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NB!   I don't recommend Dubli business opportunity any longer -  it don't work - all topleaders of my team have left - and so have I!

The only product sold is the opportunity itself: Customers can save on own purchases by getting cashback. Sounds good, however very few customers use it and very, very few customers upgrade to VIP customers (you earn commissions on this upgrade).

The bottom line is, a member of this opportunity is selling the opportunity only because there is no product to sell. I had 180 customers and earned 17 cents from 1 customers purchase. No of the 180 customers upgraded to VIP



What is dubli

DubLi is a huge shopping portal, the world's largest cash back system on online shopping, including, entertainment, music, travel, and hotels. Worldwide, there are over 12,000 online shops in the Dubli Mall, with over 6,000 in the US Mall alone.

Membership is free, You even get $10 FREE just for registering, so you can start to shop and get Cashback on your online purchases on things you already buy. Typically, cash back is 4-12%. Become a Free member here

The Cashback is added to your DubLi account and you can transfer the money to your bank account or withdraw via a DubLi debit card or via paypal

Upgrading to a VIP membership gives you the highest Cashback percentage.
With a VIP membership, you also have the opportunity to earn 20 dollars if you are in US or euros if you are in EU, when you recommend Dubli to one of your friends.

DubLi is worldwide with thousands of online shops. DubLi is a Danish invention started in 2003, founded by Michael Hansen, the current CEO, watch the interview below.

Interview with Michael Hansen on "Corporate Review" TV

In the beginning Dubli was an online auction system, the last few years, DubLi developed the cashback system on online shopping and today is Dubli is a modern fine-tuned cashback system. DubLi has the ambitions to be the world's

Dubli Video

leading online shopping portal and what Google is in search machines.

DubLi is headquartered in the United States (Florida) and with offices in Berlin, Germany and Dubai.
DubLi (DubLi, Inc.) is a publicly traded company, registered in NewYork (OTCQB:DUBL) and the parent company of both shopping portal: DubLi.com and for the business opportunity: DubLiNetwork.com

DubLi is worldwide, with local portals in each country. The following countries have a local Shopping Portal: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.
Furthermore, there is a global portal which everyone in the world can use.

DubLi came to United States recently and is about to explode there.

Dubli has huge ambitions for a worldwide growth and plan to open local shopping Mall in South Korea early 2015.

DubLi Business opportunity

DubLi also offers a Business Opportunity, You can become an ambassador (called business associate) where you have the opportunity to earn 25% of customers free level cash backs and 25% of paid membership fees, as well as the customers, your customers have referred, in unlimited depth.
Additionally, you can, if you like, build a network of business associates and earn money from the profits they generate.

What is Dubli Business opportunity?

DubLi is the world's largest cash back system on online shopping, including cashback on entertainment, music, travel and hotels.

Customer membership is free. Start shopping online and get cashback on the purchases you are already making. Become FREE member of Dubli Customer Mall

The Cashback is added to your DubLi account and you can withdraw the money, via transfer to your bank account, a DubLi debit card or via paypal.

DubLi is also a business opportunity where you have the opportunity to earn 25% of customers basic cash backs and membership fees. That is the customers who signed up through your link, as well as the customers they have recommended to Dubli, through unlimited depth.

Additionally, you can, if you like, build a network of "business associates" where you earn money from the profits they generate.

Business opportunity operates from a different domain than the customer portal The Business opportunity's website is: DubLiNetwork.com where you'll find info about making money with Dubli, link to register as a business associate, as well as your login to the back office. The Dubli customers do not see this business part of DubLi unless you provide the link.

Dubli Business opportunity Video

DubLi mall and opportunity is worldwide, with local portals in 11 countries. The following countries have a local Shopping Portal: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.
Furthermore, there is a Global portal which everyone in the world can use.

DubLi business opportunity has come to the United States a few months ago and is about to explode there, especially our team Home Business Labs (started november 2014) which I belong to, is growing like crazy US right now, both the network as well as the customers who love the Dubli mall and getting cashback.

So if you have have ambitions to promote Dubli worldwide, team Home Business Labs is the ideal place for You, because we have plenty of support and training material that show you exactly what to do. We also have several optin pages you can use in your promotions.

Our team - "Home Business Labs"

Our team is started by some of the world's largest networkers, people who have earned millions upon millions of dollars in this industry.
Our team offers free training and support including the optin pages. However to connect an autoresponder to the optin pages you will need an autoresponder and I recommend aweber which has good deliverability (it's $15 monthly).

Our team offers extended training (very good) for $97 monthly. I highly recommend that, which also will give you FREE access to publish videos (as many as you like) on our video blog: MyInspiredMedia.com

Become part of a Danish success with DubLi

DubLi idea started in 2003 by Michael Hansen, a Danish billionaire. He found the name "DubLi", because Michael has been working for "Lego" and Lego have "Dublo" building blocks so that's where the name originates from.

You may also join DubLi business opportunity via this direct Dubli Network link

Whatever link you use, you will be with Dubli within our team and get access to our team's member page.

Check out Dubli Team "Home Business Labs" intro video here
You can join DubLi business opportunity through this Team optin page, but first put your email in to see the next video, there you will see a direct link to sign up to Dubli opportunity.

Whatever link you use, you will be with Dubli within our team and get access to our team's member page.

Dubli Network Marketing

Dubli network is a network marketing company where its members, ambassadors (business associates) market DubLi.
There is no product to sell, you just help as many people as possible to save money on their online shopping through the DubLi marketplace by recommending customers a membership of DubLi shopping portal

Most companies spend millions of dollars on marketing, it is very expensive to market. DubLi has chosen to market via independent ambassadors, who in return for their efforts get paid via a unique compensation system.

DubLi's shopping mall and DubLi Network, is developing rapidly worldwide. It's a unique concept that you won't find elsewhere.

There are currently 20 million customers using the Dubli shopping Mall, and the potential for new customers, is huge.
A business associate can choose to focus on acquiring new customers to DubLi's shopping portal, or you can choose to work on finding new ambassadors and build a network of ambassadors .. or both.

Dubli network marketing company is free of the huge problem that most network marketing and MLM companies are struggling with, namely:  

- To sell products that nobody wants or they are simply worthless, or the product is five times the normal price, because there must be room for commission to distributors through many levels.

- Products are a necessary evil in order to make money, but no one is interested in the products.

- Distributors struggling with the difficulty: to "sell" a concept that is hard to explain and hard to recommend products that you rather do not want, just because you want to make money.

- Distributors struggling with customers and distributors leaving the business after a short time.

In DubLi there is nothing to sell, we focus on customers who shop online, to get cashback on thing they are already buying. When customers save money they want to stay and will not leave the business.

Therefore it's easy to recommend Dubli to everyone and people who are interested in making money with DubLi's business opportunity, can easily see the idea.

Check DubLi's business opportunity here ...

How do You make Money?

DubLi Network offers a unique opportunity to earn an extra income ... or a huge income, depending on how much work and skills you put into it.
DubLi shopping portal is open globally and you can market around the world and find customers and new business associates globally.

A number of countries have national portals and in addition there is a global portal for those countries which have not got a national portal. New countries will be added continually and the next will be South Korea in spring 2015.

You get paid for your effort in two completely different and independent ways: From the customers you sponsored to Dubli shopping Mall and from new business associates you have sponsored into DubLi business opportunity and from the total downline in your Network.

The customers you have sponsored to DubLi's trading portal and the customers they subsequently

How do you make Money with Dubli?

recommended, You earn 25% of their basic cash back (free level cashback) as well as 25% of their membership fees. How many customers can you help who want to save on their online shopping? 20-100-1000? The opportunity is unlimited, additionally, your customers base may grow virally because VIP members can invite friends and earn money $20 when these become VIP, and YOU as business associate, get 25% of their cash back and membership fee as well. 

Customers are not involved in the business opportunity, but they can still earn $20 by inviting friends to become DubLi customers.

2) Business Associate NETWORK

When you build a network of new business associates, you earn a portion of their generated income, including a percentage of business start-up package (which includes gift cards) in a binary system with various extra bonus and more. How much you will earn, depend on how many business associates you've recruited and their work. Like with anything in life it will wary, but the opportunity is huge, and I mean HUGE! 

How does the compensation plan work?

How does the compensation plan in the business associate network, works?
It works really well, you will not be disappointed. It is rather complicated, but you do not need to understand it, just go to work and you will be rewarded.

What does it cost to become a business associate?

Let me ask you: - How much would you pay for a unique opportunity for extra income and a potential million dollar income?
- An opportunity you've never seen before and you probably will not see again!

- An opportunity to get your own business, being able to work when you want?

- An opportunity for a full-time income? Check DubLi's business opportunity here

How do I Join DubLi business opportunity?

Subscribe to my mailing list here and join Dubli Opportunity via link on the videopage

You're from a country with local Mall:
US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.

(Note European countries use Euros (€) and prices may differ)

Choose National package:
- Business Package, license $75
- Member Package National $495
Contains 5 x 1 year VIP membership gift vouchers
Total $570

...or big package
- Business Package, license $75
- Member package PPA National $2.475
(or PPA Mixed $2.475 contains national and international gift vouchers)
Total $2.550
(PPA = Partner Program Accelerator)

Other Countries (choose international)
- Business Package license $75
- Member Package PPA InterNational $495

The package contains 10 gift vouchers a $49.50 (price for VIP customers international). These can be redeemed in these countries to upgrade customers to the VIP customer.
Total $570

...or big package
- Business Package license $75
- Member Package PPA InterNational $2,475
(or PPA Mixed $2475 contains both national and international gift card)
Total $2,550

What do I do once I am a business associate?

As soon as you become a Business Associate, you are automatically registered as your own customers, which you can see in your dublinetwork.com back office when you log in.
The first thing you should do is to send a gift voucher to yourself so you can upgrade yourself to VIP customer. It costs $ 0.99 to redeem the gift certificate and you are VIP for one year.

Click "Vouchers" in the menu. Choose send national Voucher or international for "other countries".

Enter your username as shown in the backoffice and DubLi User ID in the fields (not email, you dont need that) and click send.

You will receive per. email a discount code.
Sign in to Dubli.com (your customer account) with your user name and password and purchase a VIP membership. Insert discount code in the field and pay with credit cards the $ 0.99 which is the price minus the gift voucher. Now you are upgraded to VIP customer.

Then find your "INVITE FRIENDS" link in the backoffice and use this link to find new customers.
You earn $20 for each new customer who become a VIP and you also earn 25% of $ 99 (value of the voucher) = $24,74 to your business account + 25% of the basic free member cashback the customer gets in the future.

Which means you get $20+24,75 for each new VIP + a piece of the customers cashback in all future!

Dubli Compensation plan

Is quite complicated with many items, but you do not need to understand it. Don't worry, you'll get paid for your work. Below, I give an overview, make sure to look at the video below for explanation of the binary system.

There are 4 different ways You get paid with DubLi compensation plan. You can choose to focus on finding customers only or finding customers AND build a network of business associates.

A. Commission on personal customers and friends they they invite. You get 25% of all cash back (basic level cashback) and membership fees through unlimited numbers and levels.
B. Commission on customers' cash back and membership fees throughout your network (if you choose to build networks). 3% of the total cash back commission will be set aside in a pool where you get one "share" for every 3 customers that activate a gift card. You get a small percentage of the total pool. Runs quarterly.

C. commission from the network and personal sponsored BA (business associate). It is the member packages that is commissionable.

D. Commission from the special partner program (see below).

Commissions from network and personally sponsored BA

1. Fast start Bonus. You earn 10% of all BA packages you have personally sponsored. $49,5 (small package) or $247,5 (large package).

Your BA (business associates) are placed in a binary system (system with two "legs"). Your sponsor and upline will normally work and place people on one of your legs (called the community team leg), while you need to work on your other "leg" (called personal team leg) and place people there to balance the points accumulated on the other leg, for maximum payout.

2. Cycle bonus

3. Matching bonus

4. Generational matching bonus

2. Cycle bonus. Paid Weekly You earn 10% cycle bonus when you have 400 points on each leg 10% of $400 = $40, not just your own sponsored but the total team on both legs. It is calculated weekly. Unused points are carried on till you have 400 on both legs and a new cycle is released.

A BA small member package for $495 is equivalent to 495 points. So one new BA's on each leg, provides 495 points on each leg. The 400-400 release a cycle and payment of $40 while the remaining points 95 on each leg are saved.
You earn from unlimited depth, but max $25,000 per week.

NB: in order to be qualified for Cycle bonus you have to minimum have personal sponsored 1 BA on EACH leg.

NB NB: As new TM you get a gift from Dubli of 4,000 points placed on your community team leg, for use for your cycle bonus, which is held for 30 days.

3. Matching bonus. Weekly Payment You earn 10% matching bonus on all cycle bonus your personal sponsored BA earn wherever they are located on the legs. Calculated per. week.

4. Generational matching bonus Earn 10% matching bonus on cycle bonus on all first generation BA'er. You must be TL (team leader). You earn matching bonus from your downline to and including the next TL.

As TC earn 10% in two generations down to and including 2 TC.
As SD earn 10% in three generations down to including 3 SD (3rd generation only 5%).

Ranks and qualification requirements

Team Member (TM)
Team Leader (TL)
Team Coordinator (TC)
Sales Director (SD):
Vice President (VP):
Senior Vice President (SVP):

Paying customers
(premium or VIP)


Personally       sponsored       

3 TM
3 TL
3 TC
5 separate SD ben
5 separate VP ben

Dubli Partner Program

Companies and non-profit organiza-tions, for example associations, companies, sports clubs, churches, etc., can get their own branded shopping portal with own logo, so their members or employees can go shopping and get the same cashback as normal on DubLi shopping mall.

As DubLi business associate with the large package (PPA Affiliate Program Association) to $2,475, you can market Dubli to companies and associations and more. They are called "partner".

This is not for everyone, but if you have special talents in sales this it is definitely something for you to "sell" a shopping portal to these organizations and get them branded with their own logo.

You will of course get help from DubLi, which makes the portal itself, but you must contact the association and present the idea.

In the PPA partner package (which is required to promote the partner program) is also included guidance´and training so you know how to market these branded shopping malls.

Commissions in Partner Program: The organization and YOU share the commissions on the cashback that members receive through the special portal while the customers get the normal cash back just as with DubLi.

Dubli Customer Portal - Shopping Mall

Screenshot of the DubLi Customer Portal

What stores give you Cashback?

The US portal has more than 4,000 stores in the following categories:

Auto & Motorcycles
Books, Music & Movies
Clothing & Apparel
Computers & Electronics
Department Stores
Finance & Insurance
Flowers & Gifts
Grocery & Gourmet
Health & Beauty
Home & Garden
Online Services
Jewelry & Fragrances
Office Supplies
Shoes & Accessories
Sports & Outdoors
Toys, Children & Baby
Rental Cars
Miscellaneous Travel

what stores are in Dubli?

Here are some selected online stores at the US DubLi shopping Mall, where you can get cash back:

The US DubLi Shopping Mall features favorite brand name stores
such as Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, Macy's, Sears,
Best Buy, Apple Online, Staples, and thousands of others.
Entertainment: Groupon, Fandango, Restaurant.com, and many more.
Travel: Priceline, Orbitz, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Hyatt, Marriott,
Radisson, Best Western, Expedia, Hertz, and hundreds more.

Take a look at the shopping portal

How does Dubli works?

When you go to DubLi Mall and log in, you can browse the categories and the online stores. When you click on a store you go directly to that store, where you shop like normal. You don't buy from Dubli but from the store directly. The only thing is that Dubli gets a discount from that store and it is put into your dubli account.

Take a look at the shopping portal

One other option is, you can install a Dubli toolbar and forget about Dubli, then when you search Google for a particular item, the toolbar will tell you that this shop gives you cashback. More about the toolbar below.

How the shops look like

How the shops look like when you browse through the shops. You are told how much cashback you get from that shop, as free member, premium member and as VIP member. When you click a shop, you go outside Dubli and directly to that shop and you make your purchases like you did before.

Become a Free member here

Dubli Customer Memberships

Register FREE here
Get the basic Cashback percentage on your online purchases. Cashback is paid to you monthly.

Register FREE here
Upgrade to VIP, the highest membership, which costs $ or € 99 per. Year. You get the basic cashback on your online purchases + 6% on top. Cashback is paid monthly to you (Dubli debit card)
VIP membership also gives you the opportunity to earn $ / € 20 when you invite friends to DubLi and they become VIP customer.

Register FREE here
Upgrade to premium membership, which costs $ / € 4.95 per. Month. You get basic percentage in cashback on your online purchases + 4% on top.
The 4% is paid to you annually, so it is not the best membership, select VIP if you want extra discount and cash back paid monthly.

Invite friends and earn $20 / €20

As DubLi VIP member, you can earn $/€ 20 when you refer new members (VIP) to DubLi via your invite friends link. Find the link "Invite Friends" in your Dubli account and sends invitation to your friends. You can invite as many friends as you want.

Become a Free member - upgrade to VIP

Dubli tool bar

DubLi toolbar is a smart way to always remember to get your DubLi cashback. Install the toolbar and forget about Dubli. Then when you search Google you are automatically notified if a particular shop give you cashback.

DubLi toolbar works with Chrome and Firefox, other browsers coming soon.

Toolbar is normally hidden, with only a small icon in your browser's menu.
As soon as you get to an online store that offers DubLi cash back, the toolbar tells you automatically that this store provides DubLi cashback, even though you are not logged in Dubli and you are asked whether you want to activate cash back for that store.

Google search result
When you search on Google and looking for things to buy on the Internet, it will automatically appear IN GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS, with a small icon that what You found, gives Dubli

That's how Dubli tool bar works

discount. When you mouse over the icon, a little popup appears that tells you there is cash back with DubLi and what rates you can get, and a blue button "Go to store" Super smart. See photo at right (the text is danish but you get the idea)

Become a Free member, Install Toolbar


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