Strizheus visiting Chris Record (orange cap) and interviewing him about the
new innovative TecAdemics educational program and affiliate program.
Vick Strizheus is the creator of the 4 % group a marketing system for TecAdemics and other programs

Vick Strizheus visiting Chris Record in TecAdemics Office in Scottsdale, Arizona
Vick Strizheus is the creator of the 4 % group a marketing system for TecAdemics and other programs


That's it, my review of TecAdemics. Now go Get Started and get involved with TecAdemics - Join here

That's it, my review of TecAdemics. Now go Get Started and get involved with TecAdemics.

Obviously this "TecAdemics" doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts and advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.

Sales System & Funnel to promote TecAdemics

You have two choices to get involved with TecAdemics

•  Join TecAdemics directly: Click Here  - It's FREE to Become TecAdemics Affiliate

•  Join "4 Percent Group" a sales system and funnel that promotes TecAdemics as the high ticket backend product. Join TecAdemics from the 4 Percent Group backoffice (you will find a link there).

If you are a member of TecAdemics already, you can still signup to the 4 Percent Group sales system and promote TecAdemics via this sales funnel. You simply input your TecAdemics affiliate link in the 4 Percent Group backoffice settings and you are good to go. People who join via your 4 Percent group link, will automatically be presented with Your TecAdemics link in the 4 % group backoffice.
You can promote TecAdemics via 4 percent group and TecAdemics directly, simultaneously. 

Join TecAdemics Via "4 percent Group" Sales System


Is TecAdemics a Scam?
is TecAdemics Legit?

Is TecAdemics a scam?

Is TecAdemics legit?



Q: When will TecAdemics open - when can you become affiliate?
A: TecAdemics Opened 1st. September 2016

Q: What's the minimum cost to become an affiliate?
A: It's FREE to become affiliate.

Q: Can you earn money as TecAdemics affiliate without buying the products?
A: Yes, you are not required to buy the products in order to earn commissions on selling the products. However if you have not bought the product your first sale commission will roll up to your enroller, that's your qualification sale. You will earn commissions from your 2nd sale.


You are welcome to comment on my TecAdemics Review below


Project Breakthrough Review

Project Breakthrough is a 100% FREE Video Course that teaches You how to Earn Money Online



Here is my Project Breakthrough Review
Project Breakthrough is a comprehensive 100% FREE Video training course that will teach you how to earn money from home in 14 days and how to earn your first commissions promoting an affiliate offer, selling other peoples product, which is the easiest thing to do.

That's the intentional outcome for you from this Video training.

The Project Breakthrough training with Vick Strizheus

​Screenshot from the Project Breakthrough Videos training. Vick Strizheus

You probably came here because you have heard about Project Breakthrough and searched for the term Project Breakthrough Review, because you want to earn money online and are sick and tired of not succeeding in your online business.

If you can't wait to get started with Project Breakthrough, Click this Link and open a 100% free account at to get access to all the training.


Here is what you will learn at Project Breakthrough 

  • See and understand the big picture of Project Breakthrough
  • How to build a very successful business
  • Mindset
  • Selecting a Product and Preparing Essential Tools
  • Preparing a Strategic Campaign
  • Creating a Custom landingpage (optin page) and Marketing Funnel with "SiteSuite" a website building software that comes free for HighTrafficAcademy ELITE members.  
  • ​Making the most strategic move in marketing
  • ​Find and register a custom domain and Connect the funnel and autoresponder
  • ​Get affiliate links ready
  • Connect custom funnels with affiliate offers
  • ​Set up first autoresponder campaign
  • ​The "Pre-Flight" Final Check Before The Big Launch
  • ​Get Traffic to your campaign and start earning commissions

The Project Breakthrough Videos and training

The Project Breakthrough training is a step by step video guided training put together by Vick Strizheus and HighTrafficAcademy, for you to get you to a new level in your business.
Weather you are a newbie or an experienced online marketer you will learn from this.

The intention for Project Breakthrough training is to get you

1. to earn your first commissions
2. learn how to do it repeatedly, how to do it over and over again
3. .. and how to scale, leverage and grow your business

Project Breakthrough Video training is designed in 14 consecutive days for you to follow in order. You will look over the shoulder while Vick teaches exactly what to do and how to do it.

When you have watched a video, the next video in the series will open up next day for you to watch. Every single day will have a:

1. Specific clear outcome for you
2. specific training for that day
3. assignment for next day

If you decide to do every single step, designed and delivered in this program for you, for the next 14 days, you will never be the same again, not the same person, not the same marketer, you will have results that 99% of people are not able to achieve.

Each day will cover specific things and if you follow the step by step directions during the 14 days, guided by Vick, by the end of the training you will have a clear vision and understanding of how to build an online business, what to do and what tools to use and you probably already made your first commissions online.


Project Breakthrough Affiliate Program
Project Breakthrough is also a CASHMACHINE

​Promote Project Breakthrough as a cashmachine - The Ultimate Sales Funnel
Project Breakthrough Affiliate Program

Who can promote Project Breakthrough as a CashMachine?
Only HighTrafficAcademy ELITE members (HTA ELITE) can promote Project breakthrough Ultimate funnel. And as an HTA ELITE You have the option to join Project Breakthrough affiliate program and promote Project Breakthrough as a CASHMACHINE. It's the Ultimate Sales Funnel, You will NOT find anything like it on the internet.

The Ultimate sales funnel, The Project Breakthrough funnel, will have your own affiliate links built into the course, to provide you with multiple streams of income.

Here is how Project Breakthrough works as a CASHMACHINE:
During the 14 days course, those who follow the course, are presented with several tools which are mandatory when starting an online business: Getresponse (autoresponder), Aweber (autoresponder), ad-tracker traffic tracking system (ClickMagick), domain & hosting (NameCheap), Spy & Optimization system where you can follow how your visitors navigate and scroll on your Optin landingpage (MouseFlow) and other tools.

People who follow the course also have the option to buy HTA specialty products, a total of 27 income streams and on top of that a Network Marketing Company opportunity at the end of the course (more of that later).

NOTE: I am not allowed to tell you the name of the Network Marketing company. It's not an existing network marketing company, so you have never heard of the name, but you wont be dissapointed.

Guess what? - all these links presented to free members of Project Breakthrough that you have enrolled, are YOURS Affiliate Links that you earn commissions on. Your username for the Network Marketing opportunity will be tied to your Project Breakthrough link you promote, so all those who join Project Breakthrough via your Project Breakthrough affiliate link, will eventually enroll in your network marketing downline.
Only HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member (HTA ELITE) have the option to join Project Breakthrough affiliate program and input their affiliate links into the funnel, thus having a cashmachine with multiple streams of income, 27 different products you have the opportunity to earn commissions on + PLUS the Network marketing company connected to Project Breakthrough funnel.

SiteSuite LandingPage Builder
As a HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member, you will have SiteSuite for free. SiteSuite is an awesome website builder, landingpage (optin page) builder and funnel builder. One that you will need if you want to promote.
SuiteSuite will host your marketing funnel, so you don't even need external hosting. It is recommended that you get a domain name and let that domain point to your Marketing funnel hosted with SiteSuite.

What's the price to become
Project Breakthrough Affiliate?

How Much is HTA ELITE - The Price for HTA ELITE

What does et cost be become Project Breakthrough affiliate?
It's free to become affiliate, however you need to be HighTrafficAcademy Elite Member, in order to promote Project Breakthrough as a passive income stream cashmachine.

The Price to Become HTA ELITE = $297/monthly

You Join HighTrafficAcademy ELITE (HTA ELITE) via the link in Project Breakthrough backoffice (at day 3) the Price is: $297 monthly to become HTA ELITE.

(You need to be HTA ELITE if you want to promote the Project Breakthrough ultimate funnel)

As an HTA ELITE ONLY, you don't get HighTrafficAcademy Core Products or HTA specialty products they are Simply NOT INCLUDED in the HTA ELITE membership. If You want to buy any HTA specialty produts you can do so from your HTA ELITE backoffice.

What do You Get with HighTrafficAcademy ELITE
The content of HTA ELITE membership

​Here is what you get as HTA Elite member
Programs in Elite Mastermind Membership. You get Free Access to the following programs in this Group. HTA ELITE membership itself is NOT commissionable, which means should your Project Breakthrough free signups choose to become HTA ELITE member, you don't get commission.

1. Marketers Bundle
2. Passive income streams. That's the ability to input your affiliate links into Project Breakthrough
3. Elite Monthly. Webinar
4. The Traffic Lab. Traffic generation casestories
5. Ask Vic & Jason anything. As it says you can ask questions.
6. Site Suite, That's the website and funnel builder software. Free access. Hosting of your funnel is included.
7. Mission 1000
8. Docom reporter
9. Marketing Roundtable
10. HTA startup
11. Elite Community
12. Elite Support


The 30 income streams in Project Breakthrough 

​Here are the 30 income streams You promote silently via the Project Breakthrough Ultimate Funnel

A - $0.00 Per Signup   NB - No longer commission on signup
For every FREE signup to your Project Breakthrough link, you receive $0.00 - NB They only pay on upsells as of 3rd. may 2016

B - Income Streams from recommended tools

1. GetResponse (autoresponder)
2. Aweber (autoresponder)
3. ClickMagick (Traffic tracking software - ad-tracker)
4. Mouseflow (Optimization spy software - look how your visitors navigate)
5. NameCheap (domain registra - register a domain). Note hosting is not required, because you can have your domain pointing to your SiteSuite funnel. SiteSuite (free with HTA ELITE) hosts your funnel for free.
6. AdEspresso (Facebook Ad posting Program)

Commissions from these programs: you sign up to the affiliate program for each software and are paid directly from these programs. Except Mouseflow which uses Clickpromise as affiliate network and you sign up and get paid via Clickpromise network just as with the HTA specialty programs. 

C - HTA Products Income Streams - with prices
Products from HighTrafficAcademy. Products you may buy from your HTA Elite Backoffice. (Internal passive income streams. You do not need to enter affiliate ID). Commission 33% paid via  ClickPromise affiliate network. HTA ELITE membership itself is NOT commissionable. Project Breakthrough HTA Elite members may purchase these products from their HTA Elite backoffice.

1. Affiliate Marketing 101. Affiliate Marketing foundational knowledge base. If you are new to affiliate marketing, start here. $297/year

2. Content Marketing 101.
Content is king. Become a content master for complete online marketing domination. $297/year

3. Data Secrets.
Data makes you money. Learn the secrets to monitize your data. $1,997/year

4. Email Marketing 101.
Turn email addresses into paychecks with email marketing. $297/year

Facebook Marketing 101. Learn how to drive real conversions from Facebook. Real conversions equal real dollars in your pocket. $397/year

6. Facebook Champion.
Learn how to drive real conversions from Facebook. Real conversions equal real dollars in your pocket. normal price $997/year

7. Funnel Mastery.
Learn to create funnels that convert. price $497

8. Independent Biz Playbook.
If you have just opened your own independent business there are always some new strategies that can help to maximize your overall success rate in the marketplace. $177/year

9. Landing Page Secrets.
Learn how to create landing pages that work, convert and make a difference in your online marketing. price $497/year

10. Media Buying ROI.
Learn how to get more media traffic, more campaigns running on more sources, by learning the foundation tips and implementing them to see a return on your investment. $197/year

11. PPC Mastery.
Ever wanted to become a dynamic PPC Master? PPC Mastery has it all. $997/year

12. Retargeting Google Adwords.
Retargeting can increase your conversion rates by up to 70%. Are you remarketing to your website visitors? $297/year

13. Retargeting AdRoll.
Retargeting is what separates the amateurs from the pros in online marketing. Learn how to Retarget with AdRoll. $397/year

14. RLSA with Google Adwords.
Increase your conversion rates by up to 70% by serving ads in Google Search Results to people that have already been to your site. $397/year

15. SEO Traffic 101.
Dominate organic search results with Search Engine Optimization. $297/year

16. Smart Biz Playbook.
In many ways, running a business and being a leader is like playing a sport. Business success is what most people pay attention to. But it’s the day to day grind of running a business – constantly trying to improve processes, boost employee performance, adapt to changing market conditions, dodge obstacles, and create opportunities – that determine an entrepreneur’s success. $177/year

17. Twitter Marketing
. Yes, you can make money by marketing on Twitter. Here’s how. $297/year

18. Advanced Video Secrets.
Coming soon.

19. YouTube Video Marketing.
YouTube receives over 240 Billion Video Views per month. Learn how to market your videos in this monster community. $397/year

D - HTA Marketer's Suite - Bundle product packages - with prices
Three bundle packages, put together from some of the above HighTrafficAcademy products (Internal passive income streams. You do not need to enter affiliate ID). Commission 33% paid via ClickPromise affiliate network. Project Breakthrough HTA Elite members may purchase these products from their HTA Elite backoffice. 

1. Starter Package Discount price $997 (normal price $1,991)  /year
• Landing page secrets. Normal price $497
• funnel mastery. Normal price $497
• facebook champion.  Normal price $997

2. Builder Package. Discount price $1,497 (normal price $2,685) /year
• Landing page secrets. Normal price $497
• funnel mastery. Normal price $497
• PPC mastery. Normal price $997
• Retargeting with Adroll. Normal price $397
• Retargeting Adwords. Normal price $297

3. Champion Package. Discount price $1,997 (normal price $5,679) /year
• Landing page secrets. Normal price $497
• funnel mastery. Normal price $497
• facebook champion. Normal price $997
• PPC mastery. Normal price $997
• Retargeting with Adroll. Normal price $397
• Retargeting Adwords. Normal price $297
• Data secrets. Normal price $1,997

E - Secret Network Marketing Company
At the end of your 14 days course you may secure yourself a position in this network marketing company attached to the Project Breakthrough funnel, at no cost initially, Later you will need to pay to participate. The people you enroll in Project breakthrough free program can do they same and they will automatically be enrolled under you in your network marketing downline, unless they specifically want to sign up under another person.

The network marketing company is independent from Project Breakthrough and independent from HighTrafficAcademy. Therefore any person may signup to the network marketing company under another person if they want, independently from project breakthrough funnel.


​FAQ - Project Breakthrough and ClickPromise
Often asked questions about earnings and Project Breakthrough affiliate commissions

Question: Do I earn commission on HTA ELITE membership?
Answer:  No, HTA ELITE membership is not commissionable - You don't earn commissions when someone of your enrollees in Project Breakthrough become a HTA ELITE member.

Question: How much is the commissions on Project Breakthrough?
Answer: You earn $0,00 for each confirmed signup to Project Breakthrough. NB They no longer pay commissions on signup
in addition, If you are an ELITE member, you earn commissions on the HTA Specialty products (except Elite membership) are 33% and you are paid through Clickpromise on a monthly basis, with a treashold limit of $250.

The commissions for the tools, if you are an ELITE member,  are paid directly from the affiliate program attached to each software, except MouseFlow which is under ClickPromise affiliate network. MouseFlow commissions are paid via ClickPromise, the same way as HTA specialty products.

Question: how do I signup to Project Breakthrough affiliate program?
Answer: handles the Project Breakthrough affiliate program and around  25+ other products you may promote. Go to apply to be a publisher (that's an affiliate promoting offers).
Create a free publisher (affiliate account)  here: link removed not valid any longer 
(In Project Breakthrough Backoffice you will also find a link to ClickPromise at day 3).

Question: How to apply to promote an offer from ClickPromise?
Answer: Once you are accepted into ClickPromise network, you will need to apply for each product You want to promote. Pick a product you'll be promoting from the ClickPromise backoffece. Find link that says "available offers" and click button "request offer" and wait for approval email.  

Question: Who can promote Project Breakthrough?
Answer: All ClickPromise affiliates
Note: In case you want to promote Project Breakthrough: all ClickPromise affiliates may promote Project Breakthrough and earn $0.00 per signup (CPA basis), however in order to promote project Breakthrough and earn commission on the programs inside Project Breakthrough course (the 27 income streams), you NEED TO BE HTA ELITE MEMBER. There is no other way!  

Question: How do I become HTA ELITE member and what's the cost? 
Answer: You become HTA Elite member via the Link to HighTrafficAcademy in your Project Breakthrough Backoffice in "today's to-do list" at day 3. It says: "Click here and Activate HTA Elite. You'll get full access to SiteSuite as well as activate all 27 funnel income streams!" The Price is $297/monthly
Question: How am I going to be paid commissions from ClickPromise?
Answer: They pay You monthly via direct deposit to your Bankaccount (wire), via Check or Paypal. Be careful with paypal if you earn a lot - paypal simply freezes accounts when you earn over a certain amount of money.  

Question: When I am approved to promote an offer, how do I get the link to promote?
Answer: In you ClickPromise backoffice, find the link "my offers", find the offer and click button "creatives" and a popup window appears with links and banners. The easiest way to get a link, is to click "get custom link". Input a random number or name in field Sub ID, f.ex. AD1 and click "generate link" and find the link in the box "tracking link". Copy the link and it should look something like this:

Question: what's the anatomy of my ClickPromise affiliate link?
Answer: Your affiliate link looks something like this:  where CID=XXXXX is the offer identification number. AFID=YYYYY is YOUR affiliate ID number and SID=AD1 is an optional name you may add, that identifies where or how you promote the offer. It tells you from what avertising your signups and sales come from.

Later in your stats, you can check your sales and identify which of your ads gave you the sale.

Question: Is Project Breakthrough is a scam - Is Project Breakthrough legit? 
Answer: Project Breakthrough is legit and not a scam. It's one of a kind step by step online training and education that shows you exactly how to start earning money online.

By the way how can something absolutely FREE be a scam????

Question: how to get my Project Breakthrough Certificate of Graduation
Answer: right after your day 14 you follow the steps and get your Certificate online to print out or take a screenshot and save.

Question: when did Project Breakthrough started/Launched - the Launch of Project Breakthrough?
Project Breakthrough was launched officially on 8th. feb 2016

Can you earn money with Project Breakthrough?
Does Clickpromise pay its publishers?
Is Project Breakthrough is a scam - is it legit?

People ask Questions like these:
Is Project Breakthrough a Scam?  -  Can You earn money with Project Breakthrough?
Is Clickpromise is a scam?  -  Does Clickpromise pay its publishers (affilates)?

​It's really surprising that people ask these questions and sad in a way. Are people used to get scamed?, is everything a scam out there on the internet? Why do all people think everything is a scam?

First off, Project Breakthrough is absolutely FREE, so how can it be a scam?
It's a FREE 14 days education, look over the shoulders how to earn money online.

The principles shown can be used to promote anything you like. The education suggest you promote Project Breakthrough itself, but you don't have to, You can learn and use the principles and ideas to promote anything without buying anything.

Learn from this, separate yourself from other affliatates, create your own landingpage or find a template and connect your autoresponder, make an email series and promote clickbank products or what ever you like.

If you want to promote Project Breakthrough and earn $0.0 per sign up (NB they no longer pay commission on signup only on upsells as of 3rd May 2016), you can do so absolutely free without paying a cent. Signup free at Clickpromise and start to promote. ClickPromise is a CPA network owned by the Hightraffic Academy owners.

As a HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member, you may also promote Project Breakthrough and have the option to earn additional income streams, by earning commissions on the tools and products suggested during the course. HTA Elite member has several benefits and one of them is the ability to insert your affiliate links inside the course. The price to become HTA Elite is $297/month. It's not a price for Project Breakthrough.

The Question: Can I earn money with Project Breakthrough is in a way NOT the right question You might as well ask: Can I earn money by learning Internet Marketing? Obviously it depend on whether you understand and implement what you learnt.

The Question: Can I earn money promoting Project Breakthrough?  Absolutely. As a Clickpromise affilate (publisher) you can earn $0.0 per FREE signup for giving away the FREE course "Project Breakthrough". If you are a HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member you have the option to earn aditional income streams from the products promoted during the course.

HighTrafficAcademy company created Project Breakthrough
HighTrafficAcademy LLC is the company that has created the free training called  "ProjectBreakthrough"  which was launched 8th. feb 2016. HighTrafficAcademy has been around for about 4 years and I have been a member and VIP member for around 3½ years and promoted HighTrafficAcademy master course* which was a Traffic Generation and Internet Marketing course.

The first years HightrafficAcademy Course was under clickbank and paid out via ClickBank. Clickbank changed rules to max affliate payout to $150, since we earned $342 per sale of the 497 course cost, Clickbank was no longer an option. HighTrafficAcademy made it's own CPA network "ClickPromise" around January 2015, owned by the owners of HighTrafficAcademy in order to handle the affiliates, stats and payouts.  

Question: Does HighTrafficAcademy pay it's affiliate - Does ClickPromise pay it's affiliates?
Yes Of course, there is no reason to doubt that. You get paid from ClickPromise, which handles HighTrafficAcademy affiliates and their payouts.
Affiliates promoting HighTrafficAcademy products, including Project Breakthrough (which is a FREE HighTrafficAcademy course) are paid via ClickPromise and once again: Yes they paid their affilates.

*HighTrafficAcademy master course was discontinued february 2016 and replaced by around 20 specific courses that can be purchased individually.

Earnings examples from promoting
Project Breakthrough

​Project Breakthrough was launched 8th. february 2016. On 22th. feb 2016 there was a HighTrafficAcademy Video for elite members, showing some of the results elite members had after 14 days.

Note: Existing "old" HighTrafficAcademy Elite members from before the launch, started to promote Project Breakthrough from 8th february 2016, the same day it was launched.
Here are some income examples from these Elite members. It's screenshots from the video put in an animation.

Note: All income examples are individual affiliates results and are obviously not income guarantee. All earnings depend on your own efforts and skills.
Note: I do not publich my own earnings and payouts

Screenshots (from video) from ClickPromise backoffices for HTA Elite members who promoted Project Breakthrough. Results from 14 days promotion.

Note: Clicks (visitors to project breakthrough website) and number of conversions (no. of optins) varies a lot depending on traffic quality.
Also many of the affiliates shown, have their own optin page in front of the official landingpage, in order to build their own list (you dont see visitors to that site here). In case of a private optin page in front of the official landingpage the conversion from those who opted in on the front, will be better on the back.   

Animation Showing numbers from ClickPromise Backoffice for 14 days promotion 

• Impressions disregard this, I think its direct bannerlinking.
• Clicks = visitors to the Project Breakthrough landingpage (optin page)
• Conversions = number of confirmed free signups to Project breakthrough
• Commissions = earnings from the signups, primarily $1.5 per signup.

Earnings from tools f.ex like Getresponse auto-responder don't appear in clickpromise.


The Network Marketing Company and opportunity in Project Breakthrough cashmachine High ticket products you can earn commissions on

Coming soon - Network Marketing Company

I am not allowed to tell you the name of the Network Marketing company. It's not an existing network marketing company, so you have never heard of the name, but you wont be dissapointed.

This brand new Networkmarketing company connected with Project Breakthrough is created by the two people who created Project Breakthrough, so expect only the best of the best. The products are products with real value that are going to change peoples lives, not just some products just to have products and generate income.

They were considering EmpowerNetwork, because this company is going to change to the better in the near future, however they discarded Empower Network and decided to make their own Network Marketing opportunity and connect it with Project Breakthrough, however it is independent from HighTrafficAcademy as a separate company. 

That's all folks, my Project Breakthrough Review and Project Breakthrough affiliate program review

Now get started with Project Breakthrough and create a 100% FREE Project Breakthrough account to access the 14 days FREE training click here

The Project Breakthrough training flowchart

Project Breakthrough Training - 14 days Flowchart


My ProjectBreakthrough Certificate of Graduation

After my 14th. day of the Project Breakthrough course, I came to steps of graduation and getting my Project Breakthrough Certificate.

​How to fill out W8 BEN in ClickPromise Backoffice - for people outside US

Here is how to fill out the W8 BEN from Clickpromise backoffice. It's for people outside US. Don't make it complicated - it's simple, just fill out the blue text I indicated below and you should be good.



Project Breakthrough official website below

90-Day CBD Challenge Review

How to Create a CBD Hemp Oil Business

Join the CBD Challenge Business

CBD is one of the hottest trends right now and the fastest growing industry. Here's my 90-Day CBD Challenge review below. The 90-Day CBD Challenge membership is a complete automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

90-Day CBD Challenge Review
Official Website:
Product Name: 90 Day CBD Challenge


Secret Crypto Society Network Review

CBD Hemp oil is one of the hottest trends right now in the industry, so we built a fully automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

Watch the Video below for more details and then click here to join free and learn more how you can become an affiliate and how you can get your own custom link to promote the 90 Day Challenge system.

In the video I will show you how you can start in the 90-Day CBD Challenge system, not only as a free member, but as an affiliate, so you will be able to make money - up to $200 Per Referral when you tell others about the 90-Day CBD Challenge, and the backend money is even bigger! - do not miss this epic opportunity!

Creating an online business with CBD oil utilizing the 90-Day CBD challenge marketing system, is an enormous opportunity which may only happen ONCE in your life time and smart entrepreneurs will know how to position themselves before this green hemp oil CBD trend really takes off!

P.S. During this video I mention the financial gain we've generated thus far. Retail sales well over 6-figures in our first 30 days, and actual PROFIT of over $50,000 in the last 4 weeks.

DISCLAIMER: simply because we share our personal results doesn't mean you can get the same results. Some affiliates create no cash, some create plenty of cash.

You have two options with the CBD Challenge system:

1. Join CBD Challenge Free - enjoy the free education - buy products (optional)

2. Join CBD Challenge Free and upgrade to executive - buy products - share the opportunity - earn money

Join the CBD Challenge Business

The 90-Day CBD Challenge FREE membership includes:

• 90 days of free training that will teach you all about CBD oils, what it is, how to buy it, how to make a business with CBD oils. Each day will unlock after 24 hours.
• You can purchase products if you like

In order to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge review and make money with our program you need to upgrade to Executive.

The 90-Day CBD Challenge Executive membership includes:

• The same as the free membership, however as an executive all 90 days unlock immidiately.
• The ability to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge opportunity and earn money. You get an affiliate link to promote.
• affiliate backoffice with tools, stats and 10 days of video training how to promote and advertise and general tips that are valuable for any affiliate

Join the 90-Day CBD Challenge Program

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

90-Day CBD Challenge - 90 days Free education

Join the CBD Challenge Business

Once you become a free member of the 90-day CBD Challenge you have 12 weeks - that's 90 days of Video education on CBD

Checkout the screenshot below from the free member backoffice. In left menu you see 12 weeks - each week is 7 days of video education. Below a list of what is covered in Your 90-day CBD Challenge.

Getting Started - Welcome to the Challenge. Welcome video

Week 1: CBD Websites
Week 2: CBD Legalities
Week 3: CBD Knowledge
Week 4: CBD Branding
Week 5: CBD Marketing
Week 6: CBD Advertising
Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Week 9: CBD List Building
Week 10: CBD Distributors
Week 11: CBD Worldwide
Week 12: CBD Dispensaries

Bonus Week: CBD News

CBD Affiliates Center
CBD Affiliates Compliance
CBD Leadership Team
CBD Certification
CBD Leaderboard

Week 1: CBD Websites
In this week’s training, we are diving into setting up the foundation for your CBD online business.
We will show you how to setup your pages, pick a domain, create sales funnels and a lot more!

Day 1. CBD Website Week Introduction
Day 2. Setting Up Your CBD Store Pages
Day 3. Setting Up Your CBD Domain Name
Day 4. Setting Up Your CBD URL Shortener
Day 5. Setting Up Your CBD Challenge Pages
Day 6. Setting Up Your CBD Recruiting Pages
Day 7. CBD Affiliate Link Tracking & Testing

Week 2: CBD Legalities
When it comes to CBD Oil, it’s important to be compliant with the laws. In this weekly series we will cover disclaimers, disclosures, trademarks, compliance, operating your business as an entity, and more

Day 8. CBD Legal Week Introduction
Day 9. Running a Compliant CBD Business
Day 10. Clear & Conspicuous Disclosures in Online Marketing
Day 11. How Disclaimers Actually Close More Sales
Day 12. Understanding Trademarks & Copyright Usage
Day 13. Policies & Procedures for CBD Affiliates
Day 14. Using a Business Entity (LLC) for your CBD Business

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing 1st. weeks videos

Join the CBD Challenge Business

Week 3: CBD Knowledge

It’s CBD Knowledge Week! Which means it’s time to brush up on your CBD and Hemp Awareness.
We will breakdown a variety of topics that we feel it’s important for you to learn, and hopefully you become an expert in the process!

Day 15. CBD Knowledge Week Introduction
Day 16. CBD From Seed to Oil (Ultimate Guide to CBD)
Day 17. CBD Selling - What you Should and Shouldn't Say
Day 18. CBD vs. THC - Knowing the Difference
Day 19. CBD Oil & Drug Tests - Will You Pass?
Day 20. CBD 3rd Party Testing - Understanding What It Means
Day 21. The History & The Future of Hemp Explained

Week 4: CBD Branding
Welcome to branding week! It’s about to get real fun! In this week’s lessons you will learn how to create your own customized graphics with your own call to action and website links on them! Let’s Go!

Day 22 . CBD Branding Week Introduction
Day 23. Creating a Call To Action Graphic for your Campaigns
Day 24. Custom CBD Pictures for IG & FB
Day 25. Custom CBD Story Swipe Ups for IG & FB
Day 26. Custom CBD Videos for Facebook Profiles
Day 27. Custom CBD Video Memes for IG & FB
Day 28. Custom Animated Graphic Videos Promotion CBD

Week 5: CBD Marketing
You’ve been learning a lot, now it’s time to take massive action and market your CBD business! This week is packed with the best FREE marketing strategies that you can start with to create traffic, leads, and sales!

Day 29. CBD Marketing Introduction
Day 30. CBD Challenge Posts on Social Media
Day 31. CBD Videos & Ranking in YouTube
Day 32. CBD Blogging & Ranking in Google
Day 33. CBD Business Cards for In-Person Marketing
Day 34. CBD Webinars for Influencers
Day 35. CBD Business Elevator Pitches

Week 6: CBD Advertising
Now it’s time to drive traffic to your pages with paid ads! This week’s lessons will give you a general overview of a variety of ways that you can advertise online to create highly targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Day 36. CBD Advertising Week Introduction
Day 37. Running CBD Ads on Facebook
Day 38. Running CBD Ads on Instagram
Day 39. Running CBD Ads on YouTube
Day 40. Running CBD Ads on Google
Day 41. Running CBD Ads on Buy Sell Ads
Day 42. Running Retargeting Ads for CBD

Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
During week 7 we take a deep dive directly into Facebook Ads at a high level. We will teach you how to prevent your ads from getting flagged and prevent your account from getting shut down, as well as the basics on how to advertise on Facebook!

Day 43. Facebook Ads Introduction
Day 44. How to AVOID Getting Your Ads Account Banned
Day 45. The $5/Day Facebook Ad Method
Day 46. Running Facebook Messenger Ads for CBD
Day 47. Running Facebook Video Ads for CBD
Day 48. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 49. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Instagram is one of the most untapped paid advertising resources available to you!
We will teach you a combination of strategies including swipe up ads, video ads, influencer shout outs, and so much more!

Day 50. Instagram Ads Week Introduction
Day 51. Instagram Picture Ads
Day 52. Instagram Video Ad
Day 53. Instagram Story Ads
Day 54. Instagram Shout Outs
Day 55. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 56. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 9: CBD List Building
In this week’s lessons we will teach you how to create your own lead capture pages and build your own email list!
Learn how to create lead magnets, how to write autoresponder emails, and more!

Day 57. Listbuilding Week Introduction
Day 58. Setting Up Your Email Marketing System
Day 59. Creating Your First Autoresponder Emails
Day 60. Creating CBD Lead Magnets to Build Your List
Day 61. Creating Lead Capture Pages & Automating Them
Day 62. Segmenting Your Leads & Staying Organized
Day 63 .Email Marketing Tips to Convert Leads to CBD Sales

Week 10: CBD Distributors
During distributor week we will dive further into exactly How Your Get PAID and How You Earn Commissions as a CBD Distributor. We will go into much further detail on the 8 ways that you should be getting paid!

Day 64. Distributors Week Introduction
Day 65. 8 Ways to Get Paid - Explained in Detail
Day 66. Tips to Ranking on CBD Leaderboards
Day 67. CBD Sample Marketing Campaigns
Day 68. Gameplan: Your First $10,000 in CBD Sales
Day 69. How to Attract & Recruit CBD Sales Reps
Day 70. How to Recruit Big Hitters to Team Up With You

Week 11: CBD Worldwide
CBD is regulated in different ways depending on the country you are trying to ship to. In this week’s lessons we will cover topics exclusively to members that are living internationally, or selling internationally, to bring you up to speed.

Day 71. CBD Worldwide Week Introduction
Day 72. The Vision for Worldwide CBD Expansion
Day 73. How to Pre-Build in a Country Not Yet Allowing CBD
Day 74. How to Profit on USA CBD Sales if you are International
Day 75. Creating "CBD Waiting Lists" to Blast When CBD Opens
Day 76. The "First Movers Advantage" System for Selling CBD
Day 77. How to Get Paid Commissions when International

Week 12: CBD Dispensaries
During this week’s videos we will interview several dispensary owners to get their perspective on the market and to share their stories. Hopefully their stories and experience give you inspiration as to why you are in the right industry at the right time with the right team!

Day 78. CBD Dispensary Week Introduction
Day 79. What are Dispensaries and How They Work
Day 80. How to Get Your CBD Oil Sold in Dispensaries
Day 81. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 1
Day 82. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 2
Day 83. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 3
Day 84. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 4

Bonus Week: CBD News
We will keep you updated with news, facts, and statistics related to the CBD industry so that you can have more intellectual conversations with people about it. Our goal is to help you stay on top of the market with the best news we can find!

Day 85. United States - Current State of CBD
Day 86. Canada - Current State of CBD
Day 87. Europe - Current State of CBD
Day 88. International - Current State of CBD
Day 89. CBD Industry News - Worldwide
Day 90. USA Farm Bill - Critical Updates


90-Day CBD Challenge affiliate dashboard, tools & training

Screenshot below from the backoffice of the 90-Day CBD Challenge membership program, showing the affiliate dashboard - and the training and tools  available the CBD when you upgrade to executive.

As a 90-Day CBD Challenge member, upgraded to executive, you have the ability to earn commissions on all 90-Day CBD Challenge products.

Affiliate Dashboard

The training for affiliates will uplock once you upgrade to become executive member. Each day is around 1 hour video

DAY 9: RANK 100K IN 100 DAYS

Your affiliate links, Banners, Videos, Emails, Social, Ads

View all of your TRAFFIC, LEADS, AND SALES stats. Including the ability to add your own conversion pixel to your links, and the ability to track which sources are converting the best for you, such as Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc

view users personally referred to the CBD Challenge in the table below.

Achieve Rank 5K or higher in a calendar month and qualify for recognition on this page AND be entered into a monthly drawing to win amazing prizes! (1 entry per rank you are qualified at)

Chris Record
Chris Record is the founder of the CBD Challenge and brings to the table nearly 20 years of online marketing experience. When Chris was 21 years old he started his own website design and SEO agency. Then, when Facebook launched Chris was one of the first pioneers to create a Facebook Marketing course, which catapulted into a teaching career with well over 100,000 students worldwide.

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing affiliate center and 10 days of video training for affiliates

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Join the 90-Day CBD Challenge Program

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Income disclamer
Obviously the 90-Day CBD Challenge membership, presented in this 90-Day CBD Challenge Review, doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.

Affiliate Marketing isn't a get-rich-quick concept. It takes labor and talent to create cash, however the 90-Day CBD Challenge system creators do their greatest to supply you with a good system, a solid selling strategy, a lot of  coaching, and the simplest way to take advantage on this new green rush which CBD Oil is. What you choose to do with 90-Day CBD Challenge membership and system is up to you. Results will Vary.


90-Day CBD Challenge Commission

The 90-day CBD Challenge is a Free, unique and specific marketing system for HempWorx company that is selling CBD Oils in a network marketing model. 

Which means you buy products and earn money from that company. Thus your money earning is according to their compensation plan. The compensation plan is a combined unilevel and binary plan.

The 90-day Challenge strategy is NOT to focus on the binary plan initially, until you have reached a certain level. That's a huge advantage, which is explained in the training.

... and there is plenty of money to earn in the unilevel plan which pays you a certain percentage on product sales - up to 10 levels deep.

Which means, if you enroll a person and that person enroll a person and that person enroll a person, you earn commissions on all product sales up to 10 levels deep.  Thus the key to earn big money is to get your enrollees to also enroll people, in other words: duplication


FAQ from CBD Challenge Affiliates about the CBD Challenge System

Common Question #1

So what do CBD Challenge Affiliates do to make money?

They promote the 90-Days of Training that people get when they join the 90-Day CBD Challenge as a free member. They promote using our custom affiliate links.

If your like me and other successful affiliates, you are using the Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy that Chris Record and Peter Sorensen teach in DAY 6 of our 10-Day Affiliate Fast Start training!

If you have not yet watched this training yet, go watch it today! And if you have watched it already, then I'd still say watch it again!

And after you watch it, the even more important thing to do is take action on the strategy!

Every single day you should be focused on income producing activities which in this business are things like:

• Growing your social media following / FB Friends list / Email list.
• Starting new conversations in platforms like FB & IG aka the "DM's".
• Leading those conversations into an invitation to join the 90 Day CBD Challenge for free.
• Getting those people to join for free and then following up encouraging them to become Executive affiliates!
• Duplicating this process over and over yourself and with your new affiliate team members.

This is a process that ANYONE can do, requires NO money, just some time and hustle!
And YES our system will do a lot of the follow up and closing work for you, but if you are serious about your business, you should consider taking ownership of that part of your business too.

They primarily focus on one thing... generating quality TRAFFIC to get free members through their affiliate link. When their free members upgrade to executives, they earn up to $200 in commissions, paid weekly, for each upgrade.

And when their referred executive affiliates also make sales, they override up to $40 in commission on each of those sales, paid weekly! This continues a couple of more tiers. $32 override per executive on the next tier, and then $20 override per executive on the next tier.

We call this Affiliate Marketing With Leverage!
The overall goal of executive affiliates is to simply refer as many FREE members as they can, using their coded affiliate links.

Our system will send them emails like the one your reading now and work hard to help them upgrade to executives so that they earn commissions.

Common Question #2

"So what about the spillover volume that is being placed under me in this MASSIVE power leg your building, how does that benefit me?

Let me be clear... this helps in a MAJOR WAY!
When you refer your free members, our entire team (of thousands of affiliates) all place their members at the bottom of the power leg.

So your FREE members will now have a huge incentive to upgrade by Thursday, or they will lose all the paid members in their leg that upgrade. At the end of every Thursday night, this cycles, all upgraded members move above the free members, and it starts over.

In a nutshell, it's a huge advantage to have hundreds of affiliates above you building and stacking volume under the free members that you enroll. We call this a Super Leg System! It converts much higher than when you try to upgrade executives yourself.

Many of our Executive affiliates making sales are saying it converts as much as 5-10x more, which is insane in the conversion world! Do you get paid when affiliates above you place people below you? NO, that would be free money for doing nothing.

HOWEVER, that volume does come into play later, when it's time to switch out of the super leg and start building your own inside leg from scratch. At that point, you'll get paid $15/mo override on every single autoship order that happens on your new inside leg.

Now that may not sound like much, but that's on EVERY autoship that everyone in that entire inside leg refers, which could potentially be thousands of autoships, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars per month in commissions down the line.

It's not much money in the short term to build an inside leg, and it's much harder to do it on your own in the beginning, so that's why we have a Super Leg System!

This Super Leg System is what is helping our newbie affiliates close more sales, have more success and make more money in their first few months of the business.

Plus, with much higher conversions, it's a no-brainer to work the Super Leg System!

Summary: All that volume we stack under people helps them in 3 significant ways.

1) Higher Conversion Rates - Significantly increases conversions of free members to Executive Affiliates.

2) Leg Balancing - Down the line when you switch to building an inside leg, one of your 2 binary legs is already built up by our super team, so you have significantly less work to do in order to balance and earn commissions.

3) Check Matching - That volume helps balance for people you refer too, so when they switch to building their inside legs, you will check match on them, which can be a nice monthly check as well.

So as you can see by now, we have created a BRILLIANT turn-key sales and marketing system to help you make money online in the HOTTEST product & business trend of 2019, CBD!

To make money using our CBD Challenge System, your simple action steps are:

1. Be An Executive Level Affiliate Yourself
2. Watch Our 10-Day Fast Start Affiliate Training
3. Focus on referring pre-qualified prospects to join the free 90-Day CBD Challenge.

From there, our system works hard to convert a high percentage of your free members to Executives, earning you up to $200 per referral! - And when your new referrals duplicate the above steps, your now also earning you up to $40 per referral they make, creating leveraged income!

I hope this email was helpful for you to be able to understand and explain the power of our CBD Challenge system to others! And like I said in my email to you yesterday, stay tuned for some BIG updates and exciting announcements for our CBD Challenge system and training.


Is 90-Day CBD Challenge Program a Scam?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?

​Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Program a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?



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How to create a ​Sidebar widget background image or Sidebar widget background color

Have you ever been wondering how to put a background image in a single text sidebar widget of your wordpress ?
.. or specific background color in a single wordpress sidebar widget?

Look no further, I will reveal to you how to do that. Here it is.

1. firstly, each sidebar widget has an unique ID. In my theme, the upper sidebar widget have ID number of 2 and is named #text-2, the next sidebar widget could have ID text-3 and so on.

How to check what is the ID of a specific sidebar text widget?
Easy, open one of your posts and look at the page code and look for each widget. To make it easier, go to your wordpress widget menu and type a text in each of your text widgets: fx. widget 1, widget 2 and so on.

.. Next look at the page code and find the text you just typed in and find the ID number for each of your text widgets.

OK, now you have your sidebar widgets ID

Let's say your upper sidebar widget has ID 2 (that's what I have on my blog), say you want to put a background image in this widget only.

Here is what you do:

1. Put this code in your style.css file (look in menu appearance and editor). Add the below code to your style.css file. If your theme has custom css file, then add the code there.

/* sidebar widget background image. no-repeat or choose repeat */
#text-2 {
background-image: url('');
background-repeat: no-repeat;

2. if you want to make the image repeat exchange no-repeat with repeat

3. That's all there is to it

How to create a Sidebar widget
background color

1. Identify the ID of the sidebar widget you want to add a background color to.

2. then add this code to your style.css file (or custom css file if you have that)

/* sidebar widget background color */
#text-2 { background: #e579f2; }

3. That's all there is to it

NOTE: text inside /* .......  */ is a comment that is not shown, it's only for your own information.

Here is how you can copy posts or pages from from one wordpress installation to another wordpress installation

​Say you have a wordpress blog on a domain and create another blog on another domain. You have some nice posts you want to import to the second domain or nice elements you want to transfere to another blog.

Here is step by step how you can do it.

If you want to export all posts in a category you can do that - jump to step 4). If you only want to export single posts use these steps.

  • On the old blog make a new category fx. "import"
  • Install a plugin that duplicates posts and pages. fx this one "Duplicate Post" by Enrico Battocchi.
  • Dublicate the posts you want to export to the new blog and publish the cloned posts in the import category.
  • Go to admin panel and tools. Choose "export" and create the export file.
  • Now go to your new wordpress installation go to "tools" choose import. You get a page with different options. Choose the bottom option "wordpress", which is to install the official "wordpress importer" plugin. Install the plugin.
  • Import the file you created from the first blog. The category "import" is created automatically on your new blog. You can change the category to whatever you want.

That's it, you have copied your posts to your new wordpress installation.

NOTE: If you want your second wordpress blog to rank in google in SEO. You should know that you cannot have duplicate content i.e. same content on your first blog and your second blog. Google will not rank the content on the second blog. You need to rewrite it or delete the first content and make a 301 redirect to the second page. The correct way if you want to move posts to another domain is to make a 301 redirect, that's an instruction to google that the content has moved permanently to a new url and you will keep the ranking in google or at least 90%.  

​How to convert a wordpress Page to a Post or a Post to Page

Have you been wondering if it is possible to change a page to a post - or a post to a page. It is possible.

Here is how to do it: Install this Page to Post wordpress plugin "post-type-switcher"

With this plugin you can convert: Page to Post - Post to Page - Page to Attachment - Post to Custom

​How to copy single pages from one WordPress installation to another WordPress installation

You can use the export function as described above to export all pages to the new installation. If you only want to export single pages you can do that by first changing the page to a post, then put that post in the import category and use the guide above to copy the post to your new wordpress installation.

​How to Copy "Thrive Content Editor" content or "Content Templates" to another wordpress installation

Also if you use "Thrive content editor" (like I do), you can transfere "content templates" created in Thrive content editor, to another wordpress installation by using the steps above. If you copy pages or posts to another wordpress installation where you have thrive content editor plugin installed, you have every things including the content templates copied to your new blog. Templates are not actually copied to the thrive editor, you will need to define the templates in thrive editor of the new wordpress installation, but find a template you want to use on one of your imported posts or pages and save as a new template in thrive editor.

That's really nice to do it this way, because thrive content editor doesn't have an export feature for exporting the content templates.