Internet Traffic Mastery review

​Traffic Course by 4 Percent. Learn everything about Internet Traffic - how to generate Traffic

​Here is my review of The Internet Traffic Mastery which is a High Level Traffic course that will teach you all about How to generate Internet Traffic, exclusively presented by "The 4 Percent".

Internet Traffic Mastery review

Product Name: "Internet Traffic Mastery" a high level Course where you will learn All about how to generate internet traffic, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

Sold as a stand alone product. You do not need to be member of 4 Percent to buy this course.

What is 4 Percent? It's an educational platform for visionary entrepreneurs, that offers you a lot of free training. 4 Percent also has a marketplace where you can buy highquality courses exclusively for 4 Percent, presented by the best presenters in the world within in their fields.


To purchase the course go to the Official Internet Traffic Mastery website. Price is Only $1.497 onetime.

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Content of Internet Traffic Mastery

Internet Traffic Mastery course is a 12 module course that will teach you everything you want to know about Internet Traffic. Created by Vick Strizheur from the 4 Percent.

1. The future of social media and instagram. This is where the future is going, especially for marketing and business
2. Engagement, Influence, Celebrity
3. Traffic generation and monetization. Instagram is a perfect vehicle to drive traffic to any product whether its info product, e-commers, services, there is no limit
4. Become a Powerful Promoter

What You'll learn from Internet Traffic Mastery high end Internet Traffic course

• Complete Internet Mastery A-Z
• 12 Modules

Internet traffic Mastery Modules

  • MODULE 1: Traffic Rules & Game Plan
    Traffic Rules & Game Plan. To win in the game of traffic, you must understand the rulse of the game and speak the secret language.
  • MODULE 2: Influencer traffic media
    Influencer traffic media. How to reach 100's of millions of people on demand and get floods of traffic to any website you want.
  • MODULE 3: 24 hours traffic media
    24 hours traffic media (Instant traffic media). The abandoned goldmine of massive instand targeted traffic
  • MODULE 4: Social media traffic
    Social media traffic. How to quickly and strategically siphon massive amounts of targeted traffic from the bigges social media networks in the world today
  • MODULE 5: Search media traffic
    Search media traffic. How to get in front of massive amounts of hungry prospects desperately searching for what you have.
  • MODULE 6: Display traffic media
    Display traffic media. How to tap into huge pools og targeted traffic with almost no competition.
  • MODULE 7: retargeting media
    retargeting media. How to be everywhere, reach millions and dominate your market
  • MODULE 8: CPA traffic media
    CPA traffic media. How to get an army of super-affiliates to send you 50.000+ visitors per day without paying a single dime for traffic.
  • MODULE 9: S2 traffic media
    S2 traffic media. How to get unlimited amounts of buyers without personally running a single campaign
  • MODULE 10: perpetual traffic Machine
    Perpetual traffic Machine. How to open floodgates of massive amounts of new fresh targeted traffic spending a single dime
  • MODULE 11: Traffic Media X
    Traffic Media X. How to strategically uncover new fresh traffic sources and never depend on anybody for traffic.
  • MODULE 12: The Best traffic media
    The Best traffic media. How to tap into a well of instant and never ending highest converting traffic available anywhere

​4% Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) - Testimonial


Internet Traffic Mastery Affiliate Program

Internet Traffic Mastery Partner (affiliate) Program
The course is a Four Percent core product, a high end program presented through 4 Percent. As 4 Percent Partner (affiliate), you will be able to earn 40% commission on your sales if you own the products.

Additionally You will earn 10% on 2nd. tier and 10% on 3rd. tier.

How to become a Partner? Become 4 Percent pro-member, it's only $49 monthly, pay the monthly partner fee $19.95/month AND own the product. You must own the product to earn commission - Join 4 Percent here


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