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Here i my Kuvera Review: Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining

Kuvera is also a Network Marketing Company that provides a business opportunity so You'll have to option to Earn Money from Home (optional)

Kuvera Review

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Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides Educational Products with Premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining
- all in one central place - as well as a business opportunity to earn money from home.

Kuvera provides you with a guide to Your financial freedom via their educational products, that provide You with the knowledge you'll need in order to secure your financial future. You my choose to buy one of their products, buy a Bitcoin Mining contract or you may choose to also become an Independent Kuvera distributor, which is only a onetime fee of $50, you do not even need to buy products to become a distributor.

==> Go here Signup as Kuvera distributor only $50 onetime fee 

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Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

Kuvera is a 5 year old company owned by "Investview" - a publicly traded company registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Kuvera's headquarters is located in Salt Lake City UT, 84101 in the USA. Kuvera is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Kuvera will a little bit later, be part of FourPercent's multiple streams of income. I don't have an exact date, it's now October-2018.
Once you are member of Kuvera, you just plug in your Kuvera link in the Four Percent's backoffice.

Four Percent is a FREE educational and inspirational platform for entrepreneurs
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Kuvera Products Review

Kuvera University is a financial education video series. Videos are at short 4 minutes in length and cover topics such as: money talk, forex, financial education, as well as a monthly monthly hosted webinars and more.

Crypto Mining is Kuvera’s cryptocurrency mining program. Kuvera offers four tiers of mining contracts. Larger contracts can be arranged. Each mining subscription is good for the full lease of a mining rig for a minimum of 1000 days and will pay you direct to your wallet every day. Kuvera owns the rigs and covers all maintenance and updates.

A full education platform, crypto trading alerts, and a crypto trading bot program are included in this pack. Hardware, wallets, exchanges, trading and ICO’s, all in one place.

Research and Market Analysis Sessions provide customers education on a variety of topics such as hardware, wallets, exchanges and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). The sessions also feature in-depth chart analysis of the growing cryptocurrency universe. Portfolio Alerts identify crypto currency coins that may have the potential to increase in value. The CRYPTOtrader proprietary software allows customers to personalize their trade parameters and risk tolerance. With just a few clicks, users can participate in crypto currency market with minimal effort.

CRYPTOone Overview

Find Money that you don't have. FINDING includes financial strategies trainings provided by renowned money mentors as well as financial apps that track spending. This category has two products:

Kuvera Money is money management education that can change your life. This program comes with live monthly webinars, interactive lessons, and financial training videos provided by America’s money mentor, Ross Jardine.

The second product in the FIND category is a financial tracking app and is explained below in the KEEP portion.

Kuvera’s KEEP category includes two powerful tools. The first is the same financial app mentioned in the FIND category, as it’s results help most people keep or receive more money at tax time. And the second is Kuvera University, an video educational platform.

Deductr PRO is an app and website that provides automated tracking, real time tax savings, and instant tax reporting. On the day to day, not tax time, list of benefits, Deductr works to help simplify your finances by seeing all your accounts in one place, breaking down expenses, and helping track progress toward financial goals. Use of Deductr puts $100 to $600 per month back in the average person’s wallet.

The Equity Pack provides trade alerts for options and broad markets like the S&P 500. The alerts are typically sent out in a video format so they’re easy to execute for anyone, regardless of financial background. There are weekly and monthly trade strategies.

Ryze is a forex auto-trading program appearing to historically average a 2-3% compounding MONTHLY return and is publicly audited. Ryze has never had a losing day, nor losing hour since it began trading.

FX One offers live FX binary options trading sessions as well as live education and training. FX One is the best way for people without much wealth to increase it, because the trade minimum is only $50.

Kuvera FXone Overview

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup


How do I Buy products or Join Kuvera as Distributor

==> Click this link Join Kuvera

... and you'll be taken to a page that looks like this...

How to Join Kuvera

Choose country / language. Choose a Product Subscription (The all in pack is best value) or choose crypto mining and if you'd like to upgrade to distributor status (Note at the moment the Ethereum mining is temporerely on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

You may choose to become distributor only, which is a $50 onetime fee. You do not need to buy products to become Kuvera distributor.

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

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Review of Kuvera's Business Opportunity

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Kuvera Business opportunity Review
As a Kuvera distributor You can generate a constant income stream, by recruiting others in to the business, while your crypto-mining grows automatically and sends you Bitcoin or Ethereum coins into Your private Cryptocurrency Wallet.

Kuvera business opportunity is for everybody who wants to earn money from home, whether you are a seasoned online business entrepreneur or a complete newbie. Kuvera's compensation Plan is designed for newbies to get into profit as fast as possible.

Kuvera has customers and distributors in 80+ countries around the Globe and with the huge interest for financial education, cryptocurrency, forex trading, crypto trading and crypto mining, Kuvera is a perfect fit for people who both want education as well as a solid business opportunity. 

How much does it cost to become Kuvera Distributor?
I'm glad you asked, it's ONLY $50 onetime fee to become Kuvera Distributor and you don't even need to buy products.
As a Kuvera Distributor, you will get your own link and page to signup new distributors and marketing material.

==> Become Kuvera Distributor here

Is there a marketing system with optin page and email follow sequence I can use for my Kuvera Business?

Yes there is a 3rd party company that created such a system specifically for promoting Kuvera. I'm using it and it's awesome. It's only $30 monthly and worth a lot more. You can checkout the system here, just optin with your email and see how it works.

What is the "Product Credit Bonus?"
Whether you are a Distributors or Customers You can get Your subscription paid for by sharing Kuvera's products with others. All you will have to do is enroll 3 people on one of Kuvera's products subscriptions: e.g. CryptoOne, FXone or the "All In Pack" and your subscription will be credited back to you each month.

Does Kuvera has a Facebook Group for all members?
Yes, you will be invited to our closed facebook group where you will meet like-minded people and discuss topics related to Kuvera and the products. You will get updates and invited to webinars and online and offline meetings (events).

Can I buy products as a customer e.g. mining contract for crypto mining without being a distributor?
Yes, You do not need to be a distributor to buy any of Kuveras products.

Kuvera Buisiness Opportunity Video


Review of Kuvera's Bonus plan - compensation plan

Kuvera has provided one of the most lucrative and simplest Compensation plans in Network Marketing. It focus on helping the newest distributors get into profit quickly and at the same time with the huge demand for good financial education and crypto mining, many Online Entrepreneurs say finally have they found their home with Kuvera.

You can download Kuvera's bonus plan as PDF document here.

.. or you can Watch the video below for an overview of Kuveras Bonus Plan.

Kuvera Bonus Plan Video

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Kuvera Crypto Mining Review

What is Bitcoin Mining and Cryptocurrency Mining all about

Kuvera provides option to buy mining contracts and Crypto Mining in  Bitcoin or Ethereum. You Get Paid weekly in Bitcoin or Ethereum, directly to Your CryptoCurrency Wallet

Bitcoin mining is a computer setup that is running 24/7, either by an individual or by a company or organization.

Those who mine Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies (there are about 1.000 different cryptocurrencies) do two things in relation to the public ledger, which uses a technology called Blockchain, a decentralized register that keep track of all transaction made in the cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoins.

1. The computer setup handles Bitcoin transactions and add the transaction to the public ledger. If you want to transfer bitcoin to another person e.g. if you buy something in Bitcoin, this transaction is carried out automatically by a computer and the transaction is stamped into the public ledger and cannot be reversed. Those who do the transaction charge a transaction fee for doing this, thus earn bitcoin.

All transactions in all crypto currencies are public for everyone to see, however the owners of the accounts are not known.

Public Ledger for Bitcoin, Transactions examples on Blockchain.com: All Bitcoin transactions
Latest Bitcoin transactions live on: Blockexplorer.com/
Public Ledger for Ethereum
, on EtherScan.io: All Ethereum transactions

2. The computer setup solves a difficult puzzle by running millions of arbitrary or intelligent attempts to solve the puzzle. Those who solve the puzzle first earn a certain amount of bitcoin. Then a new puzzle is made and everybody is trying to solve this.

Kuvera Crypto Mining Video

What's the price of Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
Kuvera offers two different sets of mining packs. Ethereum mining and Bitcoin Mining.

Mining packs in Ethereum, the four different packs below. There is a onetime setup fee of $99,99 which is added to the prices below.
• Generator Pack $500
• Business Pack $1.000
• Executive Pack $2.500
• Premiere Pack $5.000
The mining output in Ethereum is credited weekly to your private Ethereum account.

Mining packs in Bitcoin, has just been launched October 2018 and at the same time the Ethereum mining packs are temporarily on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

How are commissions paid on Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
1. Each mining pack generate product volume (PV) in the month they are bought, which counts towards your total Product Volume.
2. On top of this You earn a commission on each mining pack you refere to a customer or distributor. The commission is 6-10% of the mining pack price, depending on your rank. It's described in the compensation plan and shown in the chart above: From $30 to $500 per mining pack.

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

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Crypto mining with Kuvera

What is Blockchain

Blockchain small packages of data interconnected one by one. The technology cryptocurrencies use to communicate. Small packages of data sent anonymous indistinguishable from other internet data. Only the two parts involved know about it. Think of email sent between two persons. If I send money to you I need your unique crypto ID (analog to your email) and I send the money to you hidden in a small package of data. Only you and I know about this and it is 100% irreversible, cannot be undone.

Most of the internet will run via the blockchain technology in 10 years or less.

Kuvera's Crypto Mining equipment in Romania


How to Create a Private CryptoCurrency account

How to buy bitcoins or Ethereum

You can create a cryptocurrency account, a Wallet, online and access it from you computer or smartphone. That works fine for small amounts. However if you computer get hacked your account is in risk.

You can buy Bitcoins and create wallet here at two of the most popular online wallets:

You can also find companies that sell Bitcoins and then transfere to your online or hardware Wallet. 
Hardware Wallet
A more safe place to keep your cryptocurrency is off-line, is to get a hardware wallet, a physical wallet to keep your Bitcoins or Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Prices are in the $70-100 range

Two popular Hardware Wallets:
• Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s
• Trezor: https://trezor.io/


#1 marketing system for promoting Kuvera

Link to my CryptoSplosion Review - Screenshot below

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Go to my CryptoSplosion review page

Crypto mining with Kuvera


Kuvera Videos

Kuvera Videos below coming. There are several videos above

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Kuvera Wealth Life Balance


Is Kuvea a Scam?
Is Kuvera Legit?

​Is Kuvera a Scam?
No Kuvere is not a Scam

Is Kuvera Legit?
Yes, Kuvera is legit


Kuvea FAQ

​Q: . Coming
A: .

Q: .
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Income disclamer
Obviously Kuvera or CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, skills, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


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