90-Day CBD Challenge Review

How to Create a CBD Hemp Oil Business

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CBD is one of the hottest trends right now and the fastest growing industry. Here's my 90-Day CBD Challenge review below. The 90-Day CBD Challenge membership is a complete automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

90-Day CBD Challenge Review
Official Website: https://cbdchallenge.me
Product Name: 90 Day CBD Challenge


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CBD Hemp oil is one of the hottest trends right now in the industry, so we built a fully automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

Watch the Video below for more details and then click here to join free and learn more how you can become an affiliate and how you can get your own custom link to promote the 90 Day Challenge system.

In the video I will show you how you can start in the 90-Day CBD Challenge system, not only as a free member, but as an affiliate, so you will be able to make money - up to $200 Per Referral when you tell others about the 90-Day CBD Challenge, and the backend money is even bigger! - do not miss this epic opportunity!

Creating an online business with CBD oil utilizing the 90-Day CBD challenge marketing system, is an enormous opportunity which may only happen ONCE in your life time and smart entrepreneurs will know how to position themselves before this green hemp oil CBD trend really takes off!

P.S. During this video I mention the financial gain we've generated thus far. Retail sales well over 6-figures in our first 30 days, and actual PROFIT of over $50,000 in the last 4 weeks.

DISCLAIMER: simply because we share our personal results doesn't mean you can get the same results. Some affiliates create no cash, some create plenty of cash.

You have two options with the CBD Challenge system:

1. Join CBD Challenge Free - enjoy the free education - buy products (optional)

2. Join CBD Challenge Free and upgrade to executive - buy products - share the opportunity - earn money

Join the CBD Challenge Business

The 90-Day CBD Challenge FREE membership includes:

• 90 days of free training that will teach you all about CBD oils, what it is, how to buy it, how to make a business with CBD oils. Each day will unlock after 24 hours.
• You can purchase products if you like

In order to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge review and make money with our program you need to upgrade to Executive.

The 90-Day CBD Challenge Executive membership includes:

• The same as the free membership, however as an executive all 90 days unlock immidiately.
• The ability to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge opportunity and earn money. You get an affiliate link to promote.
• affiliate backoffice with tools, stats and 10 days of video training how to promote and advertise and general tips that are valuable for any affiliate

Join the 90-Day CBD Challenge Program

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
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90-Day CBD Challenge - 90 days Free education

Join the CBD Challenge Business

Once you become a free member of the 90-day CBD Challenge you have 12 weeks - that's 90 days of Video education on CBD

Checkout the screenshot below from the free member backoffice. In left menu you see 12 weeks - each week is 7 days of video education. Below a list of what is covered in Your 90-day CBD Challenge.

Getting Started - Welcome to the Challenge. Welcome video

Week 1: CBD Websites
Week 2: CBD Legalities
Week 3: CBD Knowledge
Week 4: CBD Branding
Week 5: CBD Marketing
Week 6: CBD Advertising
Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Week 9: CBD List Building
Week 10: CBD Distributors
Week 11: CBD Worldwide
Week 12: CBD Dispensaries

Bonus Week: CBD News

CBD Affiliates Center
CBD Affiliates Compliance
CBD Leadership Team
CBD Certification
CBD Leaderboard

Week 1: CBD Websites
In this week’s training, we are diving into setting up the foundation for your CBD online business.
We will show you how to setup your pages, pick a domain, create sales funnels and a lot more!

Day 1. CBD Website Week Introduction
Day 2. Setting Up Your CBD Store Pages
Day 3. Setting Up Your CBD Domain Name
Day 4. Setting Up Your CBD URL Shortener
Day 5. Setting Up Your CBD Challenge Pages
Day 6. Setting Up Your CBD Recruiting Pages
Day 7. CBD Affiliate Link Tracking & Testing

Week 2: CBD Legalities
When it comes to CBD Oil, it’s important to be compliant with the laws. In this weekly series we will cover disclaimers, disclosures, trademarks, compliance, operating your business as an entity, and more

Day 8. CBD Legal Week Introduction
Day 9. Running a Compliant CBD Business
Day 10. Clear & Conspicuous Disclosures in Online Marketing
Day 11. How Disclaimers Actually Close More Sales
Day 12. Understanding Trademarks & Copyright Usage
Day 13. Policies & Procedures for CBD Affiliates
Day 14. Using a Business Entity (LLC) for your CBD Business

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing 1st. weeks videos

Join the CBD Challenge Business

Week 3: CBD Knowledge

It’s CBD Knowledge Week! Which means it’s time to brush up on your CBD and Hemp Awareness.
We will breakdown a variety of topics that we feel it’s important for you to learn, and hopefully you become an expert in the process!

Day 15. CBD Knowledge Week Introduction
Day 16. CBD From Seed to Oil (Ultimate Guide to CBD)
Day 17. CBD Selling - What you Should and Shouldn't Say
Day 18. CBD vs. THC - Knowing the Difference
Day 19. CBD Oil & Drug Tests - Will You Pass?
Day 20. CBD 3rd Party Testing - Understanding What It Means
Day 21. The History & The Future of Hemp Explained

Week 4: CBD Branding
Welcome to branding week! It’s about to get real fun! In this week’s lessons you will learn how to create your own customized graphics with your own call to action and website links on them! Let’s Go!

Day 22 . CBD Branding Week Introduction
Day 23. Creating a Call To Action Graphic for your Campaigns
Day 24. Custom CBD Pictures for IG & FB
Day 25. Custom CBD Story Swipe Ups for IG & FB
Day 26. Custom CBD Videos for Facebook Profiles
Day 27. Custom CBD Video Memes for IG & FB
Day 28. Custom Animated Graphic Videos Promotion CBD

Week 5: CBD Marketing
You’ve been learning a lot, now it’s time to take massive action and market your CBD business! This week is packed with the best FREE marketing strategies that you can start with to create traffic, leads, and sales!

Day 29. CBD Marketing Introduction
Day 30. CBD Challenge Posts on Social Media
Day 31. CBD Videos & Ranking in YouTube
Day 32. CBD Blogging & Ranking in Google
Day 33. CBD Business Cards for In-Person Marketing
Day 34. CBD Webinars for Influencers
Day 35. CBD Business Elevator Pitches

Week 6: CBD Advertising
Now it’s time to drive traffic to your pages with paid ads! This week’s lessons will give you a general overview of a variety of ways that you can advertise online to create highly targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Day 36. CBD Advertising Week Introduction
Day 37. Running CBD Ads on Facebook
Day 38. Running CBD Ads on Instagram
Day 39. Running CBD Ads on YouTube
Day 40. Running CBD Ads on Google
Day 41. Running CBD Ads on Buy Sell Ads
Day 42. Running Retargeting Ads for CBD

Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
During week 7 we take a deep dive directly into Facebook Ads at a high level. We will teach you how to prevent your ads from getting flagged and prevent your account from getting shut down, as well as the basics on how to advertise on Facebook!

Day 43. Facebook Ads Introduction
Day 44. How to AVOID Getting Your Ads Account Banned
Day 45. The $5/Day Facebook Ad Method
Day 46. Running Facebook Messenger Ads for CBD
Day 47. Running Facebook Video Ads for CBD
Day 48. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 49. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Instagram is one of the most untapped paid advertising resources available to you!
We will teach you a combination of strategies including swipe up ads, video ads, influencer shout outs, and so much more!

Day 50. Instagram Ads Week Introduction
Day 51. Instagram Picture Ads
Day 52. Instagram Video Ad
Day 53. Instagram Story Ads
Day 54. Instagram Shout Outs
Day 55. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 56. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 9: CBD List Building
In this week’s lessons we will teach you how to create your own lead capture pages and build your own email list!
Learn how to create lead magnets, how to write autoresponder emails, and more!

Day 57. Listbuilding Week Introduction
Day 58. Setting Up Your Email Marketing System
Day 59. Creating Your First Autoresponder Emails
Day 60. Creating CBD Lead Magnets to Build Your List
Day 61. Creating Lead Capture Pages & Automating Them
Day 62. Segmenting Your Leads & Staying Organized
Day 63 .Email Marketing Tips to Convert Leads to CBD Sales

Week 10: CBD Distributors
During distributor week we will dive further into exactly How Your Get PAID and How You Earn Commissions as a CBD Distributor. We will go into much further detail on the 8 ways that you should be getting paid!

Day 64. Distributors Week Introduction
Day 65. 8 Ways to Get Paid - Explained in Detail
Day 66. Tips to Ranking on CBD Leaderboards
Day 67. CBD Sample Marketing Campaigns
Day 68. Gameplan: Your First $10,000 in CBD Sales
Day 69. How to Attract & Recruit CBD Sales Reps
Day 70. How to Recruit Big Hitters to Team Up With You

Week 11: CBD Worldwide
CBD is regulated in different ways depending on the country you are trying to ship to. In this week’s lessons we will cover topics exclusively to members that are living internationally, or selling internationally, to bring you up to speed.

Day 71. CBD Worldwide Week Introduction
Day 72. The Vision for Worldwide CBD Expansion
Day 73. How to Pre-Build in a Country Not Yet Allowing CBD
Day 74. How to Profit on USA CBD Sales if you are International
Day 75. Creating "CBD Waiting Lists" to Blast When CBD Opens
Day 76. The "First Movers Advantage" System for Selling CBD
Day 77. How to Get Paid Commissions when International

Week 12: CBD Dispensaries
During this week’s videos we will interview several dispensary owners to get their perspective on the market and to share their stories. Hopefully their stories and experience give you inspiration as to why you are in the right industry at the right time with the right team!

Day 78. CBD Dispensary Week Introduction
Day 79. What are Dispensaries and How They Work
Day 80. How to Get Your CBD Oil Sold in Dispensaries
Day 81. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 1
Day 82. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 2
Day 83. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 3
Day 84. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 4

Bonus Week: CBD News
We will keep you updated with news, facts, and statistics related to the CBD industry so that you can have more intellectual conversations with people about it. Our goal is to help you stay on top of the market with the best news we can find!

Day 85. United States - Current State of CBD
Day 86. Canada - Current State of CBD
Day 87. Europe - Current State of CBD
Day 88. International - Current State of CBD
Day 89. CBD Industry News - Worldwide
Day 90. USA Farm Bill - Critical Updates


90-Day CBD Challenge affiliate dashboard, tools & training

Screenshot below from the backoffice of the 90-Day CBD Challenge membership program, showing the affiliate dashboard - and the training and tools  available the CBD when you upgrade to executive.

As a 90-Day CBD Challenge member, upgraded to executive, you have the ability to earn commissions on all 90-Day CBD Challenge products.

Affiliate Dashboard

The training for affiliates will uplock once you upgrade to become executive member. Each day is around 1 hour video

DAY 9: RANK 100K IN 100 DAYS

Your affiliate links, Banners, Videos, Emails, Social, Ads

View all of your TRAFFIC, LEADS, AND SALES stats. Including the ability to add your own conversion pixel to your links, and the ability to track which sources are converting the best for you, such as Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc

view users personally referred to the CBD Challenge in the table below.

Achieve Rank 5K or higher in a calendar month and qualify for recognition on this page AND be entered into a monthly drawing to win amazing prizes! (1 entry per rank you are qualified at)

Chris Record
Chris Record is the founder of the CBD Challenge and brings to the table nearly 20 years of online marketing experience. When Chris was 21 years old he started his own website design and SEO agency. Then, when Facebook launched Chris was one of the first pioneers to create a Facebook Marketing course, which catapulted into a teaching career with well over 100,000 students worldwide.

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing affiliate center and 10 days of video training for affiliates

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Join the 90-Day CBD Challenge Program

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Income disclamer
Obviously the 90-Day CBD Challenge membership, presented in this 90-Day CBD Challenge Review, doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.

Affiliate Marketing isn't a get-rich-quick concept. It takes labor and talent to create cash, however the 90-Day CBD Challenge system creators do their greatest to supply you with a good system, a solid selling strategy, a lot of  coaching, and the simplest way to take advantage on this new green rush which CBD Oil is. What you choose to do with 90-Day CBD Challenge membership and system is up to you. Results will Vary.


90-Day CBD Challenge Commission

The 90-day CBD Challenge is a Free, unique and specific marketing system for HempWorx company that is selling CBD Oils in a network marketing model. 

Which means you buy products and earn money from that company. Thus your money earning is according to their compensation plan. The compensation plan is a combined unilevel and binary plan.

The 90-day Challenge strategy is NOT to focus on the binary plan initially, until you have reached a certain level. That's a huge advantage, which is explained in the training.

... and there is plenty of money to earn in the unilevel plan which pays you a certain percentage on product sales - up to 10 levels deep.

Which means, if you enroll a person and that person enroll a person and that person enroll a person, you earn commissions on all product sales up to 10 levels deep.  Thus the key to earn big money is to get your enrollees to also enroll people, in other words: duplication


FAQ from CBD Challenge Affiliates about the CBD Challenge System

Common Question #1

So what do CBD Challenge Affiliates do to make money?

They promote the 90-Days of Training that people get when they join the 90-Day CBD Challenge as a free member. They promote using our custom affiliate links.

If your like me and other successful affiliates, you are using the Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy that Chris Record and Peter Sorensen teach in DAY 6 of our 10-Day Affiliate Fast Start training!

If you have not yet watched this training yet, go watch it today! And if you have watched it already, then I'd still say watch it again!

And after you watch it, the even more important thing to do is take action on the strategy!

Every single day you should be focused on income producing activities which in this business are things like:

• Growing your social media following / FB Friends list / Email list.
• Starting new conversations in platforms like FB & IG aka the "DM's".
• Leading those conversations into an invitation to join the 90 Day CBD Challenge for free.
• Getting those people to join for free and then following up encouraging them to become Executive affiliates!
• Duplicating this process over and over yourself and with your new affiliate team members.

This is a process that ANYONE can do, requires NO money, just some time and hustle!
And YES our system will do a lot of the follow up and closing work for you, but if you are serious about your business, you should consider taking ownership of that part of your business too.

They primarily focus on one thing... generating quality TRAFFIC to get free members through their affiliate link. When their free members upgrade to executives, they earn up to $200 in commissions, paid weekly, for each upgrade.

And when their referred executive affiliates also make sales, they override up to $40 in commission on each of those sales, paid weekly! This continues a couple of more tiers. $32 override per executive on the next tier, and then $20 override per executive on the next tier.

We call this Affiliate Marketing With Leverage!
The overall goal of executive affiliates is to simply refer as many FREE members as they can, using their coded affiliate links.

Our system will send them emails like the one your reading now and work hard to help them upgrade to executives so that they earn commissions.

Common Question #2

"So what about the spillover volume that is being placed under me in this MASSIVE power leg your building, how does that benefit me?

Let me be clear... this helps in a MAJOR WAY!
When you refer your free members, our entire team (of thousands of affiliates) all place their members at the bottom of the power leg.

So your FREE members will now have a huge incentive to upgrade by Thursday, or they will lose all the paid members in their leg that upgrade. At the end of every Thursday night, this cycles, all upgraded members move above the free members, and it starts over.

In a nutshell, it's a huge advantage to have hundreds of affiliates above you building and stacking volume under the free members that you enroll. We call this a Super Leg System! It converts much higher than when you try to upgrade executives yourself.

Many of our Executive affiliates making sales are saying it converts as much as 5-10x more, which is insane in the conversion world! Do you get paid when affiliates above you place people below you? NO, that would be free money for doing nothing.

HOWEVER, that volume does come into play later, when it's time to switch out of the super leg and start building your own inside leg from scratch. At that point, you'll get paid $15/mo override on every single autoship order that happens on your new inside leg.

Now that may not sound like much, but that's on EVERY autoship that everyone in that entire inside leg refers, which could potentially be thousands of autoships, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars per month in commissions down the line.

It's not much money in the short term to build an inside leg, and it's much harder to do it on your own in the beginning, so that's why we have a Super Leg System!

This Super Leg System is what is helping our newbie affiliates close more sales, have more success and make more money in their first few months of the business.

Plus, with much higher conversions, it's a no-brainer to work the Super Leg System!

Summary: All that volume we stack under people helps them in 3 significant ways.

1) Higher Conversion Rates - Significantly increases conversions of free members to Executive Affiliates.

2) Leg Balancing - Down the line when you switch to building an inside leg, one of your 2 binary legs is already built up by our super team, so you have significantly less work to do in order to balance and earn commissions.

3) Check Matching - That volume helps balance for people you refer too, so when they switch to building their inside legs, you will check match on them, which can be a nice monthly check as well.

So as you can see by now, we have created a BRILLIANT turn-key sales and marketing system to help you make money online in the HOTTEST product & business trend of 2019, CBD!

To make money using our CBD Challenge System, your simple action steps are:

1. Be An Executive Level Affiliate Yourself
2. Watch Our 10-Day Fast Start Affiliate Training
3. Focus on referring pre-qualified prospects to join the free 90-Day CBD Challenge.

From there, our system works hard to convert a high percentage of your free members to Executives, earning you up to $200 per referral! - And when your new referrals duplicate the above steps, your now also earning you up to $40 per referral they make, creating leveraged income!

I hope this email was helpful for you to be able to understand and explain the power of our CBD Challenge system to others! And like I said in my email to you yesterday, stay tuned for some BIG updates and exciting announcements for our CBD Challenge system and training.


Is 90-Day CBD Challenge Program a Scam?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?

​Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Program a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?



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HempWorx website: www.hempworxbizop.com


Blog Messed up after Upgrade WordPress 5.0

How to disable Gutenberg Block Editor and get Classic WordPress editor back

​The new WordPress sucks. Here is how ot get the old one back

Get rid of annoying New WordPress editor GutenBerg Block editor - How to Get back the good old wordpress editor after upgrade to wordpress 5.0

​All wordpress users who by accident upgraded to wordpress 5.0 (or it was updated automatically), can disable the new stupid gutenberg editor, by installing a plugin, that turns it off and go back to the old classic editor. There are several plugins you can use. Here is the one I use.

​Here's the wordpress plugin I use to remove that stupid annoying new Gutenberg Block editor - and get the good old classic editor back. It's a simple install of a plugin, takes 30 sec to do and you are done.

Plugin name: No Gutenberg – Disable Gutenberg Block Editor (I use this)

Another plugin option: Disable Gutenberg

Now you have removed the stupid Gutenberg block editor, your life has become easier and you can enjoy your old design.

Four Percent's many income streams - Multiple streams of income

How does the Four Percent Multiple income streams work

FourPercent Is an Eco-System or marketplace of our own products, both free and paid, as well as 3rd. party tools and programs - what we call Multiple Streams of income.
There are total 30+ different programs and tools you can make money on as a member of Four Percent.

How does it work
It works like this: You can become member of Four Percent either FREE or by paying one of our paid programs, e.g. The Challenge.
As a member of Four Percent, it's like owning a shop. When you invite visitors to your four percent Affiliate link - and your visitor become member and buys any of our products, tools or 3rd party programs - you get paid commissions on the sale.

Video 5: How To Create Multiple Streams of Income
The FourPercent Entrepreneur Show

Join Four Percent FREE - Click the link - and then click the join link at the Four Percent page

It's free to become Four Percent member - It's free to become Four Percent affiliate

When it comes to our own products, you do not need to own the products youself in order to earn commission on sales. The same goes for many of the 3rd party tools we recommend e.g. we recommend autoresponders, domain and webhosting, tracking tools and much more. Many of the 3rd party tools have affiliate programs you can join free.

Then you input your affiliate link for each of the 3rd party programs and tools and you get paid commission when any of your invited people (members) buys anything.
A few of the 3rd party programs is not free to become member and affiliate.

Below screenshot from the Four Percent members area
On the left the different Program categories. On the right the Resources for tools and education we recommend. E.g. the "web hosting" contains resources to get domain and hosting. At the moment we recommend "Bluehost" as 1st priority for hosting, then Godaddy and Namecheap.

These three domain and webhosting companies have free affiliate programs you can join and then you simply add your link in the Four Percent backoffice, so if your member wants hosting for a domain and website and buys it via their Four Percent backoffice, you get the commission. 


Join Four Percent FREE - Click the link - and then click the join link at the Four Percent page


Join Four Percent FREE - checkout the site and free training

You are automatically also affiliate and can start promoting immediately without buying a single product

Join Four Percent FREE - Click the image below - and then click the join link at the Four Percent page


.... Also Check out Four Percent Challenge - Our Flagship Product - Introvideo below

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Go From Zero To $10K... $100K... or Even $1Million In Sales, Selling Other People's Products, Starting From Scratch...


Lifestyle and Vacation
5 Star Resort Hotels for 3 Star Price - Combined with Business Opportunity

One of the Multiple streams of income programs in the Four Percent Backoffice
This program ALONE can earn you a fulltime income

Overview video above of this program

This program ALONE can earn you a fulltime income, it you want to promote it - obviously you do not need to promote it, you can use the good discount offers only. 

You can Join the Resort Hotel Opportunity from this link - or from the link in your Four Percent Backoffice - which I highly recommend - then you have more explanation what it is and how you can promote.

You can find this program and more videos, when you Join Four Percent free, and find the link in the backoffice called "LifeStyle".


Morrison Ambassador Program - one of the programs in the Four Percent Backoffice

Morrison Education Platform is one of the companies we endorse inside Four Percent and one of our income streams.

Check it out - signup for the free course "Learn To Build Your Online Business"



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Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review - Anthony Morrison Affiliate

Join the Ambassador Program

Anthony Morrison Affiliate, Anthony Morrison Products affiliate, Morrison Ambassador affiliate Program, Morrison Ambassador Program Review

As a member of Anthony Morrison Ambassador Program (affiliate) you’ll be able to tap right into their business funnels and start generating commissions without even knowing how to create a single page online.

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review
Official Website: https://mcrmgo.com/go/meduv1/2991/LWT
Product Name: Morrison Ambassador Program


Secret Crypto Society Network Review

With the Morrison ambassador program, You can tap in to and use the Anthony Morrison education product funnels or optional you can use your own clickfunnels optin page (clickfunnels sharecode available) and build your own list... and you get access to Anthony Morrison education whole eco-system and the ability to promote all their products which no one else get the ability to do. Being an Ambassador for Anthony Morrison education is a very exclusive group.

This program was designed to help anyone create and then grow their own online business. Ambassadors Can Earn Up To $997 Commissions From A Single sale.

With the ambassador membership is included:
• Ambassador training and webinars
• a private facebook group exclusively for ambassadors
• subscription to anthony Morrison Success Connection training and webinars
• the "Profit cycle blueprint" course.
• The ability to promote and to earn commissions on all of Anthony Morrison Education products in the eco-system.

Morrison Ambassador program part of Four Percent eco-system

The Morrison Ambassador program is part of Four Percent eco-system and multiple streams of income, which means as an ambassador you simply input your ambassador link into the Four Percent Backoffice and people you introduce to Four Percent will signup to the ambassador program via your link, so you earn the commission. 

The Morrison Ambassador program is introduced in Four Percent Challenge program day 4+5. You will get a special extra bonus ($500 discount) if you signup via the Four Percent Challenge, so I highly recommend that.

The direct Discount link in the 4 Percent backoffice is here: Click here to sign up for Morrison Publishing Ambassador program. It's the direct orderpage. You need to use the coupon code fourpercent to get $500 discount, so you end up with the price $997. 

Here is how the Anthony Morrison education eco-system works:
if you bring in a subscriber to the free training, that person is tied to you and if they decide to buy any product in the future, you earn the commission from that sale, even if it is 1 year after.  

How does an Ambassador promote?
When you become ambassador you are getting access to their marketing machine. The only thing you have to do in order to earn money with the ambassador program is send traffic to their wildly profitable funnels and you are getting paid some massive commissions. They are gonna do all the work for you at the backend, all the automation, all the email sequences, they are doing it for you.

Join the Ambassador Program

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

A typical way to promote the products and the ambassador membership itself, is to promote the company's optin page that gives away a free online business course, to capture a lead. Once the lead has subscribed the company take over and promote for you by sending emails with value and inviting to webinars. The company has an email series that goes out for around 13 month.

You have the option to use your own optin page and drive traffic to that, in order for you to build your own email list and not only rely on Anthony Morrison's followups email series. They will provide you the templates for optin pages via clickfunnels sharecode.

Optin page you can promote as Ambassador
Below screenshot of a company optin page, you can use to promote the ambassador program. All you have to do is drive good traffic to that page and the company takes over with 13 months of email followup.
The easiest business you will ever come across. Try this optin page here

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review


Morrison Ambassador Commission

As Morrison Ambassador you earn 50% commisison for sales and 10% commission when someone you enrolled in the program, earn a commission (1.tier commission).

Here is a screenshot from my morrison ambassador backoffice showing commission of $498.50 on a ambassador membership sale of $997 discounted membership price, which is special for Four Percent members.

That's my commission earned after I became ambassador on 8th. November 2018 and after being an ambassador for 24 hours via the Four Percent.

8 is the number of visitors to my link in the Four Percent backoffice in the challenge session 4 and 5 (the only place the link is shown) and one sale out of that is 12,5% conversion rate. That's the same conversion to sale rate Vick has on the company level as he shows during the challenge sessions.

So around 1 out of 8 following the challenge will join the Ambassador club membership. Obviously there is no guarantee for that.

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review


Anthony Morrison education products

Screenshot below from the backoffice of the ambassador program, shows the Anthony Morrison education products

As a Morrison Ambassador you have the ability to earn commissions on all Morrison education products, courses, software and tools.

Morrison Ambassador Program Review

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Join the Ambassador Program

Morrison Ambassador Program Review

Income disclamer
Obviously the The Morrison Ambassador club membership, presented in this Morrison Ambassador program review, doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


Is Morrison Ambassador Program a Scam?

Is Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Legit?

​Is Morrison Ambassador Program a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Legit?



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Your content here...

How to add an aWeber Optin Form on your WordPress blog - and your eStage

Add Optin Form to your WordPress Blog or eStage blog
You can add html code to your wordpress blog no matter what theme you are running and also the html code for an aweber optin form.

Go to your aweber account and create a form and grab the html code and paste it in the wordpress editor.

If you have eStage, it's no different.

I made a simple aweber optin section to add to your eStage Oliver theme.

1. disable the first newsletter getresponse optin form (see Nigel's eStage academy session 9)
2. Remove the bottom newsletter form. Delete [modern_newsletter] from the short code in the wordpress editor.
3. exchange it with the code for a new optin form section, which I made available as a txt document in the "files" (in your four percent facebook group).

I also added form for convertkit autoresponder and form to place higher on the page and a form for the sidebar.

Here below is a screenshot what it looks like in the eStage them and Oliver template. Form at the bottom above the footer.

You are welcome to use and modify as you like. The button is hosted at tinypic . com, so no need to change it.

All you need to do is change the aweber form ID and the redirect URL.

Add all the text below instead of [modern_newsletter] in the wordpress edititor

​<!-- Start of Your optin form Section
• For eStage: Disable the first newsletter getresponse optin form
• In wordpress editor for each page/post: remove "[modern_newsletter]" from the bottom of the short code coding, which is the bottom newsletter optin form. Then add the aweber form below where "[modern_newsletter]" was.

Things to change

• Mandatory: awlist1111111 change to you actual aweber list ID
• Mandatory: "redirect" value="https://google.com - change to your redirect URL
• Optional: meta_adtracking" value="MyAd" - change to AD Campaign identifier. The button image is hosted on tinypic.com -->

​<div align="center" style="background-color: #ab1111 ; padding: 0px; border: 0px solid white; width: 100%"> <span style="font-size: 35px; color: #ffffff; padding: 0px"><strong>Get Instant Access to my Life-Saving Video Training for FREE</strong></style></span> <!-- Your aweber optin form code after this --> <form method="post" action="https://www.aweber.com/scripts/addlead.pl" target="_blank"> <input name="listname" value="awlist1111111" type="hidden"> <input name="redirect" value="https://google.com" type="hidden"> <input name="meta_adtracking" id="meta_adtracking" value="MyAd" type="hidden"> <input name="meta_forward_vars" value="1" type="hidden"> <input class="text_input" name="email" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; font-weight: regular; font-size: 22px; color: #000000; width:300px; height:40px; text-align:center" ;="" ="" value="Enter Best email" onfocus="if (this.value == 'Enter Best email') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'Enter Best email';}" type="text"> <br><input class="button" src="http://i65.tinypic.com/2prchaa.png" alt="Submit Form" type="image" width="305px"><br></style> <span style="color: #ffffff; line-height: 15px;">* We hate spam with a passion. Your information will not be share

</style></span> </form> </div>

<!-- End of Your aweber optin Section & form code -->


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aweber optin form on eStage

CryptoSplosion Review

CryptoSplosion is The #1 Marketing System for Kuvera

Check out the CryptoSplosion Marketing system Here

You probably came here because you have heard about Kuvera and CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera and searched for the term Kuvera Marketing system - CryptoSplosion Review, because you are interested in earning an income online and you are so sick and tired of failing with your business online.

CryptoSplosion Review

Official Website: Product Name: "CryptoSplosion" a marketing funnel for "Kuvera Opportunity"

Here is my review of CryptoSplosion a marketing funnel System for promoting Your Kuvera Buisiness. CryptoSplosion Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, CRM, Social Media a promotional system for Your Kuvera Business.

Kuvera will later be part of Four Percent's multiple streams of income, probably in form of CryptoSplosion.


CryptoSplosion Review

Cryptosplosion is a complete marketing system with optin pages and email follow sequence you can use for Your Kuvera Business.

It's not part of Kuvera but a 3rd party company that created the system specifically for promoting Kuvera. I'm using it and it's awesome. It's only $30 monthly and worth a lot more. You can checkout the system here, just optin with your email and see how it works.

This complete marketing system is of huge value, especially for newbies. You do not have to create your own website or have an autoresponder, or write emails. The system does it all for you, it's a complete marketing system with websites, videos, webinars, resources, lead generation system (optin page, leadcapture pages), pre-written emails that go out automatically.

CryptoSplosion Backoffice Screenshot

CryptoSplosion Review

CryptoSplosion Review Video

CryptoSplosion walkthrough video. Automated Marketing System for promoting Your Kuvera business

CryptoSplosion Marketingsystem Works on Complete Autopilot

CryptoSplosion is a complete Turn-Key Marketing system for promoting Kuvera, with funnels and high converting Capture pages and email follow ups, designed to get sales and grow Your Kuvera Business.

You can get the exact same CryptoSplosion System to Promote your Kuvera business

CryptoSplosion Funnels & Lead capture pages

Opportunity Seekers funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

This funnel is aimed at people who have been jumping from program to program searching for a home business and an opportunity to finally succeed. After opt in the visitor is presented with Kuvera's opportunity and how they can succeed with a home Business

Checkout the funnel

Business Overview funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

This funnel “Business overview” targets those who are tired of the standard MLM program where you hunt friends and family to recruite them, but still want a home business. After opt in they see Kuvera's opportunity as a refreshing program with a new approach that focus on simplicity and crypto.

Checkout the funnel

Leaked Video funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Leaked Video Funnel Trigger the curiosity of the visitor that there is some sort of insider or leaked information. When they opt in they will see information of Kuvera in the form of a discussion between top earners.

Checkout the funnel

The Game Show Funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Game Funnel, is a short and fun funnel aimed at people who already have knowledge about crypto mining is. It compares different mining programs.

Checkout the funnel

Expert Interview

CryptoSplosion Review

The Expert Interview is a 1½ hour Video and interview of an Expert explaining the details of cryptocyrrency mining. It's not a funnel with an optin option and thus not a stand alone page. The button goes to Kuvera signup. The pages is included in the automatic follow up email sequence, so every lead is presented with this page

Checkout the Page

Product Funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Product funnel, obviously focus on Kuvera's Products. After opt in the visitor sees a presentation of Kuveras educational products, the financial products that help them with strategies how to grow your money, walkthrough of forex and crypto trading, what crypto currencies is, crypto mining and the optional business opportunity

Checkout the funnel

FAQ Page

The FAQ page about Kuvera, answer questions you may have about the products, cryptocurrency, crypto mining and Kuvera's Opportunity. On the page is 8 videos to support the information. The links and buttons go directly to Kuvera's official page where you may signup.

Checkout the FAQ Page

CryptoSplosion Review

Main Features of the CryptoSplosion Marketing & Sales Platform

  • Pre-Built Lead Generation Funnels, Optin pages and Web Pages
    Automated marketing System using the pre-built sales funnels for lead generation system, with pre-built high converting optin pages that capture your leads and info-webpages with videos. The marketing system has pre-written email series and different campaigns, that sends emails automatically to your leads. It has CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
    The CRM tracks leads actions: Email opens, click on links, page visits, time watching the videos, which classifies Your leads with a Score value and the categories: Cold, Warm or hot. For each individual lead You may attach: Notes, create tags, schedule tasks, change email campaign as well as watch statistics for our lead.
  • Statistics & Analytics
    Cryptosplosion Marketing System has advanced real-time Lead Tracking, Reporting and Statistics to measure your marketing strategy and traffic efforts.
  • Dotcast - BroadCast Email
    In addition to the Pre-Built email Campaigns that sends emails to your leads on autopilot, you have the option to create a custom email and broadcast the email to your leads. Either to all leads or to segments of your leads based on what tag is attached to the lead. The Broadcast is called DotCast
  • CryptoSplosion has Social Media Post templates
    The CryptoSplosion platform has pre-built templates for creating social post on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with the “Get Social” tool. With hashtags (#) and short URLs, so you can post on social media without having technical skills and drive traffic to your CryptoSplosion
  • You receive Email Notification when a lead subscribe and take actions
    You will receive notification to your email, each time a lead has opted in to one of your Lead Capture pages and when one of your leads has changed Score Category: from Cold to Warm or from Warm to Hot, so you can take action based upon their activity.

Checkout the CryptoSplosion system in Action. Click the button below

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

That's it, my review of The CryptoSplosion Marketing System for Promoting Kuvera. Now go Get Started with your own business, Click the button above.


Link to my Kuvera Review - Screenshot below

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Go to my Kuvera Review

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance


Is CryptoSplosion a Scam?
Is CryptoSplosion Legit?

​Is Cryptosplosion a Scam?
No Kuvere is not a Scam

Is Cryptosplosion Legit?
Yes, Kuvera is legit


Cryptosplosion FAQ

​Q: . Coming
A: .

Q: .
A: .

Income disclamer
Obviously CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, skills, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


  • ....



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CryptoSplosion Review
What is CryptoSplosion
How to join CryptoSplosion
CryptoSplosion Marketing System


How to move wordpress Blog to a new hosting or new domain - also with eStage


First Save everything
First you should save database and export posts and pages from the old domain. You should also save all pages and posts individually just to have the content handy for safety reason. Go to each page and Control+S

On old domain
• left menu / tools / export
Export all pages, posts, Vc Templates and what you see
download export file

• left menu / database / backup DB
save and download the database file (just for security, you dont need it for new domain)

on new domain
• install wordpress
• install this plugin: WordPress Importer
• install eStage
• import file with pages and posts from old domain
• make a 401 error page that goes to the front page

​As you install everything on a new domain, you should check links on pages and posts to see if the go right.

In regards of google and indexing, you cannot have duplicate content ie same content on old and new domain.

If you are deleting everything on old domain you should keep the hosting for a while and make a .htaccess file on the old domain that 301 redirects all pages and posts from old domain to similar pages on new domain.

Moving hosting - but Same domain
If you are moving a wordpress blog from one host to another, but same domain, it's similar but in that case you should import the database as well.

How to move eStage Livence

​I want to move my eStage Licence to a new domain and keep the old content

It's a little tricky and something I don't like about eStage, it keeps you hostage and it's difficult to escape without breaking your site.

​You should definitely save all pages and posts individually (Control S) just to have the content in a readable form. Also save database.

eStage has "visual composer" content editor, custom integrated, not as separate, allthough you can buy it seperate at $59

​This composer uses shortcode and if you remove the composer (remove eStage), evertyhing in colums get completely messed up. The jack oliver templates contains a lot of shortcode in colums it starts with [vc_row][vc_column].........

If you remove the composer (remove eStage) wordpress has no Idea what this code means and cannot render the page to anything meaningfull.

​Another problem is if you disconnect the license you cannot even log in to your wordpress. You should first uninstall eStage theme, wordpress always has a default theme that it goes back to. However I haven't tried uninstalling eStage, so Im not sure how it goes and not sure how many features that disappear

​One option is to save all pages so you have the content. Get the Visual composer seperate and install it after you deleted eStage.

​Another option is to get a good Content editor, the best is Thrive architect ($67 for single domain) and reconstruct everything from your saved pages. This content editor is a beauty to work with.


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4K Video Downloader download
4K Video Downloader review

Kuvera Review, Kuvera Business Opportunity Review

CryptoSplosion Review below

Check Out Kuvera Here

Here i my Kuvera Review: Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining

Kuvera is also a Network Marketing Company that provides a business opportunity so You'll have to option to Earn Money from Home (optional)

Kuvera Review

Official Kuvera Website

Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides Educational Products with Premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining
- all in one central place - as well as a business opportunity to earn money from home.

Kuvera provides you with a guide to Your financial freedom via their educational products, that provide You with the knowledge you'll need in order to secure your financial future. You my choose to buy one of their products, buy a Bitcoin Mining contract or you may choose to also become an Independent Kuvera distributor, which is only a onetime fee of $50, you do not even need to buy products to become a distributor.

==> Go here Signup as Kuvera distributor only $50 onetime fee 

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button
Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

Kuvera is a 5 year old company owned by "Investview" - a publicly traded company registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Kuvera's headquarters is located in Salt Lake City UT, 84101 in the USA. Kuvera is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Kuvera will a little bit later, be part of FourPercent's multiple streams of income. I don't have an exact date, it's now October-2018.
Once you are member of Kuvera, you just plug in your Kuvera link in the Four Percent's backoffice.

Four Percent is a FREE educational and inspirational platform for entrepreneurs
== > Join Four Percent Free here


Kuvera Products Review

Kuvera University is a financial education video series. Videos are at short 4 minutes in length and cover topics such as: money talk, forex, financial education, as well as a monthly monthly hosted webinars and more.

Crypto Mining is Kuvera’s cryptocurrency mining program. Kuvera offers four tiers of mining contracts. Larger contracts can be arranged. Each mining subscription is good for the full lease of a mining rig for a minimum of 1000 days and will pay you direct to your wallet every day. Kuvera owns the rigs and covers all maintenance and updates.

A full education platform, crypto trading alerts, and a crypto trading bot program are included in this pack. Hardware, wallets, exchanges, trading and ICO’s, all in one place.

Research and Market Analysis Sessions provide customers education on a variety of topics such as hardware, wallets, exchanges and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). The sessions also feature in-depth chart analysis of the growing cryptocurrency universe. Portfolio Alerts identify crypto currency coins that may have the potential to increase in value. The CRYPTOtrader proprietary software allows customers to personalize their trade parameters and risk tolerance. With just a few clicks, users can participate in crypto currency market with minimal effort.

CRYPTOone Overview

Find Money that you don't have. FINDING includes financial strategies trainings provided by renowned money mentors as well as financial apps that track spending. This category has two products:

Kuvera Money is money management education that can change your life. This program comes with live monthly webinars, interactive lessons, and financial training videos provided by America’s money mentor, Ross Jardine.

The second product in the FIND category is a financial tracking app and is explained below in the KEEP portion.

Kuvera’s KEEP category includes two powerful tools. The first is the same financial app mentioned in the FIND category, as it’s results help most people keep or receive more money at tax time. And the second is Kuvera University, an video educational platform.

Deductr PRO is an app and website that provides automated tracking, real time tax savings, and instant tax reporting. On the day to day, not tax time, list of benefits, Deductr works to help simplify your finances by seeing all your accounts in one place, breaking down expenses, and helping track progress toward financial goals. Use of Deductr puts $100 to $600 per month back in the average person’s wallet.

The Equity Pack provides trade alerts for options and broad markets like the S&P 500. The alerts are typically sent out in a video format so they’re easy to execute for anyone, regardless of financial background. There are weekly and monthly trade strategies.

Ryze is a forex auto-trading program appearing to historically average a 2-3% compounding MONTHLY return and is publicly audited. Ryze has never had a losing day, nor losing hour since it began trading.

FX One offers live FX binary options trading sessions as well as live education and training. FX One is the best way for people without much wealth to increase it, because the trade minimum is only $50.

Kuvera FXone Overview

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup


How do I Buy products or Join Kuvera as Distributor

==> Click this link Join Kuvera

... and you'll be taken to a page that looks like this...

How to Join Kuvera

Choose country / language. Choose a Product Subscription (The all in pack is best value) or choose crypto mining and if you'd like to upgrade to distributor status (Note at the moment the Ethereum mining is temporerely on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

You may choose to become distributor only, which is a $50 onetime fee. You do not need to buy products to become Kuvera distributor.

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button


Review of Kuvera's Business Opportunity

Check Out Kuvera Here

Kuvera Business opportunity Review
As a Kuvera distributor You can generate a constant income stream, by recruiting others in to the business, while your crypto-mining grows automatically and sends you Bitcoin or Ethereum coins into Your private Cryptocurrency Wallet.

Kuvera business opportunity is for everybody who wants to earn money from home, whether you are a seasoned online business entrepreneur or a complete newbie. Kuvera's compensation Plan is designed for newbies to get into profit as fast as possible.

Kuvera has customers and distributors in 80+ countries around the Globe and with the huge interest for financial education, cryptocurrency, forex trading, crypto trading and crypto mining, Kuvera is a perfect fit for people who both want education as well as a solid business opportunity. 

How much does it cost to become Kuvera Distributor?
I'm glad you asked, it's ONLY $50 onetime fee to become Kuvera Distributor and you don't even need to buy products.
As a Kuvera Distributor, you will get your own link and page to signup new distributors and marketing material.

==> Become Kuvera Distributor here

Is there a marketing system with optin page and email follow sequence I can use for my Kuvera Business?

Yes there is a 3rd party company that created such a system specifically for promoting Kuvera. I'm using it and it's awesome. It's only $30 monthly and worth a lot more. You can checkout the system here, just optin with your email and see how it works.

What is the "Product Credit Bonus?"
Whether you are a Distributors or Customers You can get Your subscription paid for by sharing Kuvera's products with others. All you will have to do is enroll 3 people on one of Kuvera's products subscriptions: e.g. CryptoOne, FXone or the "All In Pack" and your subscription will be credited back to you each month.

Does Kuvera has a Facebook Group for all members?
Yes, you will be invited to our closed facebook group where you will meet like-minded people and discuss topics related to Kuvera and the products. You will get updates and invited to webinars and online and offline meetings (events).

Can I buy products as a customer e.g. mining contract for crypto mining without being a distributor?
Yes, You do not need to be a distributor to buy any of Kuveras products.

Kuvera Buisiness Opportunity Video


Review of Kuvera's Bonus plan - compensation plan

Kuvera has provided one of the most lucrative and simplest Compensation plans in Network Marketing. It focus on helping the newest distributors get into profit quickly and at the same time with the huge demand for good financial education and crypto mining, many Online Entrepreneurs say finally have they found their home with Kuvera.

You can download Kuvera's bonus plan as PDF document here.

.. or you can Watch the video below for an overview of Kuveras Bonus Plan.

Kuvera Bonus Plan Video

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button


Kuvera Crypto Mining Review

What is Bitcoin Mining and Cryptocurrency Mining all about

Kuvera provides option to buy mining contracts and Crypto Mining in  Bitcoin or Ethereum. You Get Paid weekly in Bitcoin or Ethereum, directly to Your CryptoCurrency Wallet

Bitcoin mining is a computer setup that is running 24/7, either by an individual or by a company or organization.

Those who mine Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies (there are about 1.000 different cryptocurrencies) do two things in relation to the public ledger, which uses a technology called Blockchain, a decentralized register that keep track of all transaction made in the cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoins.

1. The computer setup handles Bitcoin transactions and add the transaction to the public ledger. If you want to transfer bitcoin to another person e.g. if you buy something in Bitcoin, this transaction is carried out automatically by a computer and the transaction is stamped into the public ledger and cannot be reversed. Those who do the transaction charge a transaction fee for doing this, thus earn bitcoin.

All transactions in all crypto currencies are public for everyone to see, however the owners of the accounts are not known.

Public Ledger for Bitcoin, Transactions examples on Blockchain.com: All Bitcoin transactions
Latest Bitcoin transactions live on: Blockexplorer.com/
Public Ledger for Ethereum
, on EtherScan.io: All Ethereum transactions

2. The computer setup solves a difficult puzzle by running millions of arbitrary or intelligent attempts to solve the puzzle. Those who solve the puzzle first earn a certain amount of bitcoin. Then a new puzzle is made and everybody is trying to solve this.

Kuvera Crypto Mining Video

What's the price of Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
Kuvera offers two different sets of mining packs. Ethereum mining and Bitcoin Mining.

Mining packs in Ethereum, the four different packs below. There is a onetime setup fee of $99,99 which is added to the prices below.
• Generator Pack $500
• Business Pack $1.000
• Executive Pack $2.500
• Premiere Pack $5.000
The mining output in Ethereum is credited weekly to your private Ethereum account.

Mining packs in Bitcoin, has just been launched October 2018 and at the same time the Ethereum mining packs are temporarily on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

How are commissions paid on Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
1. Each mining pack generate product volume (PV) in the month they are bought, which counts towards your total Product Volume.
2. On top of this You earn a commission on each mining pack you refere to a customer or distributor. The commission is 6-10% of the mining pack price, depending on your rank. It's described in the compensation plan and shown in the chart above: From $30 to $500 per mining pack.

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

Crypto mining with Kuvera

What is Blockchain

Blockchain small packages of data interconnected one by one. The technology cryptocurrencies use to communicate. Small packages of data sent anonymous indistinguishable from other internet data. Only the two parts involved know about it. Think of email sent between two persons. If I send money to you I need your unique crypto ID (analog to your email) and I send the money to you hidden in a small package of data. Only you and I know about this and it is 100% irreversible, cannot be undone.

Most of the internet will run via the blockchain technology in 10 years or less.

Kuvera's Crypto Mining equipment in Romania


How to Create a Private CryptoCurrency account

How to buy bitcoins or Ethereum

You can create a cryptocurrency account, a Wallet, online and access it from you computer or smartphone. That works fine for small amounts. However if you computer get hacked your account is in risk.

You can buy Bitcoins and create wallet here at two of the most popular online wallets:

You can also find companies that sell Bitcoins and then transfere to your online or hardware Wallet. 
Hardware Wallet
A more safe place to keep your cryptocurrency is off-line, is to get a hardware wallet, a physical wallet to keep your Bitcoins or Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Prices are in the $70-100 range

Two popular Hardware Wallets:
• Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s
• Trezor: https://trezor.io/


#1 marketing system for promoting Kuvera

Link to my CryptoSplosion Review - Screenshot below

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Go to my CryptoSplosion review page

Crypto mining with Kuvera


Kuvera Videos

Kuvera Videos below coming. There are several videos above

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance


Is Kuvea a Scam?
Is Kuvera Legit?

​Is Kuvera a Scam?
No Kuvere is not a Scam

Is Kuvera Legit?
Yes, Kuvera is legit


Kuvea FAQ

​Q: . Coming
A: .

Q: .
A: .

Income disclamer
Obviously Kuvera or CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, skills, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


  • ....



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What is Kuvera
Join Kuvera
Cost to join Kuvera
Kuvera business opportunity
Cryptocurrency Learning Center
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Kuvera bitcoin Mining
Kuvera bitcoin trading alerts
Kuvera Crypto Mining
Kuvera Financial Freedom
Kuvera Forex Trading Alerts
Kuvera Opportunity Kuvera Review
Is Kuvera a scam


# 1 Youtube Downloader = 4K Video Downloader

Why YTD Youtube Downloader Sucks!

4K Video Downloader review

I have been using YTD youtube downloader for years. But with the new update 5.9.6 I'm done. New user interface they say! - Really? The new user interface is an AD for trying to trick you to upgrade to YTD pro. In addition they trottle your youtube downloads so they are stuck on low Kb/sec for long time.
When they try to trick you to upgrade to pro they offer $9.90 per year.... but the following years it's $35. I don't like being tricked.

I'm done with that YTD youtube downloader shit and deleted YTD youtube downloader from my computer.

4K Video Downloader Review
So here is my review on 4K Video Downloader, which is much better.

I searched for a decent youtube downloader and found 4K Video Downloader and downloaded and installed it.

Oh my god what a difference. It's so fast and easy and the free version has no annoying ads although there is an ad below the interface that encourage you to upgrade to pro version. But it's not annoying.

The download speed of 4K Video Downloader is very good something like 12 mB/sec a complete different world that the lousy YTD youtube downloader 50 Kb/sec speed.

Get 4K Video Downloader here:

How to tutorial

The best free Youtube downloader

4K Video Downloader review



Offen searched terms
4K Video Downloader download
4K Video Downloader review

Internet Traffic Mastery Review
Internet Traffic Academy Review

​Traffic Course by 4 Percent. Learn everything about Internet Traffic - Learn how to Get Traffic to ANY website

Internet Traffic Mastery review



Internet Traffic Mastery - Mass Traffic Blueprint

What is Mass Traffic Blueprint? - Mass Traffic Blueprint it's a FREE mini Course in Traffic - a valuable 3 video series and teaser for Internet Traffic Mastery and Internet Traffic Academy

​My Review of The Internet Traffic Mastery Course
Here is my review of The Internet Traffic Mastery which is a High Level Traffic course that will teach you all about How to generate Internet Traffic, exclusively presented by "The 4 Percent"
Below my Internet Traffic Academy Review.

Watch Internet Traffic Mastery FREE LIVE VIDEO TRAINING

Internet Traffic Mastery review
Official Website

Product Name: "Internet Traffic Mastery" a high level Course where you will learn All about how to generate internet traffic, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

Internet Traffic Mastery is sold as a stand alone product. You do not need to be a member of 4 Percent to buy this course.


Internet Traffic Mastery review

​Get The Free Video Course Mass Traffic Blueprint
It's the Entry point to Internet Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Mastery Price is $997

Internet Traffic Mastery Price
To purchase the course go to the Official Internet Traffic Mastery website. Price is Only $997 onetime fee. If you are member of Four Percent purchase the course from your backoffice at $997

Did your price for Internet Traffic Mastery increase from price $997?
My price for Internet Traffic Mastery increased to $1.497 or $1.997, how do I get Internet Traffic Mastery at $997?

I don't know why they increase the price after a day and even more after more days, because the official checkout page we as promotional partners, get to promote Internet Traffic Mastery is still $997 and thus you can get Internet Traffic Mastery at that price $997.

Go directly to the Internet Traffic Mastery Course $997 checkout page:
==> Get Internet Traffic Mastery at $997 - direct checkout page
Note: It's temporarily not available - due to maintenance of 4 Percent

Note: Use the same email as your 4 Percent account (so you are not creating a 2nd fourpercent account and your sponsor gets the commision).

What is 4 Percent? It's an educational platform for visionary entrepreneurs, that offers you a lot of free training. 4 Percent also has a marketplace where you can buy highquality courses exclusively for 4 Percent, presented by the best presenters in the world within their fields.



​Internet Traffic Mastery - Welcome Intro Video

Obviously I cannot show the Internet Traffic Mastery module videos here. I think it's OK to show the intro Video below


Content of Internet Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Mastery Videos

Internet Traffic Mastery course is a 12 module Video Course that will teach you everything you want to know about Internet Traffic. Created by Vick Strizheus from the 4 Percent. Vick Strizheus was creator of the former traffic course "High Traffic Academy"

1. The future of social media and instagram. This is where the future is going, especially for marketing and business
2. Engagement, Influence, Celebrity
3. Traffic generation and monetization. Instagram is a perfect vehicle to drive traffic to any product whether its info product, e-commers, services, there is no limit
4. Become a Powerful Promoter

What You'll learn from Internet Traffic Mastery Traffic Course

Complete Internet Mastery A-Z

Here's What This Will Do For You...
• Gives you specific strategies for getting UNLIMITED traffic on-demand
• Gives you certainty and confidence, power and control
• More traffic = more conversions = moer sales = more money = better life!
• Ability to truly control your marketing, sales and income
• Respect in your market, domination in your promotions
• Peace of mind and confidence in your ability to provide for your family
• Dominate any promotion, sale, campaign, company, product, or market
• 12 Modules. Overview below

​With Internet Traffic Mastery you will also get these two 1 page infograph charts: Mass Traffic Blueprint Simplified and The Million Dollar Conversion Model

Mass Traffic Blueprint Simplified infograph
The Million Dollar Conversion Model infograph

Internet traffic Mastery Modules

  • MODULE 1: Traffic Rules & Game Plan
    Traffic Rules & Game Plan. To win in the game of traffic, you must understand the rulse of the game and speak the secret language.

    In this module you’ll learn how to multiply your results with less work and the strategies you must understand before activating your first traffic campaign ever. We talk about traffic rules, 2 types of traffic, 3 levels of traffic, rollout strategies, game plan for success and much more!

  • MODULE 2: Influencer traffic media
    Influencer traffic media. How to reach 100's of millions of people on demand and get floods of traffic to any website you want.

    8: The Ultimate Influencer Agency. Leverage other peoples influence. List of 32.000 influencers you can buy clicks from all in one hub - That is HUGE!

    In this module you’ll learn how to get your website in front of millions of people on-demand through influencer marketing strategies.

  • MODULE 3: 24 hours traffic media
    24 hours traffic media (Instant traffic media). In this module we’ll discuss the (almost) abandoned goldmine of massive instant targeted traffic  ready to be channeled to your website in 24 hours or less!

    • Fast traffic • Very easy to engage • No special skills needed • Virtually no learning curve


  • MODULE 4: Social media traffic
    Social media traffic.
    In this module you’ll learn how to quickly and strategically and effectively siphon mass amounts of highly targeted traffic from the biggest social networks in the world today

    • Fast traffic strategies • Position for domination • Viralocity • Scalability • Consistency • FREE Traffic!


  • MODULE 5: Search media traffic
    Search media traffic. In this module you’ll learn how to get in front of massive amounts of hungry prospects desperately searching for what you have!

       • Google
       • Bing
       • Powerful 2nd tier engines
       • Strategies that work

  • MODULE 6: Display traffic media
    Display traffic media. In this module we dive deep into display media and talk about how to reach millions of targeted people daily with virtually no competition!

    • Mass Media Networks • Content channels • Strategic placements • Engagement secret triggers • Max clicks secrets • No stone is left unturned!

    4: FORUMS
    5: BLOGERS

  • MODULE 7: retargeting media
    retargeting media. In this module you’ll learn specific marketing strategies for retargeting and how to be everywhere, reach millions of people, and dominate your market for pennies on the dollar!

    • Specific channels • Google content networks • Key strategies and more!

    1: AdRoll Network

  • MODULE 8: CPA traffic media
    CPA traffic media. How to get an army of super-affiliates to send you 50.000 - 100.000+ visitors per day without paying a single dime for traffic.

    • This is the "big boys league" • Strategic scale level • If done right, can take you to the top in no-time!

    1: CPA Networks

    In this module you’ll learn advanced marketing strategies and how to get an army of super affiliates to send you up to 50K - 100K visitors per day!

  • MODULE 9: Strategic Syndicate Traffic Media
    Strategic Syndicate traffic media. How to get unlimited amounts of buyers without personally running a single campaign

    • Fast results • Perpetual traffic • Very high quality • Tap into pools of BUYERS • Pre-framed and endorsed!

    In this module you’ll learn advanced strategies that can completely change your business. You’ll learn how to consistently get thousands of buyers to your website without personally running a single campaign!

  • MODULE 10: perpetual traffic Machine
    Perpetual traffic Machine. How to open floodgates of massive amounts of new fresh targeted traffic spending a single dime.

    • The ultimate system for traffic generation • Very few marketers know this • Builds YOU, and creates a very strong following for you by default

    In this module you’ll learn how to get massive amounts of new, fresh, targeted traffic daily without spending a single dime on marketing and how to create a hugely successful business in the process of doing it.

  • MODULE 11: Traffic Media X
    Traffic Media X. How to strategically uncover new fresh traffic sources and never depend on anybody for traffic ever again!

    • Become a traffic scientist • Get incredible amounts of important data • Become extremely valuable marketer in your space because you'll have an "insider" knowledge and skills • Your secret key


  • MODULE 12: The Ultimate Traffic Media
    The Best traffic media. In this module you’ll learn about the single most powerful traffic source ever. How to open floodgates of never-ending, highest converting traffic available anywhere!

    • How to tap into a well of instant and never ending highest converting traffic available anywhere • Your personal "well of fresh water" • Best traffic in the world • Available FREE and On-Demand!

​4 Percent's Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) - Testimonial




Internet Traffic Academy Review

​Here is my review of Internet Traffic Academy
So what exactly is Internet Traffic Academy and what's the difference from Internet Traffic Mastery?

Internet Traffic Academy is a gigantic program within Four Percent eco system. Internet Traffic Academy is going to be a division of the FourPercent.

Internet Traffic Academy Review

​Here is my Internet Traffic Academy Review
So what exactly is Internet Traffic Academy and what's the difference from Internet Traffic Mastery?

Internet Traffic Academy is a gigantic program within Four Percent eco system. Internet Traffic Academy is going to be a division of the FourPercent.

Internet Traffic Academy consists of 5 parts or courses, each Course consists of video modules:

• Internet Traffic Mastery
• Capture Mastery
• Conversion Mastery 
• Copywriting Mastery 
• Tribe Building Mastery

​These are the 5 essential pillars that every entrepreneur must master to truly become independent and crush it in any market.

Price Internet Traffic Academy: $4.997 / annual subscription. Probably you will get a discounted Launch price when it launches. As of July 2018, only the Internet Traffic mastery course is launced.

​Internet Traffic Mastery and Internet Traffic Academy Course is aimed towards the following Businesses:
1 - Affiliate Marketing
2 - Network Marketing
3 - Info Marketing
4 - Consulting
5 - Authors
6 - Speakers
7 - Coaches
8 - ECommerce
9 - Crypto Marketing
10 - Online Business
11 - Direct Sales
12 - Marketing Agencies
13 - Personal Brands
14 - Professional Sales
15 - Small Businesses

Price Internet Traffic Academy: $4.997 / annual subscription. At the moment (July 2018), you get all 5 courses free (when the 4 remaining launches) when you buy Internet Traffic Mastery, which is priced $997.

When all courses are launched, you will be able to buy each one separately or all 5 at a discount.


Internet Traffic Mastery & Internet Traffic Academy Affiliate Program

Internet Traffic Mastery Partner (affiliate) Program
As 4 Percent Promotional Partner (affiliate), you will be able to earn 40% commission on sales.

How to become a Partner? Become 4 Percent pro-member, then pay the onetime partner fee $197 ==> Join 4 Percent here

Note: FourPercent do not take more promotional partners at the moment


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