What is an autoresponder

What is an autoresponder

An autoresponder is an email marketing platform which allows you to do email marketing using email.

How to Build a list
When you are working online and want to earn money online it is highly recommended that you have a lead capture page or a signup form on your website to collect emails and have an autoreponder connected that sends out newsletters to your subscribers.
An autoresponder do exactly that.

An autoresponder is an automatic email service, an online system that collects emails from a website form, store the emails in a list, and sends out emails automatically in intervals on preset days.

The website form often comes in the form of a leadcapture page (squeeze page), which is a short page with a form, designed to get people to signup to your email list (fx. newsletter), in exchange for access to view a video, get an ebook or other information.

Choose email interval
You can choose to send out emails automatically to Your contacts immediately upon signup to the form and each day thereafter or every other day or what ever you like.
You can set the days interval for example: day 0 (at signup), day 1, day 2, day 4, day 6... and so on you can set the number or days between the messages.

So what you need is:
1. an automatic mail service that sends out emails, it's called an "autoresponder" and I will review two below: aweber and Getresponse.

2. a webform on your page that collects email and put them on a list, when someone inputs their email in the form.
Maybe your program has provided you with a leadcapture page and you have the option to connect your autoresponder service to that page.

3. you need to compose the emails that should go out. Often if you promote a product or program the owner has made a series of emails you can import into your autoresponder, so you don't need to write the emails.

4. if you have different products or programs to promote you may want to create different email list for each program.

aweber Review - aweber Pricing

What is aweber and how can it help your business
Aweber is an autoresponder, and email marketing platform which allows you to do email marketing using email. Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Aweber Introduction Video - Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Aweber made it very simple for people to get started building email lists and marketing to their email list. It's a great tool for people just starting out in online marketing.

Aweber is an excellent and reliable email list provider that will bring your email marketing to a new level.

It's one of the best autoresponders you can get to follow up on your leads and prospects that entered their email in your webform to gather information from you.

Aweber overview video - Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Aweber has so many features, but the basic features are you can send out messages as: email newsletter or as email broadcast.

The Newsletter Feature.
You can set up follow up messages, a series of emails simply connected to your list and the emails get send out automatically as you scheduled.

The Broadcast Feature
from time to time you want to send out single emails to your subscribers (to Your list), fx. if you are hosting an event, video meeting you can send out a single email to your entire list independently of which email sequence people are on in your email series.

Unlimited Number of Lists
aweber lets you have unlimited number of lists or campaigns. Once again you are only charged for to total number of subscribers in your aweber account.
If you have multiple websites or promoting different products or programs you obviously want to collect subscribers email into different lists.

Other Features:
You can build signup forms with styles and create all different cool signup forms. You will have numerous Signup form templates and Email templates as well.

Manage your Subscribers:
You can send specific emails to a segment of your list.

Aweber Tracks Performance
Aweber notifies you by email everytime a new subscriber is added to your list.
It also tracks how many people signed up each day, where they came from and what website address they signed up on.
Aweber tracks how many people open the emails and how many click the links in the email.

Email Deliverability
Aweber will get your emails delivered, aweber has excellent email deliverability and in my eyes that's one of the most important things with aweber and the reason I choose aweber over getresponse.

Aweber Pricing
aweber pricing is set so you are charged only for the number of subscribers on our list. You can have unlimited number of lists and campaigns and send unlimited number of emails unlimited number of times to your list without any further charge.

aweber has the following pricing:

a $1 first month trial
$19/mth for up to 500 subscribers
$29/mth for up to 2500 subscribers

Do I use aweber?
Sure I do, I always choose aweber if possible.
My empower network business provides me with a leadcapture page and system and I have connected my aweber autoreponder to this system, so when you input your email in the form here: Earn Money with this simple system you get on my aweber list.

I will always choose to use aweber over getresponse because aweber has excellent deliverability which getresponse doesn't
aweber is a few dollars more per month than getresponse, but that should be no problem.
You want your emails delivered to the inbox of gmail, yahoo and hotmail, right? - aweber does that.

With getresponse you will get some of your emails in the your subscribers spam folder. If you write about "homebusiness", "work from home", "earn money" in a getresponse email it will often go to the spamfolder, that's because getresponse has less liability with the big email service providers like gmail, yahoo and hotmail and these words are spam triggers.

I have done testing with aweber and getresponse, with exact same email going out with aweber and getresponse to my test gmail account and aweber goes nicely to the inbox, while the email from getresponse, the exact same text, goes to spam in gmail.

aweber has my highest recommendation.
Get aweber here, $1 first month trial

Getresponse Review - Getresponse Pricing

Getresponse autoresponder is probably the most popular autoresponder and used by many marketers, especially newbies.
It has many of the same features as aweber + a little more. Getresponse is a little more feature rich than aweber. In addition they have landingpage creator for you to create easy landingpages with webform.

Getresponse overview video - Get Getresponse here, first month FREE trial

Getresponse Pricing:

1 month free trial
$15/mth for up to 1000 subscribers
$25/mt for up to 2500 subscribers

Get Getresponse here, first month FREE trial

Aweber vs. Getresponse

There are few things I like with getresponse:
1. You can move contacts from one campaign (list) to another.
you cannot do that with aweber.

2. You can import contacts to getresponse without having them to confirm first. If you import a large number of contacts you need to get getresponse support to do it.
Import of contacts to aweber, you need to let each contact confirm.

3. On the technical side, developers can integrate getresponse (via API) to systems without double optin, while aweber will only allow that with double optin.
This means that some systems don't have aweber options for their members.

For the same reason, unfortunately, I am forced to have Getresponse because I have some systems that don't have aweber integration.
So I need to have both aweber and getresponse, but I always choose aweber if I can.

1. It's a little difficult to create emails in getresponse user interface, while with aweber it's so quick and easy

2. THE BIG BIG CON with Getresponse, is the poor deliverability, and that's why you don't want to choose Getresponse. I tested this and in addition I see emails from other marketers using getresponse, that a number of emails go to spam in gmail, yahoo and hotmail.

Many reviews of getresponse and comparisons aweber vs. getresponse point out that one good thing with getresponse is that it is a little cheaper than aweber and that getresponse has a 30 day free trial while you need to pay a wopping 1 dollar for 30 aweber trial.

That's really ridiculous, considering that you don't get all your emails out with getresponse while aweber has much better deliverability.

It comes down to this simple question!
Do you rally want to save a few dollars per month and only have half of Your business - or do you want to spend a few bucks more to get your full potential of your business?

The answer is an easy choice!
Go and get aweber like most professional marketers and forget Getresponse if you can, that is, if your system or business has aweber option.

Empower Network has aweber integration
Fortunately Empower Network - the simple system for earning money has aweber option and therefore I use aweber with Empower Network. Many of the big fish in Empower use aweber.

Look here at Empower Network's official squeeze page. I have aweber connected to this page and when you optin you get on my aweber list.
So go ahead and optin here...

Convertkit autoresponder Review

Convertkit - Autoresponder. Check it out here.

​GVO autoresponder Review

GVO autoresponder

GVO is a joke. It's childrens play toy.
Not a serious autoresponder. You want emails to go to inbox, right? Emails from GVO autoresponder go directly to spamfolder - Rating: 0 Stars

Then don't use GVO, simple as that, end of story!

To avoid spam folder for your autoresponder emails

​1. Use aweber much better deliverability - while getresponse is greylisted. Make a text version in getresponse, Aweber has automatic text version

​2. use private domain email only as "from"

​3. authenticate your private email domain AND your autoresponder domain. Search your email provider how or search google. Basically telling the email providers like gmail:
 A. You own this domain email
 B. You gave permission for your autoresponder to send emails on you behalf from your "from" email.

​4. avoid too many spam words like $, business, earn money. Avoid All capital letter words.

​5. avoid too large images and too many links. Don't use affiliate links or public shorturls. Use owndomain links.

​6. if you have a poor list, bad opening rate, many "this is spam" actions in gmail. Gmail will punish you and think all your messages are spam. If you are in gmail prison, you better change your email domain and domain you use in your links. This is rather important. Clean your list and be friends with gmail which 80% of people use.

​Authenticate your email in your hosting account and add your autorsponders to the SPF system

Basically telling the world that you gave your autoresponder permission to send from your from email on your behalf.

You should add the domains getresponse.com and aweber.com into the SPF system. Go to your C-panel and "authentication" and add the domains. If you are only using getresponse you only need to add that domain.

How to autenticate your domain email at namecheap:

How to authenticate your autoresponder domain Aweber
Aweber SPF Record - How Do I Update My SPF Record?

How to authenticate your autoresponder domain Getresponse
Getresponse SPF Record  (pdf doc)

​Get a detailed analysis of your email here:

Test the Spammyness of your Emails
1. go here: mail-tester.com and add the email you see, manually to your getresponse list (add contact).

2. Now your autoresponder sends your first email to the tester and in a minut or so it will automatically analyse your email and everything and give you exactly the issues you have.

One of the issue you will see is Getresponse domain is "Greylisted". (Aweber is not)

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