Blog Messed up after Upgrade WordPress 5.0

How to disable Gutenberg Block Editor and get Classic WordPress editor back

​The new WordPress sucks. Here is how to get the old one back

Get rid of annoying New WordPress editor GutenBerg Block editor - How to Get back the good old wordpress editor after upgrade to wordpress 5.0

​All wordpress users who by accident upgraded to wordpress 5.0 (or it was updated automatically), can disable the new stupid gutenberg editor, by installing a plugin, that turns it off and go back to the old classic editor. There are several plugins you can use. Here is the one I use.

​Here's the wordpress plugin I use to remove that stupid annoying new Gutenberg Block editor - and get the good old classic editor back. It's a simple install of a plugin, takes 30 sec to do and you are done.

Plugin Name: Disable Gutenberg
This one has 300,000+ Active Installations and good reviews

Now you have removed the stupid Gutenberg block editor, your life has become easier and you can enjoy your old design.

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