How to buy Banner ad Spots (Media Buying) - Media buying and Advanced Traffic Getting Strategies Webbinar

Media buying is Basically simply buying banner space on other websites. The concept is pretty simple but many people don't understand how to do it right and how to do it strategically and that's why so many people are not doing it.

The cool thing about this traffic media method is that it's fast it's scalable and it's consistent.

I rely personally on this type of traffic myself in my business to get result quickly and I do this all the time and I love it.

basically what we are gonna do is buy millions of banner impressions for pennies per thousand, generally done on a CPM basic (cost per 1,000 impr). It's around 1 dollar per CPM to 3 dollars per CPM or something like that.

There are 3 different media buys that you need to understand

​1. Direct Buy
2. Intermediate buy
3. Network buy

You should always start at the direct buy, that's buying banner space at a single website and never start at network buy which is banner space on hundreds even thousands of websites and literally can cost you the shirt if you dont know what you are doing and get 20.000 visitors during 2 hours.

You can also choose to start advertising with intermediate buy, which means a company selling banner ad spots at websites you pick. That's maybe 20% more expensive than direct buy but easier and time saving.

You always need to test your offer, rotate your landing page and split test different landingpages and tracking everything, so you optimize everything before you go big.

What do you need to get started with media buying?
1. You need a banner
2. you need to jump in to it.

In High Traffic Academy, the Media buying strategies and places to buy banner space is covered in these 6 modules:

1. Media buy Intro
2. Creating Banners
3. Direct buys
4. Intermediate Buys
5. Network buys
6. Good tips.

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​advanced media buying Video

Advanced Traffic-Getting Strategies That Work
Advanced Media Buying

Here is the part about "Direct Media buy"How to buy banner ad spots directly at website owners.

I will talk about Traffic Generation
I will talk about traffic generation. I want to cover some advanced traffic media strategies, how to buy traffic, how to leverage yourself as a marketer and really just go out there and create the lifestyle that you want. There's a lot of components that needs to be in place for online masters to be successful, of course we talk about the mindset, we talk about the structure of the business and all that stuff is important, right, now what I wanted to do, I want to focus specifically precisely on this area "Traffic generation".

I Received tons of email and surveyed people as well. I wanted to see what you guys wanted to learn more about and it seems that traffic generation is this one thing that everybody wants to learn more about. That's my expertise, I have been a student of traffic generation for about seven years, I'm talking about fulltime hard core, really dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about generating traffic, ways of different strategies, different methods, a lot of testing and trial and error.

I believe that when you focus on learning this traffic getting game, when you understand how to get traffic, everything else will be easier for you and so what I wanted to do, just basically talk about and give you guys some really really good stuff.

In this next 1-1½ hour I want to give you so much in value. This particular training could be worth at least two thousand dollars for you minimum.
So pay attention get yourself something to write with, take a lot of notes.

I hope that you implement this and run with it and just get a bunch of traffic and earn a bunch of money with it.
There is gonna be nothing for sale here, this is a purely value-based hangout.

Vick about himself
For those who don't know me, I got started online about 8 years ago on the internet, struggled, trying to figure out how this internet marketing thing works and was fortunate enough to get my self a mentor who taught me something. Just over the years I progressed and developed my own strategies and my own perspectives on things how this works and did a lot and lots of testing.

A lot of people start on the internet, they just expect everything to be a "home run" from the get-go, they expect everything to go smoothly right away and a lot of times that is not the case. If you are running into some bumps right now in the road, don't get discouraged, the easiest thing to do is to get discouraged and say: well, this thing doesn't work, it's a scam, whatever, just move on and just jumpships onto a different opportunity, thinking that the opportunity is gonna make them successful, but the reality it's not, because basically it's the fundamentals that is gonna make you successful and one of the fundamentals we are gonna cover today is "traffic generation".

I'm gonna show a screenshare now..

This hangout
This hangout is part 1 of 3, I decided to give you guys so much value that it's gonna absolutely blow your mind.

My intention is this, there is gonna be three sections in this training, today we are going to cover the ground, we are gonna have part two and three and my goal is, I want to teach you how to get tons and tons of very very good highly targeted traffic.

Some of this stuff I have never taught yet, because I was personally experimenting with this and I never teach from theory, I never teach from something that I just heard or saw somebody else doing, I always teach from experience. So I was testing a lot of things over the last several months, a lot of different networks and media buys and things like that, so I'm gonna teach you guys some new stuff here tonight.

There is gonna be a three part advanced training series and You wanna stick around for all three series because we can easily create this and then pack it up as a course and then sell it to other people who did not attend these hangouts and this thing can easily sell for premium prices, but of course you guys get it for free.

This is what I want to accomplish here with you, I wanna give you a huge edge over "other marketers" out there. So people who are not here, they will not know, here is the reality, most people have no idea how to get traffic, most people have no idea what it takes to really become successful online so when you guys learn this stuff, you'll have a huge huge advantage over everybody else out there.

The Agenda 

  • Teach you how to get TONS of GOOD traffic
  • This is a 3-part (advanced) training series
  • Give you a HUGE edge over "other marketers" out there
  • I want to hear YOUR SUCCESS STORY

Bottom line is, I just want to hear YOUR SUCCESS STORY. If you can take this information, if you can apply this in your marketing, if you can take this out there, put it to work, let me know how it goes for your, that's really what I want.

Here is the truth, we are gonna cover some fundamentals to make sure that everybody is on the same page, and I am gonna hit you guys with some really really serious stuff.

Traffic to your business is as important as oxygen for humans or fuel for vehicles.

If you take away traffic from your business, your business is not going to survive very long. You can have the prettiest website, promoting the awesomest opportunity, you can have the highest payout on your offer. If you are not going to have anybody visiting your offer, you don't make any money.

The Truth You Need to Know...

  • Traffic for Your Business is not EVERYTHING, but it's as important as oxygen for humans or the fuel for vehicles
  • Most people overcomplicate "traffic-getting"
  • There's virtually UNLIMITED amounts of traffic
  • No Such Thing As "FREE Traffic"
  • Master Traffic - Write Your Own Paycheck

So traffic obviously is important, but here is the truth, most people, most marketers they simply over complicate a very simple thing.

I want you to understand one thing: getting traffic is one of the simplest and easiest thing that you will learn how to do as an internet marketer, period. I will prove that to you tonight.

There is virtually unlimited amounts of traffic that you can tap into regardless of your budget, if you got 20 or 50 bucks or 5,000 dollars you wanna spend and when you do it right, the sky is the limit.

There is no such thing as "FREE Traffic", I just want to put it out and make sure you guys understand. A lot of people talk about free traffic and they say paid traffic doesn't work and this and that!
There is no such thing as free traffic!

You either pay for traffic with your time or your money!

Bottom line, when you master traffic generation, you can write your own paycheck anywhere, in any business opportunity, any company, anything that you do or touch on the internet, you will dominate.

I wanna give you guys a couple tips that I think will be worth a million dollars to you, ready?

Here is one, here is the MILLION DOLLAR TIPS:

1. dig you own well. If you haven't heard this quote yet it's because I invented it.

When it comes to traffic you just have to dig your own well. So many people rely on facebook, they rely on somebody to getting traffic, fx. co-ops which is ridiculously selling these days, people are getting ripped off, they are depending on other people, for this stuff, you never want to depend on anybody, or anything for traffic, you wanna dig your own well, so you can have your own water to drink out of and when you have that nobody can take it away from you and you don't have to depend on anybody, or anything.

Here is one, here is the MILLION DOLLAR TIPS

  • Dig Your Own "Well"
  • Depend On NOBODY or ANYTHING for Traffic
  • Position your business to work WITH THE SYSTEM
  • Not Against The System (Internet is built on Advertising)
  • Master Paid Marketing & Media Buying

If you depend on google or SEO right now, what if they change tomorrow? - all of a sudden you don't have a business!

My thing when it comes to traffic, and I just talk to you openly, I want to position my business to work WITH the system and I'm gonna tell to you what that means in a mimute.

I don't want to work AGAINST the system. Here is the reality, a lot of people a lot of marketers, and I was one of them I was trying to build my business and set it up to work against the system and what do I mean by the "system" well, think about it, internet is build on what? ... what do you think the internet is build on? .... the internet is built on advertising! advertising is what drives the internet, it's what drives everything.
Facebook is powered by what? advertising! It's a free platform there is social media, but powered by advertising.

Google is powered by what? advertising
so when I say "work with the system", here is the thing, when you learn to work to work with how internet was intended, and if you can figure this out, if you can master paid marketing & media buying.

When you hear the word "paid advertising", a lot of people freak out, I don't have the money, I don't have this...

As I said there is no such thing as free traffic and marketing, but when you master paid marketing and media buying and it could be as simple and low as 5-10 dollars or 20 dollars to get started to get going.

What you're doing you are working with the system. Nobody will turn you down, nobody will shut your traffic off, nobody will. As long as you are playing by the rules, and we are gonna talk about a lot about the rules and exactly how you're doing it and I actually show you specific examples. We will take you behind the scenes, behind my back if you will and show you this stuff.

I you are taken notes, just write this down:
You want to position your business to work WITH the system because when you work with the system there is virtually unlimited opportunities for you out there.

There is different types of traffic:

Pay Per click
Pay Per view
Pay Per call
Email Newsletter
solo Ads
Email media buying
email traffic agencies NB HOT HOT
SEO /Organic website/blog
Affiliate networks
banner media
CPA media
social media

content syndication
Offline Media
Traffic Exchanges
RSS directories
JV Traffic (joint venture)
Torrent marketing
viral Traffic Strategies

There is tons and tons of traffic generations, different sources we can tap into.

As a marketer, here is your goal:
Think about it: if you're only depending on for example facebook or maybe JV traffic. I come from the affiliate world, I promoted a lot of clickbank stuff before, before big idea mastermind coming with empower network.
In that particular world, I know some of you guys that come from that kind of background.

A lot of people just depend, .. a lot of these big dogs, big big marketers, a lot of us looked up to them as like superstars, these guys really have no clue how to do any of this, they are basically relying simply on JV traffic, one guy promotes another guys stuff, they just push offers to their list and that's about it, they master that stuff but the downside to that is, it's only one thing, there is only so much traffic available through for example JV.

What if you just toke Facebook, which is obviously a giant platform, but what if facebook just slaps you or maybe they come up with something and all of a sudden your business gets slapped and you don't have a business!

So you don't want to depend on ONE source particular, everything can work but nothing works 100%.

If you want to build a business on the foundation of a stone, when you are building your business, it's always best to master as many of these outlets as possible, so you can have pay per click, pay per call, you can have banner media working for you maybe you can have offline media working for you maybe, you can have JV traffic working for you.

So when you have 5-6-7 different sources of traffic coming in and funneling people to your website, you don't have to depend, you don't have to worry about if google slaps you. I dont use google personally, I have been building big idea master (with empower network) over the last 11 months but before that, I was doing lot of media buys, a lot of traffic buys, I was getting traffic to affiliate stuff, promoted my own stuff and I never, for the last 4 years, have nothing to do with google, I don't play with google at all. I don't have to because I know all the other stuff.
We gonna talk about a lot of them, what I do want to focus on tonight, is talking about media buying and in particular what we will talk about is, I want to keep it simple.

I don't know how many of you are advanced marketers, I don't know how many of you are just getting started, but if we just keep this down to be very very simple, so that everybody can understand this, then we can move on to the other stuff in part 2 and part 3.
What I wanna cover tonight, this media buying thing, is gonna be enough for you to go out there and just literally tapping into millions and millions of visitors out there.

Media buying in particularly, this strategy I have been personally working and testing a lot over the last year, you can say fulltime, it's been media buying, basically.

I forgot to tell you in the beginning, everything I am telling you, is from my perspective. I may be wrong I may be right, i'm not gonna guarantee you get any results with this information, what I will tell you though, is the stuff i'm gonna teach you, allowed me to build giant giant lists, my personal list from implementing these sources, I was able to build my personal list to over 300,000 people right now, and this stuff allows me to earn a lot of money, and I don't want to brag, but this stuff works, this stuff plain and simple works and I am gonna tell you the stuff that work for me and how I did it and how you can model this.

Basically the idea is: we are simple gonna buy banner space on other websites, but we are gonna do it in a way that most people don't think about, there is a whole different ballgame out there, I say 99 % of marketers have no idea how to do.

Media buying, specifically banner media buying, it used to be predominantly used by "brand advertisers", but recently, the recent 7 years the technological change allowed direct response folks, like you and me, to enter the game and it's really good.
Companies like toyota, we see all these companies spend millions of dollars on brand advertising, superball, these folks they have an allocated budget like a million dollars, like Honda for example, they have a budget, we gonna spend two million dollars a month just on brand awareness, building brand awareness, so they have a certain percentage of that fund going into media buying online and they don't care, they dont track there ROI (return on investment), they dont track what's coming back to them, how it performs, they just want to put stuff out there.

Obviously we dont have that kind of budget, we are smarter than that, so we are direct respons marketers, what we want is, we want immediate ROI. We can buy millions of banner impressions for pennies per thousands, I'm gonna show you how to do that. And media buying, this particular one, is generally done on a CPM basis (cost per 1,000 impressions), let me explain this stuff.

Media Buying

  • One of the most stable & reliable traffic strategies
  • Simply buying banner space on other websites
  • Used predominantly by "brand advertisers", but techonological changes allowed direct response folk to enter the game
  • Buy millions of banner impressions for pennies per thousand

There is three types of media buys, three types of buys that we can do and this is important because a lot of folks they are just throwing money out, they are blind, they don't know what they are doing and they are completely reversing this upside down.

There is what I call "direct Buy", there is the "Intermediate Buy" and there is the "Network Buy". I will explain to you what this means to you in a moment.

Most folks they are just going to Network and they are doing Networks buy and that's a wrong way to do it. Some of them are doing intermediate buys and very few people go after Direct buy.

What we want to do is, I am gonna explain to you how each one of these works and how each one of these are different and basically, what can you do after watching tonights hangout and this training, what can you do to start tapping in to this traffic that is available, there is hundreds of millions impressions, let me actually show you, and we can actually tap into that traffic and we can get visitors for as low as 10 cents to 60 - 70 - 80 cents, typically from 30-60 cents per visitor. But the cool thing with this is, our visitor is gonna be super targeted, we are not going to worry about people sending us junk stuff, when we get visitors, those visitors are very very targeted, I'm gonna show you how to target them.

Direct Buy

  • Great for starters (ability to start small)
  • Go directly to the owner of the website to buy ad space (no middleman)
  • Much cheaper price for banner inventory
  • Build relationship with site owner
  • Negotiate exclusive deals, pop up ads, even email drops!

There is direct buy:
Great for starters (ability to start small)
Direct buy is where everybody should get started, unfortunately almost everybody they are not doing it, very very few marketers are doing it and out of those who do this, very few of those actually do it right.

If you have been trying to buy media specifically banner media you should really pay attention here!

Direct buys is very very good for starters, if you're just getting started it gives you the ability to start small.
Basically what you do, is go directly to the owner of the website to buy Ad space (no middleman), you will understand when I cover other stuff.

You get much cheaper price for banner inventory, when you do direct buy and I show you how to do that in a minute and the one thing that I personally like about doing direct buys is, I can build relationships with, personal relationship with the siteowner. That can be a very good asset for you down the road in your business, if you can build these relationships.

In this business it's not necessarily what you know, ...what you know is important and you need to know this stuff but it's also important WHO you know.
Just like with solo ads, traffic agencies, and direct media buys for banner ads, if you can build relationships with folks who are influential, people who have big sites and big networks and if you can build relationships with representative of big networks, that's an asset for you, that has it's weight in gold.

With direct buys you can negotiate exclusive deals with popup ads and even email drops, I give you guys example of what I did and how I actually came across this totally by accident, this was a few years ago, actually with the direct buy but one of the things that you can do, you can go to a site owner, to a publisher that has a big site and you can negotiate a deal that's exclusive for you, so say if you promote a product you can say hey: I like to promote this on your site and get an exclusive agreement with you for this particular product, so you don't promote your stuff along with other competitors promoting the same thing. We can do that with direct buy.

Another thing we can do, we can (and I've done this), you can negotiate with a popup ad. Lets say somebody has a blog and you can contact this blog owner.

Generally you are not going to do this on the first contact, first you just simply buy a banner, see how it goes for you, but assuming everything goes well you can come back to him when you renew your banner, you can come back an say: I love your stuff, you've got an awesome blog, would you be able to sell a popup ad for me? .. I can give you and Ad, that can be an oversized banner, and you just put it in a popup on your blog, so when somebody visits your blog, what they see, they see a banner that pops up on his blog and when people click on that (there is obviously a call to action), they get taken to your site.

Believe it or not a lot of these guys will do that for you. It's not that expensive, again I am gonna show you how you can do that.

A lot of times these folks will even have an email list that you can negotiate an email drop. Most marketers don't do this, they don't think, a lot of folks don't think outside of the box, as a marketer you always want to think different ways, how can you get traffic.

Traffic is basically people visiting your site. If you can just keep it simple. Keep it as simple as possible, basically it comes down to this: how can you get 500 people to see your website to-day and how can you get 500 new people to see your site to-morrow? ... or one or two thousand people?

So then you just basically strategize and think a little bit outside the box, think a little bit logically and look at your business from 30 feet up above and you will see these other opportunities that might be available to you, that most people don't think about, for example I went to one of the blog owners and this dude has a giant blog I talking to him and asked if he have an email list, yeah. Can I purchase a solo ad, an email drop? He said yeah, I don't remember how much it was, maybe like 300 bucks or something to email to his list to like 200,000 people and I got tons and tons of visitors back to my site

From that email drop. I think my ROI ended up through the roof. That's something to think about!

Finding publisher for direct buys

Search google for your "keyword" + blog or go directly to the publisher from an intermediary.

Let me show you guys how to do that, it's actually very easy to do. I don't want to funnel this training for any particular product. I don't want this to be about empower network or what ever product that's out there, you can apply this information to anything out there, you can promote anything, CPA offers, Clickbank offers, opportunities, you can be building your multilevel marketing company, you can do anything with this.

If you just think, how can you tweak this information, how can you apply this to your niche or business, folks this is generic, so you can apply this to anything and you will get phenomenal results with it, or at least I hope you do.

Finding publisher for direct buys

  • Search "keyword + blog" or go directly to the publisher from intermediary
  • Research site to make sure it gets a lot of unique (fresh) visitors
  • Contact website owner and inquire about buying banner ads
  • Negotiate!

So basically what you do, you just go to google and just search for your keyword +blog that is very very basic.
You can get more fancy with that, but that's basically how I go about it.
Just the keyword +blog.
For example: affiliate marketing +blog, network marketing +blog, weightloss + blog, dogtraining + blog, eating healthy + blog.

Or you can go directly to the publisher from the intermediary, I will show you how you should do this. This is actually a shortcut that you can do and this can work really well as well.

Then what you do, you research the site to make sure it get a lot of unique visitors, there is no point of advertising or placing a banner on a blog that gets lets say 50,000 visitors per month but those visitors are repeat visitors.
If the blog gets repeat visitors and there is no fresh visitors, no unique visitors coming in every single month, there is really no point for me to even run my ad there for more than like a month.

Direct buy example....

Let me show you what I did, let me show you one of the examples, one of the site where I bought banner ad space.
Here is a big marketer, john chow dot com. he's a pretty big blogger in the internet marketing niche.

This is an example only, the site I present to you, just don't go out there and bombard him trying to buy an ad, I am just showing you this for the example purpose, because there is tons and tons of these bloggers you can find.

This is initially how I discovered. I contacted this guy a while back and I looked at this site and he's got a blog and look at these banners, this a banner here and this is a little banner right here, this is his subscribe to his blog thing. he's got 253,118 daily visitors and readers. he's got banner here and a bunch of banners here.

So anytime when you are searching on google about whatever your topic is and come across a blog that has banners guess what, you can advertise there!

Basic yes, I know it's basic and what you do, a lot of times you just go to somewhere on the bottom of the site or in this case it's up at the top, it says "advertise" click on advertise and contact the guy and say: hey I like to do some business with you, are you interested and he's gonna say "give me some money" and you say alright here's my money, here is my ad and he's gonna run your ad, as simple as that.

There is couple of things that you guys need to understand though and I wanna make sure that everybody understands.....

..... that's all folks for to-night.

.... Then Vick goes into "Intermediate buy"

• AWESOME for beginners & seasoned marketers
• Small ad networks that connect publishers with advertiser 100% self serve platforms
• Advertisers with small budgets can buy ads at fixed monthly or CPM rates and even CPC
• You know exactly where your banners are placed
• Great for Research for potential Direct buys

.... I will leave the hangout here and leave before the "Intermediate buy" and "Network buy" parts of the Hangout.

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