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As a member of Anthony Morrison Ambassador Program (affiliate) you’ll be able to tap right into their business funnels and start generating commissions without even knowing how to create a single page online.

Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Review
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With the Morrison ambassador program, You can tap in to and use the Anthony Morrison education product funnels or optional you can use your own clickfunnels optin page (clickfunnels sharecode available) and build your own list... and you get access to Anthony Morrison education whole eco-system and the ability to promote all their products which no one else get the ability to do. Being an Ambassador for Anthony Morrison education is a very exclusive group.

This program was designed to help anyone create and then grow their own online business. Ambassadors Can Earn Up To $997 Commissions From A Single sale.

With the ambassador membership is included:
• Ambassador training and webinars
• a private facebook group exclusively for ambassadors
• subscription to anthony Morrison Success Connection training and webinars
• the "Profit cycle blueprint" course.
• The ability to promote and to earn commissions on all of Anthony Morrison Education products in the eco-system.

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How to get $500 discount on the Morrison Ambassador program - so you end up with paying only $997

Morrison Ambassador Program Coupon code $500 off regular price

Morrison Ambassador program part of Four Percent Multiple Streams of income (eco-system)

The Morrison Ambassador program is part of Four Percent eco-system and multiple streams of income, which means as an ambassador you simply input your ambassador link into the Four Percent Backoffice and people you introduce to Four Percent will signup to the ambassador program via your link, so you earn the commission. 

The Morrison Ambassador program is introduced in Four Percent Challenge program at day 4+5. You will get a special extra bonus ($500 discount) if you signup via the Four Percent Challenge, so I highly recommend that.

Here's the direct discount link $500 off on the Morrison Ambassador Program. Coupon Code
Actually you do not need to be part of Four Percent - here's the direct Discount link in the 4 Percent backoffice: Click here to sign up for Morrison Publishing Ambassador program with $500 off.

Note: It's the direct orderpage and you need to use the coupon code fourpercent to get that $500 discount, so you end up with paying $997 only for the Morrison Ambassador program, instead of paying $1.497 which is regular price.

Here is how the Anthony Morrison education eco-system works:
if you bring in a subscriber to the free training, that person is tied to you and if they decide to buy any product in the future, you earn the commission from that sale, even if it is 1 year after.  

How does an Ambassador promote?
When you become ambassador you are getting access to their marketing machine. The only thing you have to do in order to earn money with the ambassador program is send traffic to their wildly profitable funnels and you are getting paid some massive commissions. They are gonna do all the work for you at the backend, all the automation, all the email sequences, they are doing it for you.

Join the Ambassador Program

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Morrison Ambassador club Affiliate Program Review

A typical way to promote the products and the ambassador membership itself, is to promote the company's optin page that gives away a free online business course, to capture a lead. Once the lead has subscribed the company take over and promote for you by sending emails with value and inviting to webinars. The company has an email series that goes out for around 13 month.

You have the option to use your own optin page and drive traffic to that, in order for you to build your own email list and not only rely on Anthony Morrison's followups email series. They will provide you the templates for optin pages via clickfunnels sharecode.

Optin page you can promote as Ambassador
Below screenshot of a company optin page, you can use to promote the ambassador program. All you have to do is drive good traffic to that page and the company takes over with 13 months of email followup.
The easiest business you will ever come across. Try this optin page here

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review


Morrison Ambassador Commission

As Morrison Ambassador you earn 50% commisison for sales and 10% commission when someone you enrolled in the program, earn a commission (2.tier commission).

Here is a screenshot from my morrison ambassador backoffice showing commission of $498.50 on a ambassador membership sale of $997 discounted membership price, which is special for Four Percent members.

That's my commission earned after I became ambassador on 8th. November 2018 and after being an ambassador for 24 hours via the Four Percent.

8 is the number of visitors to my link in the Four Percent backoffice in the challenge session 4 and 5 (the only place the link is shown) and one sale out of that is 12,5% conversion rate. That's the same conversion to sale rate Vick has on the company level as he shows during the challenge sessions.

So around 1 out of 8 following the challenge will join the Ambassador club membership. Obviously there is no guarantee for that.

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review


Anthony Morrison education products

Screenshot below from the backoffice of the ambassador program, shows the Anthony Morrison education products

As a Morrison Ambassador you have the ability to earn commissions on all Morrison education products, courses, software and tools.

Morrison Ambassador Club Program Review

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Join the Ambassador Program

Morrison Ambassador club Affiliate Program Review

Income disclamer
Obviously the The Morrison Ambassador club membership, presented in this Morrison Ambassador program review, doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


Is Morrison Ambassador Club Program a Scam?

Is Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Legit?

​Is Morrison Ambassador Club Program a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Legit?


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