Project Breakthrough Review

Project Breakthrough is a 100% FREE Video Course that teaches You how to Earn Money Online



Here is my Project Breakthrough Review
Project Breakthrough is a comprehensive 100% FREE Video training course that will teach you how to earn money from home in 14 days and how to earn your first commissions promoting an affiliate offer, selling other peoples product, which is the easiest thing to do.

That's the intentional outcome for you from this Video training.

The Project Breakthrough training with Vick Strizheus

​Screenshot from the Project Breakthrough Videos training. Vick Strizheus

You probably came here because you have heard about Project Breakthrough and searched for the term Project Breakthrough Review, because you want to earn money online and are sick and tired of not succeeding in your online business.

If you can't wait to get started with Project Breakthrough, Click this Link and open a 100% free account at to get access to all the training.


Here is what you will learn at Project Breakthrough 

  • See and understand the big picture of Project Breakthrough
  • How to build a very successful business
  • Mindset
  • Selecting a Product and Preparing Essential Tools
  • Preparing a Strategic Campaign
  • Creating a Custom landingpage (optin page) and Marketing Funnel with "SiteSuite" a website building software that comes free for HighTrafficAcademy ELITE members.  
  • ​Making the most strategic move in marketing
  • ​Find and register a custom domain and Connect the funnel and autoresponder
  • ​Get affiliate links ready
  • Connect custom funnels with affiliate offers
  • ​Set up first autoresponder campaign
  • ​The "Pre-Flight" Final Check Before The Big Launch
  • ​Get Traffic to your campaign and start earning commissions

The Project Breakthrough Videos and training

The Project Breakthrough training is a step by step video guided training put together by Vick Strizheus and HighTrafficAcademy, for you to get you to a new level in your business.
Weather you are a newbie or an experienced online marketer you will learn from this.

The intention for Project Breakthrough training is to get you

1. to earn your first commissions
2. learn how to do it repeatedly, how to do it over and over again
3. .. and how to scale, leverage and grow your business

Project Breakthrough Video training is designed in 14 consecutive days for you to follow in order. You will look over the shoulder while Vick teaches exactly what to do and how to do it.

When you have watched a video, the next video in the series will open up next day for you to watch. Every single day will have a:

1. Specific clear outcome for you
2. specific training for that day
3. assignment for next day

If you decide to do every single step, designed and delivered in this program for you, for the next 14 days, you will never be the same again, not the same person, not the same marketer, you will have results that 99% of people are not able to achieve.

Each day will cover specific things and if you follow the step by step directions during the 14 days, guided by Vick, by the end of the training you will have a clear vision and understanding of how to build an online business, what to do and what tools to use and you probably already made your first commissions online.


Project Breakthrough Affiliate Program
Project Breakthrough is also a CASHMACHINE

​Promote Project Breakthrough as a cashmachine - The Ultimate Sales Funnel
Project Breakthrough Affiliate Program

Who can promote Project Breakthrough as a CashMachine?
Only HighTrafficAcademy ELITE members (HTA ELITE) can promote Project breakthrough Ultimate funnel. And as an HTA ELITE You have the option to join Project Breakthrough affiliate program and promote Project Breakthrough as a CASHMACHINE. It's the Ultimate Sales Funnel, You will NOT find anything like it on the internet.

The Ultimate sales funnel, The Project Breakthrough funnel, will have your own affiliate links built into the course, to provide you with multiple streams of income.

Here is how Project Breakthrough works as a CASHMACHINE:
During the 14 days course, those who follow the course, are presented with several tools which are mandatory when starting an online business: Getresponse (autoresponder), Aweber (autoresponder), ad-tracker traffic tracking system (ClickMagick), domain & hosting (NameCheap), Spy & Optimization system where you can follow how your visitors navigate and scroll on your Optin landingpage (MouseFlow) and other tools.

People who follow the course also have the option to buy HTA specialty products, a total of 27 income streams and on top of that a Network Marketing Company opportunity at the end of the course (more of that later).

NOTE: I am not allowed to tell you the name of the Network Marketing company. It's not an existing network marketing company, so you have never heard of the name, but you wont be dissapointed.

Guess what? - all these links presented to free members of Project Breakthrough that you have enrolled, are YOURS Affiliate Links that you earn commissions on. Your username for the Network Marketing opportunity will be tied to your Project Breakthrough link you promote, so all those who join Project Breakthrough via your Project Breakthrough affiliate link, will eventually enroll in your network marketing downline.
Only HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member (HTA ELITE) have the option to join Project Breakthrough affiliate program and input their affiliate links into the funnel, thus having a cashmachine with multiple streams of income, 27 different products you have the opportunity to earn commissions on + PLUS the Network marketing company connected to Project Breakthrough funnel.

SiteSuite LandingPage Builder
As a HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member, you will have SiteSuite for free. SiteSuite is an awesome website builder, landingpage (optin page) builder and funnel builder. One that you will need if you want to promote.
SuiteSuite will host your marketing funnel, so you don't even need external hosting. It is recommended that you get a domain name and let that domain point to your Marketing funnel hosted with SiteSuite.

What's the price to become
Project Breakthrough Affiliate?

How Much is HTA ELITE - The Price for HTA ELITE

What does et cost be become Project Breakthrough affiliate?
It's free to become affiliate, however you need to be HighTrafficAcademy Elite Member, in order to promote Project Breakthrough as a passive income stream cashmachine.

The Price to Become HTA ELITE = $297/monthly

You Join HighTrafficAcademy ELITE (HTA ELITE) via the link in Project Breakthrough backoffice (at day 3) the Price is: $297 monthly to become HTA ELITE.

(You need to be HTA ELITE if you want to promote the Project Breakthrough ultimate funnel)

As an HTA ELITE ONLY, you don't get HighTrafficAcademy Core Products or HTA specialty products they are Simply NOT INCLUDED in the HTA ELITE membership. If You want to buy any HTA specialty produts you can do so from your HTA ELITE backoffice.

What do You Get with HighTrafficAcademy ELITE
The content of HTA ELITE membership

​Here is what you get as HTA Elite member
Programs in Elite Mastermind Membership. You get Free Access to the following programs in this Group. HTA ELITE membership itself is NOT commissionable, which means should your Project Breakthrough free signups choose to become HTA ELITE member, you don't get commission.

1. Marketers Bundle
2. Passive income streams. That's the ability to input your affiliate links into Project Breakthrough
3. Elite Monthly. Webinar
4. The Traffic Lab. Traffic generation casestories
5. Ask Vic & Jason anything. As it says you can ask questions.
6. Site Suite, That's the website and funnel builder software. Free access. Hosting of your funnel is included.
7. Mission 1000
8. Docom reporter
9. Marketing Roundtable
10. HTA startup
11. Elite Community
12. Elite Support


The 30 income streams in Project Breakthrough 

​Here are the 30 income streams You promote silently via the Project Breakthrough Ultimate Funnel

A - $0.00 Per Signup   NB - No longer commission on signup
For every FREE signup to your Project Breakthrough link, you receive $0.00 - NB They only pay on upsells as of 3rd. may 2016

B - Income Streams from recommended tools

1. GetResponse (autoresponder)
2. Aweber (autoresponder)
3. ClickMagick (Traffic tracking software - ad-tracker)
4. Mouseflow (Optimization spy software - look how your visitors navigate)
5. NameCheap (domain registra - register a domain). Note hosting is not required, because you can have your domain pointing to your SiteSuite funnel. SiteSuite (free with HTA ELITE) hosts your funnel for free.
6. AdEspresso (Facebook Ad posting Program)

Commissions from these programs: you sign up to the affiliate program for each software and are paid directly from these programs. Except Mouseflow which uses Clickpromise as affiliate network and you sign up and get paid via Clickpromise network just as with the HTA specialty programs. 

C - HTA Products Income Streams - with prices
Products from HighTrafficAcademy. Products you may buy from your HTA Elite Backoffice. (Internal passive income streams. You do not need to enter affiliate ID). Commission 33% paid via  ClickPromise affiliate network. HTA ELITE membership itself is NOT commissionable. Project Breakthrough HTA Elite members may purchase these products from their HTA Elite backoffice.

1. Affiliate Marketing 101. Affiliate Marketing foundational knowledge base. If you are new to affiliate marketing, start here. $297/year

2. Content Marketing 101.
Content is king. Become a content master for complete online marketing domination. $297/year

3. Data Secrets.
Data makes you money. Learn the secrets to monitize your data. $1,997/year

4. Email Marketing 101.
Turn email addresses into paychecks with email marketing. $297/year

Facebook Marketing 101. Learn how to drive real conversions from Facebook. Real conversions equal real dollars in your pocket. $397/year

6. Facebook Champion.
Learn how to drive real conversions from Facebook. Real conversions equal real dollars in your pocket. normal price $997/year

7. Funnel Mastery.
Learn to create funnels that convert. price $497

8. Independent Biz Playbook.
If you have just opened your own independent business there are always some new strategies that can help to maximize your overall success rate in the marketplace. $177/year

9. Landing Page Secrets.
Learn how to create landing pages that work, convert and make a difference in your online marketing. price $497/year

10. Media Buying ROI.
Learn how to get more media traffic, more campaigns running on more sources, by learning the foundation tips and implementing them to see a return on your investment. $197/year

11. PPC Mastery.
Ever wanted to become a dynamic PPC Master? PPC Mastery has it all. $997/year

12. Retargeting Google Adwords.
Retargeting can increase your conversion rates by up to 70%. Are you remarketing to your website visitors? $297/year

13. Retargeting AdRoll.
Retargeting is what separates the amateurs from the pros in online marketing. Learn how to Retarget with AdRoll. $397/year

14. RLSA with Google Adwords.
Increase your conversion rates by up to 70% by serving ads in Google Search Results to people that have already been to your site. $397/year

15. SEO Traffic 101.
Dominate organic search results with Search Engine Optimization. $297/year

16. Smart Biz Playbook.
In many ways, running a business and being a leader is like playing a sport. Business success is what most people pay attention to. But it’s the day to day grind of running a business – constantly trying to improve processes, boost employee performance, adapt to changing market conditions, dodge obstacles, and create opportunities – that determine an entrepreneur’s success. $177/year

17. Twitter Marketing
. Yes, you can make money by marketing on Twitter. Here’s how. $297/year

18. Advanced Video Secrets.
Coming soon.

19. YouTube Video Marketing.
YouTube receives over 240 Billion Video Views per month. Learn how to market your videos in this monster community. $397/year

D - HTA Marketer's Suite - Bundle product packages - with prices
Three bundle packages, put together from some of the above HighTrafficAcademy products (Internal passive income streams. You do not need to enter affiliate ID). Commission 33% paid via ClickPromise affiliate network. Project Breakthrough HTA Elite members may purchase these products from their HTA Elite backoffice. 

1. Starter Package Discount price $997 (normal price $1,991)  /year
• Landing page secrets. Normal price $497
• funnel mastery. Normal price $497
• facebook champion.  Normal price $997

2. Builder Package. Discount price $1,497 (normal price $2,685) /year
• Landing page secrets. Normal price $497
• funnel mastery. Normal price $497
• PPC mastery. Normal price $997
• Retargeting with Adroll. Normal price $397
• Retargeting Adwords. Normal price $297

3. Champion Package. Discount price $1,997 (normal price $5,679) /year
• Landing page secrets. Normal price $497
• funnel mastery. Normal price $497
• facebook champion. Normal price $997
• PPC mastery. Normal price $997
• Retargeting with Adroll. Normal price $397
• Retargeting Adwords. Normal price $297
• Data secrets. Normal price $1,997

E - Secret Network Marketing Company
At the end of your 14 days course you may secure yourself a position in this network marketing company attached to the Project Breakthrough funnel, at no cost initially, Later you will need to pay to participate. The people you enroll in Project breakthrough free program can do they same and they will automatically be enrolled under you in your network marketing downline, unless they specifically want to sign up under another person.

The network marketing company is independent from Project Breakthrough and independent from HighTrafficAcademy. Therefore any person may signup to the network marketing company under another person if they want, independently from project breakthrough funnel.


​FAQ - Project Breakthrough and ClickPromise
Often asked questions about earnings and Project Breakthrough affiliate commissions

Question: Do I earn commission on HTA ELITE membership?
Answer:  No, HTA ELITE membership is not commissionable - You don't earn commissions when someone of your enrollees in Project Breakthrough become a HTA ELITE member.

Question: How much is the commissions on Project Breakthrough?
Answer: You earn $0,00 for each confirmed signup to Project Breakthrough. NB They no longer pay commissions on signup
in addition, If you are an ELITE member, you earn commissions on the HTA Specialty products (except Elite membership) are 33% and you are paid through Clickpromise on a monthly basis, with a treashold limit of $250.

The commissions for the tools, if you are an ELITE member,  are paid directly from the affiliate program attached to each software, except MouseFlow which is under ClickPromise affiliate network. MouseFlow commissions are paid via ClickPromise, the same way as HTA specialty products.

Question: how do I signup to Project Breakthrough affiliate program?
Answer: handles the Project Breakthrough affiliate program and around  25+ other products you may promote. Go to apply to be a publisher (that's an affiliate promoting offers).
Create a free publisher (affiliate account)  here: link removed not valid any longer 
(In Project Breakthrough Backoffice you will also find a link to ClickPromise at day 3).

Question: How to apply to promote an offer from ClickPromise?
Answer: Once you are accepted into ClickPromise network, you will need to apply for each product You want to promote. Pick a product you'll be promoting from the ClickPromise backoffece. Find link that says "available offers" and click button "request offer" and wait for approval email.  

Question: Who can promote Project Breakthrough?
Answer: All ClickPromise affiliates
Note: In case you want to promote Project Breakthrough: all ClickPromise affiliates may promote Project Breakthrough and earn $0.00 per signup (CPA basis), however in order to promote project Breakthrough and earn commission on the programs inside Project Breakthrough course (the 27 income streams), you NEED TO BE HTA ELITE MEMBER. There is no other way!  

Question: How do I become HTA ELITE member and what's the cost? 
Answer: You become HTA Elite member via the Link to HighTrafficAcademy in your Project Breakthrough Backoffice in "today's to-do list" at day 3. It says: "Click here and Activate HTA Elite. You'll get full access to SiteSuite as well as activate all 27 funnel income streams!" The Price is $297/monthly
Question: How am I going to be paid commissions from ClickPromise?
Answer: They pay You monthly via direct deposit to your Bankaccount (wire), via Check or Paypal. Be careful with paypal if you earn a lot - paypal simply freezes accounts when you earn over a certain amount of money.  

Question: When I am approved to promote an offer, how do I get the link to promote?
Answer: In you ClickPromise backoffice, find the link "my offers", find the offer and click button "creatives" and a popup window appears with links and banners. The easiest way to get a link, is to click "get custom link". Input a random number or name in field Sub ID, f.ex. AD1 and click "generate link" and find the link in the box "tracking link". Copy the link and it should look something like this:

Question: what's the anatomy of my ClickPromise affiliate link?
Answer: Your affiliate link looks something like this:  where CID=XXXXX is the offer identification number. AFID=YYYYY is YOUR affiliate ID number and SID=AD1 is an optional name you may add, that identifies where or how you promote the offer. It tells you from what avertising your signups and sales come from.

Later in your stats, you can check your sales and identify which of your ads gave you the sale.

Question: Is Project Breakthrough is a scam - Is Project Breakthrough legit? 
Answer: Project Breakthrough is legit and not a scam. It's one of a kind step by step online training and education that shows you exactly how to start earning money online.

By the way how can something absolutely FREE be a scam????

Question: how to get my Project Breakthrough Certificate of Graduation
Answer: right after your day 14 you follow the steps and get your Certificate online to print out or take a screenshot and save.

Question: when did Project Breakthrough started/Launched - the Launch of Project Breakthrough?
Project Breakthrough was launched officially on 8th. feb 2016

Can you earn money with Project Breakthrough?
Does Clickpromise pay its publishers?
Is Project Breakthrough is a scam - is it legit?

People ask Questions like these:
Is Project Breakthrough a Scam?  -  Can You earn money with Project Breakthrough?
Is Clickpromise is a scam?  -  Does Clickpromise pay its publishers (affilates)?

​It's really surprising that people ask these questions and sad in a way. Are people used to get scamed?, is everything a scam out there on the internet? Why do all people think everything is a scam?

First off, Project Breakthrough is absolutely FREE, so how can it be a scam?
It's a FREE 14 days education, look over the shoulders how to earn money online.

The principles shown can be used to promote anything you like. The education suggest you promote Project Breakthrough itself, but you don't have to, You can learn and use the principles and ideas to promote anything without buying anything.

Learn from this, separate yourself from other affliatates, create your own landingpage or find a template and connect your autoresponder, make an email series and promote clickbank products or what ever you like.

If you want to promote Project Breakthrough and earn $0.0 per sign up (NB they no longer pay commission on signup only on upsells as of 3rd May 2016), you can do so absolutely free without paying a cent. Signup free at Clickpromise and start to promote. ClickPromise is a CPA network owned by the Hightraffic Academy owners.

As a HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member, you may also promote Project Breakthrough and have the option to earn additional income streams, by earning commissions on the tools and products suggested during the course. HTA Elite member has several benefits and one of them is the ability to insert your affiliate links inside the course. The price to become HTA Elite is $297/month. It's not a price for Project Breakthrough.

The Question: Can I earn money with Project Breakthrough is in a way NOT the right question You might as well ask: Can I earn money by learning Internet Marketing? Obviously it depend on whether you understand and implement what you learnt.

The Question: Can I earn money promoting Project Breakthrough?  Absolutely. As a Clickpromise affilate (publisher) you can earn $0.0 per FREE signup for giving away the FREE course "Project Breakthrough". If you are a HighTrafficAcademy ELITE member you have the option to earn aditional income streams from the products promoted during the course.

HighTrafficAcademy company created Project Breakthrough
HighTrafficAcademy LLC is the company that has created the free training called  "ProjectBreakthrough"  which was launched 8th. feb 2016. HighTrafficAcademy has been around for about 4 years and I have been a member and VIP member for around 3½ years and promoted HighTrafficAcademy master course* which was a Traffic Generation and Internet Marketing course.

The first years HightrafficAcademy Course was under clickbank and paid out via ClickBank. Clickbank changed rules to max affliate payout to $150, since we earned $342 per sale of the 497 course cost, Clickbank was no longer an option. HighTrafficAcademy made it's own CPA network "ClickPromise" around January 2015, owned by the owners of HighTrafficAcademy in order to handle the affiliates, stats and payouts.  

Question: Does HighTrafficAcademy pay it's affiliate - Does ClickPromise pay it's affiliates?
Yes Of course, there is no reason to doubt that. You get paid from ClickPromise, which handles HighTrafficAcademy affiliates and their payouts.
Affiliates promoting HighTrafficAcademy products, including Project Breakthrough (which is a FREE HighTrafficAcademy course) are paid via ClickPromise and once again: Yes they paid their affilates.

*HighTrafficAcademy master course was discontinued february 2016 and replaced by around 20 specific courses that can be purchased individually.

Earnings examples from promoting
Project Breakthrough

​Project Breakthrough was launched 8th. february 2016. On 22th. feb 2016 there was a HighTrafficAcademy Video for elite members, showing some of the results elite members had after 14 days.

Note: Existing "old" HighTrafficAcademy Elite members from before the launch, started to promote Project Breakthrough from 8th february 2016, the same day it was launched.
Here are some income examples from these Elite members. It's screenshots from the video put in an animation.

Note: All income examples are individual affiliates results and are obviously not income guarantee. All earnings depend on your own efforts and skills.
Note: I do not publich my own earnings and payouts

Screenshots (from video) from ClickPromise backoffices for HTA Elite members who promoted Project Breakthrough. Results from 14 days promotion.

Note: Clicks (visitors to project breakthrough website) and number of conversions (no. of optins) varies a lot depending on traffic quality.
Also many of the affiliates shown, have their own optin page in front of the official landingpage, in order to build their own list (you dont see visitors to that site here). In case of a private optin page in front of the official landingpage the conversion from those who opted in on the front, will be better on the back.   

Animation Showing numbers from ClickPromise Backoffice for 14 days promotion 

• Impressions disregard this, I think its direct bannerlinking.
• Clicks = visitors to the Project Breakthrough landingpage (optin page)
• Conversions = number of confirmed free signups to Project breakthrough
• Commissions = earnings from the signups, primarily $1.5 per signup.

Earnings from tools f.ex like Getresponse auto-responder don't appear in clickpromise.


The Network Marketing Company and opportunity in Project Breakthrough cashmachine High ticket products you can earn commissions on

Coming soon - Network Marketing Company

I am not allowed to tell you the name of the Network Marketing company. It's not an existing network marketing company, so you have never heard of the name, but you wont be dissapointed.

This brand new Networkmarketing company connected with Project Breakthrough is created by the two people who created Project Breakthrough, so expect only the best of the best. The products are products with real value that are going to change peoples lives, not just some products just to have products and generate income.

They were considering EmpowerNetwork, because this company is going to change to the better in the near future, however they discarded Empower Network and decided to make their own Network Marketing opportunity and connect it with Project Breakthrough, however it is independent from HighTrafficAcademy as a separate company. 

That's all folks, my Project Breakthrough Review and Project Breakthrough affiliate program review

Now get started with Project Breakthrough and create a 100% FREE Project Breakthrough account to access the 14 days FREE training click here

The Project Breakthrough training flowchart

Project Breakthrough Training - 14 days Flowchart


My ProjectBreakthrough Certificate of Graduation

After my 14th. day of the Project Breakthrough course, I came to steps of graduation and getting my Project Breakthrough Certificate.

​How to fill out W8 BEN in ClickPromise Backoffice - for people outside US

Here is how to fill out the W8 BEN from Clickpromise backoffice. It's for people outside US. Don't make it complicated - it's simple, just fill out the blue text I indicated below and you should be good.



Project Breakthrough official website below

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