SEO Mastery Review

Master the art of Search Engine Optimization - Training By Josh Earp

​Here is my review of The SEO Mastery" a high level Course By Josh Earp that teaches you every thing you want to know about Search Engine Optimization, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

SEO Mastery review
Official SEO Mastery Website

Product Name: "SEO Mastery" a high level Course that teaches you Search Engine Optimization, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

You will Learn SEO by One of the absolute masters of SEO: Josh Earp

Sold as a stand alone product. You do not need to be member of 4 Percent to buy this course.


SEO Mastery Course

What is 4 Percent? It's an educational platform for visionary entrepreneurs, that offers you a lot of free training. 4 Percent also has a marketplace where you can buy highquality courses exclusively for 4 Percent, presented by the best presenters in the world within in their fields.

To get this Course go to the Official SEO Mastery website. Price is Only $997 onetime with a $500 discount right now, so you can get it now for $497


Why do you need SEO?

​Why Your Business Website Needs to be Optimized for Search Engines

You want to have your website ranked at the first page of Google Search Results for your most important Keywords. It is getting you FREE Traffic - and this traffic is the best you can ever get - it is highly targeted traffic, because people searched for YOUR Important keyword.


Content of SEO Mastery

SEO Mastery course is a module based course that will teach you everything you want to know about SEO. Created by Josh Earp and brought to you exclusively through the 4 Percent.  To buy the Course go directly to the SEO Mastery website or become free member of 4 Percent Group and purchase the course from the backoffice. Introductory price $497 (Normal price $997)

What You'll learn from SEO Mastery


• Complete SEO Mastery from A-Z
• Secret Tools and Software Reveal
• Perfect training for eStage system
• How to rank your website
• How to rank YouTube videos
• How to promote affiliate offers
• How to get unlimited traffic through SEO
• How to rank ecommerce products
• How to create SEO consultancy
• BONUS 1: Niche Traffic Hacks
• BONUS 2: Amazon Ranking Secrets
• BONUS 3: Ongoing monthly coaching

SEO Mastery Course Modules

Curriculum For This Course COURSE INTRO
• Course Overview
• Seo 101 Recorded Webinar

• Introduction To SEO
• Tools & Software
• Google’s Algorithm
• Moz
• Pr Checker
• Majestic

• Market Research Introduction
• Market Research & Competitive Analysis
• How To Create A Market Breakdown Sales Video

• Website Creating Introduction
• Hosting & Money Site Creation

• On Page Optimization Introduction
• WordPress Final Touches
• Inner Linking

• Off Page Optimization Introduction
• Citation Building
• Press Releases
• Social Signals
• 301 Redirect
• Private Blog Networks (P.B.Ns)
• Cloak Hosting P.B.Ns
• P.B.N Set Up
• Linking Out And Anchor
• Traffic Crowd Search

• Client Acquisition Introduction
• How To Create A Market Breakdown
• Sales Video Client Proposal

• Affiliate Seo Introduction
• Organic Traffic Hacks

• Secrets To Ranking Amazon Introduction
• Rank Your Amazon Page #1 On Google

• Video Marketing Introduction
• Ranking You Tube Videos

​SEO Mastery is not just any product, this is literally the best, worlds best trainer Josh Earp. This is someone who coaches and consulting and doing SEO work for Celebrities and Companies doing billions of dollars per year.

We are talking about movie producers, HollyWood, some of the biggest names in business in online marketing space, some of the biggest influencers. Josh Earp does their SEO, he trains their team on how to do SEO, so when the discussion came for about bringing SEO training in to the 4 Percent Platform, what's the best when it comes to SEO, because people ask about this.

​There is paid traffic, there is content marketing and SEO. So if you have a website, you wanna rank, a video you wanna rank, if you want to rank affiliate stuff, your own stuff, ecommers store, whatever it is you wanna rank, on youtube on search engines, how do you do that.

What we wanna to do, we wanted to really find the best expert in the SEO area, and that name "Josh Earp" came up. We are bringing this course to the Four Percent, exclusively available to our affiliates and Platform here.

​Vick Strizheus interviewed Josh Earp in the video below to reveal what is included in the course.

Here is one thing I can tell you, it's possible to rank your affiliate personal website, it's possible for you to promote somebody elses offer and rank that on youtube and rank that on facebook and rank that on google and yahoo, it's very possible, but you got to understand how to do Search Engine Optimization.


    SEO Mastery - Vick Strizheus interviewing Josh Earp

    Video by 4 Percent - Vick Strizheus interviewing Josh Earp about the SEO Course

    Video Transcript from Video above

    Vick Strizheus:
    We have a training coming in to the 4 percent Platform and Market Place, it's all about SEO.


    SEO Mastery Affiliate Program

    SEO Mastery affiliate Program - How to join the Affiliate program?
    The course is a high end program presented through 4 Percent's portfolio program. As a 4 Percent Pro member, you will be able to earn 50% commission on this course if some of your free or paid 4 percent members purchase the program. You will also be able to promote this program individually to the world and people do not need to join Four Percent to purchase this program.

    Note: you do NOT need to purchase this program yourself in order to earn commissions on sales. We sell products for what they are and are not a MLM company that require to buy a product in order to sell it. That's a crap MLM mentality. 

    Become pro-member, it's only $49 monthly - First Join as Free member here and upgrade to pro member.


    about SEO Mastery

    ​In Real Estate the 3 most important words are: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

    Your website (or any of the web properties such as a video, podcast, blog, etc) is a virtual "real state" property, and the same 3 words remain most important - location, location, location.

    ​The big question is "How Do You Do That?"

    ​There were two problem entrepreneurs were facing - information overload and inaccurate information / useless trainings.

    ​Not anymore!

    ​Introducing - SEO Traffic Mastery from Four Percent.

    ​This is world's most complete, most potent and cost comprehensive training program that shows you how to master SEO.

    ​Presented by world's top SEO expert - Josh Earp. Josh is a marketing consultant to multi-billionaires, TV Stars and Celebrities.

    In summary, Josh teaches billionaires how to make more billions by leveraging the power of organic search through Search Engine Optimization.

    ​In this course you will learn everything from A-Z on how to start and master SEO.

    ​Whether you are selling your own product or you’re promoting something as an affiliate - these skills will certainly elevate you head and shoulders above your competition, allowing you to direct massive amounts of traffic from search engines including YouTube and channel them to any website of your choice.

    ​Just imagine the possibilities!

    The best part is this is some of the highest quality traffic and you will learn how to get it 100% FREE and long-term through Search Engine Optimization.

    ===>  Enroll and start your training now!  <===



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