90-Day CBD Challenge Review

How to Create a CBD Hemp Oil Business

Join the CBD Challenge Business

CBD is one of the hottest trends right now and the fastest growing industry. Here's my 90-Day CBD Challenge review below. The 90-Day CBD Challenge membership is a complete automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

90-Day CBD Challenge Review
Official Website: https://cbdchallenge.me
Product Name: 90 Day CBD Challenge


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CBD Hemp oil is one of the hottest trends right now in the industry, so we built a fully automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

Watch the Video below for more details and then click here to join free and learn more how you can become an affiliate and how you can get your own custom link to promote the 90 Day Challenge system.

In the video I will show you how you can start in the 90-Day CBD Challenge system, not only as a free member, but as an affiliate, so you will be able to make money - up to $200 Per Referral when you tell others about the 90-Day CBD Challenge, and the backend money is even bigger! - do not miss this epic opportunity!

Creating an online business with CBD oil utilizing the 90-Day CBD challenge marketing system, is an enormous opportunity which may only happen ONCE in your life time and smart entrepreneurs will know how to position themselves before this green hemp oil CBD trend really takes off!

P.S. During this video I mention the financial gain we've generated thus far. Retail sales well over 6-figures in our first 30 days, and actual PROFIT of over $50,000 in the last 4 weeks.

DISCLAIMER: simply because we share our personal results doesn't mean you can get the same results. Some affiliates create no cash, some create plenty of cash.

You have two options with the CBD Challenge system:

1. Join CBD Challenge Free - enjoy the free education - buy products (optional)

2. Join CBD Challenge Free and upgrade to executive - buy products - share the opportunity - earn money

Join the CBD Challenge Business

The 90-Day CBD Challenge FREE membership includes:

• 90 days of free training that will teach you all about CBD oils, what it is, how to buy it, how to make a business with CBD oils. Each day will unlock after 24 hours.
• You can purchase products if you like

In order to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge review and make money with our program you need to upgrade to Executive.

The 90-Day CBD Challenge Executive membership includes:

• The same as the free membership, however as an executive all 90 days unlock immidiately.
• The ability to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge opportunity and earn money. You get an affiliate link to promote.
• affiliate backoffice with tools, stats and 10 days of video training how to promote and advertise and general tips that are valuable for any affiliate

Join the 90-Day CBD Challenge Program

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine
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90-Day CBD Challenge - 90 days Free education

Join the CBD Challenge Business

Once you become a free member of the 90-day CBD Challenge you have 12 weeks - that's 90 days of Video education on CBD

Checkout the screenshot below from the free member backoffice. In left menu you see 12 weeks - each week is 7 days of video education. Below a list of what is covered in Your 90-day CBD Challenge.

Getting Started - Welcome to the Challenge. Welcome video

Week 1: CBD Websites
Week 2: CBD Legalities
Week 3: CBD Knowledge
Week 4: CBD Branding
Week 5: CBD Marketing
Week 6: CBD Advertising
Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Week 9: CBD List Building
Week 10: CBD Distributors
Week 11: CBD Worldwide
Week 12: CBD Dispensaries

Bonus Week: CBD News

CBD Affiliates Center
CBD Affiliates Compliance
CBD Leadership Team
CBD Certification
CBD Leaderboard

Week 1: CBD Websites
In this week’s training, we are diving into setting up the foundation for your CBD online business.
We will show you how to setup your pages, pick a domain, create sales funnels and a lot more!

Day 1. CBD Website Week Introduction
Day 2. Setting Up Your CBD Store Pages
Day 3. Setting Up Your CBD Domain Name
Day 4. Setting Up Your CBD URL Shortener
Day 5. Setting Up Your CBD Challenge Pages
Day 6. Setting Up Your CBD Recruiting Pages
Day 7. CBD Affiliate Link Tracking & Testing

Week 2: CBD Legalities
When it comes to CBD Oil, it’s important to be compliant with the laws. In this weekly series we will cover disclaimers, disclosures, trademarks, compliance, operating your business as an entity, and more

Day 8. CBD Legal Week Introduction
Day 9. Running a Compliant CBD Business
Day 10. Clear & Conspicuous Disclosures in Online Marketing
Day 11. How Disclaimers Actually Close More Sales
Day 12. Understanding Trademarks & Copyright Usage
Day 13. Policies & Procedures for CBD Affiliates
Day 14. Using a Business Entity (LLC) for your CBD Business

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Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing 1st. weeks videos

Join the CBD Challenge Business

Week 3: CBD Knowledge

It’s CBD Knowledge Week! Which means it’s time to brush up on your CBD and Hemp Awareness.
We will breakdown a variety of topics that we feel it’s important for you to learn, and hopefully you become an expert in the process!

Day 15. CBD Knowledge Week Introduction
Day 16. CBD From Seed to Oil (Ultimate Guide to CBD)
Day 17. CBD Selling - What you Should and Shouldn't Say
Day 18. CBD vs. THC - Knowing the Difference
Day 19. CBD Oil & Drug Tests - Will You Pass?
Day 20. CBD 3rd Party Testing - Understanding What It Means
Day 21. The History & The Future of Hemp Explained

Week 4: CBD Branding
Welcome to branding week! It’s about to get real fun! In this week’s lessons you will learn how to create your own customized graphics with your own call to action and website links on them! Let’s Go!

Day 22 . CBD Branding Week Introduction
Day 23. Creating a Call To Action Graphic for your Campaigns
Day 24. Custom CBD Pictures for IG & FB
Day 25. Custom CBD Story Swipe Ups for IG & FB
Day 26. Custom CBD Videos for Facebook Profiles
Day 27. Custom CBD Video Memes for IG & FB
Day 28. Custom Animated Graphic Videos Promotion CBD

Week 5: CBD Marketing
You’ve been learning a lot, now it’s time to take massive action and market your CBD business! This week is packed with the best FREE marketing strategies that you can start with to create traffic, leads, and sales!

Day 29. CBD Marketing Introduction
Day 30. CBD Challenge Posts on Social Media
Day 31. CBD Videos & Ranking in YouTube
Day 32. CBD Blogging & Ranking in Google
Day 33. CBD Business Cards for In-Person Marketing
Day 34. CBD Webinars for Influencers
Day 35. CBD Business Elevator Pitches

Week 6: CBD Advertising
Now it’s time to drive traffic to your pages with paid ads! This week’s lessons will give you a general overview of a variety of ways that you can advertise online to create highly targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Day 36. CBD Advertising Week Introduction
Day 37. Running CBD Ads on Facebook
Day 38. Running CBD Ads on Instagram
Day 39. Running CBD Ads on YouTube
Day 40. Running CBD Ads on Google
Day 41. Running CBD Ads on Buy Sell Ads
Day 42. Running Retargeting Ads for CBD

Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
During week 7 we take a deep dive directly into Facebook Ads at a high level. We will teach you how to prevent your ads from getting flagged and prevent your account from getting shut down, as well as the basics on how to advertise on Facebook!

Day 43. Facebook Ads Introduction
Day 44. How to AVOID Getting Your Ads Account Banned
Day 45. The $5/Day Facebook Ad Method
Day 46. Running Facebook Messenger Ads for CBD
Day 47. Running Facebook Video Ads for CBD
Day 48. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 49. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Instagram is one of the most untapped paid advertising resources available to you!
We will teach you a combination of strategies including swipe up ads, video ads, influencer shout outs, and so much more!

Day 50. Instagram Ads Week Introduction
Day 51. Instagram Picture Ads
Day 52. Instagram Video Ad
Day 53. Instagram Story Ads
Day 54. Instagram Shout Outs
Day 55. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 56. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 9: CBD List Building
In this week’s lessons we will teach you how to create your own lead capture pages and build your own email list!
Learn how to create lead magnets, how to write autoresponder emails, and more!

Day 57. Listbuilding Week Introduction
Day 58. Setting Up Your Email Marketing System
Day 59. Creating Your First Autoresponder Emails
Day 60. Creating CBD Lead Magnets to Build Your List
Day 61. Creating Lead Capture Pages & Automating Them
Day 62. Segmenting Your Leads & Staying Organized
Day 63 .Email Marketing Tips to Convert Leads to CBD Sales

Week 10: CBD Distributors
During distributor week we will dive further into exactly How Your Get PAID and How You Earn Commissions as a CBD Distributor. We will go into much further detail on the 8 ways that you should be getting paid!

Day 64. Distributors Week Introduction
Day 65. 8 Ways to Get Paid - Explained in Detail
Day 66. Tips to Ranking on CBD Leaderboards
Day 67. CBD Sample Marketing Campaigns
Day 68. Gameplan: Your First $10,000 in CBD Sales
Day 69. How to Attract & Recruit CBD Sales Reps
Day 70. How to Recruit Big Hitters to Team Up With You

Week 11: CBD Worldwide
CBD is regulated in different ways depending on the country you are trying to ship to. In this week’s lessons we will cover topics exclusively to members that are living internationally, or selling internationally, to bring you up to speed.

Day 71. CBD Worldwide Week Introduction
Day 72. The Vision for Worldwide CBD Expansion
Day 73. How to Pre-Build in a Country Not Yet Allowing CBD
Day 74. How to Profit on USA CBD Sales if you are International
Day 75. Creating "CBD Waiting Lists" to Blast When CBD Opens
Day 76. The "First Movers Advantage" System for Selling CBD
Day 77. How to Get Paid Commissions when International

Week 12: CBD Dispensaries
During this week’s videos we will interview several dispensary owners to get their perspective on the market and to share their stories. Hopefully their stories and experience give you inspiration as to why you are in the right industry at the right time with the right team!

Day 78. CBD Dispensary Week Introduction
Day 79. What are Dispensaries and How They Work
Day 80. How to Get Your CBD Oil Sold in Dispensaries
Day 81. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 1
Day 82. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 2
Day 83. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 3
Day 84. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 4

Bonus Week: CBD News
We will keep you updated with news, facts, and statistics related to the CBD industry so that you can have more intellectual conversations with people about it. Our goal is to help you stay on top of the market with the best news we can find!

Day 85. United States - Current State of CBD
Day 86. Canada - Current State of CBD
Day 87. Europe - Current State of CBD
Day 88. International - Current State of CBD
Day 89. CBD Industry News - Worldwide
Day 90. USA Farm Bill - Critical Updates


90-Day CBD Challenge affiliate dashboard, tools & training

Screenshot below from the backoffice of the 90-Day CBD Challenge membership program, showing the affiliate dashboard - and the training and tools  available the CBD when you upgrade to executive.

As a 90-Day CBD Challenge member, upgraded to executive, you have the ability to earn commissions on all 90-Day CBD Challenge products.

Affiliate Dashboard

The training for affiliates will uplock once you upgrade to become executive member. Each day is around 1 hour video

DAY 9: RANK 100K IN 100 DAYS

Your affiliate links, Banners, Videos, Emails, Social, Ads

View all of your TRAFFIC, LEADS, AND SALES stats. Including the ability to add your own conversion pixel to your links, and the ability to track which sources are converting the best for you, such as Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc

view users personally referred to the CBD Challenge in the table below.

Achieve Rank 5K or higher in a calendar month and qualify for recognition on this page AND be entered into a monthly drawing to win amazing prizes! (1 entry per rank you are qualified at)

Chris Record
Chris Record is the founder of the CBD Challenge and brings to the table nearly 20 years of online marketing experience. When Chris was 21 years old he started his own website design and SEO agency. Then, when Facebook launched Chris was one of the first pioneers to create a Facebook Marketing course, which catapulted into a teaching career with well over 100,000 students worldwide.

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing affiliate center and 10 days of video training for affiliates

get your own 3 day personal cashmachine

Join the 90-Day CBD Challenge Program

Morrison Ambassador Affiliate Program Review

Income disclamer
Obviously the 90-Day CBD Challenge membership, presented in this 90-Day CBD Challenge Review, doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.

Affiliate Marketing isn't a get-rich-quick concept. It takes labor and talent to create cash, however the 90-Day CBD Challenge system creators do their greatest to supply you with a good system, a solid selling strategy, a lot of  coaching, and the simplest way to take advantage on this new green rush which CBD Oil is. What you choose to do with 90-Day CBD Challenge membership and system is up to you. Results will Vary.


90-Day CBD Challenge Commission

The 90-day CBD Challenge is a Free, unique and specific marketing system for HempWorx company that is selling CBD Oils in a network marketing model. 

Which means you buy products and earn money from that company. Thus your money earning is according to their compensation plan. The compensation plan is a combined unilevel and binary plan.

The 90-day Challenge strategy is NOT to focus on the binary plan initially, until you have reached a certain level. That's a huge advantage, which is explained in the training.

... and there is plenty of money to earn in the unilevel plan which pays you a certain percentage on product sales - up to 10 levels deep.

Which means, if you enroll a person and that person enroll a person and that person enroll a person, you earn commissions on all product sales up to 10 levels deep.  Thus the key to earn big money is to get your enrollees to also enroll people, in other words: duplication


FAQ from CBD Challenge Affiliates about the CBD Challenge System

Common Question #1

So what do CBD Challenge Affiliates do to make money?

They promote the 90-Days of Training that people get when they join the 90-Day CBD Challenge as a free member. They promote using our custom affiliate links.

If your like me and other successful affiliates, you are using the Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy that Chris Record and Peter Sorensen teach in DAY 6 of our 10-Day Affiliate Fast Start training!

If you have not yet watched this training yet, go watch it today! And if you have watched it already, then I'd still say watch it again!

And after you watch it, the even more important thing to do is take action on the strategy!

Every single day you should be focused on income producing activities which in this business are things like:

• Growing your social media following / FB Friends list / Email list.
• Starting new conversations in platforms like FB & IG aka the "DM's".
• Leading those conversations into an invitation to join the 90 Day CBD Challenge for free.
• Getting those people to join for free and then following up encouraging them to become Executive affiliates!
• Duplicating this process over and over yourself and with your new affiliate team members.

This is a process that ANYONE can do, requires NO money, just some time and hustle!
And YES our system will do a lot of the follow up and closing work for you, but if you are serious about your business, you should consider taking ownership of that part of your business too.

They primarily focus on one thing... generating quality TRAFFIC to get free members through their affiliate link. When their free members upgrade to executives, they earn up to $200 in commissions, paid weekly, for each upgrade.

And when their referred executive affiliates also make sales, they override up to $40 in commission on each of those sales, paid weekly! This continues a couple of more tiers. $32 override per executive on the next tier, and then $20 override per executive on the next tier.

We call this Affiliate Marketing With Leverage!
The overall goal of executive affiliates is to simply refer as many FREE members as they can, using their coded affiliate links.

Our system will send them emails like the one your reading now and work hard to help them upgrade to executives so that they earn commissions.

Common Question #2

"So what about the spillover volume that is being placed under me in this MASSIVE power leg your building, how does that benefit me?

Let me be clear... this helps in a MAJOR WAY!
When you refer your free members, our entire team (of thousands of affiliates) all place their members at the bottom of the power leg.

So your FREE members will now have a huge incentive to upgrade by Thursday, or they will lose all the paid members in their leg that upgrade. At the end of every Thursday night, this cycles, all upgraded members move above the free members, and it starts over.

In a nutshell, it's a huge advantage to have hundreds of affiliates above you building and stacking volume under the free members that you enroll. We call this a Super Leg System! It converts much higher than when you try to upgrade executives yourself.

Many of our Executive affiliates making sales are saying it converts as much as 5-10x more, which is insane in the conversion world! Do you get paid when affiliates above you place people below you? NO, that would be free money for doing nothing.

HOWEVER, that volume does come into play later, when it's time to switch out of the super leg and start building your own inside leg from scratch. At that point, you'll get paid $15/mo override on every single autoship order that happens on your new inside leg.

Now that may not sound like much, but that's on EVERY autoship that everyone in that entire inside leg refers, which could potentially be thousands of autoships, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars per month in commissions down the line.

It's not much money in the short term to build an inside leg, and it's much harder to do it on your own in the beginning, so that's why we have a Super Leg System!

This Super Leg System is what is helping our newbie affiliates close more sales, have more success and make more money in their first few months of the business.

Plus, with much higher conversions, it's a no-brainer to work the Super Leg System!

Summary: All that volume we stack under people helps them in 3 significant ways.

1) Higher Conversion Rates - Significantly increases conversions of free members to Executive Affiliates.

2) Leg Balancing - Down the line when you switch to building an inside leg, one of your 2 binary legs is already built up by our super team, so you have significantly less work to do in order to balance and earn commissions.

3) Check Matching - That volume helps balance for people you refer too, so when they switch to building their inside legs, you will check match on them, which can be a nice monthly check as well.

So as you can see by now, we have created a BRILLIANT turn-key sales and marketing system to help you make money online in the HOTTEST product & business trend of 2019, CBD!

To make money using our CBD Challenge System, your simple action steps are:

1. Be An Executive Level Affiliate Yourself
2. Watch Our 10-Day Fast Start Affiliate Training
3. Focus on referring pre-qualified prospects to join the free 90-Day CBD Challenge.

From there, our system works hard to convert a high percentage of your free members to Executives, earning you up to $200 per referral! - And when your new referrals duplicate the above steps, your now also earning you up to $40 per referral they make, creating leveraged income!

I hope this email was helpful for you to be able to understand and explain the power of our CBD Challenge system to others! And like I said in my email to you yesterday, stay tuned for some BIG updates and exciting announcements for our CBD Challenge system and training.


Is 90-Day CBD Challenge Program a Scam?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?

​Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Program a Scam?
No, why do you think so?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?



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HempWorx website: www.hempworxbizop.com


Wukar’s Wukademy Review

Wukademy Review

Wukar stands for Wake up Kick Ass Repeat

Wukademy is Wukar's newest educational Community and Center for "Changing The World One Person At A Time"

to my BIG surprise they don't want anymore people in Wukademy, so you can't join Wukademy!  - sorry folks - there is no options to Join Wukademy and no Join link!

... but I have great news for you - here is a 100% FREE training
how to Earn Money online - GET FREE ACCESS HERE

Here is what you have the option to learn at Wukar's Wukademy

  • Learn step by step to be a successful online marketer
  • learn how to earn money online. 7-figure earning
  • email marketing, facebook marketing, video marketing, mediabuy, solo ads, traffic generation
  • Mindset
  • Wukar takes Retargeting to a whole new level
  • Wukar takes SEO to a whole new level

WUKADEMY online academy by Matt Trainer and CEO Tarlese Trainer, coming soon - link will follow as soon as possible - look forward for update here. Wukademy affiliate program coming as well.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
Earn Money selling affiliate products

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing, is earning money on the internet by promoting other peoples products. It's the most common way and easiest way to earn money on the internet and start an online business. You don't even need to have your own website to start earning money as an affiliate.

When you make a sale, you get rewarded with a commission from the owner of the product. It's a revenue sharing model where you typically get 50-75% of the sale and the merchant (vendor) gets 25-50%. That's when we talk about digital products like e-books and memberships sites. Obviously when it comes to physical products, like amazon.com products, the commission is a lot smaller.

Most often affiliate marketing is organized in a way so the merchant has listed their products with a company an "affiliate network" that handles a lot of merchants and presents offers for the affiliates to choose from.

You as an affiliate marketer, join the affiliate network and may pick the products you like to promote. The affiliate network manage the vendors and the affiliates and handles the money transactions from the customers, and payments to the vendor and affiliate commission to YOU as an affiliate.

Learn Internet Marketing:
Click here

Obviously the affiliate network company gets a fee from the transactions and that's their business.
The affiliate network provide you with affiliate links for each of the products you want to promote.

Your business is to promote the affiliate products via your affiliate link and collecting your commissions for the sales you generate. The most common way to get paid is via paypal, by check or direct deposit into your bank account.

By selling other peoples product as an affiliate, most of the work is done for you. You don't need to create you own product or business model, you don't even need to have a business, no inventory, no risk, very little business expenses except advertising cost, it's free to signup with an affiliate network and join affiliate programs, you don't need to accept payment and dealing with customers and refunds.

Your only job is to show your offer (affiliate link) to as many people as possible by driving targeted traffic to the affiliate product you promote. To get your affiliate link and product promotion in front of potential buyers.

So selling affiliate products is a very easy business model and starting promoting and selling affiliate products is something you should consider seriously if you want to start earning money on the internet.

Selling affiliate products is the best way for the majority of people to start earning money on the internet.

affiliate marketing promoting affiliate products

Affiliate marketing and promoting affiliate products has giving people around the world the option to create an online income and help their dreams come by satisfy their desire to make a living off their home.

How would a commission of let's say $100 per day make a difference for you? - that's an income most people can make a living off - and be able to quit their job. What about $500 per day?

affiliate marketing promoting affiliate products

Would a commission of $100 per day make a difference for you? - or $500?

Affiliate Networks
One of the largest affiliate network is Clickbank.com and promoting clickbank products as an affiliate is the easiest way to get started promoting affiliate products. Clickbank product promotion is the easiest way to start an online business.

Amazon.com is another major affiliate network player you may choose as an affiliate marketer. These two affiliate networks have hundred of thousands affiliates promoting their offers.
Affiliate marketing and affiliate marketers are somewhat overlooked, but this business is massive and you find it everywhere and it plays a major role for online retailers.

Many ways to promote affiliate offers
As an affiliate marketer promoting affiliate products e.g. promoting Clickbank or amazon.com affiliate products, you may promote your business in many different ways: by advertising different places, banner placement on other peoples websites (banner media buy), "blogging" having your own website often in the form of a "BLOG", for example writing product reviews on your blog and doing organic search engine optimization, SEO on your website.

You may promote products via social media like facebook, youtube, instagram and pinterest. Writing articles (article marketing), pay per click affiliate marketing like google adwords pay per click ads (paid search engine marketing) or facebook paid advertising. 

You can promote via email marketing either by collecting emails and growing your own list or by advertising on other peoples list.

Big affiliate marketers
The Internet and online world is a very powerful vehicle for earning money. The really big affiliate marketers often work very unnoticed and silently and you never know who they are or what they do and how they do it, but you can be certain they make a lot of money and I mean A LOT.

The big Question - how do you learn what to do?
The big question for you as an affiliate marketer is what do I do? what are the best marketing strategies and how do I learn it?
To get started the right way I will recommend you learn about affiliate marketing and online marketing, what to do and what not to do. Look below for FREE TRAINING.


​The Training is a 14 days video training series
- that will teach you how to earn your first commissions online
- how to do it, over and over again- and how to scale it
- and how to Succeed in your online business
- or if you already have a business - to get you to a new level

NOTE the program is discontinued - replaced with FourPercent Internet Marketing training  Click Here To Join 4% Free

How To Make Money with Clickbank Products
How to Find good Clickbank Products to Promote

Let's go to Clickbank and find an offer on clickbank to promote - watch the video below (video removed, so only transcript below) how Vick is doing market research and choose an offer from Clickbank.

Excerpt below from the Video - How to make money with ClickBank products - How to choose an offer from ClickBank to promote - How to do Market research to see if there is a market for your offer. The Video clip is from High Traffic Academy v.1 free video series Video 2. Watch all 4 videos in this series Here

Let's find an offer to promote from clickbank
OK, let's go and get a clickbank offer, I will show you everything live.
I told you before we will be using clickbank.

(If you haven't yet created a FREE clickbank account get one here: Clickbank.com )

I will show you a process, something you can model after. I am going to show you an actual offer and create an actual campaign, but don't copy this exactly, use it to model after and implement it in your business.

Learn how to earn money on clickbank
ClickBank University: Click here

Watch the NEW High Traffic Academy v.3 free video series. (total 4 FREE videos
NOTE discontinued - replaced with FourPercent Internet Marketing training.  Click Here To Join 4% Free

Let's go to clickbank.com marketplace

...but first "How do we engineer a profitable campaign"?
This is something that nobody teaches. It's the most important thing before even getting traffic.

(Vick is going through the clickbank marketplace and find a potential product to promote, which is satellite direct).

The first thing to find out: is there a market for this product?

Market research for your Clickbank product
Here is how to do:
Go to google Keyword tool (now google keyword planner which you'll find inside a free Google Adwords account), input the offer website to find which keywords google suggests for the product sales page. Very easy!

Important: Search for "exact match" keywords for the salespage, that's keywords in brackets like this: [keyword]. (Note Google's New Keyword planner shows Exact match type keywords automatically)

Now to determine if there is a market for that Clickbank product you want the main keywords for the product to be 5000 exact match type searches a month or more.

OK, we have determined that there is high demand for our offer.

The next thing, I will find out for the actual offer is, how much money I am gonna make in Clickbank commissions.
Is there a recurring commission so I am getting commissions over and over again each month?

The next I will look for, is there a competition?
Remember what I told you before, I want competition so I know there are people making money with this.

If there is no competition stay away from the product. You wanna promote something that has competition, then you think of how you can outsmart that competition.

How do I determine if there is competition?
Well, clickbank has something they call "Gravity" that's an internal formula clickbank uses, which basically shows you how many affiliates are earning money with this particular product.
The higher the gravity, the more people are promoting and earning money with this product. So the higher the number the better.

What should the gravity number be?
If the gravity number is below 50 I recommend to stay away from promoting this product and look for another clickbank product in the marketplace to promote.

So I am gonna promote this clickbank product, I'm gonna click on "promote" and enter my click bank ID to generate the affiliate link I will be using.

NOTE: the Satellite Direct offer that Vick is talking about is no longer on clickbank, it has been taken off.

CB Engine review Video

CB Engine is a Cool Clickbank research tool to find good Clickbank offers. Check it out here


How to Earn Money Online
iPAS2 a Simple System for Making Money

Internet millionaire gives you a Simple Business
System that have created several Millionaires
Are YOU the Next Millionaire?

NB!   iPAS2 has merged into EmpowerNetwork as of 1st. Nov 2015, so iPAS2 is now the official marketing system for EmpowerNetwork and FREE to use as an EmpowerNetwork Member.

Check out the new EmpowerNetwork / iPAS2 system - CLICK HERE

​What is IPAS2?

​​In A Nut Shell: iPAS2 is #1 Money Making System on the internet.

iPAS2 is a Complete business in a box all done for You System for earning Money on the internet with your personalized website to promote and with a comprehensive backoffice with Internet business training, personal development, member downline, traffic stats, commissions stats with tracking and much more....

IPAS2 (Internet Prospect Acceleration System) marketing system was created by a group of people with a vision to create the ULTIMATE online business that everybody can plug in to, to earn money on the internet. IPAS2 is a Franchise style system for you to plug into to earn money on the internet almost on autopilot..

IPAS2 chose to team up with Empower Network (EN) to deliver the products and commissions for the IPAS2 members, while iPAS2 itself has a system fee and an upsell product you can earn commissions on.

IPAS2 is a marketing system promoting Empower Network's (EN) five core products on the iPAS2 backend and utilizing their compensation plan. iPAS2 is open to join also for existing members of Empower Network.

How do iPAS2 members Earn Money?

We earn Money in two different ways and in two different systems: 1. on iPAS2's own Products. 2. The products that iPAS2 promotes for for you, which are Empower Network products.  

IPAS2 itself has 3 products you can earn commissions on: the $47/monthly system access fee (eventually as a 7 day $7 system trial), Pro-membership fee which is additionally $97/mo and an optional upsell $197 product.

Empower Network has 5 different products that iPAS2 System Sells for you:

  1. Blogging system ($25/mo). +  Inner Circle ($100/mo), these two Empower Network products is the content of the "Bronze Package"
  2. "Silver package". = Empower product: Top Producer Formula ($500 onetime purchase)
  3. "Gold Package". = Empower product: Team Building Formula ($1,000 onetime purchase)
  4. iPAS2 "Black Package" = Empower product: Mass Influence Formula ($3,500 onetime purchase)
  5. In addition you need to be an affliate of empower Network, which is 19,95/mo
Why iPAS2 chose Empower Network

iPAS2 is quite simple, the most simple business on the internet. There are few steps to get started:

1. Start in iPAS2

2. Get the system setup and get a Getresponse autoresponder (description in iPAS2 backoffice). An Autoresponder is an Automatic email system that sends out emails to the people you show your landginpage to. A landingpage is an optin page, a simple page with an email form for people to optin (that's part of the iPAS2 system, you get this landingpage, that's your "entrance" to your business like a door to an offline shop).

3. Get visitors to your landingpage. End of story, you are in business, simple as that!

4. How do you Get visitors to your landingpage, you might ask?
There are about 1,000 ways to drive traffic to your landingpage. Basically there are two main ways to get traffic to your business or website:
A. Free traffic
B. Paid traffic

If you choose Free Traffic that's where you get in trouble, because it's not easy, it takes a lot of knowledge and work fx. facebook interaction with other people, ads on craiglist, blogging which is an excellent way, but takes work and time to get good amount of visitors.

One way is to BLOG, which I described here. The first product of Empower Network is a BLOG!

Start blogging about the things you like the most and you will drive visitors to your blog. It will not happen over night, you need to blog consistently for some weeks and made a good amounts of posts with unique content, in order to get organic search engine traffic to your page.
Once you have visitors on your page, your banners on your page do the rest of the work, leading people to your iPAS2 business (to your landingpage). I have banners at the bottom of all posts and in the sidebar of my blog.  These banners go my my iPAS2 landingpage.

B. Paid traffic is very easy but it costs money. The easy and FAST way to get vistitors to your iPAS2 landingpage, is to PAY for your traffic. Many professional online marketers do that. It's easy, it's fast, it's consistently, it's scalable. I have a few sources I will give you once you are a member of iPAS2.

... it costs Money to advertise, but advertising is a business expense, just like an offline business for example a shop, has monthly expenses.

If you are not prepared to Invest time and Money in iPAS2 / EmpowerNetwork and spend Money on advertising, please don't do this. You NEED to treat this as a serious business. You cannot have a business online without expenses.

If you just want to "try" it for a few days and think spending 20 bucks is enough, you will NOT make it and you will NOT make it ANYWHERE on the internet. Forget about earning Money on the internet, keep your current job or get a job, Internet is not for you!

iPAS2 is a serious business, please treat it like this. It's a complete business in a box, an all done for you system. To earn Money you NEED to buy the products in order to earn Money with this system.

​If you Don't want to Play with iPAS2, but still want to earn Money online

If you don't want to play with iPAS2 or other similar serious businesses, You can do affiliate marketing and earn commissions by selling affiliate products like ebooks, weightloss programs and amazon.com product.  You can get a blog, (which is cheap, get it here ) and start blogging to drive visitors to your blog, then advertise your affiliate banners on your blog and earn commissions. You will be on your own, struggling for years to find your own system how to make Money on the internet.

It is possible, you can do it, but with iPAS2 you will have a ready made system all done for you to tap in to and if you want to make it BIG, you have the ability to do that, because some of the back end products that iPAS2 Sells for you, are high ticket priced Empower Network products which can earn you a very high commission. For example the Mass Influence Formula product from Empower Network gives you ​a $2,450 commission.

Check out iPAS2, a simple Money-Getting System CLICK HERE

Earn Money with Dubli
Dubli Business opportunity

NB!   I don't recommend Dubli business opportunity any longer -  it don't work - all topleaders of my team have left - and so have I!

The only product sold is the opportunity itself: Customers can save on own purchases by getting cashback. Sounds good, however very few customers use it and very, very few customers upgrade to VIP customers (you earn commissions on this upgrade).

The bottom line is, a member of this opportunity is selling the opportunity only because there is no product to sell. I had 180 customers and earned 17 cents from 1 customers purchase. No of the 180 customers upgraded to VIP



What is dubli

DubLi is a huge shopping portal, the world's largest cash back system on online shopping, including, entertainment, music, travel, and hotels. Worldwide, there are over 12,000 online shops in the Dubli Mall, with over 6,000 in the US Mall alone.

Membership is free, You even get $10 FREE just for registering, so you can start to shop and get Cashback on your online purchases on things you already buy. Typically, cash back is 4-12%. Become a Free member here

The Cashback is added to your DubLi account and you can transfer the money to your bank account or withdraw via a DubLi debit card or via paypal

Upgrading to a VIP membership gives you the highest Cashback percentage.
With a VIP membership, you also have the opportunity to earn 20 dollars if you are in US or euros if you are in EU, when you recommend Dubli to one of your friends.

DubLi is worldwide with thousands of online shops. DubLi is a Danish invention started in 2003, founded by Michael Hansen, the current CEO, watch the interview below.

Interview with Michael Hansen on "Corporate Review" TV

In the beginning Dubli was an online auction system, the last few years, DubLi developed the cashback system on online shopping and today is Dubli is a modern fine-tuned cashback system. DubLi has the ambitions to be the world's

Dubli Video

leading online shopping portal and what Google is in search machines.

DubLi is headquartered in the United States (Florida) and with offices in Berlin, Germany and Dubai.
DubLi (DubLi, Inc.) is a publicly traded company, registered in NewYork (OTCQB:DUBL) and the parent company of both shopping portal: DubLi.com and for the business opportunity: DubLiNetwork.com

DubLi is worldwide, with local portals in each country. The following countries have a local Shopping Portal: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.
Furthermore, there is a global portal which everyone in the world can use.

DubLi came to United States recently and is about to explode there.

Dubli has huge ambitions for a worldwide growth and plan to open local shopping Mall in South Korea early 2015.

DubLi Business opportunity

DubLi also offers a Business Opportunity, You can become an ambassador (called business associate) where you have the opportunity to earn 25% of customers free level cash backs and 25% of paid membership fees, as well as the customers, your customers have referred, in unlimited depth.
Additionally, you can, if you like, build a network of business associates and earn money from the profits they generate.

What is Dubli Business opportunity?

DubLi is the world's largest cash back system on online shopping, including cashback on entertainment, music, travel and hotels.

Customer membership is free. Start shopping online and get cashback on the purchases you are already making. Become FREE member of Dubli Customer Mall

The Cashback is added to your DubLi account and you can withdraw the money, via transfer to your bank account, a DubLi debit card or via paypal.

DubLi is also a business opportunity where you have the opportunity to earn 25% of customers basic cash backs and membership fees. That is the customers who signed up through your link, as well as the customers they have recommended to Dubli, through unlimited depth.

Additionally, you can, if you like, build a network of "business associates" where you earn money from the profits they generate.

Business opportunity operates from a different domain than the customer portal The Business opportunity's website is: DubLiNetwork.com where you'll find info about making money with Dubli, link to register as a business associate, as well as your login to the back office. The Dubli customers do not see this business part of DubLi unless you provide the link.

Dubli Business opportunity Video

DubLi mall and opportunity is worldwide, with local portals in 11 countries. The following countries have a local Shopping Portal: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.
Furthermore, there is a Global portal which everyone in the world can use.

DubLi business opportunity has come to the United States a few months ago and is about to explode there, especially our team Home Business Labs (started november 2014) which I belong to, is growing like crazy US right now, both the network as well as the customers who love the Dubli mall and getting cashback.

So if you have have ambitions to promote Dubli worldwide, team Home Business Labs is the ideal place for You, because we have plenty of support and training material that show you exactly what to do. We also have several optin pages you can use in your promotions.

Our team - "Home Business Labs"

Our team is started by some of the world's largest networkers, people who have earned millions upon millions of dollars in this industry.
Our team offers free training and support including the optin pages. However to connect an autoresponder to the optin pages you will need an autoresponder and I recommend aweber which has good deliverability (it's $15 monthly).

Our team offers extended training (very good) for $97 monthly. I highly recommend that, which also will give you FREE access to publish videos (as many as you like) on our video blog: MyInspiredMedia.com

Become part of a Danish success with DubLi

DubLi idea started in 2003 by Michael Hansen, a Danish billionaire. He found the name "DubLi", because Michael has been working for "Lego" and Lego have "Dublo" building blocks so that's where the name originates from.

You may also join DubLi business opportunity via this direct Dubli Network link

Whatever link you use, you will be with Dubli within our team and get access to our team's member page.

Check out Dubli Team "Home Business Labs" intro video here
You can join DubLi business opportunity through this Team optin page, but first put your email in to see the next video, there you will see a direct link to sign up to Dubli opportunity.

Whatever link you use, you will be with Dubli within our team and get access to our team's member page.

Dubli Network Marketing

Dubli network is a network marketing company where its members, ambassadors (business associates) market DubLi.
There is no product to sell, you just help as many people as possible to save money on their online shopping through the DubLi marketplace by recommending customers a membership of DubLi shopping portal

Most companies spend millions of dollars on marketing, it is very expensive to market. DubLi has chosen to market via independent ambassadors, who in return for their efforts get paid via a unique compensation system.

DubLi's shopping mall and DubLi Network, is developing rapidly worldwide. It's a unique concept that you won't find elsewhere.

There are currently 20 million customers using the Dubli shopping Mall, and the potential for new customers, is huge.
A business associate can choose to focus on acquiring new customers to DubLi's shopping portal, or you can choose to work on finding new ambassadors and build a network of ambassadors .. or both.

Dubli network marketing company is free of the huge problem that most network marketing and MLM companies are struggling with, namely:  

- To sell products that nobody wants or they are simply worthless, or the product is five times the normal price, because there must be room for commission to distributors through many levels.

- Products are a necessary evil in order to make money, but no one is interested in the products.

- Distributors struggling with the difficulty: to "sell" a concept that is hard to explain and hard to recommend products that you rather do not want, just because you want to make money.

- Distributors struggling with customers and distributors leaving the business after a short time.

In DubLi there is nothing to sell, we focus on customers who shop online, to get cashback on thing they are already buying. When customers save money they want to stay and will not leave the business.

Therefore it's easy to recommend Dubli to everyone and people who are interested in making money with DubLi's business opportunity, can easily see the idea.

Check DubLi's business opportunity here ...

How do You make Money?

DubLi Network offers a unique opportunity to earn an extra income ... or a huge income, depending on how much work and skills you put into it.
DubLi shopping portal is open globally and you can market around the world and find customers and new business associates globally.

A number of countries have national portals and in addition there is a global portal for those countries which have not got a national portal. New countries will be added continually and the next will be South Korea in spring 2015.

You get paid for your effort in two completely different and independent ways: From the customers you sponsored to Dubli shopping Mall and from new business associates you have sponsored into DubLi business opportunity and from the total downline in your Network.

The customers you have sponsored to DubLi's trading portal and the customers they subsequently

How do you make Money with Dubli?

recommended, You earn 25% of their basic cash back (free level cashback) as well as 25% of their membership fees. How many customers can you help who want to save on their online shopping? 20-100-1000? The opportunity is unlimited, additionally, your customers base may grow virally because VIP members can invite friends and earn money $20 when these become VIP, and YOU as business associate, get 25% of their cash back and membership fee as well. 

Customers are not involved in the business opportunity, but they can still earn $20 by inviting friends to become DubLi customers.

2) Business Associate NETWORK

When you build a network of new business associates, you earn a portion of their generated income, including a percentage of business start-up package (which includes gift cards) in a binary system with various extra bonus and more. How much you will earn, depend on how many business associates you've recruited and their work. Like with anything in life it will wary, but the opportunity is huge, and I mean HUGE! 

How does the compensation plan work?

How does the compensation plan in the business associate network, works?
It works really well, you will not be disappointed. It is rather complicated, but you do not need to understand it, just go to work and you will be rewarded.

What does it cost to become a business associate?

Let me ask you: - How much would you pay for a unique opportunity for extra income and a potential million dollar income?
- An opportunity you've never seen before and you probably will not see again!

- An opportunity to get your own business, being able to work when you want?

- An opportunity for a full-time income? Check DubLi's business opportunity here

How do I Join DubLi business opportunity?

Subscribe to my mailing list here and join Dubli Opportunity via link on the videopage

You're from a country with local Mall:
US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.

(Note European countries use Euros (€) and prices may differ)

Choose National package:
- Business Package, license $75
- Member Package National $495
Contains 5 x 1 year VIP membership gift vouchers
Total $570

...or big package
- Business Package, license $75
- Member package PPA National $2.475
(or PPA Mixed $2.475 contains national and international gift vouchers)
Total $2.550
(PPA = Partner Program Accelerator)

Other Countries (choose international)
- Business Package license $75
- Member Package PPA InterNational $495

The package contains 10 gift vouchers a $49.50 (price for VIP customers international). These can be redeemed in these countries to upgrade customers to the VIP customer.
Total $570

...or big package
- Business Package license $75
- Member Package PPA InterNational $2,475
(or PPA Mixed $2475 contains both national and international gift card)
Total $2,550

What do I do once I am a business associate?

As soon as you become a Business Associate, you are automatically registered as your own customers, which you can see in your dublinetwork.com back office when you log in.
The first thing you should do is to send a gift voucher to yourself so you can upgrade yourself to VIP customer. It costs $ 0.99 to redeem the gift certificate and you are VIP for one year.

Click "Vouchers" in the menu. Choose send national Voucher or international for "other countries".

Enter your username as shown in the backoffice and DubLi User ID in the fields (not email, you dont need that) and click send.

You will receive per. email a discount code.
Sign in to Dubli.com (your customer account) with your user name and password and purchase a VIP membership. Insert discount code in the field and pay with credit cards the $ 0.99 which is the price minus the gift voucher. Now you are upgraded to VIP customer.

Then find your "INVITE FRIENDS" link in the backoffice and use this link to find new customers.
You earn $20 for each new customer who become a VIP and you also earn 25% of $ 99 (value of the voucher) = $24,74 to your business account + 25% of the basic free member cashback the customer gets in the future.

Which means you get $20+24,75 for each new VIP + a piece of the customers cashback in all future!

Dubli Compensation plan

Is quite complicated with many items, but you do not need to understand it. Don't worry, you'll get paid for your work. Below, I give an overview, make sure to look at the video below for explanation of the binary system.

There are 4 different ways You get paid with DubLi compensation plan. You can choose to focus on finding customers only or finding customers AND build a network of business associates.

A. Commission on personal customers and friends they they invite. You get 25% of all cash back (basic level cashback) and membership fees through unlimited numbers and levels.
B. Commission on customers' cash back and membership fees throughout your network (if you choose to build networks). 3% of the total cash back commission will be set aside in a pool where you get one "share" for every 3 customers that activate a gift card. You get a small percentage of the total pool. Runs quarterly.

C. commission from the network and personal sponsored BA (business associate). It is the member packages that is commissionable.

D. Commission from the special partner program (see below).

Commissions from network and personally sponsored BA

1. Fast start Bonus. You earn 10% of all BA packages you have personally sponsored. $49,5 (small package) or $247,5 (large package).

Your BA (business associates) are placed in a binary system (system with two "legs"). Your sponsor and upline will normally work and place people on one of your legs (called the community team leg), while you need to work on your other "leg" (called personal team leg) and place people there to balance the points accumulated on the other leg, for maximum payout.

2. Cycle bonus

3. Matching bonus

4. Generational matching bonus

2. Cycle bonus. Paid Weekly You earn 10% cycle bonus when you have 400 points on each leg 10% of $400 = $40, not just your own sponsored but the total team on both legs. It is calculated weekly. Unused points are carried on till you have 400 on both legs and a new cycle is released.

A BA small member package for $495 is equivalent to 495 points. So one new BA's on each leg, provides 495 points on each leg. The 400-400 release a cycle and payment of $40 while the remaining points 95 on each leg are saved.
You earn from unlimited depth, but max $25,000 per week.

NB: in order to be qualified for Cycle bonus you have to minimum have personal sponsored 1 BA on EACH leg.

NB NB: As new TM you get a gift from Dubli of 4,000 points placed on your community team leg, for use for your cycle bonus, which is held for 30 days.

3. Matching bonus. Weekly Payment You earn 10% matching bonus on all cycle bonus your personal sponsored BA earn wherever they are located on the legs. Calculated per. week.

4. Generational matching bonus Earn 10% matching bonus on cycle bonus on all first generation BA'er. You must be TL (team leader). You earn matching bonus from your downline to and including the next TL.

As TC earn 10% in two generations down to and including 2 TC.
As SD earn 10% in three generations down to including 3 SD (3rd generation only 5%).

Ranks and qualification requirements

Team Member (TM)
Team Leader (TL)
Team Coordinator (TC)
Sales Director (SD):
Vice President (VP):
Senior Vice President (SVP):

Paying customers
(premium or VIP)


Personally       sponsored       

3 TM
3 TL
3 TC
5 separate SD ben
5 separate VP ben

Dubli Partner Program

Companies and non-profit organiza-tions, for example associations, companies, sports clubs, churches, etc., can get their own branded shopping portal with own logo, so their members or employees can go shopping and get the same cashback as normal on DubLi shopping mall.

As DubLi business associate with the large package (PPA Affiliate Program Association) to $2,475, you can market Dubli to companies and associations and more. They are called "partner".

This is not for everyone, but if you have special talents in sales this it is definitely something for you to "sell" a shopping portal to these organizations and get them branded with their own logo.

You will of course get help from DubLi, which makes the portal itself, but you must contact the association and present the idea.

In the PPA partner package (which is required to promote the partner program) is also included guidance´and training so you know how to market these branded shopping malls.

Commissions in Partner Program: The organization and YOU share the commissions on the cashback that members receive through the special portal while the customers get the normal cash back just as with DubLi.

Dubli Customer Portal - Shopping Mall

Screenshot of the DubLi Customer Portal

What stores give you Cashback?

The US portal has more than 4,000 stores in the following categories:

Auto & Motorcycles
Books, Music & Movies
Clothing & Apparel
Computers & Electronics
Department Stores
Finance & Insurance
Flowers & Gifts
Grocery & Gourmet
Health & Beauty
Home & Garden
Online Services
Jewelry & Fragrances
Office Supplies
Shoes & Accessories
Sports & Outdoors
Toys, Children & Baby
Rental Cars
Miscellaneous Travel

what stores are in Dubli?

Here are some selected online stores at the US DubLi shopping Mall, where you can get cash back:

The US DubLi Shopping Mall features favorite brand name stores
such as Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, Macy's, Sears,
Best Buy, Apple Online, Staples, and thousands of others.
Entertainment: Groupon, Fandango, Restaurant.com, and many more.
Travel: Priceline, Orbitz, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Hyatt, Marriott,
Radisson, Best Western, Expedia, Hertz, and hundreds more.

Take a look at the shopping portal

How does Dubli works?

When you go to DubLi Mall and log in, you can browse the categories and the online stores. When you click on a store you go directly to that store, where you shop like normal. You don't buy from Dubli but from the store directly. The only thing is that Dubli gets a discount from that store and it is put into your dubli account.

Take a look at the shopping portal

One other option is, you can install a Dubli toolbar and forget about Dubli, then when you search Google for a particular item, the toolbar will tell you that this shop gives you cashback. More about the toolbar below.

How the shops look like

How the shops look like when you browse through the shops. You are told how much cashback you get from that shop, as free member, premium member and as VIP member. When you click a shop, you go outside Dubli and directly to that shop and you make your purchases like you did before.

Become a Free member here

Dubli Customer Memberships

Register FREE here
Get the basic Cashback percentage on your online purchases. Cashback is paid to you monthly.

Register FREE here
Upgrade to VIP, the highest membership, which costs $ or € 99 per. Year. You get the basic cashback on your online purchases + 6% on top. Cashback is paid monthly to you (Dubli debit card)
VIP membership also gives you the opportunity to earn $ / € 20 when you invite friends to DubLi and they become VIP customer.

Register FREE here
Upgrade to premium membership, which costs $ / € 4.95 per. Month. You get basic percentage in cashback on your online purchases + 4% on top.
The 4% is paid to you annually, so it is not the best membership, select VIP if you want extra discount and cash back paid monthly.

Invite friends and earn $20 / €20

As DubLi VIP member, you can earn $/€ 20 when you refer new members (VIP) to DubLi via your invite friends link. Find the link "Invite Friends" in your Dubli account and sends invitation to your friends. You can invite as many friends as you want.

Become a Free member - upgrade to VIP

Dubli tool bar

DubLi toolbar is a smart way to always remember to get your DubLi cashback. Install the toolbar and forget about Dubli. Then when you search Google you are automatically notified if a particular shop give you cashback.

DubLi toolbar works with Chrome and Firefox, other browsers coming soon.

Toolbar is normally hidden, with only a small icon in your browser's menu.
As soon as you get to an online store that offers DubLi cash back, the toolbar tells you automatically that this store provides DubLi cashback, even though you are not logged in Dubli and you are asked whether you want to activate cash back for that store.

Google search result
When you search on Google and looking for things to buy on the Internet, it will automatically appear IN GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS, with a small icon that what You found, gives Dubli

That's how Dubli tool bar works

discount. When you mouse over the icon, a little popup appears that tells you there is cash back with DubLi and what rates you can get, and a blue button "Go to store" Super smart. See photo at right (the text is danish but you get the idea)

Become a Free member, Install Toolbar

ClickPromise Private Network Review

ClickPromise was the affiliate network that offered HighTrafficAcademy Core product and Project Breakthrough WHICH ARE NOW BOTH DISCONTINUED



ClickPromise Review.
A Private Network

ClickPromise is A Private Network that offers Great offers in the CPA and Affiliate Space. ClickPromise ALSO offers training in CPA (cost per acquisition or cost per action) and Affiliate Marketing. There will be specific training for each offer you want to promote.

ClickPromise is the affiliate network that handles High Traffic Academy sales. As a High Traffic Academy member you may become a Clickpromise affiliate to promote the High Traffic Academy master course.

Maybe you are not familiar with CPA and don't know what it is, but I'm sure you know the concept from the internet. Have you ever seen an Insurance ad where you are asked to input your Zip to get a quote for your car insurance? That's a CPA advertisement orchestrated by some of the biggest companies.

The affiliate promoting that offer gets a commission by acquiring the lead for the insurance company.

CPA is a gigantic industry, much larger than the traditional affiliate marketing like selling e-books via clickbank.

ClickPromise offers high quality training that teaches you CPA and how to promote each offer and to get you approved for some very good CPA companies in order for you to promote these offers.

You don't want to miss this CPA training if you are interested in the CPA world and earning high commissions. ClickPromise is FREE to join as a High Traffic Academy member and one of the ClickPromise offers you may promote is HighTrafficAcademy which is an affiliate offer with revenue sharing (commissions on sales). Join High Traffic Academy HERE and join ClickPromise from your High Traffic Academy members backoffice.

ClickPromise email buying - Review
Clickpromise - email drop buying

​Clickpromise email buy - email drop - Review   ==> Rating 1 Star

​Here is my honest review of buying traffic from Clickpromise - what they call email drop.

​I bought 500 clicks on 19th. feb 2016, 11 days after the launch of Project Breakthrough. The cost per click was $1.50 to my link I gave them.

1) I gave them my link and email creative when I placed the order. My link was a tracking link and I planned to rotate the traffic to different landingpages to optimize my optin rate to Project Breakthrough.

2) It took about 2 months to get it delivered, the traffic came during around 4 days. To my big surprise they did NOT send the traffic to the link I gave them, but directly to the Project Breakthrough landingpage, I think! - I don't know. Although they say not to send traffic directly to the landingpage. Maybe they sent to a special edition of the PB landing page. Anyway I did NOT receive a single click to the link I asked them to use.

3) Here is the BIG shock - I got 526 clicks to their landing page and 16 = SIXTEEN  conversions Only! 16 people signed up to project breakthrough that's around 3% conversion. That earned me a wopping 16 x $1.5 = $24 total.  How can this traffic be so Bad? - I can't believe it.
I contacted support and complaint about this terrible result, they were not satiesfied either they wanted at least 8% conversion and they said they would give me more clicks. I got around 200 more clicks which gave me another 9 signups.

So the total result was 730 clicks - 25 signups - 3.42% signup rate - total earnings:  $37.50  commission.  Expense $750 - so I just lost $700 on clickpromise.
I don't think I earned more, however I cannot tell. I have hundreds of signups and a few buy  tools you cannot tell where they come from.

I have zero idea about the traffic, what countries or what device (mobile or disktop).

This not the worst traffic I have bought. Sometimes you can buy traffic that give zero signups, I have been there. So this is not the worst traffic I have experienced, but it is bad. Obviously I will never ever buy traffic from Clickpromise again. I can only rate this kind of traffic with one star.

One thing that really upsets me is, during the project breakthrough course - and many many times in videos and webinars Vick and Jason say over and over again: traffic is not an issues, you can get all the traffic you want, it is NEVER an issue and we can get this traffic from Clickpromise. How can they say this and deliver this kind of traffic? - and with 2 month delivery?

Traffic is really a big issue - it's really really hard to buy traffic that you can use, that can give you proffit.

What is CPA?
CPA stands for Cost Per Action or Cost per Acquisition.

You, as an affiliate (you are called publisher) promote an offer from an Advertiser and you earn an affiliate commission for an ACTION, which can be anything but a sale.

fx. email submit, zipcode submit, name and email, signup for a free trial offer etc.
So basically you provide a contact, a lead for the advertiser and you get paid for that.

Insurance CPA offer example zipcode submit (Example not actual offer from ClickPromise)

You, the affiliate sign up with a CPA network of which there are hundreds and you pick a specific offer from that network to promote. For each offer you are provided with an unique affiliate link. The network provide you with ad creatives, landingpage, banners, emails etc and keep track of everything and pays you.

The advertiser (offer owner) pays the network, say $5 for an action and the affiliate network pays you $4 for your work.

What makes CPA marketing so interesting is You'll typically make more money because people don't have to buy anything and the offer is more professional made and tested.

CPA is big business, much larger that traditional affiliate marketing as you know from promoting fx. clickbank products.

Your only job is to drive quality and relevant traffic to the offer and cash in the cheques which usually is a monthly payment.

CPA offer example of signup for a free-bottle (Example not actual offer from ClickPromise)

Maybe it sounds easy to you, but it's actually not as easy as it sounds. Your first struggle is to get accepted into the good CPA networks which can be rather difficult, the really good ones very very difficult. Generally they don't want newbie's and only want big players or at least someone who know what they are doing.

Usually you need to enter a website, so you better have a blog or something like that about the niche want to play in.

You'll need to fill in an application for the network and it is reviewed and your application might not be accepted.

Once you are accepted into the CPA network, you need to perform well, which means you should be of value for the advertiser! - if not you get kicked out.

+ CPA and Affiliate Training for each offer
Learn CPA & affiliate marketing

The contents of ClickPromise Education
What do you Get?

NOTE: ClickPromise network education was formerly named "Income SpeedWay"

ClickPromise Review - Contents

ClickPromise education is considered the most Completed, In depth Leading-edge CPA course, Yet Easy to follow course for any online marketer,online Entrepreneur or small business owner, who wants to dive in to the CPA marketing world and earn big money.

What's inside Income Speedway - What do You get when you follow the training?

Income speedway is a 7 module video course + QA module, around 10 hours total, + pdf's, that will teach you everything you need to know that will get to do CPA marketing the right way and leave you with more knowledge than 99% of Affiliate and CPA marketers out there.

ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway) presenters are Vick Strizheus and Charles Moi who is an expert on CPA, as an affiliate, as an advertiser and as a CPA network owner.

ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway)is FREE with High Traffic Academy Elite level 2

In ClickPromise course you'll learn the following:

1. Introduction to CPA Marketing
2. What is CPA and CPA Offers? How does it works. The CPA industry
3. Being a CPA affiliate
4. What Are CPA Networks? - Choosing the right networks
5. Applying To A CPA Network
6. What Is A CPA Affiliate Manager?
7. Researching and Selecting a Niche and a CPA Offer
8. The technical stuff, Affiliate links, tracking, banners, emails, tools etc
9. Promoting a CPA offer. Getting good quality targeted traffic to the offer
10. Income Speedway test, If you pass You're Accepted to good networks
11. Understanding the industry, getting the right mindset
12. Understanding and respect the advertiser (the offer owner)
13. Understand your own position as a publisher
14. Now it's time to get to work and crush it and make money, right?

ClickPromise review (formerly known as "Income Speedway") - Screenshot from Welcome video. Charles Mui walks you through the CPA basics.

Welcome to ClickPromise
Welcome to ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway), module number one.
Let's get started.

If you just got into the ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway), I wanna talk to you from two different angles tonight, we will be talking about some really really cool stuff.
I'm very excited about this, presenting to you this program, this particular trainings these sessions, we just call it income speedway.

Let me give you a quick back story, why income speedway, what to expect, how would you benefit from this.

ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway) is gonna be a program that, once you go through this program, what you gonna expect, is you can expect your eyes to be open into a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities to where you will be able to go out there and literally align yourself with companies, fortune 500 companies and fortune 100 companies and work

with them drive traffic to their sites and get paid when you send traffic to those companies offer, so you necessarily don't have to sell anything, we are gonna be talking about cost per acquisition or cost per action sometimes it's called. It stands for CPA. So if you are brand new to this, I highly recommend be present, OK?

By the end of this course, it's gonna be a five module (actually it became a 9 module course) and at the end of fifth module you will virtually be able to get into a network and start promoting these offers and start driving, and building your income on the internet as an affiliate, working with those giant companies virtually getting acceptance if and when you go through this entire course.

Now it's very very difficult to get into the big networks out there and get access to some really good offers out there for a couple of reason, because those networks, usually just want to play with super affiliates then are not just interested just to get affiliates and someone who is just getting started, it's very difficult to become that super affiliate if you don't know what you're doing yet.

So what we are wanting to do is bring this education we wanna to teach you. We wanna to take you from point A to point C and literally walk you through everything you need to know about CPA marketing how it works, how the industry is all about ins and outs we gonna assume nothing, in fact we gonna assume one thing, we gonna assume you have

no idea how to make money as a CPA publisher or CPA advertiser and we just gonna take you from the beginning and to do that I'm not gonna teach you all that by myself, I'm an affiliate marketer but CPA is one of the thing that I played in that game, but we got somebody that would be with me here in these five modules and his name is charles Moi, and this guy is dynamite when it comes to CPA marketing.

He knows both sides, actually 3 sides of CPA, you wanna talk about that, Charles, maybe you should introduce yourself, what's your background, what have you've been doing?

(Charles Moi)
We were talking, what is the most dynamic way for people to make money, what's the best way for people to plug in, and have access to the hundreds of billions of dollars that are being spend on online advertising. Promoting peoples products as an affliliate is one thing, doing MLM programs and direct sales programs that's another thing. You wanna tap into the budgets of the fortune one hundred companies. It's working in the CPA space working with the biggest brands through the biggest network. Vick said can you show us? absolutely.

When I started in this industry, about 8 years ago, I actually started as an advertiser with my own product, manufacturing and producing products and bringing them to the space.
... and I was doing the design creatives the, banners email creatives and producing the offer having do the merchant account and doing everything from the advertisers standpoint.

We were paying the CPA network we are paying the affiliates to bring us traffic.
As I did that, things built and built large lists and I had a lot of customers coming to me and I thought, I only have one offer, what if I become an affiliate myself and promote other peoples products so I started playing as an affiliate and as the experience grew over the

last 7 years I've done pretty much every part of the industry you can do from being an advertiser, running a network, producing offers for other people bringing them to the industry and the being an affiliate on every level from email marketing to buying media to brokering traffic to arbitraging traffic and in this course we gonna cover everything, so like Vick said we are not making any assumptions what you know or don't know about the

industry we gonna make every part of this industry from what we know should be transparent and show you from the beginning to the end how an offer is produced to how it is monitized long term and by understanding every part of the process You gonna be in such a better position than 99% of people who come into the space and try to learn affiliate marketing.

The people who come in and learn how to drive traffic and if you don't understand the drivers of what makes a successful offer you probably drive traffic for a short amount of time, and not gonna building a real business.

We gonna show you how to build a traffic path, build your traffic harnessing abilities and focusing on industries that are gonna be here for the entire time that affiliate industry is alive.
That can be frustrating coming into the affiliate space and trying to pick a niche and all of a sudden that niche goes away and so we are expose you to the highest paying offers in the biggest niches and how to get to the biggest advertisers that literally have millions or hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising budget that are gonna be here for long time so the investment of time and energy and money that you put into this course is going to pay back in space of having the knowledge of knowing where it go to access these large budgets.

(Vick) And as you going through income speedway, if we can all agree on one thing, let's do this thing right, You gonna understand, getting into these CPA networks is virtually impossible, if you are somebody new, if you don't know what you are doing, if you don't have an experience, if you're not an super affiliate, if you don't have a track record, if you don't know the lingo, if you're not a player, it's virtually impossible to get into a good CPA network that will actually support you, that will actually give you what you want and through income speedway, as you go through this training I want you to be very very aware of this because at the end of this training there will be a test, OK?

I promise you if you go through this training entirely, and you will be able to watch these videos over and over again and take notes, that's what I actually encourage you to do, you will have no problem passing the test and when you pass the test you will be accepted to those networks guaranteed, not only will you be able to make a lot more money for yourself and your family, you know get this stuff you always wanted.

I'm not gonna promise you or guarantee you anything, specific income, I will tell you it's a whole new different world. It's not very difficult, it's not complicated, it's a whole lot easier than network marketing, MLM than pushing products to make a sale. Much much easier but you need to know a few things...

ClickPromise Private network has great affiliate and CPA offers to promote. Integrated in the network is training and education in CPA and affiliate marketing.

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