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Automated Software for Facebook Messenger auto-messages, auto-posts, auto-comment, auto-likes, auto-invites by Anthony Morrison Publishing

AutoEngage Review

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What is the AutoEngage Software?

AutoEngage is a Facebook messenger messaging software - plus auto-like, auto-comment, auto-messaging. The AutoEngage features are covered in this review of AutoEngage

AutoEngage is a software created by Morrison Publishing, that helps you automate your facebook marketing and use Facebook FanPage or Facebook Ads on your FanPage to generate Traffic and Grow your Business.

Traffic is the key to Success Online - Facebook traffic is the best traffic
Traffic is the key to success online. Everything online revolves around and starts with traffic. You have to have traffic to generate sales.

Where Is The Traffic Online?
Almost everyone is on Facebook. Why advertise on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube and everywhere else, when eventually everyone is on Facebook? Facebook provides the highest quality traffic on the planet. It doesn't matter what you are doing, You will be able to get the best traffic and cheapest Facebook advertising prices on the biggest social media network, all in one place.
So we wanna get our traffic, from Facebook

OK Here's Why Most People Fail...
Most People REFUSE To Stay Up To Date On The Newest Technology And Systems That Can Automate Their Advertising.

Most People Simply Do Not Know About Some Of The "Secret" Ways The Most Successful People Are Getting Traffic.

Most People Fail Because They Fail to Get Traffic
My Secret to traffic right now is automation, specific using Facebook messenger to generate massive amount of traffic. You have heard of Facebook traffic, but what about Facebook Messenger Traffic? This is a brand new way to get lots of traffic build lots of businesses and earn lots of money all using this strategy.

Who Can Use This AutoEngage Facebook marketing Strategy?
Using AutoEngage Facebook automated marketing software is a universal strategy that works for any business no matter what you are doing

• eCommerce, amazon and Shopify stores
• Affiliate and CPA Marketers
• Email Marketers
• Product creators
• Local Marketers, local businesses
• Brand New? No Business? You can create your business using this strategy

This is a brand new way to get lots of traffic, build lots of businesses and earn lots of money all using this strategy. The Facebook AutoEngage strategy will create an entire automated stream of income for you!

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


So how does the AutoEngage Facebook Marketing and Facebook Messenger Messaging software works?

Each time we make a facebook post, there are different interactions that can happen. There are things like comments, shares, likes, and clicks to your website.

There are two things we are looking for: we want most
1. We want the post or ad to go viral
2. We want to make sales

1. Going viral: facebook post or ad
We want to get people to like, share, Comment and tag. Tagging is when you tag a friend, basically bring that friend right in to the post.

All of this is our growth, this is how we go viral. We are pushing all of this back to more people. The new people are going to do the same thing with the post or ad. They are gonna like, share, comment and tag their frinds, so we are going to reach THEIR friends so we always going to be reaching more and more people.
This is step one Going Viral.

Step 2, we wanna make sales and commissions
The step 1 about getting shares, likes and tags is hugely important, but here is the most imporant thing:
When someone leaves you a comment on your facebook ad or post on your fanpage. When they leave you a comment, what this does, it unlocks the permission, to put them on our Facebook messenger list.

From that Facebook messenger list we can now send automated promo messages. Do you think you will be able to make lot of money if you can get a lot of people to your facebook ad or facebook post on your fanpage, get them to leave you a comment, add them to a facebook messenger list, press one button and autmatically start advertising to them? And here is what's crazy about this: It's FREE - it doesn't cost you any money to do this.

Can you see what happens when we combine the like, share, tag and comments with the messenger list?

Gettinge more likes, more shares, more friend tags and more comments, they put more eyeballs on that post, which will get you more comment and a bigger Facebook Messenger list. All of the engagement activities that people can do on a facebook ad or post are important, but the most important thing is combining them with building a Facebook Messenger list and send them automatic promo messages.

This promotional message can direct people to your amazon store, your shopify store, your website, it can go to an affiliate offer, it could be for a local business promotion, it could be your own book or product.

They are all things called profit centers which will make you money. Everything is growing for you and if you have the right software and automation you can build this facebook messenger list, then you can automate sending out Facebook Messenger messages. This is just like email marketing, but better with 95% opens and more personal.

How many of you used to get email?
We are just on someones promotion list and expect to get product promotions... and often just delete the email without actually reading them. People delete emails more often. If you send a message directly on facebook messenger, it's a lot more personal and people doesn't realize you can do that rigth now, because Facebook doesn't tell you. You don't see others doing it, it's extremely rare and thus more personal, more people are seing it, meaning higher openrate and respons rate and sales and more money.

With one simple tool (the AutoEngage software) you can:
1. Build a Facebook Messenger list - and use the Facebook Messenger messaging system to send out messages automatically

2. You gonna automate facebook engagement, the likes, the shares, the comments, the messaging.

3. You are gonna build your email list. I mean the traditional autoresponder email list in Addition to your Facebook Messenger list (more below)

4. If you are running facebook ads, you will increase reach and lower your ad cost. Because facebook wanna see engagement and you responding to your facebook ads. Then Facebook starts to see your ad as extremely important and relevant and wanna show it to more people and lower your ad cost.

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


Here's a breakdown of what the AutoEngage software does

First let look at what the software is doing:

First You connect the AutoEngage software to your FanPage (facebook page). You can connect as many FanPages to AutoEngage as you like.

When people are commenting on a post I instantly like and reply and respond back to them... automatically.
Every single post and comment posts on the fanpage is liked by me.

Tagging and sharing:
my posts and commenting encourage people to share and tag 3 of their friends. this is how I build massive fanpages and what's great about this it's all automated. What i'm using is the AutoEngage software that automatically and on it's own does all that work for you. It likes, it shares, it comments, and it builds your facebook messenger list, all inside of one platform, all 100% automated.

• AutoEngage Likes and auto-comments on all comments made on your fanpage. The like function: You can turn the functions on or off. When you turn it on it automatically like all of the comments that's been made on your page, which generates more activity.

The software takes care of the likes, the shares, the comments. Remember we needed to have people commenting so we can have them added on our messenger list. We want to build our facebook messenger list.

• AutoEngage Invites all who liked a post, to also like your fanpage

• AutoEngage automatically posts a comment from preloaded comments optional specific for each post. What happens is AutoEngage, will automatically randomly go through these preloaded comments and respond to the people who leave you feedback on your fanpage post or on your facebook ad.

• Via the auto-commenting function AutoEngage encourages people to like, share, comment and tag friends in order to make the post go viral.

• AutoEngage software contains a facebook messenger messaging system, which add all people who commented on a post on your fanpage, to your Facebook Messenger list and sends out messages either at a preset number of days after they commented or on specific dates or recurring on preset days.

The AutoEngage Facebook auto-messaging Function
In the AutoEngage auto-messaging function, In the software you go to where it says "broadcast" and what it does is, in this section inside AutoEngage, it makes you literally manage and send direct Facebook Messenger Messages to the people on your Facebook Messenger list, who are people that have commented on your fanpage.

What's crazy about this is, it's all done right inside AutoEngage and there are different functions: you can send messages to people who has just subscribed, last 24 hours. Or anything you decide.

You cannot do this with facebook, it got to be an external application like AutoEngage, that does this.

In the comment you can say something like this: "we just added a new product to our shopify store, I think you will absolutely love it." You can even add a button with a link to that comment, people can click on to go to your store or website. I can send that message to everyone, through Facebook Messenger.

You can also use images in your messenger messages. This messaging system is so much better than only doing email advertising, because you are guaranteed to reach these people in a very socially engaging way.

....But wait, it's get even better. This is something that nobody has done.
How would you like to be able to create messages and let them go out automatically say 3 days after they joined the list and after they subscribed to you facebook messenger list?

In the software is built in message sequences. You can create a
• date sequence

step sequence
• recurrent message

Once you created a message, say it's "new subscriber message" that you want to send out immediately or 2 or 3 days after they subscribed. You can add as many messages that you want. You can have an entire sequence set up that go out: 2 days, 7 days or what ever you like.

You can choose to have the messages sent out based on how long they have been on your list. You can set this up one time and then it will automatically send your entire marketing messages out to everybody who joins your list.

If you go back to your broadcast messages, you can create a recurring sequence. Let's say every friday. In the software platform, you can also see your statistics, how many messages you have sent.

One more feature added to autoengage - Facebook email subscribe Button

There is one more feature added to AutoEngage. We created what we call a Facebook button. What the facebook button does is, facebook will actually allow you to grab the email address to the facebook user, the email address that they used to signup to facebook.

You can go into the software and create a button campaign. You decide where the button should go to and the design of the button. If you allready have an autoresponder, e.g. mailchimp, getresponse, you can connect it to your AutoEngage and that button.

You can put that button anywhere you like, on your shopify store or webpage and when somebody clicks that button they automatically subscribe to your autoresponder list using the email address they use with facebook.

In AutoEngage all your posts on your facebook FanPage are shown and you can set the comments specific for individual posts. Instead of the button you can use a link, which you can put everywhere and it will do the same thing. You can use that link in your facebook messenger automation in your messages or in your auto-comment and e.g. ask people if they like to subscribe to..... to be able to win a ...... visit this link right now and put the subscribe link. or put the link as part of your message sequences.

If they click it, they get automatically added to your autoresponder email list to grow your email list.

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


Let's talk about Facebook messenger

Why Use Facebook Messenger To Generate Traffic?

Facebook Messenger is the over all number #3 installed app on all devices and in apple store it's the #1 installed app and on google Play it's the #3.
So overall this app rates #3 application installed on all phones in the world. Would you think if you could advertise in front of that, it would be smart?

What does that really mean?
Number of monthly active Facebook Messenger users are more than 1.200.000 million people who has the messenger app installed on their phone. 1.2 billion people have downloaded messenger. It's 11% of the entire worlds population that has this on their phone and 64% of all facebook users have the messenger app.

How About 95% Open Rates?
Currently Facebook reports that 95% of messages are opened when sent via messenger, that is 20x more than the normal open rate from an email marketing list.

Most facebook "ads" have click through ratio's under 1%. Imagine advertising your product knowing everyone you message is going to see your advertisement.

Who realizes this is a game changeer for You and Your business?
Now we can actually jump in and message people right on facebook messenger, which will pop up on their cellphone and their computer. That means you have guaranteed access to people whether they are on the go or at their computer.

How do you profit from Facebook Messenger list?

When you run an ad on facebook or make a post on facebook people can do many different "actions". The most exciting for "most people" are likes and shares.

Purchases and promotions come from us engaging with people.

Here is actually the most important thing:
Comments are the most important thing, comments are the key to money. If you know the "secrets" that most people, including Facebook, don't openly tell you, you want comments.

You want to have comments on anything you are doing. If you run Facebook ads, you wanna get comments, if you make a post on your fanpage you wanna get comments and here is why:

Comments unlock the "key" to building a facebook messenger list
Comments unlock the "key" to building a facebook messenger list, which is literally like having GOLD. When somebody leaves a comment on any post you make on Facebook, it gives you permission to add them to your facebook messenger list.

Which is kind of adding them to your email list, only better, because you can add them to a list where you can message them directly on facebook, but you only get that permission on comments.

And it's all 100% Automated
All of those different things the AutoEngage software does, are all 100% automated. You don't have to do anything, it's literally set it and forget it.

You use Facebook to Build Your Business OR generate Traffic to Your Existing Business.
That is getting you the opportunity to gain a lot of likes, comments and people following your fanpage... and everyone commenting on your fanpage, will automatically subscribe to your Facebook messenger list... and ultimately you are going to make a lot of money for your business.

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


What's included in the AutoEngage software Program?

Here is what you get with AutoEngage software - The first image below under 1. is screenshot from the software

Anthony Morrison Fanpage domination review ebook

1. AutoEngage software to automate your Facebook Marketing

2. Founders Club Access

The complete program
• AutoEngage Software
• AutoEngage Messenger. You will be able to use our Facebook messenger software to automate your messages. You will get FULL ACCESS to the Automated sequences and message broadcast features
• Unlimited interactions
• Unlimited fanpages
• Agency Access - Manage FanPages for others. You can make this your busines. Our founding members will have the ability to manage pages for other people, which gives you another stream of income almost instantly
• No new fee's, Uncluding free updates
• AutoEngage Academy (see below)

3. AutoEngage Academy
Our founding members will access to our exclusive AutoEngage Academy. This will be released for $1997 in the next 30 days, but today you're getting it completely FREE.

What is AutoEngage Academy?
• $102K technique - learn the #1 technique I personally use to generate $102,000 from simple facebook automations with AutoEngage
• Facebook Ad optimizer - learn how to use AutoEngage specifically to lower your facebook ad cost and increase your sales
• Facebook Messenger Dominarion - learn how to increase your messenger list subscribers by 87% with one simple technique I have been testing
• e-Com domination Strategy - learn how to double your e-commerce sales on shopify and amazon
• Facebook Messenger 10x - learn the exact strategy I used to increase my revenue 10x by using the messenger sequences available in AutoEngage
• Complete access to my continue archive of training as i use AutoEngage in my own business to increase sales

We will also show you the Top 5 "Instant Profits" Strategies

#1 - Viral content Facebook Posts Just use the simple post automations to create massive traffic to viral content posts. We've done this on some of our pages and generated over $100 per day

#2 - Agency clients = FAST recurring Income
 • Simply reach out to businesses and fan page owners and offer the services that AE provides. We've had students make over $600 per month form this one activity!
 • You have the permission to add fanpages that you don't own, to our software. Of course as long as you have access to manage that fanpage

#3 - Facebook Ads (Lower Cost & Increase Sales)
 • Connect AutoEngage to your facebook ads to lower your cost and increase your ROI almost immediately
 • Most Facebook Advertisers make their money back in less than a month with savings and increased sales

#4 - Email Your new "Optimized" List
 • Connect AutoEngage to your facebook ads and start building your email list using "facebook buttons"
 • Send emails to your new list (which is 100% optimized and real) to start generating revenue to your online stores and affiliate products

#5 - The most important of the whole thing - Send Facebook messages
 • Connect AutoEngage and start building your facebook messenger list instantly
 • Use our "send now" or "message Sequences" to promote your shopify, Amazon or affiliate marketing products for instant traffic and revenue.

4. Success connection
You will also get access to "Success connection" which is a Weekly Coaching with Anthony Morrison, helping you to crack the code to making money online. It's live training every single week
• Live Coaching With Anthony Morrison
• Email Marketing Techniques That Work
• Traffic Generation Strategies

5. .... Wait there is more - You also get Anthony Morrisons 100K Inner Circle
You will also get access to 100K inner circle, coaching with Anthony Morrison how he earns 100K with a brand new business using nothing else than a fanpage and AutoEngage.

Anthony Morrisons 100K Inner Circle

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Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review
Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Review


Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Facebook Marketing Software a Scam?

Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Software for facebook fanpage automation Legit?

Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Facebook Marketing Software a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is Morrison Publishing AutoEngage Software for facebook fanpage automation Legit?


Income disclamer
Obviously the The Morrison Publishing AutoEngage software, presented in this Anthony Morrison AutoEngage Review, doesn't guarantee any income from your Facebook FanPage marketing efforts as results depend on your efforts and ability to be teachable, learn and implement.



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