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Vick Strizheus left the company and started a new
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High Traffic Academy Affiliate program

Can I promote High Traffic Academy as an affiliate?

Yes, as a HighTrafficAcademy member, you can become an affiliate and promote High Traffic Academy to earn a commission.

The affiliate network that takes care of the High Traffic Academy affiliate program is ClickPromise and you can apply at ClickPromise to become an affiliate from your HighTrafficAcademy members backoffice. Short ClickPromise IntroVideo above. Become a HighTrafficAcademy member CLICK HERE.

You need to have some experience in affiliate marketing and a presence on the internet with a website.

Here is how to become a High Traffic Academy affiliate:

Obviously you cannot promote something you don't have yourself and therefor don't know. Firstly, become a High Traffic Academy member and optional High Traffic Academy Elite Member, which I recommend.

Secondly, from the Backoffice of your High Traffic Academy members area, you have free access to signup up to Clickpromise Network and to promote their offers, which includes HighTraffic Academy. Find the link to Clickpromise in your HighTrafficAcademy backoffice. You will get approved by Clickpromise network within a day or two. Become member of High Traffic Academy Click Here

Several landingpages to promote High Traffic Academy membership
As an High Traffic Academy affiliate you will have different landingpages and funnels available to promote the high traffic academy membership: 

Breakthrough Engineering is a high converting funnel for High Traffic Academy. Promote and earn up to 100% commissions.

Super Affiliate Funnel is the latest and greatest converting funnel for High Traffic Academy. We have taken what we've learned from previous campaigns and made a simple and easy process to entice viewers to join. Users can join with a one-time yearly subscription, or split it up into monthly payments. You can promote this offer now and earn up to 100% commissions, based on the number of members you sign up per month.

Commissions up to 100% selling High Traffic Academy membership
As an High Traffic Academy affiliate You may promote these offers and earn up to 100% commissions, based on the number of members you sign up per month according to the plan shown below. You don't earn commissions on the optional monthly recurring ELITE membership fee. Note there is a 10% admin fee deducted from these percentages.

Commission Percentage Breakdown:

1-3 sales: 50%
4-7 sales: 60%
8-12 sales: 70%
13-20 sales: 80%
21-30 sales: 90%
31 sales +: 100%
(per month)

Become a member of High Traffic Academy and promote High Traffic Academy as an affiliate. CLICK HERE.

​Regards Hans Ronne, HTA Elite member. I have been in High Traffic Academy and an affiliate for 3 years, since HTA ver.1 that launced 2012.

The first course from 2012 was super, this new version of High Traffic Academy 3.0 is so much more than super, it is extraordinare PLUS +, you will not find anything like this anywhere online or offline.


I'm working from home with online business in different areas: Web Traffic Generation, Internet Marketing and Health & Diet. I'm a High Traffic Academy Certified partner and Lifetime member of 4 Percent Group.

My Health and Diet website (in danish with translator):www.langtfedtliv.dk

I'm living in Denmark (city Copenhagen) I'm a veterinarian and biologist (DVM, Msc) and have been self employed for many years, including offline business like small animal clinic.
Being able to work from home & doing things when I like and work when I want, has so much value.

enjoy, regards Hans Ronne
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