Insta Traffic Mastery review

Learn everything about Instagram - how to generate Traffic and earn money from Instagram - course by Tim Karsliyev presented by 4 Percent

​Here is my review of The Insta Traffic Mastery which is a High Level course that will teach you all about Instagram, exclusively presented by "The 4 Percent".

Insta Traffic Mastery review
Official Insta Traffic Mastery Website

Product Name: "Insta Traffic Mastery" a high level Course where you will learn All about Instagram, Instagram trafficgeneration, Instagram influence and Instagram monetisation, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

The course is Presented by one of the top 5 influencers in Instagram, Tim Karsliyev with reach of 150 Million followers through his network.

Sold as a stand alone product. You do not need to be member of 4 Percent to buy this course.

What is 4 Percent? It's an educational platform for visionary entrepreneurs, that offers you a lot of free training. 4 Percent also has a marketplace where you can buy highquality courses exclusively for 4 Percent, presented by the best presenters in the world within in their fields.


To purchase the course go to the Official Insta Traffic Mastery website. Price is Only $997 onetime.

Watch Video below Why you need this


Content of Insta Traffic Mastery

Insta Traffic Mastery course is a 10 module course that will teach you everything you want to know about Instagram. Created by Tim Karsliyev and brought to you exclusively through the 4 Percent.  To buy the Course become free member of 4 Percent Group and purchase the course from the backoffice. Introductory price $997.

​There's a reason Facebook paid $1Billion to acquire Instagram back in 2012 while Instagram was still just a baby - they saw the future.

Today, one of the most powerful platforms any entrepreneur or business owner must master is Instagram, and right here, right now, you have that opportunity. You can become an Instagram Master!

This world-class, extremely powerful yet very comprehensive course has been created by one of the biggest Instagram influencers alive today - Tim Karsliyev (owner of accounts such as @dailydose and many, many others). With reach of over 150million followers through his network, Tim breaks it all down and shows you how it’s done.

No stone is left un-turned - you will learn everything from A-Z and become an Instagram MASTER.

1. The future of social media and instagram. This is where the future is going, especially for marketing and business
2. Engagement, Influence, Celebrity
3. Traffic generation and monetization. Instagram is a perfect vehicle to drive traffic to any product whether its info product, e-commers, services, there is no limit
4. Become a Powerful Promoter

What You'll learn from Insta Traffic Mastery
high end InstraGram course

• Complete Instagram Mastery A-Z
• Learn directly from Instagram mega-influencer Tim Karsliyev (over 150M+ reach)
• 10 Modules
• Q&A In Each Module
• Resources
• Advanced Strategies, Tactics and Hacks
• Bonus material
• And much, much more!

Insta traffic Mastery Modules

    In this module you’ll learn about account setup strategies, bio, Instagram security and different types of accounts.
    In this module you’ll learn strategies for publishing content, right pictures for account, tools for design, account design and Instagram videos.
    In this module you’ll learn posting strategies, power hashtags and time zones, getting to know your audience, Insta bombs, cross promotion, growth groups, account clean up and follow/unfollow strategies.
    In this module you’ll learn about influencer growth, paid shout outs, KiK and Telegram.
    In this module you’ll learn about important tools and resources for your account and engagement analytics.
    In this module you’ll learn about strategies for promotions: link in bio, Instagram lead magnets, power of DM, power of stories and how to build a large email list.
    In this module you’ll learn about elements of an ad, your customer, ad message, and picture / video design.
    In this module you’ll learn all about influencers and how to connect and work with them strategically to take your account and business to the next level.
    In this module you’ll learn about the power of networking for personal and business purposes.
    In this module you’ll discover some of the most secretive and guarded strategies and hacks big influencers use to dominate and how you too, can use them! Please keep this material private as it is very powerful.


Why Your Business Needs to Be active on Instagram

​Why Your Business Needs to Be active on Instagram

Instagram's user base & Engagement is Massive
600+ million Monthly Active users on Instagram
300+ Million Daily Active users on Instagram
4.2 Billion Likes Daily on Instagram
95+ Million Daily Photos/Videos on Instagram
216,000 photos posted every Minute on Instagram

Brands are Taking Notice of Instagram

Brands are Taking Notice of Instagram
90% of Interbrand 100 companies are active on Instagram on a weekly basis

US Consumers Are Flocking to Instagram

US Consumers Are Flocking ot Instagram
• Almost 30% of the total US population uses Instagram
• More than 77 Million US users are active on Instagram at least once a month, with that number expected to increase to more than 100 million by 2018
• More than half of all Millennials use Instagram EVERY day
• Gender split is almost identical, with 51% Male users and 49% female users on Instagram
Instagram's Engagement Continues to Increase
Engagement per Post Has Grown at a rate o 53% Year-over-Year Average Engagement Per Post

Photos have more Average Engagement than Videos on Instagram

Photos see more Average Engagement than Videos
Visual content on InstaGram Performs well because Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text

Your consumers will respond better to Visuals because People remember:
80% of what they see
20 % of what they read
10% of what they hear

The 9 Most popular retailers on Instagram by Follower Count

The 9 Most popular retailers on Instagram by Follower Count
• Nike
• Adidas
• Michael Kors
• Louis Vuitton
• Prada
• Dior
• Christian Louboutin
• D&G
• Gucci

Buzzoid Instagram Infographic’ width=‘680px

Infographic by: Buzzoid


    Insta Traffic Mastery - Vick Strizheus interviewing Tim Karsliyev about the InstaGram course that he created

    Video by 4 Percent - Vick Strizheus interviewing Tim Karsliyev about the InstaGram course that he created and call it InstaTraffic Mastery - The Yim Karsliyev Interview part is minut 8:40 - 29:30

    Video Transcript from Video above

    Vick Strizheus:
    We have a training coming in to 4 percent, it's all about instragram. You hear all the big buzz around instagram, there are so many people trying to push so called "training" and "done for you" stuff about instagram. Most of this stuff is garbage. I want to show how to build your instagram to 10.000 followers or hundred thousands followers, you gonna pay for that, but I will show you how to build it up. And then what? you got a hundred thousands followers, what do you do with them? People don't care if they are forced to be with you.

    I want to blow up my instagram account with real people, real stuff, engagement and earn money from instragram. I don't care less about having 10 million followers, if nobody is engaging. It doesn't make any sense. Just like people on facebook buying "likes", who cares.

    I want to bring expertise and training that is the real deal. First and foremost I want to learn right and blow up my account. I know some people who have done it in the right way, that has been trained by this guy, and some of them are top income earners. I interviewed Tim Karsliyev and he created an instagram course exclusively to 4 percent and we are gonna sell it to the world.

    Hey everybody it's Vick here with you again and I am very excited to present to you a new product, a training that is coming to the four percent. And it's called mass influence engineering (final name: insta traffic mastery).

    ​How to you like to become massively influential as an entrepreneur and as a marketer build you brand, do all kind of really really cool stuff, with all the buzz around instagram, branding and social media, engagement, everything that is happening right now, You simply cannot ignore instagram.

    We asked ourselves: who is the best in Instagram, there is a lot of noise going on around this topic, a lot of people promising you hey "we gonna train you on how to become great at instagram", "how to get 100.000 followers", "how to buy followers", "how to buy engagement" and all this. About 90%, if not more, of everything we see out there is just garbage, but in the four percent we want to bring you literally worlds best training and education and expertise, that can teach you and our community and the world, through our platform, on how to really do Instagram right.

    ​Im very excited to present to you an expert in that particular field "Instagram", someone who was behind the curtain putting other mass influencers on a pedestal, and powering those entrepreneurs making them become top income earners, top influencers, starting from scratch. I'm going to introduce you to this expert, we are gonna talk about the "Insta Traffic Mastery" training coming up in the four percent.

    The man who is behind this is non other than Tim Karsliyev. Welcome to the show, great to have you here. How are you?

    ​Tim Karsliyev:
    Awesome I am doing great Vick, thanks for having me here. I look forward to the discussion about social media and instagram and how it has changed my life and other peoples lives.

    Vick Strizheus:
    I'm very excited about this. We gonna break this course up into several episodes, several videos, we are gonna have this training done and make it exclusive to four percent.

    ​Please introduce you to our community to get to know you, who you are, who is this guy behind this training. What have you achieved with Instagram? maybe some of the people you have helped. And we will dig into the course and the training that is coming up and exactly what it is going to do for people. Tim, some might already know you, You run "@dailydose" on instagram. How many followers do you have?

    Tim Karsliyev:
    We have about 1.1 million+ followers right now, however I don't consider them followers, I consider them valued friends and supporters.

    Vick Strizheus:
    Tell me the difference between followers and families and friends?

    Tim Karsliyev:
    Followers is just a number to me. My audience is part of my family and community, we have discussions and topics, some get excited, some get mad at me some are happy, some are influenced, most of the stuff is motivation and inspiration and lifechanging.

    Vick Strizheus:
    Tim for those people who don't know you, what is your background, where are you coming from, have you been a marketer all your life, what have you done before, how did you get into social media?

    Tim Karsliyev:
    Great question Vick, my background is health care, I did healthcare for 10 years, I still do it as consultant. Everything in healthcare, I'm an expert in it. I got into social media 2014, and at that time I was still not a marketer. I was "hey this is cool", lets gets some likes and followers, I didn't realize the power of social media until I got 3-400.000 followers. I've been a marketer for a year.

    Vick Strizheus:
    So you went from medical field and now you are a marketer.

    Tim Karsliyev:
    yeah from bureaucrats to freedom basically a totally different industry.

    Vick Strizheus:
    That's incredible, that was one of the question I wanted to ask you, can anybody starting from scratch do this - what you are about to teach?

    Tim Karsliyev:
    Yes, anybody can do it. In one of my facebook group I released a 15 min video and they said it was the best thing about social media than any course they purchased. I give a lot of tips here and there for free, but now I'm trying to compact it into one product. The difference between what I am going to teach and why anybody can do it, is because I'm gonna be teaching exactly what I did myself.

    ​Vick Strizheus:
    OK, I wanna get into the content of the insta traffic mastery course, exactly what people will get from the training. Tim let's talk about social media in general, the power of it, why it's one of the channels that simply cannot be ignored, by any modern entrepreneur.

    I also want you to talk about, if you can, I know you worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world! What is the power you bring onto the table, who do you work with, what are some of the names of the entrepreneurs that you have helped. And let talk about the power of social media.

    ​Tim Karsliyev:
    Yes, I will name a few you probably already know, Jerry Wee, Tai Lopez, when Tai Lopez started to release all his youtube videos, he was big on youtube, but wasn't big on instagram. Someone from his network reached out to us and we started a massive campaign for him running traffic to his page and the programs he was running.

    ​Also Jerry Wee, I was the first person that Jerry Wee did the instragram, released the whole story mode, we loved to be on dailydose media, I also done some promotional work for Jerry Wee.

    "Ask a millionaire" brand, Andy Priscilla, all the high end individuals, who have the budget for what they are trying to accomplish. There is also Tyrese Gibson.

    Vick Strizheus:
    a lot of people look at instagram and social media in general and here we look at instagram which is exactly what this training is all about, and they just go after followers, numbers, that don't really mean anything for a lot of people. The fact that you have the big celebrities and some of the biggest names in the industry reaching out to you, they are looking for ROI, they are looking for traffic, they are looking for engagement, for visitors to their website. Can you give us a perspective, what's possible when it comes to traffic, how much traffic is it possible to drive, to a website, if you do certain things in a certain way, like you are going to teach in the insta traffic mastery course?

    ​Tim Karsliyev:
    If we to an instagram story with a link, and only verified accounts can do this, at the moment and that's one of the things I also will be teaching, we can see up to 2500 clicks, to a website from that alone. I have seen up to 4.000 clicks. On a daily base, when we are promoting our own things we don't want to spam the content for our audience, so throughout the day we, probably post 3-4 times, and we around 2.000 visitors to our website, in an hour it could anything between 200-500 people. there is no guarantees on the numbers.

    we have even 10.000 people visiting, by doing a story mode, doing post of video and also through our other channels, we have crazy amounts of people visiting our website.

    ​Tim Karsliyev:
    To a start, instagram and facebook which owns, instagram is just starting, it's still a baby, in this giant industry, and for you to get it right the first time and build on it, is one of the most importang thing, because you are gonna creating a legacy of yourself a history of your storyline, using where you are and where you are going, and win the community so, and everyone starting to hang around on instagram, so why not be on it.

    What we will be teaching is basically #1 how to create an image, what the content should look like, what your bio should look like, if you area is online marketing all your design should be around that, and how to in a sense, acquiring that audience specifically towards you, how to use a 3rd party app that most people are talking about, how to organically, grow an audience that's in tune with you and love the message you are portraying.

    There are some tips and tricks, because what happens is most people who jump on, and doesn't know the industry, you might jump in doing what you do best, but it might not work the best way you would expect. We will teach you exactly what you need to do, to bring the audience in, for you to bring the message to them.

    It comes to designing, how to engage people, how to build a brand, how to get more followers, how to convert more followers to your business, how to utilise other peoples network and services for your own benefit. There are so many different things, but it basically is to teach you how you can go from zero to 1 million likes.

    Vick Strizheus:
    so zero meaning I have no idea what instagram is all about, how it's set up how it, what it's all about, but by following the training I will grow exponentially up to a million.

    Tim Karsliyev:
    Yes, lets say somebody don't know anything they will probably 10X compared to other courses. Even when other people make courses of instagram, there are things that they are actually holding back, industry secrets. Because it's a money making process and they keep it for them selves. For me I got nothing to lose, I'm happy when somebody else succeed. I always told some of my clients, that I look forward to the day that they pass me up and some already have done that.

    Vick Strizheus:
    Why do you say that, I know some people they are holding back, what drives you, what motivates you to do this kind of stuff?

    Tim Karsliyev:
    For me it's about integrity and business, my reputation, I want to exceed my followers, I want my reputation to exceed. I want to have people saying that's a standup guy who truly is influential and motivator and inspirational to someones story of how he was able to come in and also get back and still succeed without being afraid that somebody else will be doing better than me.

    The world is such a big place, there is enough money for everybody. Obviously I can't have all. Sharing is caring. The "Ask a millionaire" brand, Shawn Thomas, is pretty big and really successful and he reached out to me back in the days 1½-2 years ago, we grew him so exponential that now he is 1.3 million, so he passed me up and we shout all time he is doing great in the industry, lot of young entrepreneurs are reaching out, some of them he is mentoring now. He is producing at least 50-60.000 followers a month, just on instagram alone.

    Vick Strizheus:
    Yeah I know people that are literally top income earners in their companies, selling stuff, all through instagram, 100% instagram organic.

    Tim Karsliyev:
    Not only can your instagram audience benefit from understanding better how they can do better affiliate marketing, also we will teach them launches so you have makeups, shirts, hats, whatever it is. We will also be teaching how to earn money without even having a network and without having a million followers. I will be teaching some of the tips and tricks on how I make today how I have a $40.000 weekend, how i have a $75.000 day, I will be teaching people on how they can that themselves without having the mass network and build that reputation and report with people.

    Vick Strizheus:
    is this stuff good for e-commers? e-commers is a big trend happening right now.

    Tim Karsliyev:
    Yeah, so if you noticed what instagram actually did today. They released a whole new feature where you can upload multiple pictures and you can also put a link on the picture. Instagram is in a way starting impacting like Amazon, Ebay and Shopify. Why this is so important, instagram has a community of 600 million people hanging out on this daily. It's like having your own little hangout. You are going to be blown away by all the new things instagram is coming up with. I have a relationship with facebook and instagram, so that is also a benefit for someone who is buying the course, a lot of inside information.

    Vick Strizheus:
    Question for you. You can just create this course and sell it yourself. You wanted to bring it through the 4 percent. What attracted you to the four percent, what attracted you to partner up with us as a vendor and publisher of the product through the four percent?

    Tim Karsliyev:
    I have done some other affiliate programs in the past "Project Breakthrough" (under vick's High Traffic Academy) you guys been good to me and also when I joined 4 percent, I noticed the community are totally supportive. And I thought why not start up with a community that's totally helping each other out. I think there will be a lot more value handing this course to a group of people who are hungry for success instead of just throw it out in the world "who wants it".

    Let me just help the guys and gals who really want it first. And I truly believe that four percent is being that group that I want to pioneer with to create a group of individuals that are going to dominate the game in the next 2-5 years.

    Vick Strizheus:
    You members of the four percent group watching this, this is the kind of stuff that we have coming in to the four percent. We are taking this stuff, like Insta Traffic Mastery, first implementing it for yourself bringing that as an education to our community, and then we are taking that building massive powerfunnels promoting InstaTraffic Mastery out to the world and you will be proud to represent this. This is one of the products in our portfolio model and you will be proud to sell this and earn commission on it and sleep well at night knowing that the training that you sold and made money on, is not some fluff that is happening so much on the internet. This insta traffic mastery course is stuff that you can rely on grow and expand and taking it to the next level. Tim, any final comments before we close?

    Tim Karsliyev:
    The course that we are gonna be providing is priceless and it's gonna be un-comparable to what you been hearing and seeing out there.

    Vick Strizheus:
    love it, Tim I appreciate you jumping on here, thank you. Tim will be coming in to the four percent to continuously education as there are changes, if instagram comes up with something new features, new strategies what ever the case is, we are on it we are on top of it and you can rest assure that you will get the most accurate details the highest level information and education that is the most current that is happening right now. Tim I appreciate you thanks a lot, I will be looking forward to the training.

    You guys who are watching this, hopefully you are very excited this time. If you are watching this and are NOT a member of the four percent group yet, we just crossed a 100.000 thousands members (170.000 members as of 1st. April 2017) and growing by 1-2.000 every single day. We will hit a million in no time.

    The time to get on the bandwagon is NOW! It's not 6 months from now. Get onboard go with us - lets change your life!


    Insta Traffic Mastery Affiliate Program

    Insta Traffic Mastery affiliate Program
    The course is a 3rd party high end program presented through 4 Percent's portfolio program. As a Master affiliate you will be able to earn 50% commission on this course if some of your free or paid 4 percent members purchase the program. How to become Master Affiliate? Become pro-member, it's only $49 monthly - Join as Free member here and upgrade to pro member. Then Get a ticket to the 4 percent conference in Florida 19-21. June or a life stream ticket ==> go here to get a ticket


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