Facebook Ad-Account is suspended
How Do I Get My Facebook Ad-Account Back?

My Facebook Ad-Account is suspended - How to get it Back?

It's impossible to Get your Facebook Ad-Account back, I tried several times during 3 years, but they don't care about it, it's final they say - that's a life-sentence.

Forget about Your Ad-Account in Your Personal Profile - Here is what you can do!
Instead create a Facebook Business Manager Account and from there you can create an Ad-account. I done that yesterday and I could create ad-account, we will see if they will close it when I try to run ads.

How to get a Facebook Business Manager Account

​How to get a Facebook Business Manager Account - Here is how to do

​Go to: business.facebook.com
You need to be logged in to your personal account when you create it and you need a "page" that you attach to the business manager account.

From your Facebook Business Manager Account, You can create an Ad-account, or many Ad-accounts. One of the ideas with Facebook Business Manager Account, is that you can administrate other peoples advertising, say if you have an Ad Agency.

NOTE IMPORTANT: You need another credit card than the one you used on your personal Ad-account that got suspended.

Videos how to set up a Facebook Business Manager Account

​How to Set up Facebook Business Manager for Your Company (2016 Tutorial)
Short overview video

Facebook Business Manager overview a tool to help businesses and agencies manage their Facebook Page - More detailed video

Facebook Business Manager Review & Walkthrough

That's it: How to get your Facebook Ad-Account Back if it is suspended


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