Business Labs Pro Review
Video Marketing Platform for small business

What is Business Labs Pro?

Business Labs Pro is a new revolutionary marketing solution, a marketing platform and training series, created to grow your small business and home business no matter what company you are promoting. You will get access to everything via a monthly membership.

Here is my Business Labs Pro review

1. BusinessLabsPro Video and article Marketing Platform powered by MyInspired Media and located on MyInspired

MyInspired Media is a Platform that allows you to share videos, content and articles in a way that is appealing to the viewer and really highlights your content above others. Designed to attract laser targeted leads and convert those leads into the business you are promoting and thus grow your business.

2. Business Labs Pro membership gives you access to high quality training to help you grow your business and help you utilize the MyInspired Media Video Marketing Platform effectively.

The Business Labs Pro membership, training and marketing platform is perfect for any type of network marketing company. So if you are looking for Creative marketing ideas, new ways to marketing business, new marketing tools and Video Marketing ideas and tools, this is for you.

Take a look at the MyInspired Media Video Marketing platform you can get your hands on: MyInspired

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Screenshot of MyInspiredMedia Video Marketing Platform 

​Check out these two banner above - Business Labs Pro has $30 courses in Facebook & LinkedIn leadgeneration

Introduction to Business Labs Pro (excerpt from intro video)

Imagine for a moment that some of the brightest and most successful marketers online in this business would be willing to share everything!
What do I mean? I mean the most coveted marketing strategies, highest converting traffic providers and their technology that is getting them massive results.

Today I want to give you our step by step plan and technology system for using online marketing to generate your first 100 leads.

This is the same system and training that has allowed our Business Labs Pro team to generate 100,000's of thousands of leads online. These strategies have been tested in the trenches and they do work.
Let's face it. You can have the best product, service or compensation plan you can even have a better idea than anyone else but you will never create massive success in today's economy until you crack the code on lead generation AND systematize your business. Without leads and a system your business will wither and die.

So why 100 leads? It's simple, something significant happens when you generate 100 leads online. For one, 100 leads isn't easy, getting 100 email subscribers or even 1,000 subscribers is farly easy, but when I say 100 leads, I mean people who really want to learn more and you have their attention.

Getting 100 leads, is your first big hurdle, so that's why our goal in homebusiness labs is to take you from zero leads to over 100 leads in 14 days or less!

Also, once you know how to get 100 leads, you know how to get 500, 1,000.. 10,000 and beyond.

The process is the same. It's just about doing more of what is already working. That's why 100 leads is such a magical number.
Once you hit the 100 leads mark, you know you have a plan and system in Business Labs Pro that works.

So here is how we will get you the targeted leads and ideal prospect you deserve. Like I said at the beginning this is a step by step system actually, it's more like a machine on steroids.
In the Business Labs Pro Members area we will break down the fundamentals all the way up to advanced.

1. First will reveal the 6 steps social media formula that actually gets results across any niche
2. How to instantly makeover your business
3. Monthly interviews with some of the most successful marketers online

In the MACHINE we will give you the traffic technology that literally TRUMPS everything
- With "My Inspired Media" you will discover the ultimate online lead source.
- How this technology leverages the power of SEO, Video, and exactly what Google wants.
- Plus, with your access to PRO we will teach you how to generate a fresh source of leads each and every month using our technology.

- Specifically your Pro membership covers:
Fresh marketing methods loaded into the members area almost every month as our team cracks the code for our various businesses
- An ever increasing library of up to date trainings on the highest and best digital marketing methods
- The exact methods we use to remove tire kickers 100% of the time
- How to generate the highest response rates regardless of your industry

In the traffic and leads machine we provide:

-Advanced search logic to drill down on your target market 100% of the time.
- Rules of engagement and how stay in Google's good graces.
- how to scale your traffic and leads as high as you want to take them.
- Plus, on going enhancements to our technology platform allowing you to embed, load and
host your very own videos.

Business Labs Pro gets even better
- with access to our top traffic providers that we have kept under lock and key until now.
- Our list building secret with LinkedIn and how to get 1,000's of leads a month from this strategy.
- Facebook Ads that REALLY convert.
- Email copywriting and conversion.
- Plus so much more as it continues to grow!

Again, this is the same system and strategies our Business Labs Pro team uses every week to find, engage and convert leads. And it's not like this is some one hit wonder. We've been doing this over 18 years.

We've sold millions of dollars marketing online across multiple niches.
Built some of the largest email list and online communities by anyone to date.
And we are continually recognized as industry experts, sought after speakers and consultants.

So we know it works. And personally I don't understand why anyone would be "playing" in business and more importantly with their future without a proven way to find, engage, and convert 1000's of leads. And this especially hits home if you are doing this for yourself and not just a client of boss!

DO NOT spend one more second marketing your business unless you use this system and training.
You see, the problem with following most so called "experts" marketing online they are getting zero results. That's why most entrepreneur's and even business pro's don't think online marketing is a legitimate leads source. But it IS, you just have to STOP following the heard.

It's truly the blind leading the blind and everyone is stepping in the crappy strategies made up by someone who has never really been accountable for results.

At Business Labs Pro we have an advantage over the so called "Gurus" we actually do this for our businesses. It's taken us years to get ahead of the curve and document the processes that WORK!
And when they work. Our team runs with them for out various companies including our direct sales businesses, Survival company, Publishing Firm, and Non Profit just to name a few.

So by now you are probably wondering who are we:
(they guy in the video says) "My name is Randy Schrum one of the Co Founder here in the Business Labs Pro. I am ranked in the top 1% on Linkedin and Twitter.
And I was recently awarded by Facebook out of 1 million advertisers as one of the best."

Allow me to introduce to the rest of the founders in the Business Labs Pro:
Meet Tony Rush, one of the most successful online direct sales professionals in the industry having sold and earned millions of dollars. and probably one of the best copywriters alive today.

Next, is John Lavenia. Probably best known for his ability to sell anything! John, knows traffic buying and is an expert with webinar conversions, and an accomplished author.

Next, is Kristian Hoenicke. Going from almost homeless to earning a million dollars in less than 3 years all using digital marketing. Recently, Kristian's total marketing budget was $1,500 on a campaign he used to generate over $500,000 dollars in commissions.

Last, but certainly not least Bobby Baker. Our lead technology and SEO expert behind the MACHINE. Bobby, has taken all of our knowledge and his and put it into a simple to use training site and SYSTEM that allows you to automate your business to get more traffic, leads, and sales.

In the past this system was for our businesses alone but now, we are making the Business Labs Pro technology and training available to the public. So now, you don't have to keep getting dismal results with your business.

Normally, systems like this would sell for $500 to $1,000 dollars per month, but we will let you have charter member access to this training and technology system for only $97 per month.

Literally, you can have a not so fancy dinner for two every month, or you can become a lead generation machine and hero for yourself and your family. Lower the cost per lead, save time, and get much more qualified prospects in your business funnel. while everyone else keeps spinning their wheels paying $5, $10 or $50 per lead, but not you! Your leads will practically be little to sometimes no cost other than the time you have involved.

​The Choice is yours. Click the link below and start generating real leads from Business Labs Pro TODAY.

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How does Business Labs Pro &
MyInspired Media Video marketing platform works?
(excerpt from basic training intro video)

Check out MyInspired Media so see the actual Video Marketing Platform

Welcome to inspired media training (training with Kristian Hoenicke & Bobby Baker)

This is the only marketing you will need to do.

What is this about, why would you take this kind of marketing seriously in your business?

Internet marketing, the network marketing space, the things we are all working to achieve here, I want to work for my self and my family first.

Secondarily I work for my the network marketing business that I am in. But the primary is ME and MY business.

What you are about to see here, is a way to build an engine that you own, it's an asset that you own that will drive any business that you want to drive. Once you learn this stuff there is nothing you can't sell or market online, you can do anything you want.

So this is real power, this is where the rubber meet the road a lot of network marketers don't really know how to market certainly don't know how to market online, they don't know how to market in a sustained way where you work once and marketing serves you 24/7 basically infinitely. This is what we we will reveal to you here how to do.

Here is goes: MyInspired Media is a Platform that allows you to share video content articles in a way that is appealing to the viewer and really highlights your content above others. Everything on the page is for you and your profile, there are not links that will distract your visitor to lead them outside the page, except where you want them to go. It's a beast of a marketing platform and we are super excited to get it out to you.

Who is this for? When I talked about building an engine, building an asset, the platform will allow you to get content all over the internet and add value. Good content. That content will draw people in and will convert.

Somebody will type in a question, a problem on the internet, which happens constantly 24/7 millions of times a day. People all over the world bring their problems and questions to the internet.

This platform will allow you to position yourself in front of those people in front of that traffic. So if you put yourself in the shoes of a searcher somebody who typed a problem, they come across your content which is very high in google and youtube, they click on it because it looks like it might be the answer to what they are looking for. What if you did provide the answer they are looking for, you add value?

A lot of this allow you to build trust and credibility very very quickly. In a matter of 90 sec - 2 minutes you can take somebody who was a total stranger, never seen you or heard you before to a place where you just gave them an answer to their question, you just solved their problem.

They like you, and guess what, around that page around that article or video there is a way for them to know more about you and what you do online. That's the point where people can become a subscriber or a lead for you and that's where you start to build your asset that you own and control, it's your list and it's the engine that drives any business you choose to do. It's very very powerful.

You might ask, is this for me?

Some people look at video marketing or imagine that video marketing this thing where they gonna have to become something that they are not. This is a pressure that I felt a couple of years ago when I started to giving serious thought to video

marketing and I have never done one of these before putting my phone out there and recorded myself and I hated the idea honestly.

That was very intimidating for me first, but when I realized, when I really truly started to understand I didn't have to be Tony Robbins or some amazing motivational speaker that can change your life in 5 minutes or something like that, when I really got that to my head and I realized I can just be myself, I can literally talk only about things I was comfortable talking about, which for me, in my case, I have done small business for years I've been an entrepreneur my whole adult life, I had a job one time when I was a kid.

So I can speak to all kinds of issues related to small businesses and home businesses. That's what really got me established with video marketing taking that path I was comfortable talking about. Out of my comfort zone in recording myself but what I was talking about I was comfortable with, was already in my head, I understood it.

So if you are considering, is this for me, I just want to encourage you to give this a chance and dig in to some of the modules that we have prepared for you, explore it more, even if your immediate reaction tends to be "I can't do that, I don't want to do that". Video marketing that's intimidating, who am I, why would anybody listen to me?

We will answer that stuff, we will help you sort that stuff out as you go through the modules here.

Some side points:

Video marketing and article marketing ranking content online, which this is all about, lets you work once and have the work serve you infinitely in to the future. That's a big deal, that's a big reason to consider this.

You will be able to target specific niches, specific groups of people, specific kinds of people. Understand that you are pro actively building your email list that is going to build your business.

You want to work with people that you like and identify with, people you resonate with, people you probably enjoy working with.

Some kind of marketing don't really filter anything, There is no niche outside "make money from home" "make money online" that could be anybody.

When you are doing more personal content in the form of a video or article you tend to attract different kinds of people, people who like who you are, will be drawn to your marketing. It's way more fun and lucrative.

This is value based marketing. You put content out that is legitimate, that really solve peoples problems that really answer peoples questions. It's really entertaining, you are adding value, it's not junk, it's not black hat, it's not garbage that is spewed all over the internet.

If you don't want to do videos - a solution for you

Even if you don't want to become a video marketer our platform can still be a value to you. We got some strategies that you can use and put in place, you don't have to create your own videos you can embed and leverage other peoples videos in your niche and still benefit all the work that's already been done by others and drive traffic for yourself. You are actually benefiting the owner and creator of the video by embedding their video on your Inspired Media platform page

That's all folks, my Business Labs Pro Review.

What is an autoresponder

What is an autoresponder

An autoresponder is an email marketing platform which allows you to do email marketing using email.

How to Build a list
When you are working online and want to earn money online it is highly recommended that you have a lead capture page or a signup form on your website to collect emails and have an autoreponder connected that sends out newsletters to your subscribers.
An autoresponder do exactly that.

An autoresponder is an automatic email service, an online system that collects emails from a website form, store the emails in a list, and sends out emails automatically in intervals on preset days.

The website form often comes in the form of a leadcapture page (squeeze page), which is a short page with a form, designed to get people to signup to your email list (fx. newsletter), in exchange for access to view a video, get an ebook or other information.

Choose email interval
You can choose to send out emails automatically to Your contacts immediately upon signup to the form and each day thereafter or every other day or what ever you like.
You can set the days interval for example: day 0 (at signup), day 1, day 2, day 4, day 6... and so on you can set the number or days between the messages.

So what you need is:
1. an automatic mail service that sends out emails, it's called an "autoresponder" and I will review two below: aweber and Getresponse.

2. a webform on your page that collects email and put them on a list, when someone inputs their email in the form.
Maybe your program has provided you with a leadcapture page and you have the option to connect your autoresponder service to that page.

3. you need to compose the emails that should go out. Often if you promote a product or program the owner has made a series of emails you can import into your autoresponder, so you don't need to write the emails.

4. if you have different products or programs to promote you may want to create different email list for each program.

aweber Review - aweber Pricing

What is aweber and how can it help your business
Aweber is an autoresponder, and email marketing platform which allows you to do email marketing using email. Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Aweber Introduction Video - Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Aweber made it very simple for people to get started building email lists and marketing to their email list. It's a great tool for people just starting out in online marketing.

Aweber is an excellent and reliable email list provider that will bring your email marketing to a new level.

It's one of the best autoresponders you can get to follow up on your leads and prospects that entered their email in your webform to gather information from you.

Aweber overview video - Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Aweber has so many features, but the basic features are you can send out messages as: email newsletter or as email broadcast.

The Newsletter Feature.
You can set up follow up messages, a series of emails simply connected to your list and the emails get send out automatically as you scheduled.

The Broadcast Feature
from time to time you want to send out single emails to your subscribers (to Your list), fx. if you are hosting an event, video meeting you can send out a single email to your entire list independently of which email sequence people are on in your email series.

Unlimited Number of Lists
aweber lets you have unlimited number of lists or campaigns. Once again you are only charged for to total number of subscribers in your aweber account.
If you have multiple websites or promoting different products or programs you obviously want to collect subscribers email into different lists.

Other Features:
You can build signup forms with styles and create all different cool signup forms. You will have numerous Signup form templates and Email templates as well.

Manage your Subscribers:
You can send specific emails to a segment of your list.

Aweber Tracks Performance
Aweber notifies you by email everytime a new subscriber is added to your list.
It also tracks how many people signed up each day, where they came from and what website address they signed up on.
Aweber tracks how many people open the emails and how many click the links in the email.

Email Deliverability
Aweber will get your emails delivered, aweber has excellent email deliverability and in my eyes that's one of the most important things with aweber and the reason I choose aweber over getresponse.

Aweber Pricing
aweber pricing is set so you are charged only for the number of subscribers on our list. You can have unlimited number of lists and campaigns and send unlimited number of emails unlimited number of times to your list without any further charge.

aweber has the following pricing:

a $1 first month trial
$19/mth for up to 500 subscribers
$29/mth for up to 2500 subscribers

Do I use aweber?
Sure I do, I always choose aweber if possible.
My empower network business provides me with a leadcapture page and system and I have connected my aweber autoreponder to this system, so when you input your email in the form here: Earn Money with this simple system you get on my aweber list.

I will always choose to use aweber over getresponse because aweber has excellent deliverability which getresponse doesn't
aweber is a few dollars more per month than getresponse, but that should be no problem.
You want your emails delivered to the inbox of gmail, yahoo and hotmail, right? - aweber does that.

With getresponse you will get some of your emails in the your subscribers spam folder. If you write about "homebusiness", "work from home", "earn money" in a getresponse email it will often go to the spamfolder, that's because getresponse has less liability with the big email service providers like gmail, yahoo and hotmail and these words are spam triggers.

I have done testing with aweber and getresponse, with exact same email going out with aweber and getresponse to my test gmail account and aweber goes nicely to the inbox, while the email from getresponse, the exact same text, goes to spam in gmail.

aweber has my highest recommendation.
Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Getresponse Review - Getresponse Pricing

Getresponse autoresponder is probably the most popular autoresponder and used by many marketers, especially newbies.
It has many of the same features as aweber + a little more. Getresponse is a little more feature rich than aweber. In addition they have landingpage creator for you to create easy landingpages with webform.

Getresponse overview video - Get Getresponse here, first month FREE trial

Getresponse Pricing:

1 month free trial
$15/mth for up to 1000 subscribers
$25/mt for up to 2500 subscribers

Get Getresponse here, first month FREE trial

Aweber vs. Getresponse

There are few things I like with getresponse:
1. You can move contacts from one campaign (list) to another.
you cannot do that with aweber.

2. You can import contacts to getresponse without having them to confirm first. If you import a large number of contacts you need to get getresponse support to do it.
Import of contacts to aweber, you need to let each contact confirm.

3. On the technical side, developers can integrate getresponse (via API) to systems without double optin, while aweber will only allow that with double optin.
This means that some systems don't have aweber options for their members.

For the same reason, unfortunately, I am forced to have Getresponse because I have some systems that don't have aweber integration.
So I need to have both aweber and getresponse, but I always choose aweber if I can.

1. It's a little difficult to create emails in getresponse user interface, while with aweber it's so quick and easy

2. THE BIG BIG CON with Getresponse, is the poor deliverability, and that's why you don't want to choose Getresponse. I tested this and in addition I see emails from other marketers using getresponse, that a number of emails go to spam in gmail, yahoo and hotmail.

Many reviews of getresponse and comparisons aweber vs. getresponse point out that one good thing with getresponse is that it is a little cheaper than aweber and that getresponse has a 30 day free trial while you need to pay a wopping 1 dollar for 30 aweber trial.

That's really ridiculous, considering that you don't get all your emails out with getresponse while aweber has much better deliverability.

It comes down to this simple question!
Do you rally want to save a few dollars per month and only have half of Your business - or do you want to spend a few bucks more to get your full potential of your business?

The answer is an easy choice!
Go and get aweber like most professional marketers and forget Getresponse if you can, that is, if your system or business has aweber option.

Empower Network has aweber integration
Fortunately Empower Network - the simple system for earning money has aweber option and therefore I use aweber with Empower Network. Many of the big fish in Empower use aweber.

Look here at Empower Network's official squeeze page. I have aweber connected to this page and when you optin you get on my aweber list.
So go ahead and optin here...

Convertkit autoresponder Review

Convertkit - Autoresponder. Check it out here.

​GVO autoresponder Review

GVO autoresponder

GVO is a joke. It's childrens play toy.
Not a serious autoresponder. You want emails to go to inbox, right? Emails from GVO autoresponder go directly to spamfolder - Rating: 0 Stars

Then don't use GVO, simple as that, end of story!

To avoid spam folder for your autoresponder emails

​1. Use aweber much better deliverability - while getresponse is greylisted. Make a text version in getresponse, Aweber has automatic text version

​2. use private domain email only as "from"

​3. authenticate your private email domain AND your autoresponder domain. Search your email provider how or search google. Basically telling the email providers like gmail:
 A. You own this domain email
 B. You gave permission for your autoresponder to send emails on you behalf from your "from" email.

​4. avoid too many spam words like $, business, earn money. Avoid All capital letter words.

​5. avoid too large images and too many links. Don't use affiliate links or public shorturls. Use owndomain links.

​6. if you have a poor list, bad opening rate, many "this is spam" actions in gmail. Gmail will punish you and think all your messages are spam. If you are in gmail prison, you better change your email domain and domain you use in your links. This is rather important. Clean your list and be friends with gmail which 80% of people use.

​Authenticate your email in your hosting account and add your autorsponders to the SPF system

Basically telling the world that you gave your autoresponder permission to send from your from email on your behalf.

You should add the domains and into the SPF system. Go to your C-panel and "authentication" and add the domains. If you are only using getresponse you only need to add that domain.

How to autenticate your domain email at namecheap:

How to authenticate your autoresponder domain Aweber
Aweber SPF Record - How Do I Update My SPF Record?

How to authenticate your autoresponder domain Getresponse
Getresponse SPF Record  (pdf doc)

​Get a detailed analysis of your email here:

Test the Spammyness of your Emails
1. go here: and add the email you see, manually to your getresponse list (add contact).

2. Now your autoresponder sends your first email to the tester and in a minut or so it will automatically analyse your email and everything and give you exactly the issues you have.

One of the issue you will see is Getresponse domain is "Greylisted". (Aweber is not)

Simple 2 advertise

Complete marketing system with Leadcapture pages
Customizable to any online business

mobile banner & leadcapture page

Take Your promotion, advertising and marketing a step further by getting the Simple2Advertise marketing system.

It’s a complete marketing system in a box all done for you system for promoting any online business in the "work from home" niche.

They have a tons of different leadcapture pages including Video capture pages where you can choose your own video, mobile lead capture pages and Facebook apps so you can have a leadcapture page on the Facebook tab of your facebook page. Two of the leadcapture pages are quizzbased and especially the page "2 minut quiz", converts to leads like crazy.

You will find banners in all sizes that match each capture page to promote any online "work from home" business, MLM and network marketing. You will also find mobile banners and matching mobile capture pages.

The system is not for promoting special products like weightloss, ebooks and the like.

They have advertising campaigns running you can buy a share of to get traffic to your leadcapture page.
They have a list of traffic sources so you can find and buy your own traffic if you like.

You can customize your leadcapture page and promote any work from home business you might have. You can connect your own autoresponder, aweber, getresponse or GVO to the capture pages and you can set which "thank you page" people should arrive on after optin.

Simple2Advertise marketing system costs $37/month and is worth a lot more and I highly recommend it. Get it here: Simple2Advertise marketing system

Some of the banners that come with Simple 2 Advertise. The banners come in all sizes and all banners have corresponding leadcapture pages that match.

Some of the leadcapture pages that come with Simple 2 Advertise

Facebook tab capturepage

Video about Simple 2 Advertise. A short review

Get Simple 2 Advertise here.

Video. Shantelle is going through the simple2advertise marketing system. More banners and leadcapture pages have been added since this video. She is talking about EmpowerNetwork (earn money blogging about the things you love) , however the system can be used for any "work from home" opportunity.​

Ad Tracker. Ad Tracking & conversion tracking with

per 13th June 2020 - this tracking tool is down for 3 days - it seems it is gone - which I regret a lot. I had 200+ links via this tool. Now I need to change a lot on every page on several blogs.

Go and get clickmagick it's a good link tracking tool: ClickMagick.

What is ad-tracker? is a Tracker, a tool that tracks clicks to your ad, Banner and website and track conversion if you have a leadcapture page. It can rotate banners and websites, therefore you can splittest your advertising. You can use it as a counter on your website.

I love this tracker. is simply the best tracker I have ever used period.

Most trackers will track hits, or raw hits and unique. Some will even track IP and domains. will track hits & conversions, rotate urls and banners, splittest your landingpages and banners and you can even input a retargeting pixel into your tracking link.

I initially started off my online marketing without using any tracking at all on my adverts. But then I saw the light!!
Ad tracking allows you to pinpoint which adverts are working and which ones to bin. With it is easy to do this, and you can use this service to make traffic generation a breeze.

What is a Conversion?
Knowing how many are clicking links on your page or in your emails is huge, knowing how the links are performing conversion wise is even more important, otherwise you have no clue what is working and what is not.

A conversion is when someone opt in on your auto-responder form . You can do conversion tracking by placing a tracking code on your "thank you page" (the page after optin). Bim system "thank you pages" allow you to place this code. Using conversion tracking is simply priceless. You will know which links are converting into optins and which links have no conversions.

How does it work?
You create a tracking link that will looks like this: (the 6 digits is the ID for your tracking link). In settings for the link you input any link you want the tracking link to go to... or several different links. You can change the links, ad more links or delete links. If you have several links setup for your tracking link the different links are rotated. Watch the short video below how it tracking links work. tracking basics Video offers it all in tracking, conversion tracking, split testing, rotating, hit and click counting and a little hint of fun. It is easy to use and extremely cost effective. To read all of the features you can visit their site by clicking here

Some of the other features make this even more powerful. The ability to control weight of an ad, look to see what domains views and clicks are coming from. This all brings together everything you would ever need from a tracking package.
Check out website.

Customize your tracking link
You can customize your tracking link to you ad, so it looks prettier.

here is my affiliate link to the tracking tool:

Doesn't look nice, right?

here is my link that goes to the same link:

A lot nicer, right?

Now, if you like you can customize your link with text that describe what it is, so it looks prettier fx. in emails. Here is a link I made and use, it still goes to the same link 

Now it looks real nice, right?

Note: the link should be unique, which means no one else use the same link.

so if the link is taken, come up with something else. You can use letters, number and underscore_in_your_link_text, but not hyphens

This screenshot of backoffice and settings for a particular tracking link, shows where to find the Conversion Pixel, which you place on the "thank you" page if you want to track optins (conversions) on an optin page (landingpage).

tracker How to find the conversion pixel. How to add retargeting pixel

You can even do Retargeting with Place the retargeting pixel in the box shown in the tracker backoffice and save. Now when a person hits your tracking url, that person gets added to your retargeting audience. You can for example use retargeting, get the pixel from siteScout and place it in the tracker.

How much is it? does not have a free option, you can take a free 30 day trial but the lowest it goes is $9 if you go monthly.

Is it worth it?
Simply put yes! I love it and use it all the time, It lets me know what pages are working, what sites are converting and what ads are a waste of my time. doesn't offer in debth analyzing of your data and if you want that you will need a another tracking tool and a lot more expensive. is so easy to use and get an overview of the clicks coming in and is perfect for newbies and seasoned marketers who just want to know: how many clicks to a specific ad, conversions, ability to splittest and ad new websites on the fly, referring urls. The business version also track the countries that clicks are coming from. 

If you are unsure take the 30 day Free trial, watch the videos and get a good feel for the site, if you decide you do not need it simply cancel and move on.

I think you will love it as much as I do if you are serious about the results you want from your advertising efforts.
Check out website

​ClickFunnels Review

Landingpage, optin page, webpage builder

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If you have a little experience working online you know the importance of having an optin page in front of your offer, to capture leads, build a list and follow up on your contacts with email marketing.

With Clickfunnels, You can create professionally cool looking attractive optin pages and webpages in few minutes without any any technical or design skills.

Clickfunnels is a web based system, that builds websites for you.
Clickfunnels is a perfect tool for every business to combine with your webtraffic knowledge you will learn from High Traffic Academy course. It's a great tool for the beginner as well as the seasoned marketer to help you in your online business.

Clickfunnels lets you easily and intuitively create, with few mouse clicks, everything from optin pages, membership websites, sales funnels, lead generation systems, to product launch pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, and e-commerce systems, all with drag and drop ease.

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With Clickfunnels You can Create:

1. Optin Lead Capture Funnel
2. Sales Funnel
3. Webinar Funnel
4. Automated Webinar Funnel
5. Membership site Funnel
6. Launch Funnel
plus more....

Clickfunnels has so many features

You can do split testing, ad tracking and conversion. You can Integrate the know autoresponders and payment processors and shopping carts.

You can use Custom domains, it has Click email popups feature, click and an email form opens to optin.

Pages are fully responsive, which means they are mobile friendly, they adjust to the screensize so they look good on mobile devices.

If you are familiar with Optimize Press and LeadPages, clickfunnels offers so much more. There is really no comparison.

Backoffice overview
In left menu you choose which of the 6 different types of funnels you want to create.

When you are creating one of the 7 funnels you will have several templates to choose from.
Choose a template you like and one that fits with your purpose. Now you can in few minutes, change text, colors, images, background color or background image and video if you choose video page. In no time you have your own Page.

1. Optin Lead Capture Funnel

When you have been working online for a while, you probably know that very few sales occur immediately, and the best way to get sales is to capture people's email in exchange for a free report, video or free download and follow up on your contacts and get the sales during email marketing to those contacts.
That's the lead capture funnel.

The Optin Lead funnel is perfect for...

Building Buzz
building buzz for a new product that is in development, the best beta sign up process...

Free Consulting Calls
gain new leads for your local business, give away coupons and special local offers...

Giving Away Free Reports
show your stuff and how awesome you are by giving away free reports in your niche...

Video Walkthrough of the backoffice

2. Sales Funnel

If you have anything to sell and want to create a sales funnel for your product, Clickfunnels lets you create exactly that.
A typical sales process could involve the following steps and pages: leadoptin page, salespage, payment order confirmation page and download page.
You can integrate your preferred payment processor and autoresponder email series.

This Sales funnel is perfect for...

Selling Your Products
whether info products or physical products, this funnel is perfect for making sure you build an audience and get sales.

Building Awareness
Whether or not a customer buys on the spot, they will have joined your subscriber list and viewed your sales page. Simply continue to follow up with them.

Increasing Revenue
Not only is this funnel exactly what you need to make that initial sale, it also allows you to make additional buy offers or upsales. These can increase the value you provide.

3. Webinar Funnel

If you are planning to hold a internet meeting or live webinar, you can build a custom designed funnel for your webinar with clickfunnels and invite your prospects to optin to register for your webinar. Your prebuilt email series will follow up on your contacts and remind them in a timely manner on your coming webinar.
A typical sequence of pages could be: webinar signup / registration page, confirmation page and the live webinar.

This webinar funnel is perfect for...

Generating Registrations to your webinar
With a compelling headline on your registration page you can get your viewers to register for your webinar and use our prebuilt email series to followup with them before and after driving them to your replay and your order page.

Educational Webinars
Webinars are a great way to provide value, education, do Q&A sessions and the like with your audience. This can build credibility, relationship and respect from your audience.

High Ticket Sales
Webinars are perfect for selling training or coaching programs or other high ticket offers. People are often more comfortable buying from you once they’ve spent some quality time with you on a webinar.

4. Auto Webinar Funnel

If you have done a really good webinar and you want it to stay live constantly but You don't want to do live every day, an automated webinar based on a recorded version, is the solution.

You can take a recorded webinar and "pretend" you are going live every evening or on specific dates. Including an autoresponder email series that will follow up on your prospects.

This Auto Webinar funnel is perfect for...

Evergreen Offers
Auto webinars are perfect for evergreen offers that are always available to purchase. Just create one of these and let it run indefinitely driving sales to your offer.

Educational Webinars
Webinars are a great way to provide value, education, do Q&A sessions and the like with your audience. This can build credibility, relationship and respect from your audience.

High Ticket Sales
Webinars are perfect for selling training or coaching programs or other high ticket offers. People are often more comfortable buying from you once they’ve spent some quality time with you on a webinar.

5. Membership Funnel

If you want to build a membership site for your customers or your contacts, clickfunnels can do that for you.
A typical setup is:
an optin or register page and a password protected members area. Access to the login area can depend on which products they purchased.

The Membership funnel is perfect for...

Video courses
Easily and quickly embed your training videos to build out a smooth flowing members area for your users.

Info Products
If info products are your game, then this funnel will be your best friend. Post PDFs, resources, text, links, and whatever you need to deliver the perfect info product.

Private Content
Best place to put content that you want to restrict access to and have behind a secure password wall.

6. Launch Funnel

I you are the creator of a new product, course, video education or program, you might want to start a pre-launch buzz around your up coming launch.

The clickfunnels launch funnel is a proven and tested sequence of pages that all lead up to Your big big event, the launch of your valued product.

The page sequence is designed to build up excitement and anticipation among your visitors and hopefully new customers through a series of videos and ultimately your new salespage with payment option on launch day.

The sequence of pages could look like this:
squeeze page, free video 1, free video 2, free video 3, free video 4, salespage with call to action, order page with payment and thank you page.

The Launch funnel is perfect for...

Building Buzz
building buzz for a new product that is in development or getting ready to launch soon!

1 - 2 – 3 Blast Off!
If you have a series of videos building up the excitement for your offer, this is the funnel to use.

Keep the Excitement Going
Even after your official launch this funnel can be used to continue to drive traffic through, build excitement and increase sales.

7. Custom Funnel

Clickfunnels lets you create any funnel from scratch if you have a special idea how it should be or special needs. You can build anything you can think of for example a combination of the different funnels.
Find a template and build from there.

The Custom funnel is perfect for...

If you build it…
They will come. If you have an idea for a sales funnel that is different, new, off the beaten path click here to build it!

If you want to mash two funnel types together and get the best of both worlds, build it out custom here.

Single Pages
If all you need is a single web-page this time around, this funnel is for you.


ClickFunnels Prising

Clickfunnels membership is a monthly plan in 2 different levels with different features. The Basic membership is $97/monthly and Pro (full suite) $297/monthly.

There is a 14 days free trial.

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ClickFunnels Affiliate program

As a member of Clickfunnels, you'll automatically have access to promote clickfunnels as an affiliate to earn commissions.

Clickfunnels is a landingpage builder recommended and promoted in Four Percent multiple streams of income.