How to add an aWeber Optin Form on your WordPress blog - and your eStage

Add Optin Form to your WordPress Blog or eStage blog
You can add html code to your wordpress blog no matter what theme you are running and also the html code for an aweber optin form.

Go to your aweber account and create a form and grab the html code and paste it in the wordpress editor.

If you have eStage, it's no different.

I made a simple aweber optin section to add to your eStage Oliver theme.

1. disable the first newsletter getresponse optin form (see Nigel's eStage academy session 9)
2. Remove the bottom newsletter form. Delete [modern_newsletter] from the short code in the wordpress editor.
3. exchange it with the code for a new optin form section, which I made available as a txt document in the "files" (in your four percent facebook group).

I also added form for convertkit autoresponder and form to place higher on the page and a form for the sidebar.

Here below is a screenshot what it looks like in the eStage them and Oliver template. Form at the bottom above the footer.

You are welcome to use and modify as you like. The button is hosted at tinypic . com, so no need to change it.

All you need to do is change the aweber form ID and the redirect URL.

Add all the text below instead of [modern_newsletter] in the wordpress edititor

​<!-- Start of Your optin form Section
• For eStage: Disable the first newsletter getresponse optin form
• In wordpress editor for each page/post: remove "[modern_newsletter]" from the bottom of the short code coding, which is the bottom newsletter optin form. Then add the aweber form below where "[modern_newsletter]" was.

Things to change

• Mandatory: awlist1111111 change to you actual aweber list ID
• Mandatory: "redirect" value=" - change to your redirect URL
• Optional: meta_adtracking" value="MyAd" - change to AD Campaign identifier. The button image is hosted on -->

​<div align="center" style="background-color: #ab1111 ; padding: 0px; border: 0px solid white; width: 100%"> <span style="font-size: 35px; color: #ffffff; padding: 0px"><strong>Get Instant Access to my Life-Saving Video Training for FREE</strong></style></span> <!-- Your aweber optin form code after this --> <form method="post" action="" target="_blank"> <input name="listname" value="awlist1111111" type="hidden"> <input name="redirect" value="" type="hidden"> <input name="meta_adtracking" id="meta_adtracking" value="MyAd" type="hidden"> <input name="meta_forward_vars" value="1" type="hidden"> <input class="text_input" name="email" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; font-weight: regular; font-size: 22px; color: #000000; width:300px; height:40px; text-align:center" ;="" ="" value="Enter Best email" onfocus="if (this.value == 'Enter Best email') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'Enter Best email';}" type="text"> <br><input class="button" src="" alt="Submit Form" type="image" width="305px"><br></style> <span style="color: #ffffff; line-height: 15px;">* We hate spam with a passion. Your information will not be share

</style></span> </form> </div>

<!-- End of Your aweber optin Section & form code -->


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CryptoSplosion Review

CryptoSplosion is The #1 Marketing System for Kuvera

Check out the CryptoSplosion Marketing system Here

You probably came here because you have heard about Kuvera and CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera and searched for the term Kuvera Marketing system - CryptoSplosion Review, because you are interested in earning an income online and you are so sick and tired of failing with your business online.

CryptoSplosion Review

Official Website: Product Name: "CryptoSplosion" a marketing funnel for "Kuvera Opportunity"

Here is my review of CryptoSplosion a marketing funnel System for promoting Your Kuvera Buisiness. CryptoSplosion Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, CRM, Social Media a promotional system for Your Kuvera Business.

Kuvera will later be part of Four Percent's multiple streams of income, probably in form of CryptoSplosion.


CryptoSplosion Review

Cryptosplosion is a complete marketing system with optin pages and email follow sequence you can use for Your Kuvera Business.

It's not part of Kuvera but a 3rd party company that created the system specifically for promoting Kuvera. I'm using it and it's awesome. It's only $30 monthly and worth a lot more. You can checkout the system here, just optin with your email and see how it works.

This complete marketing system is of huge value, especially for newbies. You do not have to create your own website or have an autoresponder, or write emails. The system does it all for you, it's a complete marketing system with websites, videos, webinars, resources, lead generation system (optin page, leadcapture pages), pre-written emails that go out automatically.

CryptoSplosion Backoffice Screenshot

CryptoSplosion Review

CryptoSplosion Review Video

CryptoSplosion walkthrough video. Automated Marketing System for promoting Your Kuvera business

CryptoSplosion Marketingsystem Works on Complete Autopilot

CryptoSplosion is a complete Turn-Key Marketing system for promoting Kuvera, with funnels and high converting Capture pages and email follow ups, designed to get sales and grow Your Kuvera Business.

You can get the exact same CryptoSplosion System to Promote your Kuvera business

CryptoSplosion Funnels & Lead capture pages

Opportunity Seekers funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

This funnel is aimed at people who have been jumping from program to program searching for a home business and an opportunity to finally succeed. After opt in the visitor is presented with Kuvera's opportunity and how they can succeed with a home Business

Checkout the funnel

Business Overview funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

This funnel “Business overview” targets those who are tired of the standard MLM program where you hunt friends and family to recruite them, but still want a home business. After opt in they see Kuvera's opportunity as a refreshing program with a new approach that focus on simplicity and crypto.

Checkout the funnel

Leaked Video funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Leaked Video Funnel Trigger the curiosity of the visitor that there is some sort of insider or leaked information. When they opt in they will see information of Kuvera in the form of a discussion between top earners.

Checkout the funnel

The Game Show Funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Game Funnel, is a short and fun funnel aimed at people who already have knowledge about crypto mining is. It compares different mining programs.

Checkout the funnel

Expert Interview

CryptoSplosion Review

The Expert Interview is a 1½ hour Video and interview of an Expert explaining the details of cryptocyrrency mining. It's not a funnel with an optin option and thus not a stand alone page. The button goes to Kuvera signup. The pages is included in the automatic follow up email sequence, so every lead is presented with this page

Checkout the Page

Product Funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Product funnel, obviously focus on Kuvera's Products. After opt in the visitor sees a presentation of Kuveras educational products, the financial products that help them with strategies how to grow your money, walkthrough of forex and crypto trading, what crypto currencies is, crypto mining and the optional business opportunity

Checkout the funnel

FAQ Page

The FAQ page about Kuvera, answer questions you may have about the products, cryptocurrency, crypto mining and Kuvera's Opportunity. On the page is 8 videos to support the information. The links and buttons go directly to Kuvera's official page where you may signup.

Checkout the FAQ Page

CryptoSplosion Review

Main Features of the CryptoSplosion Marketing & Sales Platform

  • Pre-Built Lead Generation Funnels, Optin pages and Web Pages
    Automated marketing System using the pre-built sales funnels for lead generation system, with pre-built high converting optin pages that capture your leads and info-webpages with videos. The marketing system has pre-written email series and different campaigns, that sends emails automatically to your leads. It has CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
    The CRM tracks leads actions: Email opens, click on links, page visits, time watching the videos, which classifies Your leads with a Score value and the categories: Cold, Warm or hot. For each individual lead You may attach: Notes, create tags, schedule tasks, change email campaign as well as watch statistics for our lead.
  • Statistics & Analytics
    Cryptosplosion Marketing System has advanced real-time Lead Tracking, Reporting and Statistics to measure your marketing strategy and traffic efforts.
  • Dotcast - BroadCast Email
    In addition to the Pre-Built email Campaigns that sends emails to your leads on autopilot, you have the option to create a custom email and broadcast the email to your leads. Either to all leads or to segments of your leads based on what tag is attached to the lead. The Broadcast is called DotCast
  • CryptoSplosion has Social Media Post templates
    The CryptoSplosion platform has pre-built templates for creating social post on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with the “Get Social” tool. With hashtags (#) and short URLs, so you can post on social media without having technical skills and drive traffic to your CryptoSplosion
  • You receive Email Notification when a lead subscribe and take actions
    You will receive notification to your email, each time a lead has opted in to one of your Lead Capture pages and when one of your leads has changed Score Category: from Cold to Warm or from Warm to Hot, so you can take action based upon their activity.

Checkout the CryptoSplosion system in Action. Click the button below

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

That's it, my review of The CryptoSplosion Marketing System for Promoting Kuvera. Now go Get Started with your own business, Click the button above.


Link to my Kuvera Review - Screenshot below

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Go to my Kuvera Review

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance


Is CryptoSplosion a Scam?
Is CryptoSplosion Legit?

​Is Cryptosplosion a Scam?
No Kuvere is not a Scam

Is Cryptosplosion Legit?
Yes, Kuvera is legit


Cryptosplosion FAQ

​Q: . Coming
A: .

Q: .
A: .

Income disclamer
Obviously CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, skills, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


  • ....



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How to move wordpress Blog to a new hosting or new domain - also with eStage


First Save everything
First you should save database and export posts and pages from the old domain. You should also save all pages and posts individually just to have the content handy for safety reason. Go to each page and Control+S

On old domain
• left menu / tools / export
Export all pages, posts, Vc Templates and what you see
download export file

• left menu / database / backup DB
save and download the database file (just for security, you dont need it for new domain)

on new domain
• install wordpress
• install this plugin: WordPress Importer
• install eStage
• import file with pages and posts from old domain
• make a 401 error page that goes to the front page

​As you install everything on a new domain, you should check links on pages and posts to see if the go right.

In regards of google and indexing, you cannot have duplicate content ie same content on old and new domain.

If you are deleting everything on old domain you should keep the hosting for a while and make a .htaccess file on the old domain that 301 redirects all pages and posts from old domain to similar pages on new domain.

Moving hosting - but Same domain
If you are moving a wordpress blog from one host to another, but same domain, it's similar but in that case you should import the database as well.

How to move eStage Livence

​I want to move my eStage Licence to a new domain and keep the old content

It's a little tricky and something I don't like about eStage, it keeps you hostage and it's difficult to escape without breaking your site.

​You should definitely save all pages and posts individually (Control S) just to have the content in a readable form. Also save database.

eStage has "visual composer" content editor, custom integrated, not as separate, allthough you can buy it seperate at $59

​This composer uses shortcode and if you remove the composer (remove eStage), evertyhing in colums get completely messed up. The jack oliver templates contains a lot of shortcode in colums it starts with [vc_row][vc_column].........

If you remove the composer (remove eStage) wordpress has no Idea what this code means and cannot render the page to anything meaningfull.

​Another problem is if you disconnect the license you cannot even log in to your wordpress. You should first uninstall eStage theme, wordpress always has a default theme that it goes back to. However I haven't tried uninstalling eStage, so Im not sure how it goes and not sure how many features that disappear

​One option is to save all pages so you have the content. Get the Visual composer seperate and install it after you deleted eStage.

​Another option is to get a good Content editor, the best is Thrive architect ($67 for single domain) and reconstruct everything from your saved pages. This content editor is a beauty to work with.


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Kuvera Review, Kuvera Business Opportunity Review

CryptoSplosion Review below

Check Out Kuvera Here

Here i my Kuvera Review: Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining

Kuvera is also a Network Marketing Company that provides a business opportunity so You'll have to option to Earn Money from Home (optional)

Kuvera Review

Official Kuvera Website

Kuvera is a Learning Center that provides Educational Products with Premium level education on cryptocurrency, Financial fitness, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Crypto Mining
- all in one central place - as well as a business opportunity to earn money from home.

Kuvera provides you with a guide to Your financial freedom via their educational products, that provide You with the knowledge you'll need in order to secure your financial future. You my choose to buy one of their products, buy a Bitcoin Mining contract or you may choose to also become an Independent Kuvera distributor, which is only a onetime fee of $50, you do not even need to buy products to become a distributor.

==> Go here Signup as Kuvera distributor only $50 onetime fee 

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button
Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

Kuvera is a 5 year old company owned by "Investview" - a publicly traded company registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Kuvera's headquarters is located in Salt Lake City UT, 84101 in the USA. Kuvera is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Kuvera will a little bit later, be part of FourPercent's multiple streams of income. I don't have an exact date, it's now October-2018.
Once you are member of Kuvera, you just plug in your Kuvera link in the Four Percent's backoffice.

Four Percent is a FREE educational and inspirational platform for entrepreneurs
== > Join Four Percent Free here


Kuvera Products Review

Kuvera University is a financial education video series. Videos are at short 4 minutes in length and cover topics such as: money talk, forex, financial education, as well as a monthly monthly hosted webinars and more.

Crypto Mining is Kuvera’s cryptocurrency mining program. Kuvera offers four tiers of mining contracts. Larger contracts can be arranged. Each mining subscription is good for the full lease of a mining rig for a minimum of 1000 days and will pay you direct to your wallet every day. Kuvera owns the rigs and covers all maintenance and updates.

A full education platform, crypto trading alerts, and a crypto trading bot program are included in this pack. Hardware, wallets, exchanges, trading and ICO’s, all in one place.

Research and Market Analysis Sessions provide customers education on a variety of topics such as hardware, wallets, exchanges and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). The sessions also feature in-depth chart analysis of the growing cryptocurrency universe. Portfolio Alerts identify crypto currency coins that may have the potential to increase in value. The CRYPTOtrader proprietary software allows customers to personalize their trade parameters and risk tolerance. With just a few clicks, users can participate in crypto currency market with minimal effort.

CRYPTOone Overview

Find Money that you don't have. FINDING includes financial strategies trainings provided by renowned money mentors as well as financial apps that track spending. This category has two products:

Kuvera Money is money management education that can change your life. This program comes with live monthly webinars, interactive lessons, and financial training videos provided by America’s money mentor, Ross Jardine.

The second product in the FIND category is a financial tracking app and is explained below in the KEEP portion.

Kuvera’s KEEP category includes two powerful tools. The first is the same financial app mentioned in the FIND category, as it’s results help most people keep or receive more money at tax time. And the second is Kuvera University, an video educational platform.

Deductr PRO is an app and website that provides automated tracking, real time tax savings, and instant tax reporting. On the day to day, not tax time, list of benefits, Deductr works to help simplify your finances by seeing all your accounts in one place, breaking down expenses, and helping track progress toward financial goals. Use of Deductr puts $100 to $600 per month back in the average person’s wallet.

The Equity Pack provides trade alerts for options and broad markets like the S&P 500. The alerts are typically sent out in a video format so they’re easy to execute for anyone, regardless of financial background. There are weekly and monthly trade strategies.

Ryze is a forex auto-trading program appearing to historically average a 2-3% compounding MONTHLY return and is publicly audited. Ryze has never had a losing day, nor losing hour since it began trading.

FX One offers live FX binary options trading sessions as well as live education and training. FX One is the best way for people without much wealth to increase it, because the trade minimum is only $50.

Kuvera FXone Overview

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup


How do I Buy products or Join Kuvera as Distributor

==> Click this link Join Kuvera

... and you'll be taken to a page that looks like this...

How to Join Kuvera

Choose country / language. Choose a Product Subscription (The all in pack is best value) or choose crypto mining and if you'd like to upgrade to distributor status (Note at the moment the Ethereum mining is temporerely on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

You may choose to become distributor only, which is a $50 onetime fee. You do not need to buy products to become Kuvera distributor.

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

Kuvera product and subscriptions and distributor signup

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button


Review of Kuvera's Business Opportunity

Check Out Kuvera Here

Kuvera Business opportunity Review
As a Kuvera distributor You can generate a constant income stream, by recruiting others in to the business, while your crypto-mining grows automatically and sends you Bitcoin or Ethereum coins into Your private Cryptocurrency Wallet.

Kuvera business opportunity is for everybody who wants to earn money from home, whether you are a seasoned online business entrepreneur or a complete newbie. Kuvera's compensation Plan is designed for newbies to get into profit as fast as possible.

Kuvera has customers and distributors in 80+ countries around the Globe and with the huge interest for financial education, cryptocurrency, forex trading, crypto trading and crypto mining, Kuvera is a perfect fit for people who both want education as well as a solid business opportunity. 

How much does it cost to become Kuvera Distributor?
I'm glad you asked, it's ONLY $50 onetime fee to become Kuvera Distributor and you don't even need to buy products.
As a Kuvera Distributor, you will get your own link and page to signup new distributors and marketing material.

==> Become Kuvera Distributor here

Is there a marketing system with optin page and email follow sequence I can use for my Kuvera Business?

Yes there is a 3rd party company that created such a system specifically for promoting Kuvera. I'm using it and it's awesome. It's only $30 monthly and worth a lot more. You can checkout the system here, just optin with your email and see how it works.

What is the "Product Credit Bonus?"
Whether you are a Distributors or Customers You can get Your subscription paid for by sharing Kuvera's products with others. All you will have to do is enroll 3 people on one of Kuvera's products subscriptions: e.g. CryptoOne, FXone or the "All In Pack" and your subscription will be credited back to you each month.

Does Kuvera has a Facebook Group for all members?
Yes, you will be invited to our closed facebook group where you will meet like-minded people and discuss topics related to Kuvera and the products. You will get updates and invited to webinars and online and offline meetings (events).

Can I buy products as a customer e.g. mining contract for crypto mining without being a distributor?
Yes, You do not need to be a distributor to buy any of Kuveras products.

Kuvera Buisiness Opportunity Video


Review of Kuvera's Bonus plan - compensation plan

Kuvera has provided one of the most lucrative and simplest Compensation plans in Network Marketing. It focus on helping the newest distributors get into profit quickly and at the same time with the huge demand for good financial education and crypto mining, many Online Entrepreneurs say finally have they found their home with Kuvera.

You can download Kuvera's bonus plan as PDF document here.

.. or you can Watch the video below for an overview of Kuveras Bonus Plan.

Kuvera Bonus Plan Video

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button


Kuvera Crypto Mining Review

What is Bitcoin Mining and Cryptocurrency Mining all about

Kuvera provides option to buy mining contracts and Crypto Mining in  Bitcoin or Ethereum. You Get Paid weekly in Bitcoin or Ethereum, directly to Your CryptoCurrency Wallet

Bitcoin mining is a computer setup that is running 24/7, either by an individual or by a company or organization.

Those who mine Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies (there are about 1.000 different cryptocurrencies) do two things in relation to the public ledger, which uses a technology called Blockchain, a decentralized register that keep track of all transaction made in the cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoins.

1. The computer setup handles Bitcoin transactions and add the transaction to the public ledger. If you want to transfer bitcoin to another person e.g. if you buy something in Bitcoin, this transaction is carried out automatically by a computer and the transaction is stamped into the public ledger and cannot be reversed. Those who do the transaction charge a transaction fee for doing this, thus earn bitcoin.

All transactions in all crypto currencies are public for everyone to see, however the owners of the accounts are not known.

Public Ledger for Bitcoin, Transactions examples on All Bitcoin transactions
Latest Bitcoin transactions live on:
Public Ledger for Ethereum
, on All Ethereum transactions

2. The computer setup solves a difficult puzzle by running millions of arbitrary or intelligent attempts to solve the puzzle. Those who solve the puzzle first earn a certain amount of bitcoin. Then a new puzzle is made and everybody is trying to solve this.

Kuvera Crypto Mining Video

What's the price of Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
Kuvera offers two different sets of mining packs. Ethereum mining and Bitcoin Mining.

Mining packs in Ethereum, the four different packs below. There is a onetime setup fee of $99,99 which is added to the prices below.
• Generator Pack $500
• Business Pack $1.000
• Executive Pack $2.500
• Premiere Pack $5.000
The mining output in Ethereum is credited weekly to your private Ethereum account.

Mining packs in Bitcoin, has just been launched October 2018 and at the same time the Ethereum mining packs are temporarily on hold, so Bitcoin mining is only option at the moment).

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

How are commissions paid on Kuvera's Crypto Mining packs?
1. Each mining pack generate product volume (PV) in the month they are bought, which counts towards your total Product Volume.
2. On top of this You earn a commission on each mining pack you refere to a customer or distributor. The commission is 6-10% of the mining pack price, depending on your rank. It's described in the compensation plan and shown in the chart above: From $30 to $500 per mining pack.

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

Crypto mining with Kuvera

What is Blockchain

Blockchain small packages of data interconnected one by one. The technology cryptocurrencies use to communicate. Small packages of data sent anonymous indistinguishable from other internet data. Only the two parts involved know about it. Think of email sent between two persons. If I send money to you I need your unique crypto ID (analog to your email) and I send the money to you hidden in a small package of data. Only you and I know about this and it is 100% irreversible, cannot be undone.

Most of the internet will run via the blockchain technology in 10 years or less.

Kuvera's Crypto Mining equipment in Romania


How to Create a Private CryptoCurrency account

How to buy bitcoins or Ethereum

You can create a cryptocurrency account, a Wallet, online and access it from you computer or smartphone. That works fine for small amounts. However if you computer get hacked your account is in risk.

You can buy Bitcoins and create wallet here at two of the most popular online wallets:

You can also find companies that sell Bitcoins and then transfere to your online or hardware Wallet. 
Hardware Wallet
A more safe place to keep your cryptocurrency is off-line, is to get a hardware wallet, a physical wallet to keep your Bitcoins or Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Prices are in the $70-100 range

Two popular Hardware Wallets:
• Ledger Nano S:
• Trezor:


#1 marketing system for promoting Kuvera

Link to my CryptoSplosion Review - Screenshot below

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Go to my CryptoSplosion review page

Crypto mining with Kuvera


Kuvera Videos

Kuvera Videos below coming. There are several videos above

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
Kuvera Review - Join Kuvera - Click the button

Kuvera Wealth Life Balance


Is Kuvea a Scam?
Is Kuvera Legit?

​Is Kuvera a Scam?
No Kuvere is not a Scam

Is Kuvera Legit?
Yes, Kuvera is legit


Kuvea FAQ

​Q: . Coming
A: .

Q: .
A: .

Income disclamer
Obviously Kuvera or CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, skills, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


  • ....



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Kuvera Forex Trading Alerts
Kuvera Opportunity Kuvera Review
Is Kuvera a scam


# 1 Youtube Downloader = 4K Video Downloader

Why YTD Youtube Downloader Sucks!

4K Video Downloader review

I have been using YTD youtube downloader for years. But with the new update 5.9.6 I'm done. New user interface they say! - Really? The new user interface is an AD for trying to trick you to upgrade to YTD pro. In addition they trottle your youtube downloads so they are stuck on low Kb/sec for long time.
When they try to trick you to upgrade to pro they offer $9.90 per year.... but the following years it's $35. I don't like being tricked.

I'm done with that YTD youtube downloader shit and deleted YTD youtube downloader from my computer.

4K Video Downloader Review
So here is my review on 4K Video Downloader, which is much better.

I searched for a decent youtube downloader and found 4K Video Downloader and downloaded and installed it.

Oh my god what a difference. It's so fast and easy and the free version has no annoying ads although there is an ad below the interface that encourage you to upgrade to pro version. But it's not annoying.

The download speed of 4K Video Downloader is very good something like 12 mB/sec a complete different world that the lousy YTD youtube downloader 50 Kb/sec speed.

Get 4K Video Downloader here:

How to tutorial

The best free Youtube downloader

4K Video Downloader review



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Internet Traffic Mastery Review
Internet Traffic Academy Review

​Traffic Course by 4 Percent. Learn everything about Internet Traffic - Learn how to Get Traffic to ANY website

Internet Traffic Mastery review



Internet Traffic Mastery - Mass Traffic Blueprint

What is Mass Traffic Blueprint? - Mass Traffic Blueprint it's a FREE mini Course in Traffic - a valuable 3 video series and teaser for Internet Traffic Mastery and Internet Traffic Academy

​My Review of The Internet Traffic Mastery Course
Here is my review of The Internet Traffic Mastery which is a High Level Traffic course that will teach you all about How to generate Internet Traffic, exclusively presented by "The 4 Percent"
Below my Internet Traffic Academy Review.

Watch Internet Traffic Mastery FREE LIVE VIDEO TRAINING

Internet Traffic Mastery review
Official Website

Product Name: "Internet Traffic Mastery" a high level Course where you will learn All about how to generate internet traffic, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

Internet Traffic Mastery is sold as a stand alone product. You do not need to be a member of 4 Percent to buy this course.


Internet Traffic Mastery review

​Get The Free Video Course Mass Traffic Blueprint
It's the Entry point to Internet Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Mastery Price is $997

Internet Traffic Mastery Price
To purchase the course go to the Official Internet Traffic Mastery website. Price is Only $997 onetime fee. If you are member of Four Percent purchase the course from your backoffice at $997

Did your price for Internet Traffic Mastery increase from price $997?
My price for Internet Traffic Mastery increased to $1.497 or $1.997, how do I get Internet Traffic Mastery at $997?

I don't know why they increase the price after a day and even more after more days, because the official checkout page we as promotional partners, get to promote Internet Traffic Mastery is still $997 and thus you can get Internet Traffic Mastery at that price $997.

Go directly to the Internet Traffic Mastery Course $997 checkout page:
==> Get Internet Traffic Mastery at $997 - direct checkout page
Note: It's temporarily not available - due to maintenance of 4 Percent

Note: Use the same email as your 4 Percent account (so you are not creating a 2nd fourpercent account and your sponsor gets the commision).

What is 4 Percent? It's an educational platform for visionary entrepreneurs, that offers you a lot of free training. 4 Percent also has a marketplace where you can buy highquality courses exclusively for 4 Percent, presented by the best presenters in the world within their fields.



​Internet Traffic Mastery - Welcome Intro Video

Obviously I cannot show the Internet Traffic Mastery module videos here. I think it's OK to show the intro Video below


Content of Internet Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Mastery Videos

Internet Traffic Mastery course is a 12 module Video Course that will teach you everything you want to know about Internet Traffic. Created by Vick Strizheus from the 4 Percent. Vick Strizheus was creator of the former traffic course "High Traffic Academy"

1. The future of social media and instagram. This is where the future is going, especially for marketing and business
2. Engagement, Influence, Celebrity
3. Traffic generation and monetization. Instagram is a perfect vehicle to drive traffic to any product whether its info product, e-commers, services, there is no limit
4. Become a Powerful Promoter

What You'll learn from Internet Traffic Mastery Traffic Course

Complete Internet Mastery A-Z

Here's What This Will Do For You...
• Gives you specific strategies for getting UNLIMITED traffic on-demand
• Gives you certainty and confidence, power and control
• More traffic = more conversions = moer sales = more money = better life!
• Ability to truly control your marketing, sales and income
• Respect in your market, domination in your promotions
• Peace of mind and confidence in your ability to provide for your family
• Dominate any promotion, sale, campaign, company, product, or market
• 12 Modules. Overview below

​With Internet Traffic Mastery you will also get these two 1 page infograph charts: Mass Traffic Blueprint Simplified and The Million Dollar Conversion Model

Mass Traffic Blueprint Simplified infograph
The Million Dollar Conversion Model infograph

Internet traffic Mastery Modules

  • MODULE 1: Traffic Rules & Game Plan
    Traffic Rules & Game Plan. To win in the game of traffic, you must understand the rulse of the game and speak the secret language.

    In this module you’ll learn how to multiply your results with less work and the strategies you must understand before activating your first traffic campaign ever. We talk about traffic rules, 2 types of traffic, 3 levels of traffic, rollout strategies, game plan for success and much more!

  • MODULE 2: Influencer traffic media
    Influencer traffic media. How to reach 100's of millions of people on demand and get floods of traffic to any website you want.

    8: The Ultimate Influencer Agency. Leverage other peoples influence. List of 32.000 influencers you can buy clicks from all in one hub - That is HUGE!

    In this module you’ll learn how to get your website in front of millions of people on-demand through influencer marketing strategies.

  • MODULE 3: 24 hours traffic media
    24 hours traffic media (Instant traffic media). In this module we’ll discuss the (almost) abandoned goldmine of massive instant targeted traffic  ready to be channeled to your website in 24 hours or less!

    • Fast traffic • Very easy to engage • No special skills needed • Virtually no learning curve


  • MODULE 4: Social media traffic
    Social media traffic.
    In this module you’ll learn how to quickly and strategically and effectively siphon mass amounts of highly targeted traffic from the biggest social networks in the world today

    • Fast traffic strategies • Position for domination • Viralocity • Scalability • Consistency • FREE Traffic!


  • MODULE 5: Search media traffic
    Search media traffic. In this module you’ll learn how to get in front of massive amounts of hungry prospects desperately searching for what you have!

       • Google
       • Bing
       • Powerful 2nd tier engines
       • Strategies that work

  • MODULE 6: Display traffic media
    Display traffic media. In this module we dive deep into display media and talk about how to reach millions of targeted people daily with virtually no competition!

    • Mass Media Networks • Content channels • Strategic placements • Engagement secret triggers • Max clicks secrets • No stone is left unturned!

    4: FORUMS
    5: BLOGERS

  • MODULE 7: retargeting media
    retargeting media. In this module you’ll learn specific marketing strategies for retargeting and how to be everywhere, reach millions of people, and dominate your market for pennies on the dollar!

    • Specific channels • Google content networks • Key strategies and more!

    1: AdRoll Network

  • MODULE 8: CPA traffic media
    CPA traffic media. How to get an army of super-affiliates to send you 50.000 - 100.000+ visitors per day without paying a single dime for traffic.

    • This is the "big boys league" • Strategic scale level • If done right, can take you to the top in no-time!

    1: CPA Networks

    In this module you’ll learn advanced marketing strategies and how to get an army of super affiliates to send you up to 50K - 100K visitors per day!

  • MODULE 9: Strategic Syndicate Traffic Media
    Strategic Syndicate traffic media. How to get unlimited amounts of buyers without personally running a single campaign

    • Fast results • Perpetual traffic • Very high quality • Tap into pools of BUYERS • Pre-framed and endorsed!

    In this module you’ll learn advanced strategies that can completely change your business. You’ll learn how to consistently get thousands of buyers to your website without personally running a single campaign!

  • MODULE 10: perpetual traffic Machine
    Perpetual traffic Machine. How to open floodgates of massive amounts of new fresh targeted traffic spending a single dime.

    • The ultimate system for traffic generation • Very few marketers know this • Builds YOU, and creates a very strong following for you by default

    In this module you’ll learn how to get massive amounts of new, fresh, targeted traffic daily without spending a single dime on marketing and how to create a hugely successful business in the process of doing it.

  • MODULE 11: Traffic Media X
    Traffic Media X. How to strategically uncover new fresh traffic sources and never depend on anybody for traffic ever again!

    • Become a traffic scientist • Get incredible amounts of important data • Become extremely valuable marketer in your space because you'll have an "insider" knowledge and skills • Your secret key


  • MODULE 12: The Ultimate Traffic Media
    The Best traffic media. In this module you’ll learn about the single most powerful traffic source ever. How to open floodgates of never-ending, highest converting traffic available anywhere!

    • How to tap into a well of instant and never ending highest converting traffic available anywhere • Your personal "well of fresh water" • Best traffic in the world • Available FREE and On-Demand!

​4 Percent's Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) - Testimonial




Internet Traffic Academy Review

​Here is my review of Internet Traffic Academy
So what exactly is Internet Traffic Academy and what's the difference from Internet Traffic Mastery?

Internet Traffic Academy is a gigantic program within Four Percent eco system. Internet Traffic Academy is going to be a division of the FourPercent.

Internet Traffic Academy Review

​Here is my Internet Traffic Academy Review
So what exactly is Internet Traffic Academy and what's the difference from Internet Traffic Mastery?

Internet Traffic Academy is a gigantic program within Four Percent eco system. Internet Traffic Academy is going to be a division of the FourPercent.

Internet Traffic Academy consists of 5 parts or courses, each Course consists of video modules:

• Internet Traffic Mastery
• Capture Mastery
• Conversion Mastery 
• Copywriting Mastery 
• Tribe Building Mastery

​These are the 5 essential pillars that every entrepreneur must master to truly become independent and crush it in any market.

Price Internet Traffic Academy: $4.997 / annual subscription. Probably you will get a discounted Launch price when it launches. As of July 2018, only the Internet Traffic mastery course is launced.

​Internet Traffic Mastery and Internet Traffic Academy Course is aimed towards the following Businesses:
1 - Affiliate Marketing
2 - Network Marketing
3 - Info Marketing
4 - Consulting
5 - Authors
6 - Speakers
7 - Coaches
8 - ECommerce
9 - Crypto Marketing
10 - Online Business
11 - Direct Sales
12 - Marketing Agencies
13 - Personal Brands
14 - Professional Sales
15 - Small Businesses

Price Internet Traffic Academy: $4.997 / annual subscription. At the moment (July 2018), you get all 5 courses free (when the 4 remaining launches) when you buy Internet Traffic Mastery, which is priced $997.

When all courses are launched, you will be able to buy each one separately or all 5 at a discount.


Internet Traffic Mastery & Internet Traffic Academy Affiliate Program

Internet Traffic Mastery Partner (affiliate) Program
As 4 Percent Promotional Partner (affiliate), you will be able to earn 40% commission on sales.

How to become a Partner? Become 4 Percent pro-member, then pay the onetime partner fee $197 ==> Join 4 Percent here

Note: FourPercent do not take more promotional partners at the moment


#InternetTraffic MasteryFourPercent

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Other traffic tips how to get traffic to ANY website

• From Neil Patel's Blog: 3 Simple Tricks to INCREASE Traffic to Your Blog Without Writing More Content
27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2018
25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website
5 Fast Ways To Get Traffic For A New Website
9 Killer Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO Or Social Media
10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
10 Quick Tricks To Immediately Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Secret Crypto Society Review
Formerly known as Crypto360

Secret Crypto Society is a Cryptocurrency Learning Center and network that provides premium level education on cryptocurrency all in one central place

Get notified as soon as "Secret Crypto Society" Opens around 20th. Dec
Regards Hans Ronne, Secret Crypto Society Founding member

Get Paid Directly to Your CryptoCurrency Wallet DAILY in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin

Secret Crypto Society Review
Official Website: Product Name: Secret Crypto Society

Secret Crypto Society is a Private network under the FourPercent umbrella, that provides premium level education on cryptocurrency all in one central place


Secret Crypto Society Network Review

Secret Crypto Society - FREE

Get on Early Bird List

New members can sign up at no cost but must be referred by an existing member of the network.

Secret Crypto Society is a private network. New members can sign up at no cost but must be referred by an existing member of the network.
All members get access to learning center where they get free in depth training on cryptocurrency.

The network also offers advanced traning and specially products that can be purchased by members. All purchase transactions is done in cryptocurrency:  Bitcoin (BTC), Etehereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC)

The network also offers mining opportunities in the Bitcoin, Etehereum and Litecoin currencies.

Secret Crypto Society has a private member referral program PMRP, that allows it's members to refer others to the network and earn rewards.

Here's the Plan
We're launching xxxxx (coming) - a private network that provides premium level education on cryptocurrency - all in one easy to understand central place and provides members a real, legitimate, extremely lucrative opportunity to build a massive portfolio of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other top crypto coins without doing any selling or explaining.

All you have to do is simply share the education and refer others to

The Network offers
1. Premium level learning
2. Product Marketplace
  • Secret Crypto Society Platinum Mastermind. Price $XXX paid in Bitcoins (BTC)
  • Daytrade Secret. Price $XXX paid in Ethereum (ETH)
  • Crypto360 Insider. Price $XXX paid in Litecoin (LTC)
  • Internet Traffic Mastery course. A 12 module course
  • e-Stage wordpress theme for entrepreneurs
  • tools like clickfunnels, clickmagick, autoreponders

We endorse two different mining companies you may join and add your own links:

 • BitClub Network which combines mining with MLM in a binary network

 • Kuvera Crypto Mining - Bitcoin Mining. Formerly known as Wealth Generators. They also have products around Forex and Account Provisioning. On top of this it's also an income opportunity, if you choose to become distributor.
I'v already joined this. You may Join Now and input your link later in the 4 Percent backoffice.

Member Referral Program
Earn in cryptocurrencies on product sales with crypto prices. Be able to add you own affiliate links for the different products. 4. Cryptocurrency Mining - let the money work for you.


The Opportunity of a lifetime

Get notified as soon as "Secret Crypto Society" Opens around 20th. Dec
Regards Hans Ronne, Secret Crypto Society Founding member

Once in a great while, perhaps in a lifetime, there comes an opportunity that has the power to shift the direction of your life.

Now, I won't sit here and try to convince you that THIS IS THAT OPPORTUNITY, promise you the moon or guarantee you riches or any income at all, I will, however say this - many of the world's top economists, leaders, and business figures say that the rise of cryptocurrency is the biggest wealth transfer in human history.

Exactly 1 year ago, on October 23, 2016 bitcoin price was $650.00. Just 12 short months later, today on October 23, 2017 bitcoin price is $5,900.00 and most experts predict it going to over $10K - $13K by February, 2018.

John McAfee (founder of McAfee anti-virus software company and one of the top security experts in the world) predicts (and is very confident) that bitcoin will soar to $500,000 - $1,000,000 within the next 2-3 years as fiat money diminish in value.

Cryptocurrency is all over the news, main mass media channels, social media - everybody is talking about it but hardly anybody is doing anything about it ....UNTIL NOW!


Secret Crypto Society Private Member Referral Program PMRP

Secret Crypto Society affiliate program

Get notified as soon as "Secret Crypto Society" Opens around 20th. Dec
Regards Hans Ronne, Secret Crypto Society Founding member

Secret Crypto Society private member referral program

Earn Up To 60% On Each Sale In Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin!
For the first time in the history of Internet Marketing, we're extremely excited to introduce a first ever Private Member Referral Program (PMRP) that allows you to earn rewards that go 3-levels deep for products sold through our system!

This is the ONLY plan in existence that pays you up to 60% all in crypto.

Reward Structure
Buy the product or pass 1st sale up for that product, to the first individual above, who is Qualified. You Get Paid Directly to Your CryptoCurrency Wallet DAILY in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin depending on the product currency. There are 3 different products, each with it's own currency. 

All you have to do is simply share the education and refer others to

Each product has it's own affiliate program. Reward (commission)
Tier 1 = 40% for all direct sales. Paid to you in BTC, ETH, LTC
Tier 2 = 10% for all 2nd tier sales. Paid to you in BTC, ETH, LTC
Tier 3 = 10% for all 3rd tier sales. Paid to you in BTC, ETH, LTC

Join the network free and purchase 1,2 or all 3 programs individually, if you like. By purchasing a product you earn rewards (commission) for every sale on that program. If you do not have a specific product, you will pass the 1st sale up to next qualified person above you, on that specific product. From 2nd sale you earn according to the compensation plan.

Note: When a person enters the network via your link, you do not "loose" a person or pass up a person, you only pass up a specific product commission on, if you do not have that. Each product has it's own compensationplan.

  • ....


Infinite Crypto Machine Review

Under Construction - opens 20th.Dec

Infinite Crypto Machine is a marketing system for promoting Secret Crypto Society

You probably came here because you have heard about The Infinite Crypto Machine by Vick Strizheus from the 4 Percent Group and searched for the term Infinite Crypto Machine Review, because you are interested in earning an income online and you are so sick and tired of failing with your business online.

Attention:  If You’re Skeptical, Still Struggling To Make Your First Dollar Online Or Simply Want To Make Money Quicker… I Guarantee What You’re About To Read Will Change Your Life Forever (big claim - here’s why!)

Infinite Crypto Machine Review
Official Website: Coming
Product Name: "Infinite Crypto Machine" a marketing funnel for "Secret Crypto Society"

Here is my review of The Infinite Crypto Machine which is a new marketing funnel for promoting "The Secret Crypto Society" sales system.

Infinite Crypto Machine is a strategic marketing system for promoting the 4 % group Simple System for earning multiple streams of income.

The 4 Percent Group is a learning center for entrepreneurs and elite community launched July 2016, by vick Strizheus. Vick also created HighTraffic Academy in 2012, which he left June 2016.


Infinite Crypto Machine Review

The Infinite Crypto Machine Works on Complete AUTOPILOT

And I'm Going to Give You My EXACT SYSTEM Guaranteed To Pump Cash Into Your Account!

  • You Need Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE!
    This sytem is so ridiculously simple even a 10 year old could do it
    Everything is laid out for you ... All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step instructions

But That's not even the BEST PART ...

  • You DO NOT Need a Product!
    This sytem takes care of all that ... guaranteeing you make a profit!
  • You DO NOT Need a List!
    Yes I know -- Everyone tells you the money is in the list ... well it is, but when you're getting started you don't have a list SO with this system you don't need a list.

Your about to discover the most powerfully simple "point and click" system you've ever seen... PERIOD!

Get Your Own Personal Infinite Crypto Machine

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
3 day cashmachine Review

The Infinite Crypto Machine is a System and  "Cash Machine" designed for newbies to help them earn their very first money online easily with a simple Done-for-You system.

The Infinite Crypto Machine is a marketing funnel for promoting the products inside the machine and membership of "Secret Crypto Society". The Infinite Crypto Machine is similar to a previous funnel from 2010, the "48 hour cashmachine" created by Vick Strizheus. Screenshot below of the 48 hour Cash Machine salespage.

How does the Infinite Crypto Machine works?

Under Construction

The construction of the Infinite Crypto Machine system (funnel) goes like this:
The Infinite Crypto Machine system will teach people how to earn commission by selling products you do not own yourself = other peoples products and earn a commission by doing it.

If people follow the education they can realistically earn a commission with a good product within 3 days, by doing the manual process taught

The idea with the 3 day cash machine, is to provide value to people, so they can see how to earn money online, what they shall do it, so it creates a positive expectancy, they can technically do it themselves...

Now the point of this strategic sales system "Infinite Crypto Machine" is to "Sell" the 4% group system by providing people a shortcut to start earning commissions. If they want to eliminate all the research finding a product, set up landingpage, create autoresponder series, how to know which one product is good, how to pick a good product, How to make a strategic sales system.

... If people want to skip this part and get a shortcut to success, they are presented to the 4 % group sales system, a done for You system they just can tap in to and start immediately to earning commissions very shortly.

That's it, my review of The Infinite Crypto Machine. Now go Get Started with your own business, link coming

The Infinite Crypto Machine - Videos

In the video below , Vick talks about the Infinite Crypto Machine about - coming

3 day cashmachine Review

The Infinite Crypto Machine - Backoffice Screenshot

3 Day Cash Machine Review

Q: Why it is called the Infinite Crypto Machine?
A: the system teached the principles how to earn money promoting other peoples products, as an affiliate marketer, fast and realisticly earn the first commission within 3 days

What is MSI?
MSI stands for multiple streams of income

Income disclamer
Obviously this "The Infinite Crypto Machine" doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts and advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


BitCoin Mining 1st. option

"BitClub Network" with MLM binary structure

One of the products we endorse and promote inside "Infinite Crypto Machine" and "Secret Crypto Society"

BitClub Network is a great MLM company that combines MLM with Mining. You can join BitClub Network here.

Crypto mining

I have the picks and shovels ready and forehead lamp on. Waiting for the Secret Crypto Society mining feature

BitCoin Mining 2nd. option

"Kuvera Crypto"

This is our other Mining option we endorse and promote Inside Infinite Crypto Machine. It's only the mining part of that company we will focus on. You may allready join Kuvera Crypto here


What is Blockchain

Blockchain small packages of data interconnected one by one. The technology cryptocurrencies use to communicate. Small packages of data sent anonymous indistinguisable from other internet data. Only the two parts involved know about it. Think of email sent between two persons. If I send money to you I need your unique crypto ID (analog to your email) and I send the money to you hidden in a small package of data. Only you and I know about this and it is 100% ireversible, cannot be undone.

Most of the internet will run via the blockchain technology in 10 years or less.


Is Secret Crypto Society and Infinite Crypto Machine a Scam?

Is Secret Crypto Society and Infinite Crypto Machine Legit?

​Is Secret Crypto Society and Infinite Crypto Machine a Scam?

Is Secret Crypto Society and Infinite Crypto Machine Legit?


Secret Crypto Society Network & Infinite Crypto Machine FAQ

​Q: .
A: .

Q: .
A: .




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E-com Entrepreneur Review

eCommerce - New trend in online business - Spreading like wildfire - The Fastest Growing business in the world!

How to tap into a multi-trillion dollar HUNGRY market and win BIG...

eCom Entrepreneur Free Video Series ==> Watch Video

Not a member of 4 Percent Yet? - Join here NOW - it's FREE

eCommerce is selling products from webshops - It is The Fastest Growing business in the world!
You probably came here because you have heard the Buzz about  E-com Entrepreneur and eCommerce and searched for the term E-com Entrepreneur Review.

E-com Entrepreneur Review
Official Website: eComEntrepreneur
Product Name: E-com Entrepreneur

eCom entrepreneur is a master course and training in eCommerce (selling products online from a webshop), that will change the ecommerce game.

Watch e-com-entrepreneur Free Video training series of 3 videos ==> Watch Video


​eCom Entrepreneur - $1.997

Watch Free Video

E-com Entrepreneur price:
Price for early birdies $1,997 normal price (4,997).

E-com Entrepreneur
Master Course that takes e-commerce to a new level and it will set the new standard in e-commerce. You will learn How to operate a webshop that is not based on dropshipping, like most are doing. Note: dropshipping is dying because more and more payment processors (eg Paypal) do NOT accept dropshipping any longer.

There will be problems with dropshipping very soon and it already started: Paypal and Stripe payment processors do NOT accept dropshipping business and it is estimated that more payment processors will follow. There is bad customer experience.

eCom Entrepreneur Free Video Series ==> Watch Video

The Videos in the FREE Videoseries:
Video #1  "The Fastest Growing Business"
Video #2: "Traffic & Marketing"
Video #3: "Insider ECOM Secrets"
Video #4: "Getting Started"


Curriculum For the Course: eCom Entrepreneur

Course Intro Introduction to ECOM Entrepreneur

1. Finding manufacturer on Alibaba
2. Finding USA manufacturers

1. Creating your company name and domain
2. How to create a great logo
3. Securing Social Media Accounts 02:32

1. Tips for taking great photos
2. Apps for cool editing
3. Tips for making great videos
4. Tips for written content

1. Important - Create your Shopify account from here only


1. Connecting Social Media
2. Newsletter Integration
3. Retargeting app setup and integration
4. Shipping app setup
5. Fraud Prevention
6. Inventory Management
7. Live Chat Setup




+ group choaching 6 private sessions
private facebook group for course holders
How to become an eCommerce Consultant


Here's a Sneak Peak Inside The eCom Entrepreneur Course

Four Percent Backoffice - Courses & Products

fourpercent group backoffice screenshot - 4 % group review site


Can I use Shopify eCommerce webshop with eStage?

Answer: No ... and Yes!
It maybe requires a little explanation.

Shopify is a stand alone nicely designed webshop application that you can run under shopify's domain ( that automatically have your username as subdomain, like this:  however most people host shopify webshop under their own domain and you should do that. Shopify has limited customization and design features compared to wordpress. You cannot install wordpress or eStage on top of the shopify webshop.

WordPress is a stand alone application (blog) that you host on your own domain and eStage is not a webshop and is not a stand alone application, it's an add on plugin (theme and more) on top of wordpress.

You cannot have wordpress and shopify at the same time on same domain in the root or in same folder.

If you want to have wordpress blog and eStage on your domain AND use shopify, you have different options:

1. You can run shopify in a subdomain like: or in a folder that does not has wordpress installed, like:

2. You can get a shopify account and add shopify buy buttons to any page or post on your wordpress blog, which also can have eStage installed. It is simply a piece of code from shopify, you place on your blog.

Here is how: You first add products to your shopify account and create shopify buy buttons for each product. Take the button code and place on your wordpress blog anywhere you like.
In this case you could have the best from both worlds. You can freely design your wordpress blog as you like, design it as a webshop and add shopify products.

The buy buttons are sort of an extension of shopify on to your blog.  


Do I need Shopify to run a webshop?

No, you do not need shopify to run a wordpress blog, there are other options, other modules you can use to create a webshop. For example woocommerce plugin for wordpress.

WooCommerce is a free open source plugin that you can install free on your wordpress blog. However it is not as user friendly as shopify, it takes time to find out how to implement it and the design requires more of you, so you should be a little techie.

... but it is free and what is more important if you cannot or will not use the shopify default credit card payment option, shopify will charge you for any transaction made via their platform.

For example, if you want to use paypal or cannot use the default creditcard payment option, which is the case if you live in a non english speaking country, shopify will charge you extra for every transaction made via your shopify store. That is on top of the normal credit card or paypal processing fees.

Shopify charges you 2%, 1% or 0.5% of every transaction on top of the payment method transaction fee. 2% for standard shopify account, 1% for business account and 0,5% for enterprise account.

Shopify doesn't charge extra fees if you line in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia.

So Beware of Shopify fees for 3rd party payment processors
If you live in a non-english speaking country or you want to use Paypal or any other 3rd. party payment processors, other than the default "Shopify payment", you will be charged extra for every transaction made via the shopify system, that is on top of the normal transaction fee for your payment processor.

The fee is 2% for the standard shopify account, which Shopify charges with next subscription. They call it "subscription transaction fees"

Shopify says: "Shopify Payments is available only to stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand"


​Shopify - New Trend in Online business - Spreading like wildfire

How To Sell Products Online From Home With Shopify Webstore and e-Commerce

​TecAdemics is talking a lot about Shopify - and have several training videos about it. They also have a Shopify course

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

What is Shopify? If you have never heard of Shopify before, look below.

1. The short answer:
Shopify is a simple tool and webbased platform that helps you to build a great eCommerce website and just within few click. From Your store you can sell physical or digital products, either your own products or others products.

2. The longer answer:
Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that helps you to setup an online business to sell your goods without any technical coding skills. It lets you to organize your products, customize your site look and also help you to setup payment methods just with few clicks.

Shopify Is a web-based eCommerce software and therefore you don’t have to install or download it. The best part is Shopify store is hosted on their own server, therefore you don’t have to bother with buying and configuring the hosting account.

Shopify webstore another version of an online business
Another version of an online business is to start a shopify webstore, it's more comparable to the offline "gift shop". You have the storefront as landingpage and your main focus should be to find products to your shelves, to advertise and fullfill the orders. It will be a good idea to collect emails from your customers.

Shopify Review:
Get a Shopify Store  Price: $29/month for basic version with 14 days free trial

A Shopify Store is very simple an eCommerce platform where you can sell physical or digital products, either your own products or others products.

Shopify Rating:

One very popular use of a Shopify store is to sell physical products via drop shipping where you take the order and let another vendor deliver the goods to your customer. When you do drop shipping you can start for very little money, you dont need to invest in inventory.

You Don't have to be Techie
To run a Shopify Store, You don't have to be super techie in order to figure out how to list your items and how to build your site, you don't have to know website building and coding and you don't need to know how to integrate shopping cart and all that. Shopify Store has built-in payment system so you can accept creditcard or paypal payments, the store also has order tracking. 

​Signup for a 14 days FREE TRIAL - Get your Own Shopify Store

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

Shopify Store Fully customizable
A Shopify Storefront is customizable with different themes you can choose from, so you can get the feel, looks and design you want. You can add your own name, header and logo. You can buy a domain name and host your shopify Store under your own domain name.

You just login into the BackOffice and upload your items and your pictures and you are ready to take orders.

​Accept Payment in a physical retail Shop
With a Shopify "Point of Sale" add on system, you can even accept creditcard payments in a physical retail store.

Sell on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter... or from your own blog
You can sell Shopify products from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and even on your own blog. You don't need to have a complete store up and running, You can integrate single products to sell on your current website or blog, so you can turn any website in to a money-making selling machine.

How common is Shopify:
There are around 200.000 people around the world having a Shopify. Most people have it under their own domain, so you will not notice that it is supported by the Shopify system.

What products can you have in your store?
Anything you like, your own or others products. Most run their Shopify by using drop shipping where they let others send the goods so there is no needs of inventory and handling the products.

Where can I learn more:
TecAdemics, one of the companies endorsed inside the 4 Percent system, is specialized in Shopify and has several free training videos about shopify, you can learn from. Join TecAdemics from the link in 4 Percent backoffice and get access to around 30 different internet marketing training videos.

​Signup for a 14 days FREE TRIAL - Get your Own Shopify Store


Training How to run a Shopify Webstore - Free Signup

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

​TecAdemics is an educational company that teaches Online Marketing. One of their specialty is Shopify Stores and eCommerce. You can signup as a free affiliate with TecAdemics to get access to their free training Videos.

TecAdemics has several free training videos about Shopify Store, how to find products and how to load them into your Store and how to run a Shopify.

You will also find a casestudy about a Guy, a Shopify Newbie, who sold for around $35,000 in two weeks from his newly created shopify store.

==> Go to TecAdemics to become free affiliate


Example Shopify Webstore

Example how a Shopify store can look like - Start an Online Shopify Store

Shopify Store BackOffice

View into your Shopify store backoffice - Start an Online Shopify Store


Video - what is Shopify?

Video - What is Shopify - a Simple explanation - Start an Online Shopify Store


Video - how to build a Shopify eCommerce webshop

How to Build an Ecommerce Website with Shopify - Start an Online Shopify Store


What is Drop Shipping?

What all that buzz about Dropshipping and e-commerce - What is dropshipping?

  • Droppshipping is a way to sell products online - without having an inventory - without actually handle the products physically
  • You find a product you want to sell on different places lets say ebay
  • You announce your product on your shopify store or on your blog
  • you will probably need to advertise like facebook paid advertising
  • when someone buys from your shopify store you get the money to paypal and you buy the products on ebay and give order for the product vendor to be send to your customer.
  • So you take the order but you buy the product from a vendor that physically sends the product to your customer.
  • I watched a video in tecademics backoffice and he mentioned, with experience, it take average 5 mins for you to handle the order and buy from your vendor and give instruction to send to .....


Is Shopify a Scam?
Is Shopify Legit?

​Is Shopify a Scam?

Is Shopify Legit?


Shopify FAQ

​Q: can I use my own domain for my stopify store?
A: Yes

Q: What language does Shopify supports?
A: all languages

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training



Often searched phrases
how I engineer a 7 figure Launch
E-com Entrepreneur Review
Shopify Review
What is Shopify
How to run a Shopify webstore
What's the price for Shopify Store


Four Percent Guide - How to Operate and Promote ANY Business

This is a guide for Four Percent - however you can apply the principles, ideas and blueprint to ANY online OR off-Line business

If you came directly to this site and want to learn more about Four Percent - I will suggest you visit my Four Percent Review to learn more

Four Percent Guide - Part 1

If you are not a member of 4 Percent Yet -
Join here NOW - it's FREE for few more days

NOTE: Ultimo August the free level was removed and changed to "Lite" which is $7 monthly and $49/mth for Pro-member

1. Keep yourself updated and educated about Four Percent

Do you want to earn money on the internet? You cannot join something and pretend it's a lotto ticket and sit and wait for the money to flow in. It will NOT. If you have a Job, do you show up at the job and do nothing?

You should keep yourself updated and educated. Join our facebook group and watch the Video updates and webinars. Vick will send email when he is doing Video updates on Facebook and doing Webinars from the 4 Percent backoffice.

A very important place to get information and inspiration is in our Facebook Group
Join Four Percent Facebook Group:

4 Percent Official Facebook Page:

You should not sit and wonder what to do without commitment, without reading updates, watching Vicks Video updates, without going through the "Start Here" guide and going through the free training courses that are available for pro-members and the "Operation 100K" that's available for pro-members.

Lite members contra Pro-members
You can start in Four Percent as Lite member, you can stay as free member as long as you like. You can learn from the training provided for lite members, like the "start here" guide, live webinars, webinar replays and the Journey Shows. As Lite member you can only promote the Four Percent's membership. Lite member is $7 /monthly while Pro-Member is $49/mth.

If you want to learn more and want to promote any of Four Percent's products, including the membership, you should upgrade to pro-member which is $49 a month.

If you cannot afford the $49 you should not be in online business. There will be other expenses to run an online business, like auto-responder, tracking software, a domain name, landingpage creator and advertising.

2. Follow the training in Four Percent Backoffice

I know it's overwhelming to get into 4 percent and start an online business, but basically not so complicated once you understand and have few things in place.

It's crucial for you to learn the basics of an online business. Go through the training, do it in your own pace and don't let minor details stop you, if there is something you don't understand, continue with next step and go back and start over until you understand. Don't stress yourself. Take it easy and take One step at a time.

Having an online business includes some tools and knowledge you will need to run your business, be it 4% or any other business. You need to get things connected by using the tools and you will need to work with the tools and learn what you can do with them, just like any craftsman.

It's a learning curve to learn and get these things in place, but when you have learned that, it's not that difficult. After that it's about traffic and how to get visitors to your business (Your landingpage) and get them to optin to get them on you email list, then follow up on them with emails. 

Four Percent has funnels (done for you promotions) and landingpage templates for all the products, the public webinars and the journey shows promotions.

This means you do not need to deal with creating your own optin landingpages and promotions.  

A. Go through the "Start Here" Guide
Four Percent backoffice left menu "Start Here" walks you through the steps and tools needed to run an online business.

B. "Webinar Replays"
I will suggest you watch the last few webinars to get up to date what is going on.

The most recent one is placed in left menu "Live Webinar Room" the older ones in "Webinar Replays". Also check Facebook page and Facebook group for video updates.

C. The Journey Shows
"The Journey Show" is a Live interview of some of the most successful people from 4 Percent + few people from outside 4 Percent

Vick interviews successful marketers and you will learn the steps and mindset that brought these people to success.

Find the Journey in left menu under "The Journey". You will have 10 video replay of "the Journey" interviews.

D. Free Training Courses
As a pro-member you have access to free training in the Four Percent backoffice. Watch the training courses:

• Traffic Generation Strategies
• Internet Marketing Strategies
• List Building Strategies
• What's Working Now in Traffic Generation (Pro-annual Members Only)
• Operation $100 K (Pro-annual Members only )

Go to Left Menu "Courses and Products" and click the green button "Access" to watch the courses. 
There you will also have access to courses you have bought and be able to purchase courses you don't have yet.

4 Percent Video Operation $100 K - Training

The Intro video for Operation 100 K. Obviously I cannot show the actual training videos (episodes) from the Course "Operation 100 K"

Operation $100 K
Vick Strizheus is going to show You how to go from zero to 100 K ($100,000) in 90 days.

In "Operation 100K" Vick gives you a "look over his shoulders" training how to put tools and things together and create a marketing campaign with traffic and everything, with the ultimate goal to earn 100.000 Dollars in 90 days. You may learn from this or model this or copy the exact same as Vick is doing. Note: I will not recommend to copy exactly, rather use it as examples to model.

Vick will walk you through step by step how to operate an online business until he reaches $100 K. You literally watch him over the shoulder. He will start from scratch as a NEWBIE and not use his name and excisting email lists and contacts.

You should understand that Vick does not promise or guarantee any income or results with this Course. This is a journey and you will see Vick starting a brand new campaign with a goal to reach $100,000 in affiliate commissions within 90 days. You can model what he does but at your own risk.

Free for Pro annual members only. This is an incredible powerful program that will be available for only those who are committed (therefor annual members only)

Four Percent Guide - Part 2

If you are not a member of 4 Percent Yet
Join here NOW - it's FREE for few more days

NOTE: Ultimo August the free level was removed and changed to "Lite" which is $7 monthly and $49/mth for Pro-member

How to promote 4 Percent and any online business

I asume you went through my Four Percent Guide part 1 and went through the training, updates and webinar replays.

Now it is time to consider promoting your business.

FourPercent has the training, recommended tools, principles, funnels, emails and other marketing tools for you to use, but you have to put the system together for it to work flawlessly. Your business won't work without you.

If You start from scratch and are a "newbie" to internet marketing, you will not learn these things in one day and you will need to take the time to learn things.

The 4 Percent is a Done-For-You system designed for newbies to learn online business and start earning money online. Four percent is for those who haven't succeeded in their online business yet, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs.

The automated funnels and sales system, do it for you, without having to explain everything and once people become a member, the system sell the recommended tool for you without posting a single add. You have the ability to build a 6-Figure business in 90 days or less, because of the high ticket backend products promoted automatically via this genius sales system.

Income disclamer: Obviously no guarantee of income, it depends on your own effort.

Four Percent platform gives you an entire blueprint for promoting ANY business and you can take that blueprint and use if you have another business, online business or off-line business, like for example network marketing company or a MLM you want to promote.

You do not neccessary need to promote Four Percent membership or products, it's up to you, however If you don't have an excisting business, I will suggest you pick one or two of Four Percents products and learn it and optimize that promotion.

A good pick is the eStage website and blogging system. The price for eStage is $97 monthly and with 50% commissions it's a good start.

Finding your Partner link (affiliate link)

Find your Four Percent Partner link (affiliate link), Get things Set up ready to open the doors

1. Find Your 4 Percent Partner link
It is very easy to promote 4 Percent membership. All you need to do is find your partner link to one of the promotions for example "Show me the Money Funnel" and get your link out to people. The only thing is you should mask your affiliate link, so it is not visible directly.

Mask if with own domain or a short url like TinyUrl and give it to people, that's it, end of story or you can buy advertising that goes to your link, for example solo-ads.

What is a Funnel?
Don't be confused about the word funnel, it's a promotion for a specific product. A promotion that should lead to the result of signing up or buy a product.

The funnels in the backoffice is actually just the salespage. You can choose to put a landingpage (optin page) in front of the salespage, which is recommended. Four Percent gives you landingpage templates for all the salespages, sharecodes for Clickfunnels which is a landingpage creator.

Actually it's first when you have a sequence of pages you will call it a funnel: a landingpage with optin form, after optin people arrive to the salespage. 

Your Link in Four Percent Backoffice
What I show you here is the salespage for "show me the money" (funnel). The same principles apply to all the products.

Find Your 4 Percent Partner link, go to "Funnels" in the top menu of your Four Percent backoffice and pick one of the funnels, click the blue button "Promote" and a link generator window pops up.

Click "Generate Link" and you will get this link:

That's your link to "show me the money funnel". XXXX is your partner ID.

The fields: Keyword, AD and Campaign are optional. It is highly recommended that you use at least one of the fields to identify the advertising you are running, so you know exactly where clicks are comming from. In this case I chose "Banner" to identify that this link is placed on a banner on your website.

So you know clicks with "banner" in the stats are clicks comming from your website banner. You can optional use two more identifiers "Ad" and "Campaign". You should at least use one of the three. If say you use banner only you can skip the other two identifiers and use the link only with banner in it, like this:

Get Your link out to people to aquire new members - or pick another product to promote

Get your link out to people to aquire members or sell any product
When people sign up with your link, they will get tied to you and if they decide to upgrade to Four Percent pro-member or buy any of the products promoted inside Four Percent, you will get commissions. Even if it's 1 year or two years from now.

It's that simple, however there is a little problems: Generally the mail providers like Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo don't like affiliate links - they are considered as spam and the links will get banned or the email will end in spam. Facebook don't like affiliate links either and they will get blocked.  

Therefor: Do not Share the Raw Affiliate Link - Important!
When promoting, you should not share the raw affiliate link in emails and on Facebook, but mask it with a tracking link or a short url.

To get around that you can use either a tracking link hidden in your own domain url or an Url Shortener to hide your affiliate link. url shortener
If you are just starting out and haven't set up own domain and a tracking link (Clickmagick Tracking software), You can use url shortener and create a short url that points to your affiliate link so it is hidden. Go here to create a short url with TinyUrl url shortener:

You can create a custom link with tinyurl and add a special description after the / like this: 

I will not recommend TinyUrl for the long run, because links might also be considered spam when using with the email providers and facebook.

Google's URL shortener, has banned most affiliate link and you should not create a google shorturl to hide your affiliate link. It will probably be blocked, like most affiliate links. Thanks a lot Google!!

Four Percent Guide - Part 3
Tools needed for any online business

NOTE: ultimo August the free level was removed and changed to "Lite" which is $7 monthly and $49 for Pro-member

WebHosting with Own domain with Blog and eStage website and blogging system. Own domain email
• Clicktracking software. Clickmagick
• Autoresponder. aWeber
• Landingpage creator. Clickfunnels

I strongly recommend you get your own domain - and own domain email

Get hosting and one free domain and free WordPress Blog with your hosting

I strongly recommend you get your own domain
As an online entrepreneur, you will need your own domain and "home" on the internet. You cannot live without it.

I strongly recommend you get your own domain and hosting with a blog and with eStage website and blogging system.

I will recommend Bluehost as your domain hosting
Bluehost is one of the best and largest hosting provider and You will get one free domain when you start a hosting account.
They have free wordpress blog (required for eStage) which you can install in 2 minutes with a click of a button. They have C-Panel (that's your hosting account's control panel, and really nice to work with).

Choose a domain name
Your domain name could be your own name: or your business's name or what ever you like. Use only .com - .net or .org not other fancy domain endings. They do great with google search engine.

You can create as many subdomain under your domain as you like, for example: or or any other subdomain you like.
Such a subdomain you can use that as a tracking link to mask your affilate link so the subdomain redirects to your affiliate link.

Your own domain email
Obviously you should also create your own domain email, which is free once you have your domain and hosting. You can create as many emails as you like. Your email could be:, you can create different emails.

When you are doing online business you should have your own domain email and when you use autoresponders, you need to have your own domain email as "sender", they will not accept free emails like Gmail or hotmail, because they have bad deliverability with autoresponders and marketing email content.

Install WordPress & eStage
I highly recommend you install WordPress on your domain. My blog here is a wordpress blog.
I will also recommend you install eStage website and blogging system. That's one of Four Percents products. Go to Four Percent backoffice, in left menu "Tech & System" and purchase eStage.

I strongly recommend you get a tracking software

Get a Clickmagick tracking software account here

Get at tracking software
Knowing and analyzing your traffic is crucial in online marketing, if you dont know which traffic is converting to sales or where your clicks are comming from, you have no idea what you are doing, you are shooting in the dark.

As an online business owner you should have a tracking software, so you can track every click that comes in. In Four Percent we recommend Clickmagick and you can set your subdomain for example as your tracking link. I highly recommend clickmagick and it's only $17 per month, so no big deal and you should have it

Now once you have setup your clickmagick account with your subdomain, you can create as many tracking links as you like, you just add an identifier after the link for example: to be used in your facebook promotions. 

Clickmagick and Four Percent has instruction how to set it up.
Clickmagick Tutorial and FAQ:

Conversion Pixel for Your Campaign

Tracking software, tracking and Pixels
When you use a tracking software you can place a conversion "pixels" on the thank you page which is the page after the landingpage or salespage.

If you send visitors directly to the "7 steps to results" free membership salespage you should place a Sales Pixel in the 2nd box under tracking (4P backoffice). When you do that the sales pixel will count when they reach the "thank you for confirmation" page, which is the page after they confirm their email from 4 Percent.

What's a Pixel?
A pixel is basically a very small image, size 1x1 pix, you insert in the page, that "fires" = Counts 1 = gives information to the tracking system that the image was shown one time. Conversion pixel is a code you get from your clickmagick account, which you insert under tracking in 4 Percent backoffice.

In 4 Percent backoffice you will find a sections called "tracking" for each funnel. The conversion pixel is placed on the first page after optin if you use a landingpage first in front of the salespage or with some funnels the pre-salespage. Input the conversion pixel in the box 1 and save. By using a conversion pixel you know how many people opted from a specific campaign (traffic source).

For the "7 steps to results" free membership salespage, you put a sales pixel in box 2. The pixel "fires" when a free member confirms their email by clicking the link they get by email. A free members will not be registered in your statistics until they actually confirm that email. Is means that fake emails (which is a pest on the internet) and emails with error will not get registered. 80% of the people that register for a free membership confirms the membership.

Sales Pixel
With a paid offer, You can place a sales pixel on the order confirmation page, that's the page people come to after they have paid. By using a sales pixel you know how many people from a specific campaign bought a product or membership. That's for other funnels than the free membership funnel.

For the free membership a "sale" is a confirmed free membership and the sales pixel should be in box 2.

How to put a conversion pixel in your 4 Percent Backoffice
In 4 Percent backoffice, Go to Funnel & Campaigns / tracking for the "7-steps to results funnel" input the sales pixel in box 2 called "Free Members Sign-up Tracking/Conversion Pixel" and save.

You should not use box 1
You should not use Box 1. A count in box 1 counts the visitors for the salespage. It's only relevant if you use a landingpage in front of the salespage. Then you can use box 1 for a conversion pixel (a=Action Pixel) which counts those who opt in to your landingpage and in box 2 you put a sales pixel (s=Sale Pixel).

Clickmagick sales pixel
In 4 Percent backoffice under tracking, you put a clickmagick sales pixel in box 2 so you can see in your clickmagick backoffice which of your tracking links gives you the most clicks and signups. You will have a simple reporting in 4 Percent backoffice and a more detailed reporting in your clickmagick backoffice.

With the free membership a "sale" is a free member signup and the pixel fires (counts) when a free member has confirmed the email, which 80% does. Those who do not confirm the email will never be registered in your 4 Percent backoffice and will not show up in your Clickmagick backoffice either. 

I strongly recommend you get an autoresponder

Get an autoresponder - to connect to your landingpage and the salespage of the 4 Percent funnels

When someone signs up as Lite member or Pro-member, you have the option to get the member automatically added to your autoresponder list, so you can welcome them by sending an email automatically and send emails to them regularly. It is highly recommended you do that, you SHOULD do that, although Four Percent send emails followups to those who become free/pro member.

You have the option to connect different autoresponders and I will recommend aWeber, which I use. It has much better deliverability than Getresponse. AWeber is $19/mth and Getresponse is $15/mth, the other autoresponders in Four Percent are much more expensive.

Autoresponder is a must for an online business, don't question that and don't search for cheaper (like GVO) or free autoresponders, they are just crap and your email will get delivered to spam folder of the receiver or not delivered at all.

Connect your autoresponder for Lite and Pro-members

1. Go to "Integration" in top menu and "Add new integration". Connect your aweber or Getresponse og infusionsoft autoresponder. Optionally you can create different lists in aweber and connect different funnels to the list.

Own Domain email as sender in your autoresponder
You need to have an own domain email as "sender" in your autoresponder.
Both aweber and getresponse require you use own domain email as sender, you cannot use Gmail.

Tutorial for Getresponse and Aweber
Both autresponders have help and tutorials for everything how to use the autoresponder and set everything up.
Aweber Tutorial and FAQ:

Getresponse Tutorial and FAQ:

Clickfunnels - Landingpage Creator

A Landingpage is an email optin page that collects email to your autoresponder email list - after optin people are sent to your personal bridge page or to the official salespage
Get a Clickfunnels account here

When Promoting a Paid Offer - always use a landingpage. The Blueprint for any online business

If you have a little experience working online you know the importance of having an optin page in front of your paid offer, to capture leads, build a list and follow up on your contacts with email marketing.

When promoting a paid offer, you should never send traffic directly to the salespage, very few will buy anything on first encounter, therefore you should always have an optin page in front of the salespage, so you collect their email and after that get directed to your salespage where they are presented to what you have to sell.

They get added to your autoresponder where you follow up on them and tell about your product and the benefits.

That applies to any online business including 4 Percent which only have paid offers. The Lite-Membership, the Pro-Membership and all other products.

One exception would be registration for free public Four Percent webinar, which is a Four Percent page where you have the option to get registrations added to your autoreponder.

With Clickfunnels, You can create professionally cool looking attractive optin pages and webpages in few minutes without any any technical or design skills. Inside your Clickfunnels account you will find tons of landingpage examples you can use. 4 Percent will give you sharing codes for special 4 Percent landingpages you can put in front of the salespage to collect emails and follow up.

Screen shot from your Clickfunnels backoffice

Clickfunnels is a web based system, that builds websites for you
Clickfunnels is a perfect tool for every business to combine with your webtraffic knowledge you will learn from High Traffic Academy course. It's a great tool for the beginner as well as the seasoned marketer to help you in your online business.

Clickfunnels lets you easily and intuitively create, with few mouse clicks, everything from optin pages, membership websites, sales funnels, lead generation systems, to product launch pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, and e-commerce systems, all with drag and drop ease.

With Clickfunnels You can Create Your:
1. Optin Lead Capture Funnel
2. Sales Funnel
3. Webinar Funnel
4. Automated Webinar Funnel
5. Membership site Funnel
6. Launch Funnel plus more.

Signup for a clickfunnels account:
Clickfunnels Signup here. The link is part of Four Percent's multiple streams of income.

How to connect that link to the clickfunnels. Many have a little problem here, but here is how:

a) highlight the link from 4p backoffic and copy Control/C and paste in clickfunnels: Control/V
b) insert in clickfunnels in "redirect override" in settings, be carefull not to have a space. Then SAVE.

Clickfunnels hosts your landing pages, you don't need hosting.

Integrating Aweber with Clickfunnels
Clickfunnels has instruction how to integrate Aweber with Clickfunnels: Go here

To make aweber work You will need to login to Aweber and create a signup form for your list first. Your aweber list needs "to know" there is a form connected, even though you will never use that form. You use the form that clickfunnels created.

Clickfunnels Tutorial and FAQ:

Four Percent Guide - Part 4

Where to Promote 4 Percent
1. Promote to Your Powerbase

NOTE: ultimo August the free level was removed and changed to "Lite" which is $7 monthly and $49 for Pro-member

Here is a little guide where you can promote the Four Percent membership or any other product

Just like an off-line shop for example a Gift Shop, it's not enough to put products on the shelves and open the doors, you will also need visitors that hopefully will buy something and become customer. After you have set your business up and connected things, your job is to get visitors to your "shop" and to send emails to those who allready opted in and nurture your business and contacts.

Now you should concentrate on how to master traffic generation, how to get vistitors to you business. Obviously you should also keep yourself updated about what is happening in 4P and TecAdemics and other programs. And you should also keep yourself educated by watching webinars, training videos.

Below please find a short guide how to start promoting 4 Percent: Your Powerbase and Solo Ads.

OK, now You are ready to get your link out. You can put that short url link in emails to your friends and in messages on facebook = Promoting to your Powerbase which is covered in "7-step results" step 4.
You can also give the TinyUrl short link to solo ads providers (more on solo ads below) that's an easy way to buy visitors and to get new members.

Solo ads = you pay other people to send your link out in emails. You can do all your business with solo ads alone.

It is very easy to promote 4 Percent
Don't complicate things, it's very easy to get started to promote 4 Percent. You can start 2 minutes from now to promote.

If you haven't already started to promote 4 Percent, isn't time to start?

All you need to do is find your affiliate link and give it to people, that's it, end of story or buy advertising that goes to your link. The only thing is you should mask your affiliate link, so it is not visible. Explained above.

The 4 Percent free membership salespage "7-steps to Results" is the main entry for new members, free and paid although there will come other funnels you may choose. You can send people directly to that page and people can join free when they register. The salespage functions as a landingpage and when they register (opt in) they become free members.

The conversion from direct cold traffic example from solo-ads, to free members is quite good, up to 10-15-20% depending of the solo ad provider if you use solo ad.

Landingpage in front of the salespage
You can put a custom optin page (landingpage) in front of the salespage if you like and build a list of emails first, like we normally do in any online business, however 4 P free membership salespage it a free offer and people can join without opt in to a landingpage first. There is an optin landingpage template to put in front of salespage in operation100K episode 4 and more in episode 5 (pro-members only).

With and optin landingpage in front of the salespage you can maybe get 30-40% optin to your autoresponder, which means 60-70% never see your salespage and never have an optin to become free member, but you build a list and should try to convert your optins to free members and ultimately to paid members.

For building list via an optin page, I will recommend aweber, which means you will need both getresponse and aweber, It's no big deal to have both getresponse and aweber, just a small business expense.

Promote to Your PowerBase
First: Obviously you should setup Your multiple streams of income first (for Pro-members only)
Next: Go to the 7 steps and find step 4 video Your Powerbase

And what's the powerbase:
It's your personal contacts, excisting email contacts, autoresponder email list, personal off-line friends and family, Online friends f.x. facebook and twitter.

1. Email copy to Your Powerbase
= mail contacts and facebook. Four Percent will provide you with email template, but be creative and change the wording to make it personal.

2. When you have members flooding in
This is Optional, but you should do it as soon as possible. For the 7-steps to results funnel, You should connect an autoresponder (aWeber) to 4 percent system, so your new Lite members and pro-members get imported directly to your aWeber to receive follow up messages from you. So you build a list of Lite members and pro-members and follow up on them.

In Getresponse the list of subscribers is called a "campaign", while aweber call it "List", but they are the same: a database of subscribers set to receive a certain email series. You should have two different lists: one list of Free members and one list of pro-members, each receiving a different email series.

If you have not set this up yet, You should at least send a welcome email manually to each of your new free members and you can refere to this site for Info.

Where to Promote an online business like 4 Percent
2. Solo ads

Never say that you don't know how to get traffic after reading this section, right?

Solo ads - OPL Traffic Method - Other People's List

Solo ads are without a doubt the easiest and simplest traffic generation method possible! That is why I love solo ads so much! If you can send money via Paypal, you will not have any problems buying an enormous amount of traffic online! I’m talking about unlimited amount of traffic… of course, there are some precautions you need to take like testing the quality of the solo ads traffic.

What is a Solo Ad
A solo ad is an effective way of email advertising. You Pay a person for sending out YOUR email to THEIR email list.
The list you choose to advertise on should match your offer, in other words the audience should be interested in what you have. Your audience is in the area of internet marketing and business opportunity.

The OPL Method, Other People list Method, is easy to scale up. If you find a good Solo Ad Providers you can easily buy a large number of clicks to your website.

WARNING about Solo Ad Providers
ALWAYS - ALWAYS text small, which is 100-200 clicks per solo ad seller. You Will get burnt with fraud traffic, now and then GUARANTEED. It's is just a part of online business. There are a lot of fraud going on in the online world and that goes for Solo Ad Providers too.

There are some Solo Ad sellers that sell crap clicks, worthless clicks, traffic robot clicks, that will give you worthless traffic. They simply buy Crap traffic from others and sell it to you or they mix it with good quality clicks. Therefore use a tracker and monitor what is going on. Sudden drop in signup rate, sudden drop in 1 tier traffic (english speaking countries) during a campaign, indicates something strange is going on.

Solo Ad Providers - List of freebies
One general thing about professional Solo Ad Providers is they collect leads to their list by offering Free Gifts, thus have a list of freebies that are maybe not the best buyers.

One other thing is, many solo ad providers swap email list or advertise at each others list and thereby grow a large list of subscribers (freebies) who are on several list.

One good thing about the Free 4 Percent membership, is that it is FREE.

Here is my results after 20 days
from 12th. december when the free membership opened to 31st December.

519 free 4 Percent members. Around 450 of these are from solo ads promoting the free membership salespage directly (Used a private domain tracking  link).

The rest come from my blog and some from my email list of which some are from solo ads originally. 

Solo Ads
Vick talks about solo ads and "Udimi" Solo Ad marketplace in episode 4. Find below more solo ad marketplaces you could try. These other soloads are not mentioned in 4 Percent and dont have affiliate program, they could be a good alternative to udimi, when everybody else in 4 Percent use Udimi.

Signup for a free account at Udimi. Go to Operation 100K Episode 4, step 4 and watch the video and below the video is your Udimi link (see screenshot below). (It's your sponsors affiliate link... or the 1st. pro-member).

More Solo-ads Providers Below

Clickonomy  Look below how to launch a Campaign with Clickonomy

Soload Marketplace

Solo ad Directory

SoloAds Testimonials - Facebook group

Solo Ads or Adswaps - Facebook group

facebook group - Trusted Soloads



With the solo ad providers, you can provide your raw affiliate link, because the sellers use their own tracking link to count and track your order. That's if you just started out and haven't set up your clickmagick tracking yet. 

However you should use a clickmagick tracking link, so you know how many clicks you receive, from which countries and optin rate.

Clickonomy Solo Ads - how to buy and Launch a campaign

Signup for a free account at:

Login and click "buy click" in left menu. Choose niche in the dropdown menu and choose pricerange. The niche is "Internet Marketing" or "business opportunity". Browse through the sellers and look out for sellers with testimonials (green rating) and look what other buyers are saying about the seller.

Prepare Your Link
When you have decided to buy an adpackage from a seller, you should create a tracking link in your clickmagick tracker and remember to mark your link with the word "Clickonomy" or the sellers name, you you can identify how many members you get from this traffic. The last part of your link looks like this: campaign=default be sure to change "default" with a description of your campaign, so you know where the click are coming from. If you leave it "default" then your statistics reporting for your campaign will say campaign "default".

Prepare your email copy and put it in a txt file. I have a text file you can download here, all you need is put your link and name and it is ready.
Download the text file here: ClickonomyEmail.txt  (right click and save on you computer) and edit the text file with your link.

1. Choose a date in the calender "delivery date", just choose the first available
input your Url in the box
2. Upload email creative thats the txt file you downloaded. Edit the text file and Input your link and name in the text file first.
3. Click buy click Package
4. That's it then fund your campaign and wait for the seller to confirm and start sending you clicks. 

screenshot form Clickonomy - when you are going to buy a package

Video by Vick Strizheus "Other Peoples List" Solo Ads Method

Video by Vick Strizheus - go to min 36-55. Vick is talking about "Other Peoples List" how to tap into other peoples email list - and get your email out in front of thousands of subscribers. This video is part of the 4 public presales videos in the High Traffic Academy sales funnel (from 2012).

Where to Promote 4 Percent
3. Traffic Agency

Four Percent recommends the "Traffic Agency", in addition to using soloads

The Traffic Source Is a Secret Traffic Source available for pro-members. It's Another stream of income that appears after you finished the 5th. episode of Operation 100K. Which means only available for pro-members. Free members will not see the link to this traffic source. It is part of the multiple streams of income, they have an affiliate program, however you don't earn money directly, but earn 5% which you can use to order free clicks.

This Secret Traffic Source is a Traffic Agency. Traffic Agencies are traffic brokers selling large amounts of soloads. You can buy Minimum 500-1000 clicks and the price in the range from $0.70 and up. There are a few reliable traffic agencies. 4 Percent recommends one of these traffic agencies and the secret Traffic Source is one of the programs we endorse  in the multiple streames of income.

Note: you should only buy the best clicks from this Traffic Agency not the cheap clicks.

Where to Promote an Online business like e.g. 4 Percent
4. Facebook ads & Youtube

Facebook ads - in it's own League of Traffic
Facebook ads - is in it's own Traffic Category. Facebook ads are very special and very difficult to master - AND can be very lucrative - if you master it!

But be carefull, I will not recommend using facebook ads and spend a lot of money on this, if you are new to this. It's not a science, but it's an art, there is a lot to learn and fine tune.

Firstly you cannot promote a "make money from home" offer with paid FB ads. Be carefull not to talk about "earning money" & Get Rich, in the AD and the landingpage.

FB suspends ad-accounts for doing this. If you are new, I will recommend you only spend $5 a day to learn. Watch a tons of videos.

TecAdemics has some and you will find some below and I will provide more videos on facebook ads on this site.

These Facebook Ads Videos are about Shopify and how to promote shopify via Facebook ads

FAM Exclusive - Facebook Ads Training by Chris Record

Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies by Chris Record

Chris Record explaining his $5/day Facebook Ad System! Facebook Live 29th. november 2016 ==> Here is the Facebook Video post on Chris Records profile.

Peter Chan spoke at the 3-day Ecom Mastermind in Las Vegas. November 2016. In this LIVE Q&A he shares several secrets of how he built his Ecom business to over $10,000 in sales per day. ENJOY! ==> Here is the Video facebook post on Chris Records profile.

Video above, How To Make Money With Shopify, Festive Season. Youtube video, how to advertise a shopify product with facebook ads. At first sight this video seems rather insignifirant, however there is some really gems hidden in this video and I will outline them here: This video is about selling mugs on a Shopify store, in this case with a print of a chihuahua dog and also mentions "women" and "mother", However it doesn't matter what you sell.

The fellow here reveals golden nuggets in regards of targeting, which you can use and implement in any facebook advertising. It's about finding the audience you want to advertise to. First he defines an audience people, women only, who love coffe, next he narrows the audience by defining another audience, people who love Chihuahua dogs. So that is two different audiences and the ad will only be shown to people (women) who qualify for both criterias simultaneously. That makes it a very small audience but very targeted. This principle is a golden nugget you can use in all of your facebook advertising.

Another nugget he reveals is: Only target mobile and only while connected to Wi-Fi. That's important when it comes to mobile, because when connected to Wi-Fi people are probably at home or at a more stationary place and not just traveling and thus more likely to spend more time with your offer and more likely to buy. 

You could make an identical ad targeting desktop and not mobile, just to test. It will probably be more expensive, but you dont know before you test it.

Free Traffic from Facebook - if you are good at "Social"

I saw this post by Sandra in our Facebook Group

OK. I have been receiving tons of messages, asking me how I am getting the results I am getting, and asking me to share my strategies..

I have visited the Facebook Profiles of many who have asked, only to discover profiles that are not set up for attraction marketing, which is the very first step in attracting followers. I'm not saying "all", but there are many.

Your first place to start is to soak up every bit of the free training you can, in Tecademics, and operation 100k. I paid thousands of dollars for my training in my previous company, yet you have it at your fingertips for Free. I have a little bit of tough love for these people.

- Success does not happen just because you have joined, and are plastering your wall with a few links - you need build a following on Facebook, you need to build an email list, you need to build Instagram accounts, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and a Blog.

This is what I did, and - all the training is there for you. This is a real business. This is YOUR OWN business and you need to work at it.

I do "not" do paid advertising. Tried a couple of times, but it just did not resonate with me. All I do is personally connect with my leads.

The biggest piece of advice I have for you is to look at the leaders' walls. Success leaves clues.

1. You should never post raw links (Because I have seen that some of you are!).

2. MAKE SURE you post a picture of your FACE in your profile picture - not your cat or dog, etc., and without sunglasses.

3. Your cover picture should be inspirational and should represent you and what you stand for, not a business picture. Save the business picture for your fan page.

4. You should always post a nice picture with your link or post, and make it your own, and not just a company picture.

5. Promote how you can help your followers, "not" how your company can make them money.

6. Brand yourself.

7. Change your FB settings to not allow other people to post on your wall, as it will distract your followers and take them away from your page

8. Be authentic. Show people who you are and what you stand for. People need to know, like, and trust you, before they will buy from you.

9. In this business, Google is your best friend. If you are stuck, and your sponsor is unavailable to help you, Google it! There is 150% chance that the answer to your question is already in a Youtube video. There is never a reason to be stuck in limbo....just keep going, and be consistent.

If you build a solid foundation the sales get easier every day!

My biggest breakthrough in sales came when I stopped pitching my business, and started offering value instead.
I hope this post helps some newer members, as I decided this post would be much faster than answering all the questions I have.

Youtube traffic

Youtube is the worlds #2 search engine and is Owned by Google, which is #1 search engine. Youtube has a tremendous amount of traffic.

Youtube website is the #2 most trafficated websites in the world, after Google. Facebook is # 3. Is Google dominating the internet or what? People search for anything imaginable on Youtube, and why not get to YOUR video?

If you are good on video, make videos and link to your landingpage.

Where to Promote an Online business e.g. 4 Percent
5. miscellaneous

101 Ways to get Traffic - PDF download

Here's a pdf with 101 ways to get traffic from Chris Record (founder of TecAdemics) some metods are ourdated, for example craiglist will not accept ads anymore. download PDF here (rightclick and save): advertise101ways.pdf

More traffic sources Just a short list of what's available. To show you there is an endless streams of traffic sources you can tap in to.

Google Adwords - Bing/Yahoo - Miva - 7Search - LookSmart - AdKnowledge - Affinity - Marchex - AdMarketplace - FindItQuick

Media Networks:
Doubleclick - - Microsoft Ad Network - Tribal Fusion - EngageBDR - Rubicon Project - FOX Networks - Casale Media - Right media (Yahoo) - CPXinteractive - ValueClick - Interclick - Burst Media - Matomy Media - AdJuggler - AdFunky - - Xtend Media - ReduxMedia - BannerConnect - Glam Media - Vibrant Media - Tremor Media - Traffic Marketplace - Specific Media - Tatto Media - MediaWhiz - - - Adconian - Pubmatic - Technoratimedia

AdBuyer - Retargeter - FetchBack MyThings -

In-Text Advertising:
Infolinks - 50onRed - InLinks - Admanage - Kontera - AdMedia Snap - LinkAds - Linkworth

Mobile Ad Networks:
Admob - MobClix - Jumptap Admoda - Millenial Media - GreyStripe - Inmobi - Mobclix - BuzzCity - Adfonic - Mobixell

Social Networks:
Facebook Ads My Ads POF Ads Reddit Ads LinkedIn Ads

Category (Gaming):
Mochi Media - CPMStar - Intergi - Ad4Game - Ad2Games - Axifer Game Advertising

Traffic Vance - Lead Impact - AdOnNetwork - MediaTraffic Direct CPV - Clicksor - Adoori - Findology

Ad Networks:
AdBlade - - AdSonar - Pulse360 - - AdReady - Yabuka - - CBS - Interactive AdBuyer - - - - OpenX Ad Marketplace - Contextweb - AdSide - Adbrite - AdEngage - - - AdPerium - - BlogAds -RealTechNetwork - Chitika Adroll

Reseau Select - Canoe Klix Adconian - Hola Networks - Hi Media - Ad2OneGroup - Pamoja Media - SHE Network - Smowtion Traffic Synergy - - Unanimis - Mirago - HarrenMedia - Filiado - ExoClick - Aim4Media - Adverline - Accelerator Media - Specific Media - Global Interactive - Adtegrity

10 FREE Traffic Methods - by Chris Record

Video below facebook live from 3rd. Dec-16 Chris Record: 10 FREE Sources of Traffic to help you sell online even without paid ads!

Download this Pdf from Chris Record 3rd Dec-16 from the above video.
Free PDF - Shopify Instruction and 10 Free Traffic Sources (right click and save)

Find tons of Value on
Chris Records Facebook Profile:
and on Chris Records Page:

Safelists - Traffic exchange - Fiverr - adfly - pay per view - popunder & popup views

Don't waste your time and money with cheap traffic. 1.000 clicks for $5, yeah really. You will find that you will probably not get a single signup or maybe 1 or 2 and you will soon find out that the price per signup is higher than if you bought from a solo ad seller.

Safelist solo ad, dont waste time and money, I tried several different safelists and Paid Solo ads and it is not worth trying. It seems cheap to pay $20 to send a solo ad and you maybe get 500-1000 visitors but very few signup so you end up paying maybe $5 or more per free signup. You can get cheaper signups when using a solo ad provider.

The same with mass traffic, like 1.000 for $1-2. I tried that. Last time I spend $25 and got one signup to the free 4 P. Note DON'T send this kind of traffic directly to your affiliate link, 4 Percent do not deserve to get flodded with crap traffic.

I sent this crap traffic to my own page with a large banner (called a splash page), when they clicked on the banner they come to 4 Percent free salespage. 

The same with popunder, popup, expired domain traffic, pay per view and 7 search (which by the way is closed as of 1st.Aug-17). Dont waste your time and money, you will get cheaper signups from a solo ad seller. I tried it all.

Four Percent Guide - Part 5

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Think for a moment - of an off-line Gift Shop

NOTE: Ultimo August the free level was removed and changed to "Lite" which is $7 monthly and $49 mth for Pro-member

Think for a moment that you want to establish and open an off-line Gift Shop in your local town, what would you do?
This will be a really good training for you, because an online business is in many ways similar to an offline business. 

First You need to find business premises, pay the first month rent for example $1,000 and 3 months deposit, that's $4,000 up front and you haven't even gotten the key yet. 

Then a lot of planning, Painting, counter, furniture, equipment and inventory, Lighting, creditcard terminal, Outdoor sign, insurance.

Do you complain that you needed to pay the rent? ...that you had the expenses up front to establish everything, even before you could open the shop?

I don't think so, you expected that. And you spent a lot of money before you could flip the door sign to "Open"

Congrats with your new Gift Store
Then what? - What will you do when you open your shop?

Obviously look for customers and hope some will come your way and make a purchase. One day take the other and you get very discouraged of your little sales. Perhaps I should start advertising in the local newspaper, make flyers, brochures and so on... the worries go on and the bills pile up. 

Question for you?
Do you think a shop owner will regain all the expenses and break even in first month? - in 6 months? - in one year? - Answer: If you are lucky in 1-2 years. Will you quit after a month? - after 3 months? - after 6 months?

Then let's look at an Online business

Everybody will earn money online, can you find one person who don't want to make money online? - Interesting that most people will make money online, right? - That means you have a huge customer potential!

Still most people consider an online business and earning money online as a "push of a button" "Get Rich Quick" thing and something you do not need to spend much time on, like a lotto ticket. And there should not be any expences, it should be free and with no expences.

Come on get real, even a lotto ticket you'll have to pay for.

An online business do not require much, no business premices, no inventory, no business equipment except a computer and a coffee mug, which you probably allready had.
No rent except the monthly 4 P price of $97 monthly and yearly payment for your domain.

It do require certain tools to run your online business: autoresponder, a landingpage if you run a paid offer (use for example clickfunnels landingpage creator) and a tracking software (for example clickmagick). Total expenses inclucing 4P fee: around $150 monthly or with clickfunnels additional $97 monthly. If you promote 4 Percent free membership salespage, you don't need clickfunnels, other 4 Percent funnels might require a custom landingpage.   

Optional: Hosting for your domain (blog or website). Some of TecAdemics courses, get at least entrepreneur club ($100 monthly) there is a ton of videos and training.

Get Customers: Like the Gift Shop owner, you will also need customers to look at your online shop and since they probably will not come by themselfes you will need to advertise to get them to your business (landingpage) and hopefully open the door to your shop (enter their email = optin) to look inside your shop and perhaps even make a purchase.

Question for you?
Why do people complain about the small 4P monthly fee of $97? - and complain that there are some expenses for needed tools? - Why do people quit after 1-2 months if they do not get results - and haven't even bothered to get the tools and get things set up.

Did you take driving lessons to learn to drive a car? - were You expert after your lessons? - No of course not, after your lessons it is time to really learn and practice.

Four Percent Guide - Part 6

Advanced: Elements of an online business

Short overview of elements for any online business - Here are the steps and tools needed to create an online business:

You promote any product online the same way
Your Landingpage ==> People optin ==> perhaps a Bridgepage ==> Your Salespage that presents what you have ==> You build a list of emails and send emails about the product and give value to your subscribers. That's a template and blueprint for selling any product online, including 4%.

Bridge Page
You can have a special "bridge page" after optin and before the salespage. A short page where you welcome the subscriber that just opted in and present yourself with photo and maybe a video. So people know who you are and what they can expect before they come to the salespage. You have a button to next page = the salespage.  

Note: When it comes to promoting 4 Percent's free public webinar, you could promote it directly, because it functions as a landingpage. You may also choose to put a landingpage and a bridgepage in front of the webinar registration page.

1. Your own domain with an optin landingpage
You have your own domain that goes to your optin landingpage. 4P have landingpage templates for the different funnels, you can install in few seconds with a clickfunnels share code. You don't neccessarily need to have your own website or blog to do online business.

2. An autoreponder with email series connected to your landingpage (I recommend aweber)
When people optin, they get on your autoresponder email list and receive your emails automatically. After optin they get redirected to your sales page or bridgepage (see 3 below).

3. A salespage with a product to sell
It could be your own product, other peoples products or the 4 Percent system or TecAdemics products.

4. Congrats, you have started an online business.

It's a learning curve
It's a learning curve and a little struggle to get things set up and to write the emails, but when you have learned that, it's not that difficult.
Once you know how, you can do it again in few hours. But if you are new and it's first time, you need to learn how and need to follow the instruction in 4 P backoffice: the Start here 7-steps and episode 1-4 and beyond.

When you have learned the elements of an online business, outlined above, you can easily create a new landingpage and connect it to another sales page, a new autoresponder list with new set of emails to sell something completely different. 

To set things up is a one time job and once you know how, it's easy to do it again and create another landingpage for a complete different offer.

After you have set up your business, it's about traffic and how to get visitors to your business (Your landingpage) and get them to optin and nurture your email contacts so they hopefully become visitors.

Your Business assets
Your business assets are your domain, your landingpage, website, blog, facebook page and your email contacts and knowledge how to put everything together. And of course your computer and your coffee mug.

That's the key elements in any online business. Once you master those things nobody can take it away from you and you may sell anything you like. That's the goal for 4 Percent to bring you there and teach you how to become independent and not rely on any other business or system.

Shopify webstore another version of an online business
Another version of an online business is to start a shopify webstore, it's more comparable to the offline "gift shop". You have the storefront as landingpage and your main focus should be to find products to your shelves, to advertise and fullfill the orders. It will be a good idea to collect emails from your customers. More on shopify on the TecAdemics & Shopify page

Four Percent Guide - Part 7

Lead Generation - Email Marketing - and sales

I saw this Post by Kevin from our facebook group - I think it's very important

A brief introduction to why you may be having problems with sales

Solo ads, banner ads, media buys, fb ads, post cards, mailers, tv, radio, live events, twitter, IG, GA, cold calls, flyers, bandit signs.....oh my

What do all these have in common?
They are all lead generators. Different mediums, different audiences, different messages... at the core they are all lead generators. Notice I say lead generators, not sale generators.

It is important to understand the difference. Getting a lead is nothing more than making someone aware of you or your product. Chances are they don't know you, they never met you, they don't know your product. The job of lead gen is to get someone to raise their hand and say 'Hey I don't know you, but seems you have something interesting here, let me take a look'

On the other hand a sale is someone who knows, likes, and trusts you and decides to lay down cold hard cash to buy what you have to offer. You see they are two very different things, one initiates the conversation, the other closes the deal.

It kind of goes like this: Lead + value + value + value + value + value.... = Sale.

So if you are expecting to spend time, money and energy on generating leads, you better be ready to spend time, money and energy on nurturing those leads and providing value, and engaging with those leads. If you don't want to do that, don't waste your time on lead gen. Sure you may get a small sale here or there, or maybe even a big one every once in a while, but are you here for sporadic little happenstances, or are you here to build a long term business?

The fundamentals of building a business are the same no matter what the business is... online, offline, B2B, B2C, service, products.... You have to spend money, or time (networking) to generate leads, then treat those leads like gold, then and only they will you build a long term business that thrives.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but just cause this is an online business doesn't mean it is easy, or cheap. You either buy your way into leads, or our work your way into leads. Spend money to make money, that is an old but true adage. Want to open a Subway Franchise then be prepared to drop $150-200K before the first customer walks in the door. This business has a much lower barrier to entry but you still need to be willing to put out the Benjamins to bring them in.

So next time you say 'this' traffic didn't work, think for a minute, what did you do with the traffic after you got it? Nothing? well there is your problem. The money is in the follow up. Are there crappy lead services out there, you betcha, be careful of those, but before we call any traffic bad, let's have a good look in the mirror first and see what do we do to help our cause?

Hey if you are running lead gen awesome, you are 10 steps above everyone else, if you want to take it to the next level, add consistent value added follow up and you will be golden

  • Four Percent Guide - Part 8

    Think and Grow Rich - and other books, Videos and inspirational

    NOTE: Ultimo August the free level was removed and changed to "Lite" which is $7 monthly and $49 mth for Pro-member

    Other pages that might have your interest as an online Entrepreneur:

    • Inspirational videos and books for your mindset and personal development

    Download these classic books here
    - The classic must read Book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
    Also download these books on same page:
    "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles
    "As a Man Thinketh" - by James Allen
    "Psycho-Cybernetics" - by Maxwell Maltz

    - Personal development "You were Born Rich" by Bob Proctor
    - Tony Robbins "One choice can change your life"
    - Will Smith "Inspirational words of wisdom"
    - Oprah Winfrey "Reveals the great Secret"

    SEO Mastery Review

    Master the art of Search Engine Optimization - Training By Josh Earp

    ​Here is my review of The SEO Mastery" a high level Course By Josh Earp that teaches you every thing you want to know about Search Engine Optimization, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

    SEO Mastery review
    Official SEO Mastery Website

    Product Name: "SEO Mastery" a high level Course that teaches you Search Engine Optimization, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

    You will Learn SEO by One of the absolute masters of SEO: Josh Earp

    Sold as a stand alone product. You do not need to be member of 4 Percent to buy this course.


    SEO Mastery Course

    What is 4 Percent? It's an educational platform for visionary entrepreneurs, that offers you a lot of free training. 4 Percent also has a marketplace where you can buy highquality courses exclusively for 4 Percent, presented by the best presenters in the world within in their fields.

    To get this Course go to the Official SEO Mastery website. Price is Only $997 onetime with a $500 discount right now, so you can get it now for $497


    Why do you need SEO?

    ​Why Your Business Website Needs to be Optimized for Search Engines

    You want to have your website ranked at the first page of Google Search Results for your most important Keywords. It is getting you FREE Traffic - and this traffic is the best you can ever get - it is highly targeted traffic, because people searched for YOUR Important keyword.


    Content of SEO Mastery

    SEO Mastery course is a module based course that will teach you everything you want to know about SEO. Created by Josh Earp and brought to you exclusively through the 4 Percent.  To buy the Course go directly to the SEO Mastery website or become free member of 4 Percent Group and purchase the course from the backoffice. Introductory price $497 (Normal price $997)

    What You'll learn from SEO Mastery


    • Complete SEO Mastery from A-Z
    • Secret Tools and Software Reveal
    • Perfect training for eStage system
    • How to rank your website
    • How to rank YouTube videos
    • How to promote affiliate offers
    • How to get unlimited traffic through SEO
    • How to rank ecommerce products
    • How to create SEO consultancy
    • BONUS 1: Niche Traffic Hacks
    • BONUS 2: Amazon Ranking Secrets
    • BONUS 3: Ongoing monthly coaching

    SEO Mastery Course Modules

    Curriculum For This Course COURSE INTRO
    • Course Overview
    • Seo 101 Recorded Webinar

    • Introduction To SEO
    • Tools & Software
    • Google’s Algorithm
    • Moz
    • Pr Checker
    • Majestic

    • Market Research Introduction
    • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
    • How To Create A Market Breakdown Sales Video

    • Website Creating Introduction
    • Hosting & Money Site Creation

    • On Page Optimization Introduction
    • WordPress Final Touches
    • Inner Linking

    • Off Page Optimization Introduction
    • Citation Building
    • Press Releases
    • Social Signals
    • 301 Redirect
    • Private Blog Networks (P.B.Ns)
    • Cloak Hosting P.B.Ns
    • P.B.N Set Up
    • Linking Out And Anchor
    • Traffic Crowd Search

    • Client Acquisition Introduction
    • How To Create A Market Breakdown
    • Sales Video Client Proposal

    • Affiliate Seo Introduction
    • Organic Traffic Hacks

    • Secrets To Ranking Amazon Introduction
    • Rank Your Amazon Page #1 On Google

    • Video Marketing Introduction
    • Ranking You Tube Videos

    ​SEO Mastery is not just any product, this is literally the best, worlds best trainer Josh Earp. This is someone who coaches and consulting and doing SEO work for Celebrities and Companies doing billions of dollars per year.

    We are talking about movie producers, HollyWood, some of the biggest names in business in online marketing space, some of the biggest influencers. Josh Earp does their SEO, he trains their team on how to do SEO, so when the discussion came for about bringing SEO training in to the 4 Percent Platform, what's the best when it comes to SEO, because people ask about this.

    ​There is paid traffic, there is content marketing and SEO. So if you have a website, you wanna rank, a video you wanna rank, if you want to rank affiliate stuff, your own stuff, ecommers store, whatever it is you wanna rank, on youtube on search engines, how do you do that.

    What we wanna to do, we wanted to really find the best expert in the SEO area, and that name "Josh Earp" came up. We are bringing this course to the Four Percent, exclusively available to our affiliates and Platform here.

    ​Vick Strizheus interviewed Josh Earp in the video below to reveal what is included in the course.

    Here is one thing I can tell you, it's possible to rank your affiliate personal website, it's possible for you to promote somebody elses offer and rank that on youtube and rank that on facebook and rank that on google and yahoo, it's very possible, but you got to understand how to do Search Engine Optimization.


      SEO Mastery - Vick Strizheus interviewing Josh Earp

      Video by 4 Percent - Vick Strizheus interviewing Josh Earp about the SEO Course

      Video Transcript from Video above

      Vick Strizheus:
      We have a training coming in to the 4 percent Platform and Market Place, it's all about SEO.


      SEO Mastery Affiliate Program

      SEO Mastery affiliate Program - How to join the Affiliate program?
      The course is a high end program presented through 4 Percent's portfolio program. As a 4 Percent Pro member, you will be able to earn 50% commission on this course if some of your free or paid 4 percent members purchase the program. You will also be able to promote this program individually to the world and people do not need to join Four Percent to purchase this program.

      Note: you do NOT need to purchase this program yourself in order to earn commissions on sales. We sell products for what they are and are not a MLM company that require to buy a product in order to sell it. That's a crap MLM mentality. 

      Become pro-member, it's only $49 monthly - First Join as Free member here and upgrade to pro member.


      about SEO Mastery

      ​In Real Estate the 3 most important words are: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

      Your website (or any of the web properties such as a video, podcast, blog, etc) is a virtual "real state" property, and the same 3 words remain most important - location, location, location.

      ​The big question is "How Do You Do That?"

      ​There were two problem entrepreneurs were facing - information overload and inaccurate information / useless trainings.

      ​Not anymore!

      ​Introducing - SEO Traffic Mastery from Four Percent.

      ​This is world's most complete, most potent and cost comprehensive training program that shows you how to master SEO.

      ​Presented by world's top SEO expert - Josh Earp. Josh is a marketing consultant to multi-billionaires, TV Stars and Celebrities.

      In summary, Josh teaches billionaires how to make more billions by leveraging the power of organic search through Search Engine Optimization.

      ​In this course you will learn everything from A-Z on how to start and master SEO.

      ​Whether you are selling your own product or you’re promoting something as an affiliate - these skills will certainly elevate you head and shoulders above your competition, allowing you to direct massive amounts of traffic from search engines including YouTube and channel them to any website of your choice.

      ​Just imagine the possibilities!

      The best part is this is some of the highest quality traffic and you will learn how to get it 100% FREE and long-term through Search Engine Optimization.

      ===>  Enroll and start your training now!  <===



      Often searched phrases
      SEO Mastery Review