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Automated Software for Facebook Messenger auto-messages, auto-posts, auto-comment, auto-likes, auto-invites by Anthony Morrison Publishing

AutoEngage Review

Product name: AutoEngage. Facebook engagement software by Anthony Morrison. Official Website:


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What is the AutoEngage Software?

AutoEngage is a Facebook messenger messaging software - plus auto-like, auto-comment, auto-messaging. The AutoEngage features are covered in this review of AutoEngage

AutoEngage is a software created by Morrison Publishing, that helps you automate your facebook marketing and use Facebook FanPage or Facebook Ads on your FanPage to generate Traffic and Grow your Business.

Traffic is the key to Success Online - Facebook traffic is the best traffic
Traffic is the key to success online. Everything online revolves around and starts with traffic. You have to have traffic to generate sales.

Where Is The Traffic Online?
Almost everyone is on Facebook. Why advertise on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube and everywhere else, when eventually everyone is on Facebook? Facebook provides the highest quality traffic on the planet. It doesn't matter what you are doing, You will be able to get the best traffic and cheapest Facebook advertising prices on the biggest social media network, all in one place.
So we wanna get our traffic, from Facebook

OK Here's Why Most People Fail...
Most People REFUSE To Stay Up To Date On The Newest Technology And Systems That Can Automate Their Advertising.

Most People Simply Do Not Know About Some Of The "Secret" Ways The Most Successful People Are Getting Traffic.

Most People Fail Because They Fail to Get Traffic
My Secret to traffic right now is automation, specific using Facebook messenger to generate massive amount of traffic. You have heard of Facebook traffic, but what about Facebook Messenger Traffic? This is a brand new way to get lots of traffic build lots of businesses and earn lots of money all using this strategy.

Who Can Use This AutoEngage Facebook marketing Strategy?
Using AutoEngage Facebook automated marketing software is a universal strategy that works for any business no matter what you are doing

• eCommerce, amazon and Shopify stores
• Affiliate and CPA Marketers
• Email Marketers
• Product creators
• Local Marketers, local businesses
• Brand New? No Business? You can create your business using this strategy

This is a brand new way to get lots of traffic, build lots of businesses and earn lots of money all using this strategy. The Facebook AutoEngage strategy will create an entire automated stream of income for you!

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


So how does the AutoEngage Facebook Marketing and Facebook Messenger Messaging software works?

Each time we make a facebook post, there are different interactions that can happen. There are things like comments, shares, likes, and clicks to your website.

There are two things we are looking for: we want most
1. We want the post or ad to go viral
2. We want to make sales

1. Going viral: facebook post or ad
We want to get people to like, share, Comment and tag. Tagging is when you tag a friend, basically bring that friend right in to the post.

All of this is our growth, this is how we go viral. We are pushing all of this back to more people. The new people are going to do the same thing with the post or ad. They are gonna like, share, comment and tag their frinds, so we are going to reach THEIR friends so we always going to be reaching more and more people.
This is step one Going Viral.

Step 2, we wanna make sales and commissions
The step 1 about getting shares, likes and tags is hugely important, but here is the most imporant thing:
When someone leaves you a comment on your facebook ad or post on your fanpage. When they leave you a comment, what this does, it unlocks the permission, to put them on our Facebook messenger list.

From that Facebook messenger list we can now send automated promo messages. Do you think you will be able to make lot of money if you can get a lot of people to your facebook ad or facebook post on your fanpage, get them to leave you a comment, add them to a facebook messenger list, press one button and autmatically start advertising to them? And here is what's crazy about this: It's FREE - it doesn't cost you any money to do this.

Can you see what happens when we combine the like, share, tag and comments with the messenger list?

Gettinge more likes, more shares, more friend tags and more comments, they put more eyeballs on that post, which will get you more comment and a bigger Facebook Messenger list. All of the engagement activities that people can do on a facebook ad or post are important, but the most important thing is combining them with building a Facebook Messenger list and send them automatic promo messages.

This promotional message can direct people to your amazon store, your shopify store, your website, it can go to an affiliate offer, it could be for a local business promotion, it could be your own book or product.

They are all things called profit centers which will make you money. Everything is growing for you and if you have the right software and automation you can build this facebook messenger list, then you can automate sending out Facebook Messenger messages. This is just like email marketing, but better with 95% opens and more personal.

How many of you used to get email?
We are just on someones promotion list and expect to get product promotions... and often just delete the email without actually reading them. People delete emails more often. If you send a message directly on facebook messenger, it's a lot more personal and people doesn't realize you can do that rigth now, because Facebook doesn't tell you. You don't see others doing it, it's extremely rare and thus more personal, more people are seing it, meaning higher openrate and respons rate and sales and more money.

With one simple tool (the AutoEngage software) you can:
1. Build a Facebook Messenger list - and use the Facebook Messenger messaging system to send out messages automatically

2. You gonna automate facebook engagement, the likes, the shares, the comments, the messaging.

3. You are gonna build your email list. I mean the traditional autoresponder email list in Addition to your Facebook Messenger list (more below)

4. If you are running facebook ads, you will increase reach and lower your ad cost. Because facebook wanna see engagement and you responding to your facebook ads. Then Facebook starts to see your ad as extremely important and relevant and wanna show it to more people and lower your ad cost.

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


Here's a breakdown of what the AutoEngage software does

First let look at what the software is doing:

First You connect the AutoEngage software to your FanPage (facebook page). You can connect as many FanPages to AutoEngage as you like.

When people are commenting on a post I instantly like and reply and respond back to them... automatically.
Every single post and comment posts on the fanpage is liked by me.

Tagging and sharing:
my posts and commenting encourage people to share and tag 3 of their friends. this is how I build massive fanpages and what's great about this it's all automated. What i'm using is the AutoEngage software that automatically and on it's own does all that work for you. It likes, it shares, it comments, and it builds your facebook messenger list, all inside of one platform, all 100% automated.

• AutoEngage Likes and auto-comments on all comments made on your fanpage. The like function: You can turn the functions on or off. When you turn it on it automatically like all of the comments that's been made on your page, which generates more activity.

The software takes care of the likes, the shares, the comments. Remember we needed to have people commenting so we can have them added on our messenger list. We want to build our facebook messenger list.

• AutoEngage Invites all who liked a post, to also like your fanpage

• AutoEngage automatically posts a comment from preloaded comments optional specific for each post. What happens is AutoEngage, will automatically randomly go through these preloaded comments and respond to the people who leave you feedback on your fanpage post or on your facebook ad.

• Via the auto-commenting function AutoEngage encourages people to like, share, comment and tag friends in order to make the post go viral.

• AutoEngage software contains a facebook messenger messaging system, which add all people who commented on a post on your fanpage, to your Facebook Messenger list and sends out messages either at a preset number of days after they commented or on specific dates or recurring on preset days.

The AutoEngage Facebook auto-messaging Function
In the AutoEngage auto-messaging function, In the software you go to where it says "broadcast" and what it does is, in this section inside AutoEngage, it makes you literally manage and send direct Facebook Messenger Messages to the people on your Facebook Messenger list, who are people that have commented on your fanpage.

What's crazy about this is, it's all done right inside AutoEngage and there are different functions: you can send messages to people who has just subscribed, last 24 hours. Or anything you decide.

You cannot do this with facebook, it got to be an external application like AutoEngage, that does this.

In the comment you can say something like this: "we just added a new product to our shopify store, I think you will absolutely love it." You can even add a button with a link to that comment, people can click on to go to your store or website. I can send that message to everyone, through Facebook Messenger.

You can also use images in your messenger messages. This messaging system is so much better than only doing email advertising, because you are guaranteed to reach these people in a very socially engaging way.

....But wait, it's get even better. This is something that nobody has done.
How would you like to be able to create messages and let them go out automatically say 3 days after they joined the list and after they subscribed to you facebook messenger list?

In the software is built in message sequences. You can create a
• date sequence

step sequence
• recurrent message

Once you created a message, say it's "new subscriber message" that you want to send out immediately or 2 or 3 days after they subscribed. You can add as many messages that you want. You can have an entire sequence set up that go out: 2 days, 7 days or what ever you like.

You can choose to have the messages sent out based on how long they have been on your list. You can set this up one time and then it will automatically send your entire marketing messages out to everybody who joins your list.

If you go back to your broadcast messages, you can create a recurring sequence. Let's say every friday. In the software platform, you can also see your statistics, how many messages you have sent.

One more feature added to autoengage - Facebook email subscribe Button

There is one more feature added to AutoEngage. We created what we call a Facebook button. What the facebook button does is, facebook will actually allow you to grab the email address to the facebook user, the email address that they used to signup to facebook.

You can go into the software and create a button campaign. You decide where the button should go to and the design of the button. If you allready have an autoresponder, e.g. mailchimp, getresponse, you can connect it to your AutoEngage and that button.

You can put that button anywhere you like, on your shopify store or webpage and when somebody clicks that button they automatically subscribe to your autoresponder list using the email address they use with facebook.

In AutoEngage all your posts on your facebook FanPage are shown and you can set the comments specific for individual posts. Instead of the button you can use a link, which you can put everywhere and it will do the same thing. You can use that link in your facebook messenger automation in your messages or in your auto-comment and e.g. ask people if they like to subscribe to..... to be able to win a ...... visit this link right now and put the subscribe link. or put the link as part of your message sequences.

If they click it, they get automatically added to your autoresponder email list to grow your email list.

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


Let's talk about Facebook messenger

Why Use Facebook Messenger To Generate Traffic?

Facebook Messenger is the over all number #3 installed app on all devices and in apple store it's the #1 installed app and on google Play it's the #3.
So overall this app rates #3 application installed on all phones in the world. Would you think if you could advertise in front of that, it would be smart?

What does that really mean?
Number of monthly active Facebook Messenger users are more than 1.200.000 million people who has the messenger app installed on their phone. 1.2 billion people have downloaded messenger. It's 11% of the entire worlds population that has this on their phone and 64% of all facebook users have the messenger app.

How About 95% Open Rates?
Currently Facebook reports that 95% of messages are opened when sent via messenger, that is 20x more than the normal open rate from an email marketing list.

Most facebook "ads" have click through ratio's under 1%. Imagine advertising your product knowing everyone you message is going to see your advertisement.

Who realizes this is a game changeer for You and Your business?
Now we can actually jump in and message people right on facebook messenger, which will pop up on their cellphone and their computer. That means you have guaranteed access to people whether they are on the go or at their computer.

How do you profit from Facebook Messenger list?

When you run an ad on facebook or make a post on facebook people can do many different "actions". The most exciting for "most people" are likes and shares.

Purchases and promotions come from us engaging with people.

Here is actually the most important thing:
Comments are the most important thing, comments are the key to money. If you know the "secrets" that most people, including Facebook, don't openly tell you, you want comments.

You want to have comments on anything you are doing. If you run Facebook ads, you wanna get comments, if you make a post on your fanpage you wanna get comments and here is why:

Comments unlock the "key" to building a facebook messenger list
Comments unlock the "key" to building a facebook messenger list, which is literally like having GOLD. When somebody leaves a comment on any post you make on Facebook, it gives you permission to add them to your facebook messenger list.

Which is kind of adding them to your email list, only better, because you can add them to a list where you can message them directly on facebook, but you only get that permission on comments.

And it's all 100% Automated
All of those different things the AutoEngage software does, are all 100% automated. You don't have to do anything, it's literally set it and forget it.

You use Facebook to Build Your Business OR generate Traffic to Your Existing Business.
That is getting you the opportunity to gain a lot of likes, comments and people following your fanpage... and everyone commenting on your fanpage, will automatically subscribe to your Facebook messenger list... and ultimately you are going to make a lot of money for your business.

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


What's included in the AutoEngage software Program?

Here is what you get with AutoEngage software - The first image below under 1. is screenshot from the software

Anthony Morrison Fanpage domination review ebook

1. AutoEngage software to automate your Facebook Marketing

2. Founders Club Access

The complete program
• AutoEngage Software
• AutoEngage Messenger. You will be able to use our Facebook messenger software to automate your messages. You will get FULL ACCESS to the Automated sequences and message broadcast features
• Unlimited interactions
• Unlimited fanpages
• Agency Access - Manage FanPages for others. You can make this your busines. Our founding members will have the ability to manage pages for other people, which gives you another stream of income almost instantly
• No new fee's, Uncluding free updates
• AutoEngage Academy (see below)

3. AutoEngage Academy
Our founding members will access to our exclusive AutoEngage Academy. This will be released for $1997 in the next 30 days, but today you're getting it completely FREE.

What is AutoEngage Academy?
• $102K technique - learn the #1 technique I personally use to generate $102,000 from simple facebook automations with AutoEngage
• Facebook Ad optimizer - learn how to use AutoEngage specifically to lower your facebook ad cost and increase your sales
• Facebook Messenger Dominarion - learn how to increase your messenger list subscribers by 87% with one simple technique I have been testing
• e-Com domination Strategy - learn how to double your e-commerce sales on shopify and amazon
• Facebook Messenger 10x - learn the exact strategy I used to increase my revenue 10x by using the messenger sequences available in AutoEngage
• Complete access to my continue archive of training as i use AutoEngage in my own business to increase sales

We will also show you the Top 5 "Instant Profits" Strategies

#1 - Viral content Facebook Posts Just use the simple post automations to create massive traffic to viral content posts. We've done this on some of our pages and generated over $100 per day

#2 - Agency clients = FAST recurring Income
 • Simply reach out to businesses and fan page owners and offer the services that AE provides. We've had students make over $600 per month form this one activity!
 • You have the permission to add fanpages that you don't own, to our software. Of course as long as you have access to manage that fanpage

#3 - Facebook Ads (Lower Cost & Increase Sales)
 • Connect AutoEngage to your facebook ads to lower your cost and increase your ROI almost immediately
 • Most Facebook Advertisers make their money back in less than a month with savings and increased sales

#4 - Email Your new "Optimized" List
 • Connect AutoEngage to your facebook ads and start building your email list using "facebook buttons"
 • Send emails to your new list (which is 100% optimized and real) to start generating revenue to your online stores and affiliate products

#5 - The most important of the whole thing - Send Facebook messages
 • Connect AutoEngage and start building your facebook messenger list instantly
 • Use our "send now" or "message Sequences" to promote your shopify, Amazon or affiliate marketing products for instant traffic and revenue.

4. Success connection
You will also get access to "Success connection" which is a Weekly Coaching with Anthony Morrison, helping you to crack the code to making money online. It's live training every single week
• Live Coaching With Anthony Morrison
• Email Marketing Techniques That Work
• Traffic Generation Strategies

5. .... Wait there is more - You also get Anthony Morrisons 100K Inner Circle
You will also get access to 100K inner circle, coaching with Anthony Morrison how he earns 100K with a brand new business using nothing else than a fanpage and AutoEngage.

Anthony Morrisons 100K Inner Circle

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Facebook Marketing Software a Scam?

Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Software for facebook fanpage automation Legit?

Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Facebook Marketing Software a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Software for facebook fanpage automation Legit?


Income disclamer
Obviously the The Morrison Publishing AutoEngage software, presented in this Anthony Morrison AutoEngage Review, doesn't guarantee any income from your Facebook FanPage marketing efforts as results depend on your efforts and ability to be teachable, learn and implement.



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That's it, My Anthony Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review

Fanpage Domination Review - Anthony Morrison's program how to Grow a Facebook Page (Fanpage)

Watch Anthony Morrison Fanpage domination video

Fanpage Domination Review. Anthony Morrison's program how to Grow and earn money from a Facebook Page. How to get visitors, likes and comments to Your fanpage

FanPage Domination
is one of Anthony's newest courses aimed to show you how to build a Fan Page Business online. Here is my review on Morrison Publishing Fan Page Domination.

Using his techniques Anthony has built a Fan Page with over 500,000 fans and managed to siphon off over 250,000 new email subscribers completely free. If you're a current FPD student you can access your course using the button below.

You will learn how to use Facebook to Generate huge Amounts of QUALITY & FREE Traffic - and how to engage the visitors to like, share and comment posts.

Anthony Morrison Fanpage Domination Review

Official Website:

Product Nam
e: FanPage Domination by Morrison Publishing


Anthony Morrison Fanpage domination review logo

Fan Page Domination was designed to teach one of the most exciting strategies we've discovered at Morrison Publishing, LLC in the last 10 years. The weird thing is we found out about this unique fanpage strategy by accident. Everyone knows that Facebook visitors is one of the BEST sources for Quality and targeted traffic for your business.

Many people are spending THOUSANDS of dollars on Facebook ads - that's paid Traffic.

Fan Page Domination shows you how we've utilized Facebook's free Fan Pages to generage massive amounts of FREE and QUALITY traffic to our websites.

We have been able to get over 48,000 email subscribers in one month COMPLETELY FREE! using the Fan Page Domination strategy - the strategy that you will learn about and implement in YOUR fanpage.

Anthony Morrison will show you the step by step process from creating your Fanpage, how to engage people and how to make posts go viral. You will see many post examples that have reached over 1 million people on facebook.

The good thing about this Fan Page domination strategy is that it will work with any niche and for for anyone who i looking for massive amounts of quality traffic and visitors to their fanpage and online business.

In FanPage Domination You'll learn: How to Go Viral, How to Get Thousands of Fans in your facebook page, How to use Facebook Messenger to build a messenger list, How to Build an email LIst & how to Generate Revenue!

Free e-book "Your FanPage Business"

Get the FREE E-book

Free e-book "Your FanPage Business"

Get the FREE E-book

3 Simple steps to building Your Profitable FanPage Business

1. Grow Your Fans. Discover The Exact Formula I Used To Make My First Fan Page Business

2. Build your email and messenger list. Use My Simple 3 Phase Formula That I’ve Used To Generate Over 500,000 Fans, 200,000 Email Subscribers & Over $30,000.00

3. Create Your Business (earn money). I’ll Show You “Behind The Scenes” The KEY To How I Built This Business & How You Can Too

Anthony Morrison Fanpage domination review ebook

Get "Your FanPage Business" FREE e-book. Register for the Fanpage Domination Webinar here

Register for the FanPage Domination Webinar and I will Send you a copy of my e-book (PDF) at NO COST Showing you how to build your own profitable FanPage Business

What's included in the Fanpage Domination Program?

With the FanPage Domination course you get:

• The goal is to help YOU build your very own profitable Fan Page business.

• FanPage Domination Course - Video training, documents, Social Media Marketing, Software, Case Studies, Examples, Step By Step exactly how to. Facebook Group & Webinars

• The Full FanPage Domination program is a Done for You system along with all training and support. The course will show you exactly how to create a FanPage (actually now Facebook simply call a Fanpage a Facebook Page), how to utilize what you learn in the FanPage Domination course and the software, to grow your FanPage and Grow Your business.

• Software: Fan Explosion Software – one of a kind online based software which you cannot get ANYWHERE else – the software is an easy to use system to automatically send message to people who comment on your fanpage posts - which will put them on your Facebook messenger list - which has 80%+ open rate for easy and fast promotions.

Functions to Automatically:
• Invite people who have liked your post, to also like your page
• comment each post comment, encourage them to like and share and invite friends to also like, comment and share
• Send messages to people who comment the posts

Join the Fanpage Domination Program - watch the webinar

orrison Publishing Fanpage Domination Review
Morrison Publishing Fanpage Domination Review

Screenshot Fanpage Domination Backoffice
You FanPage Domination Backoffice - menu / content

The left menu of your fanpage domination dashboard contains the following links and main modules:

1. Phase 1 Getting Setup. The basic to getting started and setup with your fanpage and email series. 8 modules.

2. Phase 2 Build & Grow. How to make posts on your fanpage and most importantly what content to post, how often, text, images, videos and how to make it go viral. How to drive traffic and visitors to your fanpage with FREE Facebook traffic that will get your FanPage flying.

3. Phase 3 Scale & Launch. You have learned the basic and how to get free facebook visitors to your FanPage, Now it's time to get massive amount of visitors and utilize the software for maximum visitor engagement which means sales. Anthony will show you how he got nearly 50.000 subscribers on his autoresponder in just one month.

4. Phase 4 Monetize & Profit. Different methods of monetization. Email Marketing and facebook messenger marketing - how to you actually make money with your FanPage and your business.

.... to be continued below the screenshot

Anthony Morrison Fanpage domination review backoffice

• Case Study. Videobased case studies. 8 Videos. Watch learn and model / copy the methods
• Student Q&A. Some of the most commend questions and answers
• Live Workshops. Webinars where you may ask questions
• Concierge Program. Ability to ask Anthony Morrison directly via email if you have problems + Facebook Group
• New: Niche Research. What niches are doing well on Facebook Pages (FanPages)
• New: DFY "Done for You" FanPage Setup. How cool is that? - the team behind FanPage Domination will create your fanpage for you if you like.
• Bonus Training
• Success Connection. Training from Anthony Morrison Publishing

orrison Publishing Fanpage Domination Review

Join the Fanpage Domination Program - watch the webinar

Morrison Publishing Fanpage Domination Review


Income disclamer
Obviously the The Morrison Publishing Fanpage Domination, presented in this Anthony Morrison Fan page Domination review, doesn't guarantee any income from your fanpage as results depend on your efforts and ability to be teachable and learn.


Is Morrison Publishing Fanpage Domination a Scam?

Is Morrison Publishing Fanpage Domination Legit?

Is Morrison Publishing Fanpage Domination a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is Morrison Publishing Fanpage Domination Legit?



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That's it, My Anthony Morrison Publishing Fan Page Domination review

Four Percent Success Challenge Review - 4 Percent Review

Four Percent is a Platform for modern day entrepreneur to learn and get training in online AND offline business, in order to become a great entrepreneur. Here's my Four Percent Success Challenge for affiliate marketing Review

FourPercent Is an Eco-System or marketplace of our own products, both free and paid, as well as 3rd. party tools and programs - what we call Multiple Streams of income

4 Percent Review

FourPercent FREE Membership

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If you want to purchase any of the FourPercent Products - you are welcome.

Here is my Four Percent Review and Four Percent Success Challenge Review

Official Website: FourPercent
Product Name: The 4 Percent Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing

4 Percent Success Challenge Review

You probably came here because you have heard the Buzz about The 4 Percent Challenge and Success Pill and searched for the term The 4 Percent Review or Four Percent Review, because you want to earn money online and are sick and tired of not succeeding in your online business.

The 4 Percent (Four Percent) is a platform for education, training and elite community for entrepreneurs and a system for multiple Streams of income (MSI), created by vick Strizheus, the creator of HighTrafficAcademy. It's the worlds most powerful marketplace and trainingcenter for online Entrepreneurs.

A member of the four percent group is called a "Four Percenter".


4 Percent Success Challenge Review

​Four Percent Challenge

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The vision of Four Percent
To build the world's biggest and most respected, and most trusted one central success hub for all entrepreneurs, to build a place where entrepreneurs would come to get inspireded and find the best training, tools resources, and connections that will help them become more successful.

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4 % challenge Review

What exactly is the Four Percent Success Challenge for affiliate marketing?

The Four Percent Success Challenge for affiliate marketing – is Four Percent's Flagship- and signature product. It's the most comprehensive, step-by-step video guided daily coaching program specifically designed to help you create a true and lasting breakthrough in business, marketing, results, income, and life.

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4 % Success challenge Review


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Challenge is broken down into 3 levels

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What you get with The Four Percent Success Challenge - Level 1

A. The $10K challenge
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Once you've successfully completed level 1 and you were able to generate at least $10,000 in sales, it's time to graduate and go to level 2.
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If you dare to go for this final level - get ready, because once you step through these doors, your life will never be the same again.
This level will be available to you, but only the brave, daring, and committed will experience it.


THE OUTCOME... Plain and simple - this program will change your life. Look, don't take our word for it, just take a look at what real people, just like you are saying... Imagine finally having full control of your life... earning what you're worth... doing what you love, and loving every moment! The FourPercent Challenge Can Help You Get:

    You'll know exactly how to build your business in a way that gets you results you really want. No more guesswork. No more confusion. No more frustrations. Finally a clear path to follow!
    You'll feel in control, knowing exactly how to create the life you really want and deserve for yourself and your family. Ask yourself - if money was not an issue, what kind of lifestyle would you have? What would you do... feel... experience?
    Gone are the days where you lack confidence and feel small and insignificant because you can't get the results you want. By taking The Challenge you'll become a lot more confident in yourself and your abilities to create the result you want.
    Imagine feeling empowered. No longer will you have to depend on somebody or some "thing" for your success. Imagine having the power to create your own economy and live on your terms!
    When you have clarity, confidence, and the power to write your own ticket - you'll feel a true sense of freedom. Only about 4% of the world's population can really experience this lifestyle. The Challenge is designed to help you be one of those 4%ers.
    The secret to living is GIVING. Imagine being able to create so much success that you're now able to not only provide the absolute best for yourself and your loved ones, but you're also able to contribute and help others in need. You can do this!

How the Challenge works

1. Enroll In 'The Challenge' Now
Sign up now and you'll get immediate enrollment in The FourPercent CHALLENGE - For Affiliate Marketing. You'll be able to start your program immediately, even if it's 2am!

2. Login and Start 'The Challenge'
In about 3-5 minutes, you'll receive an email with your private login to the FourPercent member portal where you will activate 'The Challenge'.

3. Watch Your Daily Training Session
Every day, you'll get a private training session showing you exactly what to do THAT DAY. These training sessions are precise, and delivered to you in bite size pieces, so you're never lost or confused.

4. Complete Your Daily Action Steps
Each training session comes with specific action steps - things for you to do THAT DAY. Simply complete your action steps for the day, and watch your business, results, and life transform!

Four Percent Challenge Review

Example of a session in The Challenge - Four Percent Success Pill

Four Percent Challenge Review - Success Pill

Example of a session in The Challenge
Each Challenge session is Your daily Success Pill.

Screenshot from Four Percent Backoffice. Example of one of the sessions in the challenge. Each session consists of intro video and several steps to take and follow, all with videos and exact instructions what to do. Step 4 is "Action steps" that your daily assignment and homework to take and follow, until next session opens up for you.

Each session opens up 24 hours after you have maked the previous session "Session Completion" in step 5 below in the image.

4 Percent Success pill Review


Four Percent Membership Prices

Four Percent Membership Prices
The Four Percent Membership is FREE. Just create a Free Four Percent account

Four Percent is a platform for entrepreneurs for inspiration, education and training. We have our own free programs and paid programs which are optional. You are free to share everything, every program and the free membership. You earn 30% commission for every sale of our programs.

Our platform is a eco-system of programs, free and paid and 3rd. party programs like tools and opportunities. For the 3rd party programs, you earn commissions according to their affiliate program and membership. You may input your affiliate link for these 3rd party programs, but it's optional. 

One of our flagship product is "The Challenge" which is $997 onetime fee.
NB - No more monthly option

The 4 Percent is not an income opportunity or "earn money fast" system and it's not just an online system for multiple streams of Income

• It's a lot more • it's a vision • it's a community
• we want to dominate the online industry
• it's an educational and training center for learning how to work an online business OR an off-line Small Business
• it's suitable for complete newbies as well as seasoned entrepreneurs
• We have a closed facebook group to hang out with other members to share visions, things and inspire each other.

Four Percent Review - join free

What do Four Percent members get?

FREE to become Four Percent Member - Create an account Now!

Four Percent free members get:

• As Four Percent member you get access to members area and free content

• The FourPercent Challenge is a product you may buy if you choose - but it is not required to stay as member.

• Access to private facebook group and members webinars

• Access to FourPercent marketplace to purchase any of Four Percent's Products.

Free access to basic training:
• Internet Marketing Strategies
• Traffic Generation Strategies
• List Building Strategies
• Webinar and webinar replays

Four Percent Pro member

​Four Percent member - FREE

Become member - FREE

• As a Four Percent free member, you have the option to Become 4 Percent Partner (affiliate), it's free.


Four Percent Partner program (Four Percent Affiliate program)

Four Percent Partner program - is FREE

The Partner program is an option available for 4 Percent members. As Promotional Partner you will be able to earn commissions on 4 Percent Products. Any member you have enrolled is connected to you and if they choose to buy any of Four Percent's product in the future you will get commission.

For the 3rd party programs, you have the option to input your affiliate link in the backoffice. 

4 Percent Promotional Partner (4 Percent affiliate):
As Promotional Partner you will earn 30% commissions on all Four Percent's products you share (you do not need to own the product).

How to share a Four Percent Product

How do you share a FourPercent product?
All products have a share link, you just copy and share. Find the share link at each product description. Click the little red circle with a link icon. See photo below.

Some product has additional a funnel specific for that product. e.g. Internet Traffic Mastery and The Challenge. You will find the links for each funnel in your Promo Partner section in your backoffice.

Four Percent Challenge Review

Become Four Percent Promotional partner (affiliate)

As a Four Percent Free member, You have access to promote any of Four Percent products or any 3rd party products via the Four Percent Eco-System and Multiple Streams of Income.

Members you have enrolled are tied to you and you will get commission should they choose to buy any product from the backoffice, even if it is 1 year or more after they became member.

There are 30 miltiple streams of income through Four Percent eco-system, more will come.

As Promotional partner, you will have
• Ability to Promote all Four Percent's products, public webinars and funnels. For the 3rd party tools and programs, you have the option to input your affiliate link. So when people you recommed the fourpercent membership, they will get your link presented, should they choose to buy or enroll in any program. 

• Access to all Marketing material, email swipes, several done for you funnels you can copy and use e.g. with a clickfunnel account (via share code).

• Access to Vicks personal CPA - free consultations with Vick's persona CPA (taxes, business structure, etc)

Commission structure - for Promotional Partners

Promotional Partners (Affilite)
It's free to become Promotional Partner (affiliate) of Four Percent, once you have created an account. You will earn 30% commissions on all 4 percent product, if nothing else is stated. It's a unilevel simple affiliate commission structure.

The commissions for the many 3rd. party products recommended inside your FourPercent account. These programs have their own affiliate program you join serarately and is paid out according to earch program.

Note: 4 Percent is NOT a MLM, it's a simple affiliate product commission structure, just like any other product like Clickbank products.

• Personal sales: 30% commissions on 4 Percent products

How is commissions paid out?

All 4 Percent product purchases are processed via our own merchant account and you get paid from this via different options: paypal or wiretransfer.

Four Percent is NOT a Network Marketing company or a MLM.
There is NOT a multiple layer of people that earn commissions on the same sale and You are NOT required to purchase anything from Four Percent in order to earn commissions on sales.

We sell products for what they are worth and the MLM mentality that you are required to purchase in order to qualify to earn commissions, is not something we endorse.  

Income disclaimer
Obviously this "The 4 Percent" doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts and skills.


Get Your Own Domain and Blog

Bluehost hosting


Multipel Streams of income in the 4 Percent Eco-System

The Four Percent Multiple streams of income (MSI) is an EcoSystem of products and tools for your internet business, of which you earn commissions of as qualified Promotional Pertner.

3rd Party tools and programs promoted inside the EcoSystem, are all with YOUR affiliate links, which means the people you enroll, will have the option to get the tools and join programs via your affiliate links. These tools and programs are independent 3rd party programs with their own affiliate program.

The Four Percent EcoSystem consists of:

• 4 Percent own products
The 3 core products, Challenge, eStage and Internet Traffic Mastery and other 4 Percent products.

• 3rd party tools, picks and showels for your online business
Four Percent recommends Optional business Tools to help You operate your business to help you earn money online and take your excisting or new business to a new level. Examples are autoresponders, tracking software and webhosting.

They have their own affiliate program that you can join and plug in your affiliate link in the 4 Percent EcoSystem backoffice. which means the people you enroll, will have the option to get the tools via your affiliate links. These tools are independent 3rd party programs with their own affiliate program and payout.

• 3rd party Programs
3rd party Programs that comply with our vision and added as an additional source of income. These have their own membership you may join and plugin your Join link in the EcoSystem backoffice, which means the people you enroll, will have the option to join under you, via your link. These Programs are independent 3rd party programs with their own commission structure and payout.

Examples are:

Morrison Ambassador Program. Affiliate for Anthony Morrison Education products, which is a complete eco-system of products, that you can earn commission on, if any of the people you enrolled to any of funnels, buys any of their products. The entry point could be this free Course in online business. As ambassador you can earn up to $997 in commission for a single sale. The commission is 50% and 10% 2nd tier.

WorldVentures Travel and hotel. It's a perfect fit for our vision and we will have special funnels for promoting WorldVentures only available for 4 Percent promotional partners. WorldVentures is already integrated in 4 P backoffice.
I'v already joined and You may Join Now and input your link in your backoffice eco-system as promotional partner.
Worldventures will later have health and supplements products.

• 4 Percent created systems around Cryptocurrencies. Coming: "Infinite Crypto Machine" & "Secret Crypto Society" (I'm a founding member of these).

The "Infinite Crypto Machine" is a promotional system and frontend funnel for entry to our CryptoCurrency community and learning center "Secret Crypto Society". These systems are stand alone products, but will also be integrated into the 4 Percent eco-system.

These two Crypto systems will in turn will have these 3rd party programs attached as examples of mining options that we provide source and links for in the backoffice, so people can join under you:

Bitclub Network (Bitcoin mining). I'v already joined this. You may join now and input your link later in the 4 Percent backoffice.

Kuvera Crypto Mining - Bitcoin Mining. Formerly known as Wealth Generators. They also have products around Forex and Account Provisioning. On top of this it's also an income opportunity, if you choose to become distributor.
I'v already joined this. You may join now and input your link later in the 4 Percent backoffice.
The links are directly to Kuvera's site, however I use an automated marketing system to promote Kuvera, check it out here.

• Enagic Kangen Water (coming)

1. the Four Percent Membership FREE. You may share any of FourPercent's products and earn 30% commission.

The Four Percent membership Includes basic training, sales funnels and marketing material for promotional partner, webinars and a Private facebook group. The 4 Percent Join Now

Multiple streams of income consists of products and Optional business Tools promoted automatically for you, inside the system. They are:

2. ClickMagick Tracking tool. ClickMagick (independent program with it's own affiliate program)

3. Clickfunnels landingpage and optin page creator and page builder. This is what we recommend and make share codes for. Independent program with it's own affiliate program. Go to ==> Clickfunnels

4. Getresponse
Autoresponder. Independent program with it's own affiliate program. Go to ==> Getresponse
I will suggest the better Aweber instead of getresponse - it has better deliverability - btw I have both. 

5. Aweber
Autoresponder. Independent program with it's own affiliate program. I will recommend aweber over Getresponse - btw I have both. Go to ==> Aweber

6. Convertkit - Autoresponder. Check it out here.
Obviously they dont want to sell their products - Just don't use it - simple as that.

7. Udimi solo ad Market. Go to Udimi and order Solo Ads ==> Udimi

. Bluehost Webhosting. Create your domain for your Blog, for tracking and own domain email which is a MUST. Get your domain here at Bluehost 
I will recommend BluesHost for Hosting of your wordpress blog and eStage website and blogging system.

9. The Traffic Source
. That's another source of income ==> go to the Traffic Source  It is part of the multiple streams of income, however you don't earn money directly, but earn 5% that you can use to order free clicks.

This Secret TrafficSource that you can buy clicks from is a Traffic agency.
Traffic Agencies are traffic brokers selling large amounts of soloads and offer clicks you can buy. Minimum clicks are usually 500-1000 and the price in the range from $0.70 and up. There are a few reliable. One is TheTrafficSource which is recommended by 4 Percent as one of the programs we endors in the multiple streames of income.

Enagic (Kangen Water) coming soon in the Health section

Four Percent Marketplace. Check out the product list below

12. More programs
will be integrated in The Four Percent system, multiple streams of income: These programs will be products to complete your Wheel of life the the following areas: Business and marketing - finance - Health and Fitness - Family & Relationships - Love & Romance - Personal Growth - Fun & Recreation - Contribution.


Products in Four Percent Eco-System (marketplace)

All 4 Percent products are commissionable for all members

Commissions from 3rd. party Programs in the EcoSystem according to each program

Four Percent Core Products

The Four Percent Dashboard. The 4 Core products: Challenge, eStage, eStage Academy, Internet Traffic Mastery, are central for an entrepreneur and Four Percent Promotional partner.

Four Percent Challenge Review

Screenshot shows promotional partner as one of the core products. It is now free as of October 2018, so all people who has a Four Percent account is promotonal partner. eStage Academy has launced and is now part of the 4 core products.

Four Percent 4 Flagship Products

The Challenge

Four Percent Challenge Review

​Four Percent Challenge
 Discounted price $497 onetime fee

Get it Now - only $497

The Challenge
Vick's daily coaching program in 3 levels. Enroll in the FourPercent Challenge

Internet Traffic Mastery

Four Percent Review - Internet Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Mastery - $1.497

Get it Now

Internet Traffic Mastery
A high level Traffic Course that teaches you all about traffic generation.

Created by the Traffic Master King: Vick Strizheus, which formerly created the stand alone product "High Traffic Academy" and "Internet Traffic Formula" (sold through Empower Network).

Internet Traffic Mastery is exclusively delivered The 4 Percent.
Price $1.997 - maybe from time to time a discount offer.

My Internet Traffic Mastery review

eStage blogging system

Four Percent Review - eStage

​eStage 4 Percent Theme for WordPress Blog $497 onetime

Get it Now

eStage website and blogging system
Advanced add on to your wordpress blog, with tons of features. Not Free. Price $497 onetime. Get the eStage.

eStage Academy

Four Percent Review - eStage academy

​eStage Academy - $997

Get it Now

eStage Academy
Course in eStage, how to use this wordpress theme, it for your online business, how to use wordpress. Price $997

Other Four Percent Products

Taxes & Business Structures

Four Percent Review - Taxes & Business Structures

Taxes & Business Structures - $FREE

Get it Now

Taxes & Business Structures
Course in Taxes & Business Structures

Wealth Building Blueprint

Four Percent Review - Wealth Building Blueprint

Wealth Building Blueprint - $FREE

Get it Now

Wealth Building Blueprint

Traffic Generation Strategies

Four Percent Review - Traffic Generation Strategies

Traffic Generation Strategies - $FREE

Get it Now

Traffic Generation Strategies
Traffic Course in 2 videos. Free for members

List Building Strategies

Four Percent Review - List Building Strategies

List Building Strategies - $FREE

Get it Now

List Building Strategies

Fan Page Domination

Four Percent Review - Fan Page Domination

Fan Page Domination - $FREE

Get it Now

Fan Page Domination
Course in Fan Page Domination

Facebook - PPC Secrets

Four Percent Review - Facebook - PPC Secrets

Facebook - PPC Secrets - $FREE

Get it Now

Facebook - PPC Secrets

Insta Traffic Mastery

Four Percent Review - Insta Traffic Mastery

Insta Traffic Mastery - $997

Get it Now

Insta Traffic Mastery
Advanced Course how to optimise your Instagram, how to get followers, become influential and how to earn money with Instagram. Price $997

My Insta Traffic Mastery Review

Conference recordings

​Conference recordings - $247

Find it in 4 Percent backoffice

Conference recordings
Four Percent 1st International Conference july 2017 Recordings. Total 14 videos / Speakers. Price $247.

Free for Conference attendees/ ticket holders

Insta Traffic Mastery. A high level Course where you will learn All about Instagram, Instagram trafficgeneration, Instagram influence and Instagram monetisation, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent", you cannot get this course anywhere else. Price $997. As a master affiliate you can promote this program and earn 40% commissions. Check out the Insta Traffic Mastery salespage

SEO Mastery

Four Percent Review - SEO Mastery

​SEO Mastery - $497

Get it Now

SEO Mastery
Advanced Course in search engine optimisation. How to get ranked in google with all the tips and tricks. Not free. Price $497

Ecom entrepreneur

Four Percent Review - eCom Entrepreneur

​eCom Entrepreneur - $1.997

Watch eCom Entrepreneur Video

Ecom entrepreneur
Course to take e-comme to a new level. How to operate a webshop. Not free. Price $1,997

Four Percent Store
Four Percent's online store where you can purchase physical products. All physical products are commissionable for Four Percent Promotional Partners

Four Percent Challenge Review - 4 Percent store
Four Percent Challenge Review - 4 Percent store

​Four Percent Store



Four Percent Review - Enagic - Kangen Water

​Enagic - Kangen Water


Kangen Water will be added under health category. Coming soon.

Engagement Secrets

Four Percent Review - Engagement Secrets

​Engagement Secrets - $497


Engagement Secrets
Course how to engage your facebook followers to get free traffic. This in Not free. Price $497

More Products to come
More products are comming: Powerday, advanced video secrets.........

Four Percent Review - join free

Get Your Own Domain and Blog

I strongly recommend you get your own Website (domain and hosting) - and own domain email

Bluehost hosting


The Vision of Four Percent?
Wheel of LIfe

Wheel of life

The Vision of Four Percent is to achieve harmony in your life by optimizing these areas: Business and marketing - Your Finances - Health and Fitness - Family & Relationships - Happiness -  Love & Romance - Personal Growth - Fun & Recreation - Contribution

It is 4 Percent's vision to improve every aspects of Your life, so your wheel will be perfect. More and more products will be added to the 4 Percent marketplace to do exactly that.

Four Percent Challenge Review - 4 Percent Wheel of life - Four percent vision

How does your wheel looks like? - On a scale 1-10 how does Your areas score?

If you are not a member of 4 Percent Yet - Join here NOW - it's FREE


4 Percent - Videos

Vick Strizheus Free Facebook Training - Replay Videos

1. How to become a successful Internet Marketer
Replay of Facebook live 8th. December 2016 by Vick Strizheus.

If you are not a member of 4 Percent Yet - Join Four Percent here NOW

2. How to Make $10k This Month
Replay of Facebook live 3rd. January 2017 by Vick Strizheus

If you are not a member of 4 Percent Yet - Join Four Percent here NOW

3. Traffic and List Building
Replay of Facebook live 10th. January 2017 by Vick Strizheus

If you are not a member of 4 Percent Yet - Join Four Percent here NOW

4. Advanced Influence Secrets - Featuring Dave Vanhoose - Part 1 of 2
Replay of Facebook live 13th. January 2017 by Vick Strizheus

If you are not a member of 4 Percent Yet - Join Four Percent here NOW


Is Four Percent a scam?
Is Four Percent legit?

Is Four Percent a scam?
No. Come on how can something free that gives you tremendous amount of value be a scam? - how can you even ask that question?

Is Four Percent legit?




Q: Why it is called the 4 percent?

A: It's based on the general rule of life 80/20 - 80% of people don't do anything, they are tirekickers. The 20% are those that show interest, then of these 20% only 20% take the action needed - that's YOU the 4 percenter.

Even with a perfect system like four percent group sales system, 96% will be tirekickers and only 4 % will take action. You decide which group you will be in.

Q: What is MSI?
A: that stands for multiple streams of income

Q: How do you earn money with the 4 percent system?
A: Promote the system. People you enroll pay the system at $97 monthly (50% discount first 24 hours) of which you earn $42 /  $21/mth.
The tools and programs inside the 4 percent group have their own affiliate programs. You need to join these programs one by one and input your affiliate ID for each program.

Now when new 4 percent members are encuraged to get those tools they will join with your affiliate link for each of those programs.
The affiliate programs inside 4 Percent group are free to join except "Leadpages" for this program you need to have an active account first.
These affiliate programs are free to join: ClickMagics, Clickfunnels, Getresponse, Aweber, TecAdemics


That's it, my review of The Four Percent. Now go Get Started with your own business, Click Here

Would you like to know how to create a CBD hemp Oil Business? - Check out my CBD Hemp Oil Facts website

Get notified as soon as Crypto360 Opens around 1st. Feb - It has been delayed and waiting for 4 Percent new design and products

Regards Hans Ronne, Crypto360 Founding member


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Blog Messed up after Upgrade WordPress 5.0

How to disable Gutenberg Block Editor and get Classic WordPress editor back

​The new WordPress sucks. Here is how to get the old one back

Get rid of annoying New WordPress editor GutenBerg Block editor - How to Get back the good old wordpress editor after upgrade to wordpress 5.0

​All wordpress users who by accident upgraded to wordpress 5.0 (or it was updated automatically), can disable the new stupid gutenberg editor, by installing a plugin, that turns it off and go back to the old classic editor. There are several plugins you can use. Here is the one I use.

​Here's the wordpress plugin I use to remove that stupid annoying new Gutenberg Block editor - and get the good old classic editor back. It's a simple install of a plugin, takes 30 sec to do and you are done.

Plugin Name: Disable Gutenberg
This one has 300,000+ Active Installations and good reviews

Now you have removed the stupid Gutenberg block editor, your life has become easier and you can enjoy your old design.

Four Percent's many income streams - Multiple streams of income

How does the Four Percent Multiple income streams work

FourPercent Is an Eco-System or marketplace of our own products, both free and paid, as well as 3rd. party tools and programs - what we call Multiple Streams of income.
There are total 30+ different programs and tools you can make money on as a member of Four Percent.

How does it work
It works like this: You can become member of Four Percent either FREE or by paying one of our paid programs, e.g. The Challenge.
As a member of Four Percent, it's like owning a shop. When you invite visitors to your four percent Affiliate link - and your visitor become member and buys any of our products, tools or 3rd party programs - you get paid commissions on the sale.

Video 5: How To Create Multiple Streams of Income
The FourPercent Entrepreneur Show

Join Four Percent FREE - Click the link - and then click the join link at the Four Percent page

It's free to become Four Percent member - It's free to become Four Percent affiliate

When it comes to our own products, you do not need to own the products youself in order to earn commission on sales. The same goes for many of the 3rd party tools we recommend e.g. we recommend autoresponders, domain and webhosting, tracking tools and much more. Many of the 3rd party tools have affiliate programs you can join free.

Then you input your affiliate link for each of the 3rd party programs and tools and you get paid commission when any of your invited people (members) buys anything.
A few of the 3rd party programs is not free to become member and affiliate.

Below screenshot from the Four Percent members area
On the left the different Program categories. On the right the Resources for tools and education we recommend. E.g. the "web hosting" contains resources to get domain and hosting. At the moment we recommend "Bluehost" as 1st priority for hosting, then Godaddy and Namecheap.

These three domain and webhosting companies have free affiliate programs you can join and then you simply add your link in the Four Percent backoffice, so if your member wants hosting for a domain and website and buys it via their Four Percent backoffice, you get the commission. 


Join Four Percent FREE - Click the link - and then click the join link at the Four Percent page


Join Four Percent FREE - checkout the site and free training

You are automatically also affiliate and can start promoting immediately without buying a single product

Join Four Percent FREE - Click the image below - and then click the join link at the Four Percent page


.... Also Check out Four Percent Challenge - Our Flagship Product - Introvideo below

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Go From Zero To $10K... $100K... or Even $1Million In Sales, Selling Other People's Products, Starting From Scratch...


Lifestyle and Vacation
5 Star Resort Hotels for 3 Star Price - Combined with Business Opportunity

One of the Multiple streams of income programs in the Four Percent Backoffice
This program ALONE can earn you a fulltime income

Overview video above of this program

This program ALONE can earn you a fulltime income, it you want to promote it - obviously you do not need to promote it, you can use the good discount offers only. 

You can Join the Resort Hotel Opportunity from this link - or from the link in your Four Percent Backoffice - which I highly recommend - then you have more explanation what it is and how you can promote.

You can find this program and more videos, when you Join Four Percent free, and find the link in the backoffice called "LifeStyle".


Morrison Ambassador Program - one of the programs in the Four Percent Backoffice

Morrison Education Platform is one of the companies we endorse inside Four Percent and one of our income streams.

Check it out - signup for the free course "Learn To Build Your Online Business"



Often searched phrases
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Four Percent Multiple streams of income
Multiple streams of income
Four Percent ecosystem


Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Review - Anthony Morrison Affiliate

Join the Ambassador Program

Anthony Morrison Publishing Affiliate, Anthony Morrison Products affiliate, Morrison Ambassador Club affiliate Program, Morrison Ambassador Club Review

As a member of Anthony Morrison Ambassador Program (affiliate) you’ll be able to tap right into their business funnels and start generating commissions without even knowing how to create a single page online.

Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Review
Official Website:
Product Name: Morrison Ambassador Club Program


Morrison Ambassador Club Review logo

With the Morrison ambassador program, You can tap in to and use the Anthony Morrison education product funnels or optional you can use your own clickfunnels optin page (clickfunnels sharecode available) and build your own list... and you get access to Anthony Morrison education whole eco-system and the ability to promote all their products which no one else get the ability to do. Being an Ambassador for Anthony Morrison education is a very exclusive group.

This program was designed to help anyone create and then grow their own online business. Ambassadors Can Earn Up To $997 Commissions From A Single sale.

With the ambassador membership is included:
• Ambassador training and webinars
• a private facebook group exclusively for ambassadors
• subscription to anthony Morrison Success Connection training and webinars
• the "Profit cycle blueprint" course.
• The ability to promote and to earn commissions on all of Anthony Morrison Education products in the eco-system.

Other Products from Morrison Publishing
==> FanPage Domination
==> AutoEngage Software for Facebook Automation


How to get $500 discount on the Morrison Ambassador program - so you end up with paying only $997

Morrison Ambassador program part of Four Percent Multiple Streams of income (eco-system)

The Morrison Ambassador program is part of Four Percent eco-system and multiple streams of income, which means as an ambassador you simply input your ambassador link into the Four Percent Backoffice and people you introduce to Four Percent will signup to the ambassador program via your link, so you earn the commission. 

The Morrison Ambassador program is introduced in Four Percent Challenge program at day 4+5. You will get a special extra bonus ($500 discount) if you signup via the Four Percent Challenge, so I highly recommend that.

Here's the direct discount link $500 off on the Morrison Ambassador Program
Actually you do not need to be part of Four Percent - here's the direct Discount link in the 4 Percent backoffice: Click here to sign up for Morrison Publishing Ambassador program with $500 off.

Note: It's the direct orderpage and you need to use the coupon code fourpercent to get that $500 discount, so you end up with paying $997 for the Morrison Ambassador program 

Here is how the Anthony Morrison education eco-system works:
if you bring in a subscriber to the free training, that person is tied to you and if they decide to buy any product in the future, you earn the commission from that sale, even if it is 1 year after.  

How does an Ambassador promote?
When you become ambassador you are getting access to their marketing machine. The only thing you have to do in order to earn money with the ambassador program is send traffic to their wildly profitable funnels and you are getting paid some massive commissions. They are gonna do all the work for you at the backend, all the automation, all the email sequences, they are doing it for you.

Join the Ambassador Program

Morrison Ambassador Club Review arrow
Morrison Ambassador club Affiliate Program Review

A typical way to promote the products and the ambassador membership itself, is to promote the company's optin page that gives away a free online business course, to capture a lead. Once the lead has subscribed the company take over and promote for you by sending emails with value and inviting to webinars. The company has an email series that goes out for around 13 month.

You have the option to use your own optin page and drive traffic to that, in order for you to build your own email list and not only rely on Anthony Morrison's followups email series. They will provide you the templates for optin pages via clickfunnels sharecode.

Optin page you can promote as Ambassador
Below screenshot of a company optin page, you can use to promote the ambassador program. All you have to do is drive good traffic to that page and the company takes over with 13 months of email followup.
The easiest business you will ever come across. Try this optin page here

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review


Morrison Ambassador Commission

As Morrison Ambassador you earn 50% commisison for sales and 10% commission when someone you enrolled in the program, earn a commission (2.tier commission).

Here is a screenshot from my morrison ambassador backoffice showing commission of $498.50 on a ambassador membership sale of $997 discounted membership price, which is special for Four Percent members.

That's my commission earned after I became ambassador on 8th. November 2018 and after being an ambassador for 24 hours via the Four Percent.

8 is the number of visitors to my link in the Four Percent backoffice in the challenge session 4 and 5 (the only place the link is shown) and one sale out of that is 12,5% conversion rate. That's the same conversion to sale rate Vick has on the company level as he shows during the challenge sessions.

So around 1 out of 8 following the challenge will join the Ambassador club membership. Obviously there is no guarantee for that.

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review


Anthony Morrison education products

Screenshot below from the backoffice of the ambassador program, shows the Anthony Morrison education products

As a Morrison Ambassador you have the ability to earn commissions on all Morrison education products, courses, software and tools.

Morrison Ambassador Club Program Review

Morrison Ambassador Club Review arrow

Join the Ambassador Program

Morrison Ambassador club Affiliate Program Review

Income disclamer
Obviously the The Morrison Ambassador club membership, presented in this Morrison Ambassador program review, doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


Is Morrison Ambassador Club Program a Scam?

Is Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Legit?

​Is Morrison Ambassador Club Program a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Legit?



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How to add an aWeber Optin Form on your WordPress blog - and your eStage

Add Optin Form to your WordPress Blog or eStage blog
You can add html code to your wordpress blog no matter what theme you are running and also the html code for an aweber optin form.

Go to your aweber account and create a form and grab the html code and paste it in the wordpress editor.

If you have eStage, it's no different.

I made a simple aweber optin section to add to your eStage Oliver theme.

1. disable the first newsletter getresponse optin form (see Nigel's eStage academy session 9)
2. Remove the bottom newsletter form. Delete [modern_newsletter] from the short code in the wordpress editor.
3. exchange it with the code for a new optin form section, which I made available as a txt document in the "files" (in your four percent facebook group).

I also added form for convertkit autoresponder and form to place higher on the page and a form for the sidebar.

Here below is a screenshot what it looks like in the eStage them and Oliver template. Form at the bottom above the footer.

You are welcome to use and modify as you like. The button is hosted at tinypic . com, so no need to change it.

All you need to do is change the aweber form ID and the redirect URL.

Add all the text below instead of [modern_newsletter] in the wordpress edititor

​<!-- Start of Your optin form Section
• For eStage: Disable the first newsletter getresponse optin form
• In wordpress editor for each page/post: remove "[modern_newsletter]" from the bottom of the short code coding, which is the bottom newsletter optin form. Then add the aweber form below where "[modern_newsletter]" was.

Things to change

• Mandatory: awlist1111111 change to you actual aweber list ID
• Mandatory: "redirect" value=" - change to your redirect URL
• Optional: meta_adtracking" value="MyAd" - change to AD Campaign identifier. The button image is hosted on -->

​<div align="center" style="background-color: #ab1111 ; padding: 0px; border: 0px solid white; width: 100%"> <span style="font-size: 35px; color: #ffffff; padding: 0px"><strong>Get Instant Access to my Life-Saving Video Training for FREE</strong></style></span> <!-- Your aweber optin form code after this --> <form method="post" action="" target="_blank"> <input name="listname" value="awlist1111111" type="hidden"> <input name="redirect" value="" type="hidden"> <input name="meta_adtracking" id="meta_adtracking" value="MyAd" type="hidden"> <input name="meta_forward_vars" value="1" type="hidden"> <input class="text_input" name="email" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; font-weight: regular; font-size: 22px; color: #000000; width:300px; height:40px; text-align:center" ;="" ="" value="Enter Best email" onfocus="if (this.value == 'Enter Best email') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'Enter Best email';}" type="text"> <br><input class="button" src="" alt="Submit Form" type="image" width="305px"><br></style> <span style="color: #ffffff; line-height: 15px;">* We hate spam with a passion. Your information will not be share

</style></span> </form> </div>

<!-- End of Your aweber optin Section & form code -->


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How to move wordpress Blog to a new hosting or new domain - also with eStage


First Save everything
First you should save database and export posts and pages from the old domain. You should also save all pages and posts individually just to have the content handy for safety reason. Go to each page and Control+S

On old domain
• left menu / tools / export
Export all pages, posts, Vc Templates and what you see
download export file

• left menu / database / backup DB
save and download the database file (just for security, you dont need it for new domain)

on new domain
• install wordpress
• install this plugin: WordPress Importer
• install eStage
• import file with pages and posts from old domain
• make a 401 error page that goes to the front page

​As you install everything on a new domain, you should check links on pages and posts to see if the go right.

In regards of google and indexing, you cannot have duplicate content ie same content on old and new domain.

If you are deleting everything on old domain you should keep the hosting for a while and make a .htaccess file on the old domain that 301 redirects all pages and posts from old domain to similar pages on new domain.

Moving hosting - but Same domain
If you are moving a wordpress blog from one host to another, but same domain, it's similar but in that case you should import the database as well.

How to move eStage Livence

​I want to move my eStage Licence to a new domain and keep the old content

It's a little tricky and something I don't like about eStage, it keeps you hostage and it's difficult to escape without breaking your site.

​You should definitely save all pages and posts individually (Control S) just to have the content in a readable form. Also save database.

eStage has "visual composer" content editor, custom integrated, not as separate, allthough you can buy it seperate at $59

​This composer uses shortcode and if you remove the composer (remove eStage), evertyhing in colums get completely messed up. The jack oliver templates contains a lot of shortcode in colums it starts with [vc_row][vc_column].........

If you remove the composer (remove eStage) wordpress has no Idea what this code means and cannot render the page to anything meaningfull.

​Another problem is if you disconnect the license you cannot even log in to your wordpress. You should first uninstall eStage theme, wordpress always has a default theme that it goes back to. However I haven't tried uninstalling eStage, so Im not sure how it goes and not sure how many features that disappear

​One option is to save all pages so you have the content. Get the Visual composer seperate and install it after you deleted eStage.

​Another option is to get a good Content editor, the best is Thrive architect ($67 for single domain) and reconstruct everything from your saved pages. This content editor is a beauty to work with.


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Kuvera Review, Kuvera Business Opportunity Review

CryptoSplosion Review below

Check Out Kuvera Here

Here i my Kuvera Review: Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining

Kuvera is also a Network Marketing Company that provides a business opportunity so You'll have to option to Earn Money from Home (optional)

Kuvera Review

Official Kuvera Website

Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides Educational Products with Premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining
- all in one central place - as well as a business opportunity to earn money from home.

Kuvera provides you with a guide to Your financial freedom via their educational products, that provide You with the knowledge you'll need in order to secure your financial future. You my choose to buy one of their products, buy a Bitcoin Mining contract or you may choose to also become an Independent Kuvera distributor, which is only a onetime fee of $50, you do not even need to buy products to become a distributor.

==> Go here Signup as Kuvera distributor only $50 onetime fee 

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button
Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

Kuvera is a 5 year old company owned by "Investview" - a publicly traded company registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Kuvera's headquarters is located in Salt Lake City UT, 84101 in the USA. Kuvera is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Kuvera will a little bit later, be part of FourPercent's multiple streams of income. I don't have an exact date, it's now October-2018.
Once you are member of Kuvera, you just plug in your Kuvera link in the Four Percent's backoffice.

Four Percent is a FREE educational and inspirational platform for entrepreneurs
== > Join Four Percent Free here


Kuvera Products Review

Kuvera University is a financial education video series. Videos are at short 4 minutes in length and cover topics such as: money talk, forex, financial education, as well as a monthly monthly hosted webinars and more.

Crypto Mining is Kuvera’s cryptocurrency mining program. Kuvera offers four tiers of mining contracts. Larger contracts can be arranged. Each mining subscription is good for the full lease of a mining rig for a minimum of 1000 days and will pay you direct to your wallet every day. Kuvera owns the rigs and covers all maintenance and updates.

A full education platform, crypto trading alerts, and a crypto trading bot program are included in this pack. Hardware, wallets, exchanges, trading and ICO’s, all in one place.

Research and Market Analysis Sessions provide customers education on a variety of topics such as hardware, wallets, exchanges and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). The sessions also feature in-depth chart analysis of the growing cryptocurrency universe. Portfolio Alerts identify crypto currency coins that may have the potential to increase in value. The CRYPTOtrader proprietary software allows customers to personalize their trade parameters and risk tolerance. With just a few clicks, users can participate in crypto currency market with minimal effort.

CRYPTOone Overview

Find Money that you don't have. FINDING includes financial strategies trainings provided by renowned money mentors as well as financial apps that track spending. This category has two products:

Kuvera Money is money management education that can change your life. This program comes with live monthly webinars, interactive lessons, and financial training videos provided by America’s money mentor, Ross Jardine.

The second product in the FIND category is a financial tracking app and is explained below in the KEEP portion.

Kuvera’s KEEP category includes two powerful tools. The first is the same financial app mentioned in the FIND category, as it’s results help most people keep or receive more money at tax time. And the second is Kuvera University, an video educational platform.

Deductr PRO is an app and website that provides automated tracking, real time tax savings, and instant tax reporting. On the day to day, not tax time, list of benefits, Deductr works to help simplify your finances by seeing all your accounts in one place, breaking down expenses, and helping track progress toward financial goals. Use of Deductr puts $100 to $600 per month back in the average person’s wallet.

The Equity Pack provides trade alerts for options and broad markets like the S&P 500. The alerts are typically sent out in a video format so they’re easy to execute for anyone, regardless of financial background. There are weekly and monthly trade strategies.

Ryze is a forex auto-trading program appearing to historically average a 2-3% compounding MONTHLY return and is publicly audited. Ryze has never had a losing day, nor losing hour since it began trading.

FX One offers live FX binary options trading sessions as well as live education and training. FX One is the best way for people without much wealth to increase it, because the trade minimum is only $50.

Kuvera FXone Overview

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup


How do I Buy products or Join Kuvera as Distributor

==> Click this link Join Kuvera

... and you'll be taken to a page that looks like this...

How to Join Kuvera

Choose country / language. Choose a Product Subscription (The all in pack is best value) or choose crypto mining and if you'd like to upgrade to distributor status (Note at the moment the Ethereum mining is temporerely on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

You may choose to become distributor only, which is a $50 onetime fee. You do not need to buy products to become Kuvera distributor.

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button


Review of Kuvera's Business Opportunity

Check Out Kuvera Here

Kuvera Business opportunity Review
As a Kuvera distributor You can generate a constant income stream, by recruiting others in to the business, while your crypto-mining grows automatically and sends you Bitcoin or Ethereum coins into Your private Cryptocurrency Wallet.

Kuvera business opportunity is for everybody who wants to earn money from home, whether you are a seasoned online business entrepreneur or a complete newbie. Kuvera's compensation Plan is designed for newbies to get into profit as fast as possible.

Kuvera has customers and distributors in 80+ countries around the Globe and with the huge interest for financial education, cryptocurrency, forex trading, crypto trading and crypto mining, Kuvera is a perfect fit for people who both want education as well as a solid business opportunity. 

How much does it cost to become Kuvera Distributor?
I'm glad you asked, it's ONLY $50 onetime fee to become Kuvera Distributor and you don't even need to buy products.
As a Kuvera Distributor, you will get your own link and page to signup new distributors and marketing material.

==> Become Kuvera Distributor here

Is there a marketing system with optin page and email follow sequence I can use for my Kuvera Business?

Yes there is a 3rd party company that created such a system specifically for promoting Kuvera. I'm using it and it's awesome. It's only $30 monthly and worth a lot more. You can checkout the system here, just optin with your email and see how it works.

What is the "Product Credit Bonus?"
Whether you are a Distributors or Customers You can get Your subscription paid for by sharing Kuvera's products with others. All you will have to do is enroll 3 people on one of Kuvera's products subscriptions: e.g. CryptoOne, FXone or the "All In Pack" and your subscription will be credited back to you each month.

Does Kuvera has a Facebook Group for all members?
Yes, you will be invited to our closed facebook group where you will meet like-minded people and discuss topics related to Kuvera and the products. You will get updates and invited to webinars and online and offline meetings (events).

Can I buy products as a customer e.g. mining contract for crypto mining without being a distributor?
Yes, You do not need to be a distributor to buy any of Kuveras products.

Kuvera Buisiness Opportunity Video


Review of Kuvera's Bonus plan - compensation plan

Kuvera has provided one of the most lucrative and simplest Compensation plans in Network Marketing. It focus on helping the newest distributors get into profit quickly and at the same time with the huge demand for good financial education and crypto mining, many Online Entrepreneurs say finally have they found their home with Kuvera.

You can download Kuvera's bonus plan as PDF document here.

.. or you can Watch the video below for an overview of Kuveras Bonus Plan.

Kuvera Bonus Plan Video

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button


Kuvera Crypto Mining Review

What is Bitcoin Mining and Cryptocurrency Mining all about

Kuvera provides option to buy mining contracts and Crypto Mining in  Bitcoin or Ethereum. You Get Paid weekly in Bitcoin or Ethereum, directly to Your CryptoCurrency Wallet

Bitcoin mining is a computer setup that is running 24/7, either by an individual or by a company or organization.

Those who mine Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies (there are about 1.000 different cryptocurrencies) do two things in relation to the public ledger, which uses a technology called Blockchain, a decentralized register that keep track of all transaction made in the cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoins.

1. The computer setup handles Bitcoin transactions and add the transaction to the public ledger. If you want to transfer bitcoin to another person e.g. if you buy something in Bitcoin, this transaction is carried out automatically by a computer and the transaction is stamped into the public ledger and cannot be reversed. Those who do the transaction charge a transaction fee for doing this, thus earn bitcoin.

All transactions in all crypto currencies are public for everyone to see, however the owners of the accounts are not known.

Public Ledger for Bitcoin, Transactions examples on All Bitcoin transactions
Latest Bitcoin transactions live on:
Public Ledger for Ethereum
, on All Ethereum transactions

2. The computer setup solves a difficult puzzle by running millions of arbitrary or intelligent attempts to solve the puzzle. Those who solve the puzzle first earn a certain amount of bitcoin. Then a new puzzle is made and everybody is trying to solve this.

Kuvera Crypto Mining Video

What's the price of Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
Kuvera offers two different sets of mining packs. Ethereum mining and Bitcoin Mining.

Mining packs in Ethereum, the four different packs below. There is a onetime setup fee of $99,99 which is added to the prices below.
• Generator Pack $500
• Business Pack $1.000
• Executive Pack $2.500
• Premiere Pack $5.000
The mining output in Ethereum is credited weekly to your private Ethereum account.

Mining packs in Bitcoin, has just been launched October 2018 and at the same time the Ethereum mining packs are temporarily on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

How are commissions paid on Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
1. Each mining pack generate product volume (PV) in the month they are bought, which counts towards your total Product Volume.
2. On top of this You earn a commission on each mining pack you refere to a customer or distributor. The commission is 6-10% of the mining pack price, depending on your rank. It's described in the compensation plan and shown in the chart above: From $30 to $500 per mining pack.

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

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Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

Crypto mining with Kuvera

What is Blockchain

Blockchain small packages of data interconnected one by one. The technology cryptocurrencies use to communicate. Small packages of data sent anonymous indistinguishable from other internet data. Only the two parts involved know about it. Think of email sent between two persons. If I send money to you I need your unique crypto ID (analog to your email) and I send the money to you hidden in a small package of data. Only you and I know about this and it is 100% irreversible, cannot be undone.

Most of the internet will run via the blockchain technology in 10 years or less.

Kuvera's Crypto Mining equipment in Romania


How to Create a Private CryptoCurrency account

How to buy bitcoins or Ethereum

You can create a cryptocurrency account, a Wallet, online and access it from you computer or smartphone. That works fine for small amounts. However if you computer get hacked your account is in risk.

You can buy Bitcoins and create wallet here at two of the most popular online wallets:

You can also find companies that sell Bitcoins and then transfere to your online or hardware Wallet. 
Hardware Wallet
A more safe place to keep your cryptocurrency is off-line, is to get a hardware wallet, a physical wallet to keep your Bitcoins or Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Prices are in the $70-100 range

Two popular Hardware Wallets:
• Ledger Nano S:
• Trezor:


#1 marketing system for promoting Kuvera

Link to my CryptoSplosion Review - Screenshot below

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Go to my CryptoSplosion review page

Crypto mining with Kuvera


Kuvera Videos

Kuvera Videos below coming. There are several videos above

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance


Is Kuvea a Scam?
Is Kuvera Legit?

​Is Kuvera a Scam?
No Kuvere is not a Scam

Is Kuvera Legit?
Yes, Kuvera is legit


Kuvea FAQ

​Q: . Coming
A: .

Q: .
A: .

Income disclamer
Obviously Kuvera or CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, skills, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


  • ....



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# 1 Youtube Downloader = 4K Video Downloader

Why YTD Youtube Downloader Sucks!

4K Video Downloader review

I have been using YTD youtube downloader for years. But with the new update 5.9.6 I'm done. New user interface they say! - Really? The new user interface is an AD for trying to trick you to upgrade to YTD pro. In addition they trottle your youtube downloads so they are stuck on low Kb/sec for long time.
When they try to trick you to upgrade to pro they offer $9.90 per year.... but the following years it's $35. I don't like being tricked.

I'm done with that YTD youtube downloader shit and deleted YTD youtube downloader from my computer.

4K Video Downloader Review
So here is my review on 4K Video Downloader, which is much better.

I searched for a decent youtube downloader and found 4K Video Downloader and downloaded and installed it.

Oh my god what a difference. It's so fast and easy and the free version has no annoying ads although there is an ad below the interface that encourage you to upgrade to pro version. But it's not annoying.

The download speed of 4K Video Downloader is very good something like 12 mB/sec a complete different world that the lousy YTD youtube downloader 50 Kb/sec speed.

Get 4K Video Downloader here:

How to tutorial

The best free Youtube downloader

4K Video Downloader review



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