Simple 2 advertise

Complete marketing system with Leadcapture pages
Customizable to any online business

mobile banner & leadcapture page

Take Your promotion, advertising and marketing a step further by getting the Simple2Advertise marketing system.

It’s a complete marketing system in a box all done for you system for promoting any online business in the "work from home" niche.

They have a tons of different leadcapture pages including Video capture pages where you can choose your own video, mobile lead capture pages and Facebook apps so you can have a leadcapture page on the Facebook tab of your facebook page. Two of the leadcapture pages are quizzbased and especially the page "2 minut quiz", converts to leads like crazy.

You will find banners in all sizes that match each capture page to promote any online "work from home" business, MLM and network marketing. You will also find mobile banners and matching mobile capture pages.

The system is not for promoting special products like weightloss, ebooks and the like.

They have advertising campaigns running you can buy a share of to get traffic to your leadcapture page.
They have a list of traffic sources so you can find and buy your own traffic if you like.

You can customize your leadcapture page and promote any work from home business you might have. You can connect your own autoresponder, aweber, getresponse or GVO to the capture pages and you can set which "thank you page" people should arrive on after optin.

Simple2Advertise marketing system costs $37/month and is worth a lot more and I highly recommend it. Get it here: Simple2Advertise marketing system

Some of the banners that come with Simple 2 Advertise. The banners come in all sizes and all banners have corresponding leadcapture pages that match.

Some of the leadcapture pages that come with Simple 2 Advertise

Facebook tab capturepage

Video about Simple 2 Advertise. A short review

Get Simple 2 Advertise here.

Video. Shantelle is going through the simple2advertise marketing system. More banners and leadcapture pages have been added since this video. She is talking about EmpowerNetwork (earn money blogging about the things you love) , however the system can be used for any "work from home" opportunity.​

Ad Tracker. Ad Tracking & conversion tracking with

What is ad-tracker? is a Tracker, a tool that tracks clicks to your ad, Banner and website and track conversion if you have a leadcapture page. It can rotate banners and websites, therefore you can splittest your advertising. You can use it as a counter on your website.

I love this tracker. is simply the best tracker I have ever used period.

Most trackers will track hits, or raw hits and unique. Some will even track IP and domains. will track hits & conversions, rotate urls and banners, splittest your landingpages and banners and you can even input a retargeting pixel into your tracking link.

I initially started off my online marketing without using any tracking at all on my adverts. But then I saw the light!!
Ad tracking allows you to pinpoint which adverts are working and which ones to bin. With it is easy to do this, and you can use this service to make traffic generation a breeze.

What is a Conversion?
Knowing how many are clicking links on your page or in your emails is huge, knowing how the links are performing conversion wise is even more important, otherwise you have no clue what is working and what is not.

A conversion is when someone opt in on your auto-responder form . You can do conversion tracking by placing a tracking code on your "thank you page" (the page after optin). Bim system "thank you pages" allow you to place this code. Using conversion tracking is simply priceless. You will know which links are converting into optins and which links have no conversions.

How does it work?
You create a tracking link that will looks like this: (the 6 digits is the ID for your tracking link). In settings for the link you input any link you want the tracking link to go to... or several different links. You can change the links, ad more links or delete links. If you have several links setup for your tracking link the different links are rotated. Watch the short video below how it tracking links work. tracking basics Video offers it all in tracking, conversion tracking, split testing, rotating, hit and click counting and a little hint of fun. It is easy to use and extremely cost effective. To read all of the features you can visit their site by clicking here

Some of the other features make this even more powerful. The ability to control weight of an ad, look to see what domains views and clicks are coming from. This all brings together everything you would ever need from a tracking package.
Check out website.

Customize your tracking link
You can customize your tracking link to you ad, so it looks prettier.

here is my affiliate link to the tracking tool:

Doesn't look nice, right?

here is my link that goes to the same link:

A lot nicer, right?

Now, if you like you can customize your link with text that describe what it is, so it looks prettier fx. in emails. Here is a link I made and use, it still goes to the same link 

Now it looks real nice, right?

Note: the link should be unique, which means no one else use the same link.

so if the link is taken, come up with something else. You can use letters, number and underscore_in_your_link_text, but not hyphens

This screenshot of backoffice and settings for a particular tracking link, shows where to find the Conversion Pixel, which you place on the "thank you" page if you want to track optins (conversions) on an optin page (landingpage).

tracker How to find the conversion pixel. How to add retargeting pixel

You can even do Retargeting with Place the retargeting pixel in the box shown in the tracker backoffice and save. Now when a person hits your tracking url, that person gets added to your retargeting audience. You can for example use retargeting, get the pixel from siteScout and place it in the tracker.

How much is it? does not have a free option, you can take a free 30 day trial but the lowest it goes is $9 if you go monthly.

Is it worth it?
Simply put yes! I love it and use it all the time, It lets me know what pages are working, what sites are converting and what ads are a waste of my time. doesn't offer in debth analyzing of your data and if you want that you will need a another tracking tool and a lot more expensive. is so easy to use and get an overview of the clicks coming in and is perfect for newbies and seasoned marketers who just want to know: how many clicks to a specific ad, conversions, ability to splittest and ad new websites on the fly, referring urls. The business version also track the countries that clicks are coming from. 

If you are unsure take the 30 day Free trial, watch the videos and get a good feel for the site, if you decide you do not need it simply cancel and move on.

I think you will love it as much as I do if you are serious about the results you want from your advertising efforts.
Check out website

Think and grow Rich. Book by
Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill (1883 – 1970) was an American author in the area of the new thought movement who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature. He is widely considered to be one of the great writers on success.

His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich (1937), is one of the best-selling books of all time.
Hill's works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. He became an advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1936.

"Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved," is one of Hill's hallmark expressions. How achievement actually occurs, and a formula for it that puts success in reach of the average person, were the focal points of Hill's books.

Hill interviewed and analyzed over 500 successful men and women, many of them millionaires, in order to discover and publish the formula for success, Counting: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Elmer R. Gates, Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, John D. Rockefeller and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Napoleon Hill interviewed and analyzed over 500 successful men and women to find the formula for success - which is the basis of the book "Think and Grow Rich".

Think Grow Rich Mindset training

Download The classic book By Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich", Poul is talking about in the Video.

The book is a must read for every Person who wants to become Successful in life and in business.
It's a FREE Download. Download it here

Right click and choose "save destination as" to download the e-book (PDF file).

About the book "Think and Grow Rich"

Learn the "Hidden Secret" that gives you the Financial Freedom you're looking for.
Why should you read Think and Grow Rich?
Give me just 2 minutes of your time and I'll tell you why the Think and Grow Rich book will help you..
Once you get "Think and Grow Rich" you will have written instructions for all the rules that have made countless others very successful.
If you are "ready" you will learn a UNIVERSAL truth of ALL Successful people. It's in plain sight for all to read.

Learn why so many fail to recognize opportunities in life. Being "RICH" is not beyond anyone's reach, you can still be what you wish to be, have money, fame, recognition and happiness. It can happen to anyone who is ready for it. Are YOU Ready?
Don't be the person who STOPPED just "three feet", from gold.

You can have instant access to all of this right now. The secret to success is very simple but you'll have to read the Book to find out what it is! Napoleon Hill felt readers would benefit most if they discovered it for themselves.

Although most readers feel that he never

explicitly identified this secret, he offers these words about 20 pages into the book:
"If you truly desire money so keenly that your desire is an .....

The book contains 13 "steps" to success. The 13 steps listed in the book are:

1. Desire
2. Faith
3. Autosuggestion
4. Specialized Knowledge
5. Imagination
6. Organized Planning
7. Decision
8. Persistence
9. Power of the Master Mind
10. Sex Transmutation
11. Subconscious Mind
12. The Brain
13. The Sixth Sense

The Science of Getting Rich - by Wallace Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace D. Wattles and published in 1910 by the Elizabeth Towne Company. The book is still in print after 100 years. It was a major inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's bestselling book and film The Secret (2006). The text is divided into 17 short, straight-to-the-point chapters that explain how to overcome mental barriers, and how creation, not competition, is the hidden key to wealth attraction.

Download here (to download on your computer: rightclick and "save target as")

As a Man Thinketh - by James Allen

James Allen (28 November 1864 – 24 January 1912) was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement. His best known work, As a Man Thinketh, has been mass-produced since its publication in 1902. It has been a source of inspiration to motivational and self-help authors.

Download here (to download on your computer: rightclick and "save target as")

The title is influenced by a verse in the Bible from the Book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".

In its theme that ‘mind is the master weaver’, creating our inner character and outer circumstances, As A Man Thinketh is an in-depth exploration of the central idea of self-empowerment writing.

James Allen's contribution was to take an assumption we all share - that because we are not robots we therefore control our thoughts - and reveal its fallacy. Because most of us believe that mind is separate from matter, we think that thoughts can be hidden and made powerless - this allows us to think one way and act another. But Allen believed that the unconscious mind generates as much action as the conscious mind, and while we may be able to sustain the illusion of control through the conscious mind alone, in actuality we are continually faced with a question, 'Why cannot I make myself do this or achieve that?' In noting that desire and will are sabotaged by the presence of thoughts that do not accord with the desire, Allen was led to the startling conclusion that, 'We do not attract what we want, but what we are.' Achievement happens because you as a person embody the external achievement; you don't 'get' success but become it. There is no gap between mind and matter.

We are the sum of our thoughts

The logic of the book is unassailable: noble thoughts make a noble person, negative thoughts hammer out a miserable one. To a person mired in negativity, the world looks as if it is made of confusion and fear. On the other hand, Allen noted, when we curtail our negative and destructive thoughts, ‘All the world softens towards us, and is ready to help us.’ We attract not only what we love - but what we fear. His explanation for why this happens is simple: those thoughts which receive our attention, good or bad, go into the unconscious to become the fuel for later events in the real world. As Emerson said, ‘A person is what he thinks about all day long.’

Our circumstances are us

Part of the fame of this book is its contention that ‘Circumstances do not make a person, they reveal him.’ This seems an exceedingly heartless comment, a justification for neglect of those in need and a rationalisation of exploitation and abuse; of the superiority of those at the top of the pile, and the inferiority of those at the bottom. This, however, would be a knee-jerk reaction to an argument of subtlety. While Allen does not deny that poverty can ‘happen’ to a person or a people, what he tries to make clear is that defensive actions like blaming the perpetrator will only further run the wheels into the rut. What measures us, what reveals us, is how we use those circumstances as an aid or spur to progress. A successful person or community, in short, is that which can process failure with the most efficiency.

Each set of circumstances, however bad, offers a unique opportunity for growth. If circumstances always determined the life and prospects of people, then humanity would never have progressed. In actuality, circumstances seem to be designed to bring out the best in us, and if we make the decision that we have been 'wronged' then we are unlikely to begin a conscious effort to escape from our situation. It all seems too hopeless. But as any biographer knows, a person's early life and its conditions are often the greatest gift to an individual. Gold does not emerge from jewellers' shops but from mud and rock.

One self-help author influenced by Allen is Wayne Dyer. Dyer observed that '...being broke is a temporary state of affairs that afflicts almost everyone at one time or another, but being poor is an attitude, a set of beliefs that gets reinforced when we shift to blaming life circumstances for the condition of our poverty'. The tragedy of poverty is that children born into it begin to accept it as part of their culture. Allen talks about those who feel that it is all right to do shoddy work because they are being paid so little. Yet this attitude - superficially justifiable - keeps them in the very situation they despise.

Tranquility = success

The influence of Buddhism on Allen's thought is obvious in the emphasis on 'right thinking', but it is also apparent in his suggestion that the best path to success is calmness of mind. People who are calm, relaxed and purposeful appear to look like that is their natural state, but nearly always it is the fruit of self-control. These people have an advanced knowledge of how thought works, coming from years of literally 'thinking about thought'. According to Allen, they have a magnet-like attraction because they are not swept up by every little wind of happenstance. We turn to them because they are masters of themselves. 'Tempest-tossed' souls battle to get success, but success avoids the unstable.

Final word

Almost a hundred years after publication, As A Man Thinketh continues to get rave reviews from readers. The plain prose and absence of hype are appealing within a genre that contains sensational claims and personalities, and the fact that we know so little about Allen makes the work somehow more intriguing.

The book's title comes from the Bible - 'As a man thinketh, so he is' - but despite this provenance, As A Man Thinketh is religion-neutral. Allen believed that the dynamic that linked thought to action and outer circumstances was a metaphysical law that could not err. In the way it identifies universal laws and applies them to the mechanics of desire and prosperity, the book is appropriately the 20th century's first self-help classic.

To bring its message to a wider audience, two updated versions of the work which right the gender-specificity of the original have been published: As You Thinketh, edited by Marc Allen (no relation) and As a Woman Thinketh, Dorothy Hulst.

Psycho-Cybernetics - by Maxwell Maltz

A Must Read Book

Psycho-Cybernetics is a classic self-help book, written by Maxwell Maltz in 1960 and published by the non-profit Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation.[1] Motivational and self-help experts in personal development, including Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy have based their techniques on Maxwell Maltz. Many of the psychological methods of training elite athletes are based on the concepts in Psycho-Cybernetics as well.

The book combines the cognitive behavioral technique of teaching an individual how to regulate self-concept developed by Prescott Lecky with the cybernetics of

Norbert Wiener and John von Neumann. The book defines the mind-body connection as the core in succeeding in attaining personal goals.

Download here (to download on your computer: rightclick and "save target as")

Earn Money with Dubli
Dubli Business opportunity

NB!   I don't recommend Dubli business opportunity any longer -  it don't work - all topleaders of my team have left - and so have I!

The only product sold is the opportunity itself: Customers can save on own purchases by getting cashback. Sounds good, however very few customers use it and very, very few customers upgrade to VIP customers (you earn commissions on this upgrade).

The bottom line is, a member of this opportunity is selling the opportunity only because there is no product to sell. I had 180 customers and earned 17 cents from 1 customers purchase. No of the 180 customers upgraded to VIP



What is dubli

DubLi is a huge shopping portal, the world's largest cash back system on online shopping, including, entertainment, music, travel, and hotels. Worldwide, there are over 12,000 online shops in the Dubli Mall, with over 6,000 in the US Mall alone.

Membership is free, You even get $10 FREE just for registering, so you can start to shop and get Cashback on your online purchases on things you already buy. Typically, cash back is 4-12%. Become a Free member here

The Cashback is added to your DubLi account and you can transfer the money to your bank account or withdraw via a DubLi debit card or via paypal

Upgrading to a VIP membership gives you the highest Cashback percentage.
With a VIP membership, you also have the opportunity to earn 20 dollars if you are in US or euros if you are in EU, when you recommend Dubli to one of your friends.

DubLi is worldwide with thousands of online shops. DubLi is a Danish invention started in 2003, founded by Michael Hansen, the current CEO, watch the interview below.

Interview with Michael Hansen on "Corporate Review" TV

In the beginning Dubli was an online auction system, the last few years, DubLi developed the cashback system on online shopping and today is Dubli is a modern fine-tuned cashback system. DubLi has the ambitions to be the world's

Dubli Video

leading online shopping portal and what Google is in search machines.

DubLi is headquartered in the United States (Florida) and with offices in Berlin, Germany and Dubai.
DubLi (DubLi, Inc.) is a publicly traded company, registered in NewYork (OTCQB:DUBL) and the parent company of both shopping portal: and for the business opportunity:

DubLi is worldwide, with local portals in each country. The following countries have a local Shopping Portal: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.
Furthermore, there is a global portal which everyone in the world can use.

DubLi came to United States recently and is about to explode there.

Dubli has huge ambitions for a worldwide growth and plan to open local shopping Mall in South Korea early 2015.

DubLi Business opportunity

DubLi also offers a Business Opportunity, You can become an ambassador (called business associate) where you have the opportunity to earn 25% of customers free level cash backs and 25% of paid membership fees, as well as the customers, your customers have referred, in unlimited depth.
Additionally, you can, if you like, build a network of business associates and earn money from the profits they generate.

What is Dubli Business opportunity?

DubLi is the world's largest cash back system on online shopping, including cashback on entertainment, music, travel and hotels.

Customer membership is free. Start shopping online and get cashback on the purchases you are already making. Become FREE member of Dubli Customer Mall

The Cashback is added to your DubLi account and you can withdraw the money, via transfer to your bank account, a DubLi debit card or via paypal.

DubLi is also a business opportunity where you have the opportunity to earn 25% of customers basic cash backs and membership fees. That is the customers who signed up through your link, as well as the customers they have recommended to Dubli, through unlimited depth.

Additionally, you can, if you like, build a network of "business associates" where you earn money from the profits they generate.

Business opportunity operates from a different domain than the customer portal The Business opportunity's website is: where you'll find info about making money with Dubli, link to register as a business associate, as well as your login to the back office. The Dubli customers do not see this business part of DubLi unless you provide the link.

Dubli Business opportunity Video

DubLi mall and opportunity is worldwide, with local portals in 11 countries. The following countries have a local Shopping Portal: US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.
Furthermore, there is a Global portal which everyone in the world can use.

DubLi business opportunity has come to the United States a few months ago and is about to explode there, especially our team Home Business Labs (started november 2014) which I belong to, is growing like crazy US right now, both the network as well as the customers who love the Dubli mall and getting cashback.

So if you have have ambitions to promote Dubli worldwide, team Home Business Labs is the ideal place for You, because we have plenty of support and training material that show you exactly what to do. We also have several optin pages you can use in your promotions.

Our team - "Home Business Labs"

Our team is started by some of the world's largest networkers, people who have earned millions upon millions of dollars in this industry.
Our team offers free training and support including the optin pages. However to connect an autoresponder to the optin pages you will need an autoresponder and I recommend aweber which has good deliverability (it's $15 monthly).

Our team offers extended training (very good) for $97 monthly. I highly recommend that, which also will give you FREE access to publish videos (as many as you like) on our video blog:

Become part of a Danish success with DubLi

DubLi idea started in 2003 by Michael Hansen, a Danish billionaire. He found the name "DubLi", because Michael has been working for "Lego" and Lego have "Dublo" building blocks so that's where the name originates from.

You may also join DubLi business opportunity via this direct Dubli Network link

Whatever link you use, you will be with Dubli within our team and get access to our team's member page.

Check out Dubli Team "Home Business Labs" intro video here
You can join DubLi business opportunity through this Team optin page, but first put your email in to see the next video, there you will see a direct link to sign up to Dubli opportunity.

Whatever link you use, you will be with Dubli within our team and get access to our team's member page.

Dubli Network Marketing

Dubli network is a network marketing company where its members, ambassadors (business associates) market DubLi.
There is no product to sell, you just help as many people as possible to save money on their online shopping through the DubLi marketplace by recommending customers a membership of DubLi shopping portal

Most companies spend millions of dollars on marketing, it is very expensive to market. DubLi has chosen to market via independent ambassadors, who in return for their efforts get paid via a unique compensation system.

DubLi's shopping mall and DubLi Network, is developing rapidly worldwide. It's a unique concept that you won't find elsewhere.

There are currently 20 million customers using the Dubli shopping Mall, and the potential for new customers, is huge.
A business associate can choose to focus on acquiring new customers to DubLi's shopping portal, or you can choose to work on finding new ambassadors and build a network of ambassadors .. or both.

Dubli network marketing company is free of the huge problem that most network marketing and MLM companies are struggling with, namely:  

- To sell products that nobody wants or they are simply worthless, or the product is five times the normal price, because there must be room for commission to distributors through many levels.

- Products are a necessary evil in order to make money, but no one is interested in the products.

- Distributors struggling with the difficulty: to "sell" a concept that is hard to explain and hard to recommend products that you rather do not want, just because you want to make money.

- Distributors struggling with customers and distributors leaving the business after a short time.

In DubLi there is nothing to sell, we focus on customers who shop online, to get cashback on thing they are already buying. When customers save money they want to stay and will not leave the business.

Therefore it's easy to recommend Dubli to everyone and people who are interested in making money with DubLi's business opportunity, can easily see the idea.

Check DubLi's business opportunity here ...

How do You make Money?

DubLi Network offers a unique opportunity to earn an extra income ... or a huge income, depending on how much work and skills you put into it.
DubLi shopping portal is open globally and you can market around the world and find customers and new business associates globally.

A number of countries have national portals and in addition there is a global portal for those countries which have not got a national portal. New countries will be added continually and the next will be South Korea in spring 2015.

You get paid for your effort in two completely different and independent ways: From the customers you sponsored to Dubli shopping Mall and from new business associates you have sponsored into DubLi business opportunity and from the total downline in your Network.

The customers you have sponsored to DubLi's trading portal and the customers they subsequently

How do you make Money with Dubli?

recommended, You earn 25% of their basic cash back (free level cashback) as well as 25% of their membership fees. How many customers can you help who want to save on their online shopping? 20-100-1000? The opportunity is unlimited, additionally, your customers base may grow virally because VIP members can invite friends and earn money $20 when these become VIP, and YOU as business associate, get 25% of their cash back and membership fee as well. 

Customers are not involved in the business opportunity, but they can still earn $20 by inviting friends to become DubLi customers.

2) Business Associate NETWORK

When you build a network of new business associates, you earn a portion of their generated income, including a percentage of business start-up package (which includes gift cards) in a binary system with various extra bonus and more. How much you will earn, depend on how many business associates you've recruited and their work. Like with anything in life it will wary, but the opportunity is huge, and I mean HUGE! 

How does the compensation plan work?

How does the compensation plan in the business associate network, works?
It works really well, you will not be disappointed. It is rather complicated, but you do not need to understand it, just go to work and you will be rewarded.

What does it cost to become a business associate?

Let me ask you: - How much would you pay for a unique opportunity for extra income and a potential million dollar income?
- An opportunity you've never seen before and you probably will not see again!

- An opportunity to get your own business, being able to work when you want?

- An opportunity for a full-time income? Check DubLi's business opportunity here

How do I Join DubLi business opportunity?

Subscribe to my mailing list here and join Dubli Opportunity via link on the videopage

You're from a country with local Mall:
US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, India and Denmark.

(Note European countries use Euros (€) and prices may differ)

Choose National package:
- Business Package, license $75
- Member Package National $495
Contains 5 x 1 year VIP membership gift vouchers
Total $570

...or big package
- Business Package, license $75
- Member package PPA National $2.475
(or PPA Mixed $2.475 contains national and international gift vouchers)
Total $2.550
(PPA = Partner Program Accelerator)

Other Countries (choose international)
- Business Package license $75
- Member Package PPA InterNational $495

The package contains 10 gift vouchers a $49.50 (price for VIP customers international). These can be redeemed in these countries to upgrade customers to the VIP customer.
Total $570

...or big package
- Business Package license $75
- Member Package PPA InterNational $2,475
(or PPA Mixed $2475 contains both national and international gift card)
Total $2,550

What do I do once I am a business associate?

As soon as you become a Business Associate, you are automatically registered as your own customers, which you can see in your back office when you log in.
The first thing you should do is to send a gift voucher to yourself so you can upgrade yourself to VIP customer. It costs $ 0.99 to redeem the gift certificate and you are VIP for one year.

Click "Vouchers" in the menu. Choose send national Voucher or international for "other countries".

Enter your username as shown in the backoffice and DubLi User ID in the fields (not email, you dont need that) and click send.

You will receive per. email a discount code.
Sign in to (your customer account) with your user name and password and purchase a VIP membership. Insert discount code in the field and pay with credit cards the $ 0.99 which is the price minus the gift voucher. Now you are upgraded to VIP customer.

Then find your "INVITE FRIENDS" link in the backoffice and use this link to find new customers.
You earn $20 for each new customer who become a VIP and you also earn 25% of $ 99 (value of the voucher) = $24,74 to your business account + 25% of the basic free member cashback the customer gets in the future.

Which means you get $20+24,75 for each new VIP + a piece of the customers cashback in all future!

Dubli Compensation plan

Is quite complicated with many items, but you do not need to understand it. Don't worry, you'll get paid for your work. Below, I give an overview, make sure to look at the video below for explanation of the binary system.

There are 4 different ways You get paid with DubLi compensation plan. You can choose to focus on finding customers only or finding customers AND build a network of business associates.

A. Commission on personal customers and friends they they invite. You get 25% of all cash back (basic level cashback) and membership fees through unlimited numbers and levels.
B. Commission on customers' cash back and membership fees throughout your network (if you choose to build networks). 3% of the total cash back commission will be set aside in a pool where you get one "share" for every 3 customers that activate a gift card. You get a small percentage of the total pool. Runs quarterly.

C. commission from the network and personal sponsored BA (business associate). It is the member packages that is commissionable.

D. Commission from the special partner program (see below).

Commissions from network and personally sponsored BA

1. Fast start Bonus. You earn 10% of all BA packages you have personally sponsored. $49,5 (small package) or $247,5 (large package).

Your BA (business associates) are placed in a binary system (system with two "legs"). Your sponsor and upline will normally work and place people on one of your legs (called the community team leg), while you need to work on your other "leg" (called personal team leg) and place people there to balance the points accumulated on the other leg, for maximum payout.

2. Cycle bonus

3. Matching bonus

4. Generational matching bonus

2. Cycle bonus. Paid Weekly You earn 10% cycle bonus when you have 400 points on each leg 10% of $400 = $40, not just your own sponsored but the total team on both legs. It is calculated weekly. Unused points are carried on till you have 400 on both legs and a new cycle is released.

A BA small member package for $495 is equivalent to 495 points. So one new BA's on each leg, provides 495 points on each leg. The 400-400 release a cycle and payment of $40 while the remaining points 95 on each leg are saved.
You earn from unlimited depth, but max $25,000 per week.

NB: in order to be qualified for Cycle bonus you have to minimum have personal sponsored 1 BA on EACH leg.

NB NB: As new TM you get a gift from Dubli of 4,000 points placed on your community team leg, for use for your cycle bonus, which is held for 30 days.

3. Matching bonus. Weekly Payment You earn 10% matching bonus on all cycle bonus your personal sponsored BA earn wherever they are located on the legs. Calculated per. week.

4. Generational matching bonus Earn 10% matching bonus on cycle bonus on all first generation BA'er. You must be TL (team leader). You earn matching bonus from your downline to and including the next TL.

As TC earn 10% in two generations down to and including 2 TC.
As SD earn 10% in three generations down to including 3 SD (3rd generation only 5%).

Ranks and qualification requirements

Team Member (TM)
Team Leader (TL)
Team Coordinator (TC)
Sales Director (SD):
Vice President (VP):
Senior Vice President (SVP):

Paying customers
(premium or VIP)


Personally       sponsored       

3 TM
3 TL
3 TC
5 separate SD ben
5 separate VP ben

Dubli Partner Program

Companies and non-profit organiza-tions, for example associations, companies, sports clubs, churches, etc., can get their own branded shopping portal with own logo, so their members or employees can go shopping and get the same cashback as normal on DubLi shopping mall.

As DubLi business associate with the large package (PPA Affiliate Program Association) to $2,475, you can market Dubli to companies and associations and more. They are called "partner".

This is not for everyone, but if you have special talents in sales this it is definitely something for you to "sell" a shopping portal to these organizations and get them branded with their own logo.

You will of course get help from DubLi, which makes the portal itself, but you must contact the association and present the idea.

In the PPA partner package (which is required to promote the partner program) is also included guidance´and training so you know how to market these branded shopping malls.

Commissions in Partner Program: The organization and YOU share the commissions on the cashback that members receive through the special portal while the customers get the normal cash back just as with DubLi.

Dubli Customer Portal - Shopping Mall

Screenshot of the DubLi Customer Portal

What stores give you Cashback?

The US portal has more than 4,000 stores in the following categories:

Auto & Motorcycles
Books, Music & Movies
Clothing & Apparel
Computers & Electronics
Department Stores
Finance & Insurance
Flowers & Gifts
Grocery & Gourmet
Health & Beauty
Home & Garden
Online Services
Jewelry & Fragrances
Office Supplies
Shoes & Accessories
Sports & Outdoors
Toys, Children & Baby
Rental Cars
Miscellaneous Travel

what stores are in Dubli?

Here are some selected online stores at the US DubLi shopping Mall, where you can get cash back:

The US DubLi Shopping Mall features favorite brand name stores
such as Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, Macy's, Sears,
Best Buy, Apple Online, Staples, and thousands of others.
Entertainment: Groupon, Fandango,, and many more.
Travel: Priceline, Orbitz,, Hotwire, Hyatt, Marriott,
Radisson, Best Western, Expedia, Hertz, and hundreds more.

Take a look at the shopping portal

How does Dubli works?

When you go to DubLi Mall and log in, you can browse the categories and the online stores. When you click on a store you go directly to that store, where you shop like normal. You don't buy from Dubli but from the store directly. The only thing is that Dubli gets a discount from that store and it is put into your dubli account.

Take a look at the shopping portal

One other option is, you can install a Dubli toolbar and forget about Dubli, then when you search Google for a particular item, the toolbar will tell you that this shop gives you cashback. More about the toolbar below.

How the shops look like

How the shops look like when you browse through the shops. You are told how much cashback you get from that shop, as free member, premium member and as VIP member. When you click a shop, you go outside Dubli and directly to that shop and you make your purchases like you did before.

Become a Free member here

Dubli Customer Memberships

Register FREE here
Get the basic Cashback percentage on your online purchases. Cashback is paid to you monthly.

Register FREE here
Upgrade to VIP, the highest membership, which costs $ or € 99 per. Year. You get the basic cashback on your online purchases + 6% on top. Cashback is paid monthly to you (Dubli debit card)
VIP membership also gives you the opportunity to earn $ / € 20 when you invite friends to DubLi and they become VIP customer.

Register FREE here
Upgrade to premium membership, which costs $ / € 4.95 per. Month. You get basic percentage in cashback on your online purchases + 4% on top.
The 4% is paid to you annually, so it is not the best membership, select VIP if you want extra discount and cash back paid monthly.

Invite friends and earn $20 / €20

As DubLi VIP member, you can earn $/€ 20 when you refer new members (VIP) to DubLi via your invite friends link. Find the link "Invite Friends" in your Dubli account and sends invitation to your friends. You can invite as many friends as you want.

Become a Free member - upgrade to VIP

Dubli tool bar

DubLi toolbar is a smart way to always remember to get your DubLi cashback. Install the toolbar and forget about Dubli. Then when you search Google you are automatically notified if a particular shop give you cashback.

DubLi toolbar works with Chrome and Firefox, other browsers coming soon.

Toolbar is normally hidden, with only a small icon in your browser's menu.
As soon as you get to an online store that offers DubLi cash back, the toolbar tells you automatically that this store provides DubLi cashback, even though you are not logged in Dubli and you are asked whether you want to activate cash back for that store.

Google search result
When you search on Google and looking for things to buy on the Internet, it will automatically appear IN GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS, with a small icon that what You found, gives Dubli

That's how Dubli tool bar works

discount. When you mouse over the icon, a little popup appears that tells you there is cash back with DubLi and what rates you can get, and a blue button "Go to store" Super smart. See photo at right (the text is danish but you get the idea)

Become a Free member, Install Toolbar

​ClickFunnels Review

Landingpage, optin page, webpage builder

Check it out here ==> Clickfunnels

If you have a little experience working online you know the importance of having an optin page in front of your offer, to capture leads, build a list and follow up on your contacts with email marketing.

With Clickfunnels, You can create professionally cool looking attractive optin pages and webpages in few minutes without any any technical or design skills.

Clickfunnels is a web based system, that builds websites for you.
Clickfunnels is a perfect tool for every business to combine with your webtraffic knowledge you will learn from High Traffic Academy course. It's a great tool for the beginner as well as the seasoned marketer to help you in your online business.

Clickfunnels lets you easily and intuitively create, with few mouse clicks, everything from optin pages, membership websites, sales funnels, lead generation systems, to product launch pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, and e-commerce systems, all with drag and drop ease.

Clickfunnels is a landingpage builder recommended and promoted in Four Percent multiple streams of income. As a member of Four Percent it is highly recommended you use clickfunnels in your marketing. Four Percent gives you clickfunnels sharecodes for the different promotions.

With Clickfunnels You can Create:

1. Optin Lead Capture Funnel
2. Sales Funnel
3. Webinar Funnel
4. Automated Webinar Funnel
5. Membership site Funnel
6. Launch Funnel
plus more....

Clickfunnels has so many features

You can do split testing, ad tracking and conversion. You can Integrate the know autoresponders and payment processors and shopping carts.

You can use Custom domains, it has Click email popups feature, click and an email form opens to optin.

Pages are fully responsive, which means they are mobile friendly, they adjust to the screensize so they look good on mobile devices.

If you are familiar with Optimize Press and LeadPages, clickfunnels offers so much more. There is really no comparison.

Backoffice overview
In left menu you choose which of the 6 different types of funnels you want to create.

When you are creating one of the 7 funnels you will have several templates to choose from.
Choose a template you like and one that fits with your purpose. Now you can in few minutes, change text, colors, images, background color or background image and video if you choose video page. In no time you have your own Page.

1. Optin Lead Capture Funnel

When you have been working online for a while, you probably know that very few sales occur immediately, and the best way to get sales is to capture people's email in exchange for a free report, video or free download and follow up on your contacts and get the sales during email marketing to those contacts.
That's the lead capture funnel.

The Optin Lead funnel is perfect for...

Building Buzz
building buzz for a new product that is in development, the best beta sign up process...

Free Consulting Calls
gain new leads for your local business, give away coupons and special local offers...

Giving Away Free Reports
show your stuff and how awesome you are by giving away free reports in your niche...

Video Walkthrough of the backoffice

2. Sales Funnel

If you have anything to sell and want to create a sales funnel for your product, Clickfunnels lets you create exactly that.
A typical sales process could involve the following steps and pages: leadoptin page, salespage, payment order confirmation page and download page.
You can integrate your preferred payment processor and autoresponder email series.

This Sales funnel is perfect for...

Selling Your Products
whether info products or physical products, this funnel is perfect for making sure you build an audience and get sales.

Building Awareness
Whether or not a customer buys on the spot, they will have joined your subscriber list and viewed your sales page. Simply continue to follow up with them.

Increasing Revenue
Not only is this funnel exactly what you need to make that initial sale, it also allows you to make additional buy offers or upsales. These can increase the value you provide.

3. Webinar Funnel

If you are planning to hold a internet meeting or live webinar, you can build a custom designed funnel for your webinar with clickfunnels and invite your prospects to optin to register for your webinar. Your prebuilt email series will follow up on your contacts and remind them in a timely manner on your coming webinar.
A typical sequence of pages could be: webinar signup / registration page, confirmation page and the live webinar.

This webinar funnel is perfect for...

Generating Registrations to your webinar
With a compelling headline on your registration page you can get your viewers to register for your webinar and use our prebuilt email series to followup with them before and after driving them to your replay and your order page.

Educational Webinars
Webinars are a great way to provide value, education, do Q&A sessions and the like with your audience. This can build credibility, relationship and respect from your audience.

High Ticket Sales
Webinars are perfect for selling training or coaching programs or other high ticket offers. People are often more comfortable buying from you once they’ve spent some quality time with you on a webinar.

4. Auto Webinar Funnel

If you have done a really good webinar and you want it to stay live constantly but You don't want to do live every day, an automated webinar based on a recorded version, is the solution.

You can take a recorded webinar and "pretend" you are going live every evening or on specific dates. Including an autoresponder email series that will follow up on your prospects.

This Auto Webinar funnel is perfect for...

Evergreen Offers
Auto webinars are perfect for evergreen offers that are always available to purchase. Just create one of these and let it run indefinitely driving sales to your offer.

Educational Webinars
Webinars are a great way to provide value, education, do Q&A sessions and the like with your audience. This can build credibility, relationship and respect from your audience.

High Ticket Sales
Webinars are perfect for selling training or coaching programs or other high ticket offers. People are often more comfortable buying from you once they’ve spent some quality time with you on a webinar.

5. Membership Funnel

If you want to build a membership site for your customers or your contacts, clickfunnels can do that for you.
A typical setup is:
an optin or register page and a password protected members area. Access to the login area can depend on which products they purchased.

The Membership funnel is perfect for...

Video courses
Easily and quickly embed your training videos to build out a smooth flowing members area for your users.

Info Products
If info products are your game, then this funnel will be your best friend. Post PDFs, resources, text, links, and whatever you need to deliver the perfect info product.

Private Content
Best place to put content that you want to restrict access to and have behind a secure password wall.

6. Launch Funnel

I you are the creator of a new product, course, video education or program, you might want to start a pre-launch buzz around your up coming launch.

The clickfunnels launch funnel is a proven and tested sequence of pages that all lead up to Your big big event, the launch of your valued product.

The page sequence is designed to build up excitement and anticipation among your visitors and hopefully new customers through a series of videos and ultimately your new salespage with payment option on launch day.

The sequence of pages could look like this:
squeeze page, free video 1, free video 2, free video 3, free video 4, salespage with call to action, order page with payment and thank you page.

The Launch funnel is perfect for...

Building Buzz
building buzz for a new product that is in development or getting ready to launch soon!

1 - 2 – 3 Blast Off!
If you have a series of videos building up the excitement for your offer, this is the funnel to use.

Keep the Excitement Going
Even after your official launch this funnel can be used to continue to drive traffic through, build excitement and increase sales.

7. Custom Funnel

Clickfunnels lets you create any funnel from scratch if you have a special idea how it should be or special needs. You can build anything you can think of for example a combination of the different funnels.
Find a template and build from there.

The Custom funnel is perfect for...

If you build it…
They will come. If you have an idea for a sales funnel that is different, new, off the beaten path click here to build it!

If you want to mash two funnel types together and get the best of both worlds, build it out custom here.

Single Pages
If all you need is a single web-page this time around, this funnel is for you.


ClickFunnels Prising

Clickfunnels membership is a monthly plan in 2 different levels with different features. The Basic membership is $97/monthly and Pro (full suite) $297/monthly.

There is a 14 days free trial.

Take a look at clickfunnels  ==> Direct link to Clickfunnels


ClickFunnels Affiliate program

As a member of Clickfunnels, you'll automatically have access to promote clickfunnels as an affiliate to earn commissions.

Clickfunnels is a landingpage builder recommended and promoted in Four Percent multiple streams of income.


​Will Smith inspirational Speech. Mindset Wisdom!

Will Smith inspirational Speech. Mindset Wisdom!

Will smith's mindset wisdom says it all! It has helped me have a mindset towards my dreams in life, helped me have self - confidence and self - esteem. Helped me see the world with different eyes, if you listen closely, you will see that this is actualy a how to excel yourself!

My friends and myself live these powerful words throughout the day!
So you too, dream big, dream of a better life, a better world, have confidence on yourself, learn from other people's wisdom develop a mindset towards your gols and excel!

Famous Will Smith Quotes from this inspirational speech of wisdom Video

1. I want to do good. I want the world to be better because I was here.

2. I want my life, I want my work, my family, I want it to mean something. If you are not making someone else’s life better then you are wasting your time.

3. The first step before anybody else in the world believes it, is you have to believe it.
There's no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.

4. Make a choice. Just decide what it’s going to be, who you’re going to be, how you’re going to do it. Just DECIDE! ...And then from that point the universe is going to get out of your way

5. You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say “I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever
been built.” You don’t start there. You say, "I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid" and you do that every single day. And soon you have a wall.

6. He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.

7. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something. You have a dream you got to protect it. You want something, go get it. Period.

This last quote is from the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness"

​Unlock your Potential for becoming Successful - Become a 4 Percenter

Do you have a dream? by Mateusz M

I Love Living Life. I Am Happy. Nick Vujicic

​Unlock your Potential for becoming Successful - Become a 4 Percenter

ClickPromise Private Network Review

ClickPromise was the affiliate network that offered HighTrafficAcademy Core product and Project Breakthrough WHICH ARE NOW BOTH DISCONTINUED



ClickPromise Review.
A Private Network

ClickPromise is A Private Network that offers Great offers in the CPA and Affiliate Space. ClickPromise ALSO offers training in CPA (cost per acquisition or cost per action) and Affiliate Marketing. There will be specific training for each offer you want to promote.

ClickPromise is the affiliate network that handles High Traffic Academy sales. As a High Traffic Academy member you may become a Clickpromise affiliate to promote the High Traffic Academy master course.

Maybe you are not familiar with CPA and don't know what it is, but I'm sure you know the concept from the internet. Have you ever seen an Insurance ad where you are asked to input your Zip to get a quote for your car insurance? That's a CPA advertisement orchestrated by some of the biggest companies.

The affiliate promoting that offer gets a commission by acquiring the lead for the insurance company.

CPA is a gigantic industry, much larger than the traditional affiliate marketing like selling e-books via clickbank.

ClickPromise offers high quality training that teaches you CPA and how to promote each offer and to get you approved for some very good CPA companies in order for you to promote these offers.

You don't want to miss this CPA training if you are interested in the CPA world and earning high commissions. ClickPromise is FREE to join as a High Traffic Academy member and one of the ClickPromise offers you may promote is HighTrafficAcademy which is an affiliate offer with revenue sharing (commissions on sales). Join High Traffic Academy HERE and join ClickPromise from your High Traffic Academy members backoffice.

ClickPromise email buying - Review
Clickpromise - email drop buying

​Clickpromise email buy - email drop - Review   ==> Rating 1 Star

​Here is my honest review of buying traffic from Clickpromise - what they call email drop.

​I bought 500 clicks on 19th. feb 2016, 11 days after the launch of Project Breakthrough. The cost per click was $1.50 to my link I gave them.

1) I gave them my link and email creative when I placed the order. My link was a tracking link and I planned to rotate the traffic to different landingpages to optimize my optin rate to Project Breakthrough.

2) It took about 2 months to get it delivered, the traffic came during around 4 days. To my big surprise they did NOT send the traffic to the link I gave them, but directly to the Project Breakthrough landingpage, I think! - I don't know. Although they say not to send traffic directly to the landingpage. Maybe they sent to a special edition of the PB landing page. Anyway I did NOT receive a single click to the link I asked them to use.

3) Here is the BIG shock - I got 526 clicks to their landing page and 16 = SIXTEEN  conversions Only! 16 people signed up to project breakthrough that's around 3% conversion. That earned me a wopping 16 x $1.5 = $24 total.  How can this traffic be so Bad? - I can't believe it.
I contacted support and complaint about this terrible result, they were not satiesfied either they wanted at least 8% conversion and they said they would give me more clicks. I got around 200 more clicks which gave me another 9 signups.

So the total result was 730 clicks - 25 signups - 3.42% signup rate - total earnings:  $37.50  commission.  Expense $750 - so I just lost $700 on clickpromise.
I don't think I earned more, however I cannot tell. I have hundreds of signups and a few buy  tools you cannot tell where they come from.

I have zero idea about the traffic, what countries or what device (mobile or disktop).

This not the worst traffic I have bought. Sometimes you can buy traffic that give zero signups, I have been there. So this is not the worst traffic I have experienced, but it is bad. Obviously I will never ever buy traffic from Clickpromise again. I can only rate this kind of traffic with one star.

One thing that really upsets me is, during the project breakthrough course - and many many times in videos and webinars Vick and Jason say over and over again: traffic is not an issues, you can get all the traffic you want, it is NEVER an issue and we can get this traffic from Clickpromise. How can they say this and deliver this kind of traffic? - and with 2 month delivery?

Traffic is really a big issue - it's really really hard to buy traffic that you can use, that can give you proffit.

What is CPA?
CPA stands for Cost Per Action or Cost per Acquisition.

You, as an affiliate (you are called publisher) promote an offer from an Advertiser and you earn an affiliate commission for an ACTION, which can be anything but a sale.

fx. email submit, zipcode submit, name and email, signup for a free trial offer etc.
So basically you provide a contact, a lead for the advertiser and you get paid for that.

Insurance CPA offer example zipcode submit (Example not actual offer from ClickPromise)

You, the affiliate sign up with a CPA network of which there are hundreds and you pick a specific offer from that network to promote. For each offer you are provided with an unique affiliate link. The network provide you with ad creatives, landingpage, banners, emails etc and keep track of everything and pays you.

The advertiser (offer owner) pays the network, say $5 for an action and the affiliate network pays you $4 for your work.

What makes CPA marketing so interesting is You'll typically make more money because people don't have to buy anything and the offer is more professional made and tested.

CPA is big business, much larger that traditional affiliate marketing as you know from promoting fx. clickbank products.

Your only job is to drive quality and relevant traffic to the offer and cash in the cheques which usually is a monthly payment.

CPA offer example of signup for a free-bottle (Example not actual offer from ClickPromise)

Maybe it sounds easy to you, but it's actually not as easy as it sounds. Your first struggle is to get accepted into the good CPA networks which can be rather difficult, the really good ones very very difficult. Generally they don't want newbie's and only want big players or at least someone who know what they are doing.

Usually you need to enter a website, so you better have a blog or something like that about the niche want to play in.

You'll need to fill in an application for the network and it is reviewed and your application might not be accepted.

Once you are accepted into the CPA network, you need to perform well, which means you should be of value for the advertiser! - if not you get kicked out.

+ CPA and Affiliate Training for each offer
Learn CPA & affiliate marketing

The contents of ClickPromise Education
What do you Get?

NOTE: ClickPromise network education was formerly named "Income SpeedWay"

ClickPromise Review - Contents

ClickPromise education is considered the most Completed, In depth Leading-edge CPA course, Yet Easy to follow course for any online marketer,online Entrepreneur or small business owner, who wants to dive in to the CPA marketing world and earn big money.

What's inside Income Speedway - What do You get when you follow the training?

Income speedway is a 7 module video course + QA module, around 10 hours total, + pdf's, that will teach you everything you need to know that will get to do CPA marketing the right way and leave you with more knowledge than 99% of Affiliate and CPA marketers out there.

ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway) presenters are Vick Strizheus and Charles Moi who is an expert on CPA, as an affiliate, as an advertiser and as a CPA network owner.

ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway)is FREE with High Traffic Academy Elite level 2

In ClickPromise course you'll learn the following:

1. Introduction to CPA Marketing
2. What is CPA and CPA Offers? How does it works. The CPA industry
3. Being a CPA affiliate
4. What Are CPA Networks? - Choosing the right networks
5. Applying To A CPA Network
6. What Is A CPA Affiliate Manager?
7. Researching and Selecting a Niche and a CPA Offer
8. The technical stuff, Affiliate links, tracking, banners, emails, tools etc
9. Promoting a CPA offer. Getting good quality targeted traffic to the offer
10. Income Speedway test, If you pass You're Accepted to good networks
11. Understanding the industry, getting the right mindset
12. Understanding and respect the advertiser (the offer owner)
13. Understand your own position as a publisher
14. Now it's time to get to work and crush it and make money, right?

ClickPromise review (formerly known as "Income Speedway") - Screenshot from Welcome video. Charles Mui walks you through the CPA basics.

Welcome to ClickPromise
Welcome to ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway), module number one.
Let's get started.

If you just got into the ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway), I wanna talk to you from two different angles tonight, we will be talking about some really really cool stuff.
I'm very excited about this, presenting to you this program, this particular trainings these sessions, we just call it income speedway.

Let me give you a quick back story, why income speedway, what to expect, how would you benefit from this.

ClickPromise ( formerly income speedway) is gonna be a program that, once you go through this program, what you gonna expect, is you can expect your eyes to be open into a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities to where you will be able to go out there and literally align yourself with companies, fortune 500 companies and fortune 100 companies and work

with them drive traffic to their sites and get paid when you send traffic to those companies offer, so you necessarily don't have to sell anything, we are gonna be talking about cost per acquisition or cost per action sometimes it's called. It stands for CPA. So if you are brand new to this, I highly recommend be present, OK?

By the end of this course, it's gonna be a five module (actually it became a 9 module course) and at the end of fifth module you will virtually be able to get into a network and start promoting these offers and start driving, and building your income on the internet as an affiliate, working with those giant companies virtually getting acceptance if and when you go through this entire course.

Now it's very very difficult to get into the big networks out there and get access to some really good offers out there for a couple of reason, because those networks, usually just want to play with super affiliates then are not just interested just to get affiliates and someone who is just getting started, it's very difficult to become that super affiliate if you don't know what you're doing yet.

So what we are wanting to do is bring this education we wanna to teach you. We wanna to take you from point A to point C and literally walk you through everything you need to know about CPA marketing how it works, how the industry is all about ins and outs we gonna assume nothing, in fact we gonna assume one thing, we gonna assume you have

no idea how to make money as a CPA publisher or CPA advertiser and we just gonna take you from the beginning and to do that I'm not gonna teach you all that by myself, I'm an affiliate marketer but CPA is one of the thing that I played in that game, but we got somebody that would be with me here in these five modules and his name is charles Moi, and this guy is dynamite when it comes to CPA marketing.

He knows both sides, actually 3 sides of CPA, you wanna talk about that, Charles, maybe you should introduce yourself, what's your background, what have you've been doing?

(Charles Moi)
We were talking, what is the most dynamic way for people to make money, what's the best way for people to plug in, and have access to the hundreds of billions of dollars that are being spend on online advertising. Promoting peoples products as an affliliate is one thing, doing MLM programs and direct sales programs that's another thing. You wanna tap into the budgets of the fortune one hundred companies. It's working in the CPA space working with the biggest brands through the biggest network. Vick said can you show us? absolutely.

When I started in this industry, about 8 years ago, I actually started as an advertiser with my own product, manufacturing and producing products and bringing them to the space.
... and I was doing the design creatives the, banners email creatives and producing the offer having do the merchant account and doing everything from the advertisers standpoint.

We were paying the CPA network we are paying the affiliates to bring us traffic.
As I did that, things built and built large lists and I had a lot of customers coming to me and I thought, I only have one offer, what if I become an affiliate myself and promote other peoples products so I started playing as an affiliate and as the experience grew over the

last 7 years I've done pretty much every part of the industry you can do from being an advertiser, running a network, producing offers for other people bringing them to the industry and the being an affiliate on every level from email marketing to buying media to brokering traffic to arbitraging traffic and in this course we gonna cover everything, so like Vick said we are not making any assumptions what you know or don't know about the

industry we gonna make every part of this industry from what we know should be transparent and show you from the beginning to the end how an offer is produced to how it is monitized long term and by understanding every part of the process You gonna be in such a better position than 99% of people who come into the space and try to learn affiliate marketing.

The people who come in and learn how to drive traffic and if you don't understand the drivers of what makes a successful offer you probably drive traffic for a short amount of time, and not gonna building a real business.

We gonna show you how to build a traffic path, build your traffic harnessing abilities and focusing on industries that are gonna be here for the entire time that affiliate industry is alive.
That can be frustrating coming into the affiliate space and trying to pick a niche and all of a sudden that niche goes away and so we are expose you to the highest paying offers in the biggest niches and how to get to the biggest advertisers that literally have millions or hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising budget that are gonna be here for long time so the investment of time and energy and money that you put into this course is going to pay back in space of having the knowledge of knowing where it go to access these large budgets.

(Vick) And as you going through income speedway, if we can all agree on one thing, let's do this thing right, You gonna understand, getting into these CPA networks is virtually impossible, if you are somebody new, if you don't know what you are doing, if you don't have an experience, if you're not an super affiliate, if you don't have a track record, if you don't know the lingo, if you're not a player, it's virtually impossible to get into a good CPA network that will actually support you, that will actually give you what you want and through income speedway, as you go through this training I want you to be very very aware of this because at the end of this training there will be a test, OK?

I promise you if you go through this training entirely, and you will be able to watch these videos over and over again and take notes, that's what I actually encourage you to do, you will have no problem passing the test and when you pass the test you will be accepted to those networks guaranteed, not only will you be able to make a lot more money for yourself and your family, you know get this stuff you always wanted.

I'm not gonna promise you or guarantee you anything, specific income, I will tell you it's a whole new different world. It's not very difficult, it's not complicated, it's a whole lot easier than network marketing, MLM than pushing products to make a sale. Much much easier but you need to know a few things...

ClickPromise Private network has great affiliate and CPA offers to promote. Integrated in the network is training and education in CPA and affiliate marketing.

NOTE: as a High Traffic Academy member you will have FREE access to become an affiliate with clickPromise and promote ClickPromise offers, including promoting High Traffic Academy Master course. 

Join High Traffic Academy and Project Breakthrough ==> Click Here

That's all folks, my ClickPromise Review


Project Breakthrough official website

High Traffic Academy review 3.0
Vick Strizheus' Traffic Getting Master Course

Watch the BRAND NEW Video series from High Traffic Academy 3 Click Here

High Traffic Academy Review
The main problem for many online marketers is how can I get visitors to my site? - by working online you'll need webtraffic and visitors and without traffic and visitors you are out of business, that's it end story.

Knowing and Mastering Traffic Generation to get visitors to your web site, Your biz opp, Your home business, Your Network marketing opportunity or MLM, or off-line business for that matter... and getting optins to your squeeze page and getting leads and convert those leads into sales, is essential for any internet business and off-line business.

Your search is over, I have the perfect solution to suit your needs: High Traffic Acacemy, which is a Traffic Generation Master Course, which will teach you all you will ever want to know about traffic generation to your web page to acquire leads and converting those leads into sales. High Traffic academy master course is actually created by THE Famous Traffic Getting expert, King of online marketers when it comes to Traffic, Vick Strizheus.

​Welcome to HighTrafficAcademy - intro video by Vick Strizheus

High Traffic Academy

Finally the secrets and strategies for getting webTraffic, conversion and sales and online Success are revealed.
High Traffic Academy is really an extraordinary traffic generation training and coaching Program that will take you step-by-step and present for you precisely how to acquire 1000s of website visitors to any site in a constant daily flow.
Absolutely nothing is left uncovered.

High Traffic Academy is considered the most Completed, In depth Leading-edge Yet Easy to follow Program for any online Entrepreneur, small business owner, online marketer, who are working online or offline to build their business and taking it one stage further.

Vick Strizheus, the creator of Global Success Club, Big Idea Mastermind (BIM), and HighTrafficAcademy 1.0/2.0 and Internet Traffic Formula, reveals in his brand new version called ver. 3.0, the newest in internet traffic, the secret strategies on how you can get massive website traffic for virtually any internet site.

Vick is usually known as "The King of OnlineTraffic". Vick reveals his webtraffic magic formula in the latest innovation, the Outstanding High Traffic Academy Mastery Course 2.0.

High Traffic Academy is definitely the ultimate Internet Traffic course made particularly for the internet marketer and small business owner who are struggling to get Traffic to their website and business, who are struggling to finally succeed in their busines.

The High Traffic Academy master course is created for the online Marketer Newbie and also the seasoned online marketer. The master course is a Powerful High quality traffic learning course, the results of Vick's large knowledge about traffic generation, conversion and how to convert leads in to sales.


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Vick's technique of coaching is extraordinary, you virtually watch over his shoulder while he walks you through the exactly method Vick is teaching.

What's the pricing for High Traffic Academy?

Let me ask you: Exactly how much will a Traffic generation course like High Traffic Academy be worth to you? .... what exactly will it mean for you to discover how to get 1000s of website visitors to your site, to your offer or to your Business and what would it mean to you to get 100s of leads in your list every day - on-demand?

Price: The cost is only $1,997 onetime purchase for the standard High Traffic Academy course. But watch out, from time to time the course is offered at a discounted price ($497) for a limited time ... so you better watch out for what is coming.

Optional: A deluxe edition the High Traffic Academy Elite, a monthly subscription for additional $297 monthly. If you are smart you subscribe to the elite subscription at the discounted upsell price: $197 monthly  

Verdict of my High Traffic Academy review: Highly recommended - 5 stars, If I could I would like to give more stars!

Watch the "Traffic Getting Strategies" - Free Video series - High Traffic Academy 3.0

The contents of High Traffic Academy
What do you get

High Traffic Academy - Contents

High Traffic Academy is considered the most Completed, In depth Leading-edge Yet Easy to follow Program for any online Entrepreneur, small business owner, online marketer, who are working online or offline to build their business and taking it one stage further.

What's inside High Traffic Academy - What do You get when you purchase the standard course at $497 (limited time discount).
The High Traffic Academy course has the following sections of which 1-4 is the core training of High Traffic Academy

Part 1. Capture Mastery
Part 2. Traffic Mastery, 12 modules
Part 3. Conversion Mastery
Part 4. Advanced traffic strategies
Part 5. Tools, Resources & software
Part 6. Community
Part 7. News and updates
Part 8. Star of the month
Part 9. Regular live hangouts

Part 10. Project Breakthrough. A 14 days step-by-step training program specifically designed for you to Breakthrough in your business. FREE with the standard High Traffic Academy course.

Part 11. Elite subscription. Optional upgrade to High Traffic Academy elite. A monthly subscription based access to a giant vault of value in the High Traffic Academy backoffice. It's an additional $297 (or $197 upsell discounted price right after purchase of the standard High Traffic Academy course) monthly on top of the Standard High Traffic Academy course onetime purchase. Elite is a must, this is where you want to be!

The 4 Core training Sections of High Traffic Academy

Part 1. Capture Mastery
Skills and strategies that perhaps are even more important than the traffic itself.

1. The 7-Figure Blueprint
2. The Strategy
3. Strategy Examples
4. Message, Market, Match
5. Creating Your Capture Machine
6. Autoresponder & Web Forms
7. ELPP capturepage creator
8. Lead Pages. capturepage creator
9. Megaphone
10. Kajabi
11. Tracking & Optimization

Part 2. Traffic Mastery
Consists of 12 modules where Vick will take you by the hand and walk you through the many different traffic getting strategies including the newest methods. A Walk through of the 12 modules below. Total of 46 videos.

Part 3. Conversion Mastery
Learn and master the strategies, methods and ideas that will turn traffic into leads and leads into sales. It’s works like magic. 6 videos.

1. The Million Dollar Plan
2. Your Invisible Bank Account
3. The Number One Buying Emotion
4. The Authority Building Method
5. The Magic Triangle
6. List Communication Structure

Part 4. Advanced Traffic
1. YouTube Control
2. SEO Domination
3. Regenerative Traffic Method
4. The Clickbank Strategy
5. Advanced CPA Traffic Secrets
6. CPA & introduction to "Income Speedway" CPA master course which is free with Elite
7. Stealthy Sales & Conversion Strategies
8. Invisible Influence & Persuasions.

Part 10. Project Breakthrough
Project Breakthrough. A 14 days step-by-step training program specifically designed for you to Breakthrough in your business

Walkthrough of the 12 modules in section 2

Now that you've got your squeeze page in place and you learned the technique how to capture leads effectively, your next step is how to get traffic. In this section you'll Learn how to create an avalanche of visitors to your website or offer, with instant, highly targeted visitors literally on-demand! Discover 12 different traffic main traffic generation strategies shown to pull An incredible number of highly targeted website.

Module 1
Media Traffic X. This module uncovers some secrets to getting tons of traffic with simple banner or text ads on websites selling banner spots. This is easy and fun to do. Order a spot and go on vacation and the it opens a flood gate of traffic to your website or offer. 6 videos.

Module 2
The OPL method (other peoples list). Get your email ad sent out on other peoples email list for instant traffic and flood your website or offer with traffic. 1 video.

Module 3
Traffic Agencies. How would you like to Tap into a buyers list? ..and get clicks to your website from buyers, people who bought something business related in the past. This works like magic. People who already are buyers are much more likely to buy once more. You can get as little as 100 clicks or 100.000 clicks or more if you like. 1 video.

Module 4
The Penny Traffic. Getting thousands of laser targeted visitors for pennies is now easy. This module will teach you how to do it right. 4 videos.

Module 5
PPC traffic. PPC (Pay Per Click) Traffic allows you to tap into the awesome underground PPC sources. PPC is known by anybody as the Google adswords, the small ads to the right when you do Google search. There are other similar networks that do PPC. This module covers the hidden secrets of this traffic. 4 videos.

Module 6
Mobile Traffic is a HOT trend right not. Be very careful - this is HOT! If you tap into the mobile traffic the right way, 2014 can be your year! 2 videos.

Module 7
Facebook traffic X. Covers advanced methods of facebook traffic, not only the pay per click ads, but little known methods that some marketers use to get tons of traffic for little money. 8 videos.

Module 8
Social Media traffic. Covers how to get free traffic using social media. Especially for those who have little money to start with in their internet marketing business. 7 videos.

Module 9
Video traffic. In this model you learn how to market and get traffic to your business with videos. Advice on how to create and act on the video and how to catch peoples attention. How to structure your video and what do you talk about and what not. 3 videos.

Module 10
CPA Traffic secrets. How to leverage the power of CPA networks. Here you'll learn how to get hot leads straight from CPA networks and build your list FAST! CPA is Cost per Action. Some networks pay out commissions for an action fx. fill out of an insurance form to get more information. 3 videos

Module 11
Traffic amplifier. Teach you how to turn one visitor into ten without extra work and without spending any extra money. How do you grow your business 10 times without getting 10 times the traffic? Increase your traffic by 2x, increase your opting rate by 2x and increase your lead to sales conversion by 2x +plus a little momentum and you have 10x times your business. 5 videos.

Module 12
Traffic Intelligence. How do you find your traffic and how do you find new traffic methods and new traffic sources. 2 videos

Project breakthrough

High Traffic Academy - Project Breakthrough

Project Breakthrough. A 14 days step-by-step training program specifically designed for you to Breakthrough in your business. Complete one session and the next one will un-lock next day. It comes with the standard edition of High Traffic Academy.

​Industry's most comprehensive, step-by-step training program specifically designed to help you do 3 things:

- Earn a commission online
- Understand how to do it over again and repeat the process
- Scale and leverage your campaign (and your business)

Brought to you 100% FREE (courtesy of High Traffic Academy) and presented by none other than HTA founder, Vick Strizheus himself.

Vick started online from scratch with no money and zero experience and built several multi-million dollar businesses online, consistently creates marketing campaigns that generate millions of dollars in sales and is a “go-to” consultant for traffic generation, conversions and strategic marketing funnels.

Day 1 Video of Project Breakthrough (video not shown due to copyrights)
Foundation and Blueprint for Massive Breakthrough
How to build a very successful business

This is perhaps is the most important part of the entire project – CLARITY and COMMITMENT.

After watching today’s training you will:
1. Have a clear understanding of how to build a highly effective online campaign (and business)
2. Clearly identify your financial target (your goal)
3. Clearly identify what you’re willing to give in return for it’s attainment
4. Make a personal and public commitment to creating your own breakthrough.

1. Watch the main training video with an open heart and open mind – all the way to the end.
Watch it as if your entire life depended on it.
2. Engage and internalize the concepts and ideas presented in the video.
3. Do your assignment TODAY following ALL directions properly.

1. Click here and download “My Personal Breakthrough” worksheet
2. If you’re ready to accept the challenge and go full-out creating your breakthrough – be sure to fill out your worksheet completely and sign it.
3. Take a picture of your completed worksheet (or scan it) and upload the image in the comments below. In doing so, you are making a very bold public commitment that you will do whatever it takes to create your breakthrough, no matter what.

1. Have your completed ‘My Personal Breakthrough’ PDF image file ready on your computer
2. Upload your image to any of the image sites or your own server (if you have it). You can simply go to and host your image there.
3. Get the image URL. Copy it.
4. Click on the little picture icon in the comments area and paste your image URL there.
5. Click “Accept” and then “Post Comment”.

Day 2 Video of Project Breakthrough
Selecting a Product and Preparing Essential Tools

Preparing Strategic Campaign
What we will do today will set us up for the rest of the 12 days of the project.

Today we’re picking a product to promote and pulling together essential tools needed to create a highly effective campaign.

1.Have a clear understanding how to structure a strategic campaign
2.Select a product we’re going to promote
3.Get the tools needed for immediate implementation and strategic action


Watch today’s training with laser-like precision all the way to the end.
Do not miss a minute of it because what we do today will prepare us for massive success over the next few days.


NOTE: Before trying to understand your assignment, be sure to watch the video all the way to the end so that you’re crystal clear on what you need to do and how to do it properly.

1. Identify a product you’ll be promoting. If you’ll be promoting the same product as I will be promoting (PPC Mastery Crash Course) and you’re not registered on ClickPromise network yet – go to and create a free affiliate account. (watch today’s video for details.)

2. If you don’t already have an autoresponder account, you’ll need to get one. We recommend GetResponse and you can create yourself an account by clicking here. (I’ll personally be using GetResponse for myself in this project.)

3. Get a really good custom funnel builder. This is essential.
I’ll be using SiteSuite. If you’re an HTA Elite member, you have a free access to SiteSuite full version. Use that.
If you’re not an Elite member yet – one of the best business decisions you can make today is activate your HTA Elite status. By doing so, you’ll get full access to SiteSuite and much, much more!Be sure to watch entire video as I explain everything in great detail.To activate your Elite status, simply go to “Groups” (in the navigation menu at the top of this page), select “Elite Mastermind” from the drop down menu and click the green “Activate Elite” button.

Or you can just click here to be taken to the Elite page.

We will be creating our “wrapper”. Our custom funnel.
Make sure you have all your tools ready for tomorrow.
Watch today’s video several times if you have to to make sure you understand everything 100%.

High Traffic Academy Elite review

High Traffic Academy - ELITE

Elite is a must, this is where you want to be!

High traffic academy Elite Level is an optional monthly subscription in addition to the onetime purchase High Traffic Academy 2.0 Course.

The elite monthly subscription gives you access to a giant vault of value in the High Traffic Academy backoffice. It's an additional $297 monthly on top of the Standard High Traffic Academy course onetime purchase. Be smart and get ELITE at the discounted upsell price at $197 right after purchase of the standard HighTrafficAcademy course.

High Traffic Academy Elite Contents
1. Elite Monthly. New case studies each month. News from Vick
2. Ask Vick Anything. It's pure Gold!
3. Traffic Lab. No more guesswork
4. Live Trainings. Events & Archives
5. The Vault. Every tool & resource
6. The $4MM Campaign Swipe
7. Easy Landing Page Pro V3
8. RTM. Regenerative Traffic Machine
9. Done-For-You Services
10. Data Center & Mailing System
11. Elite Community. Connect with the best!
12. Elite Support. 1st class all the way
13. Live Online Chat support
14. ClickPromise Private Network Access & High Traffic Academy affiliate program
15. Autoresponder and Software including "SiteSuite" a website building software for creating websites, landingpages, hangout pages and funnels.
16. Traffic Agency. Buy clicks directly to your website at a 5-10 cent discount directly from traffic brokers.

- ClickPromise Private Network Access. High quality affiliate and CPA offers including traning video course for each offer. ClickPromise private network also offers education in affiliate and CPA marketing (cost per acquisition or cost per action). FREE access to Clickpromise Network and to promote the offers available, with High Traffic Academy Elite subscription. One of the offers you may promote is High Traffic Academy itself = High Traffic Academy affiliate program

- Autoresponder and Software. Free with Elite subscription.

- SiteSuite. A website building software for creating websites, landingpages, hangout pages and funnels.

- Regenerative traffic Machine Method. An all done for you system to increase and multiply your leads while earning a commissions. Free with Elite subscription.

- Traffic Agency. Access to purchase high quality clicks from a traffic Agency (so called traffic broker). Access to discount with Elite subscription. However you don't need to be a member of High Traffic Academy to buy from this traffic source, You can still buy clicks from this particular Traffic Agency here, but it's around 5-10 cents more than the Elite discount Price.

About Vick Strizheus

Who Is Vick Strizheus the High Traffic Academy Creator?

Vick Strizheus is 31 years of age, resides in US State South Dakota, his is married and the happy father of 5 kids (one girl and 4 boys). He's originally from Ukraine.
Vick is a marketing expert and his specialty is Traffic and conversion. He is the founder of Global Success Club

(GSC), 48hourtraffic machine, 48hourcash machine, High Traffic Academy v.1.0, Big Idea Mastermind (BIM), Internet Traffic Formula released in Feb. 2014 and now the latest creation High Traffic Academy v. 2.0 January 2015

He became famous January 2013 by earning $710.000 in just 28 days with Big Idea Mastermind. Vick earned the largest income by ANY marketer in the first month in ANY network marketing company in history. Vick is famous as the "Traffic Generation and Conversion King" and he is constantly looking for new traffic getting methods to implement in his business and he is constantly testing and investigating new things, methods and ideas.

How would you like to get over 365,000 Visitors?

I got a question for you? how would you like to get over 365,000 unique targeted visitors to your website or any website, in one day?... and more importantly be able to do that consistently?

Impossible you say! well that's exactly what I do and I will like to show you how I do it right behind this page, absolutely free. That's right no strings attached, simply tell me where to send the video to and I'll send it to you right now. OK?

Now here's is why I'm doing this, you see I have discovered and perfected little known traffic getting methods no one is even talking about right now and these work like magic. I mean it's unreal, in fact just in the last seven days alone, I was able to get over 1,5 mill unique targeted visitors to my website and make over 48 thousands dollars in profit as direct result of using these same methods that I am about to share with you right behind this page.

So if you are promoting any type of informational product, affiliate offers even CPA offers or business opportunities or multilevel marketing companies or anything between, listen this video will really open your eye on the whole new universe of traffic.

And I will show you exactly how you can get lots and lots of traffic very very quickly. And we both know that traffic equals money.

If you have any website you are promoting now you absolutely have to check this out.

so if you want to check it out simply tell my where to send it to, enter you name and email address right here on this form and I'll send it to you, now again free of charge absolutely no strings attached.

Listen thank you for watching this video and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Bye.

Get High Traffic Academy 3.0 Here

Welcome to High Traffic Academy version 3.0

Welcome to High Traffic Academy. Very very excited you made it here. Very excited that you're with us right now.

Congratulations for making a very smart decision to separate yourself from the pack and stepping into the extraordinary world.
You will never ever be the same marketer ever again. I promise you, if you do some of the things I'm gonna recommend, starting right here, right now.

Listen I am the founder of High Traffic Academy, if we have never meet I certainly look forward to meeting you one day, maybe at the summit maybe at one of the masterminds, maybe at the yard somewhere in the world, or maybe we meet at a private Island.
We do a lot of really really awesome stuff here with High Traffic Academy community. I'm fired up, I'm sure you gonna absolutely love it.

I want to cut this quick video for you and talk about some things before you start diving into all the different content and areas and explore the site which I'm sure you probably eager to get to, to start learning about traffic generating techniques and strategies and everything we have available for you.

Listen please take the next few minutes and let's talk about something that has to do with your success and your future. Shall we, OK?

I wanna talk with you directly and start everything from here because I think it's gonna be important to lay the foundation for your success.

My goal is to help you become successful.
My goal is to help you become an extraordinary marketer

..because the vision for High Traffic Academy is something much bigger than just a product this is not just a product this is not just a members area. Even though we put a lot of effort and energy and resources and thinking behind creating this members area, which I hope you appreciate.
But this is something more than that, something much deeper than that, and what we wanna do here, it's my vision, we wanna take ordinary marketers, ordinary people just like I was, maybe just like you are right now, maybe someone out there who is about to become a member of High Traffic Academy still.

Help ordinary people become extraordinary marketers and therefore go out to build an extraordinary lifestyle for themselves, for their families.

It's totally possible, let me give you a quick story, we have never meet. You know, my beginning was very very humble. I got started in this industry about 10 year ago and before starting online I was working at the bank, you know $350 per week in paycheck or something like that, and I got married when I was 20 years old, and very quickly realized that working for somebody, for a boss that telling me when to take a break when to take a vacation having the thumb pressing over my head constantly it just wasn't for me and I wanted something more, I wanted something better for my wife and for the kids we will have some day and now we been blessed with five children.

At that time what really really drove me was just ridiculously desire to get off that ghetto neighbourhood we were living in, in that one bedroom apartment and create some freedom in my life.

I don't know what is driving you right now. Maybe there is somebody you truly care about. Maybe you are building a team right now, maybe it's your team you care about, maybe it's YOU, maybe you have a product, maybe you have something you created, you just want to get out to the world. Maybe you are building a team, maybe you are promoting someone else's product, maybe you are in to building some sort of network marketing company or business.

I don't what your situation is, but here is what I do know, the reason that you are here is because you want something more, right?
You want to take the business to the next level, you want to improve your lifestyle, maybe you want to make more money and have more time freedom with your family with your love ones.

All that is possible, hear me out very very closely!
All that is possible when you get some things, when you do some things in a certain way especial when it comes to business.

There are different vehicles we can use to get us from A to B, and the vehicle that I choose was internet marketing, 10 years ago, but I didn't knew how this thing works, but I was fortunate and blessed enough to have a mentor come into my life early enough and I was smart enough to listen to him.
I was coached by someone that was making $200.000 per month at that time and to me that was a gazillion because I was broke, see I know what's it's like to not have a dollar and nineteen cents to buy a bread.

I don't know if you ever was in that situation where you literally don't know how you gonna buy a loaf of bread to feed your family tomorrow. I was in that position but I also know how it is to be on the other side of the fence and be able to make 700,000 dollars in a month, 300,000 dollars in a month.

I know how it is to put together a campaign that generates over 4 mill dollars in sales in a single week. I know how to do that.

I don't know what situation you are going through right now, my friend, here is what I can tell, I know what's it like to struggle and I know how it's like to have massive success.

I wanna take you by the hand, I wanna be that good coach for you, I wanna take you and I wanna lead you on a path that worked phenomenally well for me personally.

Over the last 10 years I learned a lot of stuff I tested a lot of, I cracked that online success code and I want to show you how to do it right, so that so finally, once and for all, you can say, you know what, I gonna draw this line in the sand right here and that's it, no more struggles, that's it, no more buying course after course after course and spinning my wheels standing in the same spot getting deeper and deeper into debt.

Don't you deserve to finally be free?
There is a dream inside of you, there is something that is pushing you, right?
Keep that in the forefront of you mind, because together we can help you to get there, OK? Whatever it is you wanna do, OK?

There is couple of things I want to talk to you about.

The vision for High Traffic Academy is:
I want to challenge you to become extraordinary marketer, that's what we wanna do and together help other people become extraordinary marketers and therefore spreading this ripple.
High Traffic Academy is not just a product, this is a vision as you're about to see.

So how do you become extraordinary?
There are 5 steps, but before you dive into any of the trainings, please hear this out, it's gonna be important!
There are 5 steps, if you follow, well help you become an extraordinary marketer starting right here, OK?

Step number one is very very important:

1) Resolve to mastery

You know there is a difference between decisions and resolve? there is a big difference between deciding on something and resolving to do something.
A lot of people decide to loose weight, a lot of people decide, I'm gonna make a little more money, right? ..and then their decision goes to the way side.

When you resolve to something there is no plan B. When you resolve to become an extraordinary you need to resolve to mastery.

What do you master?
If you're building your business and I don't care what it is, I want You to hear me very closely, if you're building your business, there is nothing else in the business that's more important than you learning how to get traffic and converting that traffic into leads AND sales and then turning those leads and sales into raving customers and fans for life.

At the same time when you do that, you're building yourself as a marketer you're building yourself as this authoritative figure in your market place, in your niche and you're raising yourself head and shoulders above the competition. Nothing else matters, not your company, not your compensation plan, not your product, nothing else is as important, not how you website looks, all that stuff is bells and whistles on the main core or stem.
The main stem, the core of your business is understanding how to get really really good at generating traffic.

A lot of targeted visitors to see what you have, and then turn that traffic into leads and sales.
That's how you can change your zip code, that's how you can change the car you are driving, that's how you can change the clothes you are buying, that's how you can change the food that you're buying, that's how you can take the family on vacation around the world that's how you can create magic in your life.

Take it from me, I've been in this industry game for the last ten years. Here is how powerful this is! When you resolve to mastery and traffic and conversions, you can literally do anything.

I've done affiliate marketing, and crushed it, I've promoting someone else's product, crushed it. I joined network marketing companies and out of hundred of thousands people became No 1 income earner in that particular company in a matter of weeks, crushing it.

I promoted stuff like autoresponders, I promoted my own products, every single promotion, every single campaign, is a massive massive success, not because I'm somebody special or have these magical abilities, but because I committed to mastering traffic generations and conversions and I am gonna challenging you to do the same thing, because when you do that, you never ever depend on anybody, you depend on yourself, you have your own well of fresh water to drink off! ..that makes sense?

Very very important, Resolve to mastering traffic and conversions.

There is two distinct areas to High Traffic Academy:
There is what's called the core training. There 4 main areas within the core training. They are:

Capture mastery
Traffic mastery
Conversion mastery

What I suggest you do, is let me just write this down for you here. There is five steps to become an extraordinary, within our community here.

Step number two is:

2) Follow the trainings

..and here is what I will recommend you do, there is a lot of informations here, you're probably tempted to just click around and start jumping from place to place,


Here is what I suggest you do, here is how to hit the ground running, two distinct areas, core training and there is also elite. You gonna start with core training. Follow the training as it outlines to you. Don't jump around. There is a lot of stuff

what really helped me is, let's this be step number 3
3) Deploy the WAM strategy

WAM stands for Wisdom Accumulation Mode.
Here is what really helped me: when I buy a big course or big box of stuff from people that I follow from my mentors, what I do to focus and go through that is I implement a WAM strategy.
So, here is how that works, You are literally making an appointment with yourself and you say OK, so today or for the next couple days or for the next week, you set aside a specific time frame to where you gonna do nothing but just immerse yourself into Wisdom Accumulation Mode.

You turn off your facebook your skype, your twitter account all that stuff is not important at that time. For the next 24, 48 hours or week or how ever long time it's gonna take, it maybe takes a month, I don't know how long it's gonna take, you just immerse yourself into that training. You take one section from the core training, capture mastery, traffic mastery or conversion mastery and you literally just dissect you rip it apart, you go through it as if your life depended on it. This is how you get mastery.

This is how you become extraordinary at a particular thing. There is gonna be some modules fx traffic generation strategies that will resonate with you better than others. So what you do the first time, you go through it for general information and then come back to it and implement the stuff that resonate with you the most.
And you get really really good at it and then you automate it and then you add something else and then you add something else, that's how you gonna grow your business. Very very important. But resolving to mastering this topic, is gonna serve you for the rest of your business career.

Step number 4:
I'm not sure if you are already a member of High Traffic Academy elite or not?
But if you are not a member of High Traffic Academy elite inner circle, I will not hesitate in telling you:

4) Get to Elite
... as soon as humanly possible if you can by all means.
Let me tell you why, there is 4 categories of marketers: in our space, in our industry:

they have no clue how to do anything, they are just shooting in the dark, they are not getting results, they are always frustrated, they are always brooke they are amateurs. You don't wanna be this guy.

Typical marketers
There is another group of people, another category, we will call them
typical marketers.
These are the people that just follows the crowd. They see what everybody else are doing out there and they just doing what the masses are doing. the problem with that is typical marketers, I surveyed 10's of thousands of marketers. Overwhelming majority, over 90% make less than a 100 dollars a month.
These two categories here creates about 95-97 % of the entire community of internet marketers. Very very sad.

That's why we wanna change it that's why we I need your help, I need you to accept the challenge to become extraordinary because that's my challenge for you, if you do accept the challenge, let me know in the comments. Because together, let's YOU become extraordinary and then together let's help as many as these people in the two categories as possible. We can do this!

There is a step above the typical, we call them Pros.
Professional marketers, these are the people that make the economy go around, these are the people making the industry's wheel spin. These are the people that are movers and shakers in the industry and are doing stuff they are out there and they are getting results.
There is about 2% of the entire marketing industry that is in this category.

High Traffic Academy elite
There is also a level that is above this, that's why we created the High Traffic Academy elite.

And we literally separating ourselves from and creating a category with more success stories than anybody in the industry, why? because we understand in order for somebody to go from point A to point B
The fastest way to go from A to B is getting really really good at understanding traffic and how to covert that traffic into leads and sales.

And that's what we are all about. So what we are doing, is with the elite, we are doing something that has never been done in the industry before, we are talking about there is a machine inside of the elite for example, just one of the things that we have available called regenerative traffic machine which is a system that I developed and used for myself that allowed me to generate nearly 5 hundred thousands leads without spending a single dime on marketing.

And this is the kind of stuff that is available to the Elite membership, because this is the top 1%-ers group in the industry, not just in High Traffic Academy, this where the most successes are gonna come from. But what we are wanna do is we help people, become extraordinary and then we taking huge giant spotlight and then we feature them into the community. I wanna help you become extraordinary and create massive success and then I want to use your success story, if that's what you want, to inspire masses.

My friend are you up for that? are you ready?
Isn't time for you to just finally say, enough is enough no more struggles for me. I gonna do this.
If you can imagine this to be like a pyramid where the 4 categories. We are literally erasing the 3 lowest levels and focusing on the Elite level the 1%-ers.
How are we gonna do that? I'm not only bringing MY expertise and what I have been doing over the last 10 years and my contacts and the strategies that I'm implementing, what's working NOW, like with Elite monthly fx.

It's not what worked 6 or 8 months ago, it's literally what am I implementing right now in my business and bringing that type of transparency into the elite.
It's going out there running traffic with different agencies and buying different crazy campaigns and reporting back to the Elite community, hey here's is where I got the traffic, how many clicks I got, how many optins I got, here's is the landingpage that I ran you can model after, and here are my results.

No more guesswork, no more thinking is this gonna work is this not gonna work. You literally become the smartest marketer in the industry not only learning from me but also learning from the community because as a community people are reporting back there results. There is traffic labs...

You can just check it out, go to the Elite and take a look at what we have for you in that area! I think gonna find this really really impressive and I'm super excited about the Elite, because these folks right here in Elite, are literally gonna change the industry in a massive way by focusing by doing some things in a certain way, OK?
By doing some things the right way.

I wanna challenge you! If you accept the challenge to not be typical, if you accept the challenge to not be amateur to not be typical.

If you accept the challenge to say: I am gonna do this and I am gonna die trying. This is IT, I am sick and tired buying course after course, I am sick and tired of not having success, I am sick and tired of constantly being laughed at maybe, I know I was in the beginning! I'm sick and tired of my love ones looking at me and saying: you failed with that last opportunity, what makes you think you gonna succeed with this one?
You see, it's not the opportunity that makes it a success, it's the knowledge, it's understanding how to get traffic and converting that traffic into leads and sales!

My friend, I'm very very excited about what we gonna do.

The last step, step number 5:
5) No going back!
You have a dream, keep it in the forefront. Bring it to your attention as often as possible.

Why are you here?
Why are you doing this?
Is that for somebody you love, right?
When I got started I had no plan B
When I was learning from somebody who was successful I said you know what, NO PLAN B, I don't care what I know, I'm just gonna learn as if my life depended on it.

Never ever ever go back on your dream!
Never modify your dream!
Because you can achieve whatever it is you wanna achieve and I wanna be there to help you, I wanna be there to hold you your hand and walk you though this path and help you celebrate your victory. I wanna feature you in our "star of the month" I wanna feature into the world, I wanna interview you I want to fly out to our headquarters and I wanna do a feature story if that's what you want.

Let's inspire people, let's inspire the community, let's do something together that has never been done before.
I want to know if you are with me on this! It's very very important, when you make a public statement you make a public commitment, you say that's IT, you drove a line in the sand.

Let me know in the comments below, it's gonna be important.
I'm gonna read your comments, we gonna keep each other accountable.
It's gonna be a fun ride I promise you. I will do everything from my side to help you get to the finish line, I wanna help you to where you wanna go, what ever that point B is for you, I want to help you get there, I know we can do that.

Final words
If you're with me let me know that and with that being said just keep this, the 5 steps, in mind as you go through the training, go to the core trainings first and then get to the Elite as soon as humanly possible.

Attend every single webinar, attend every single event that we have. Be a team player, inspire others, see you can get anything you want as long as you help enough other people get what they want! Zig Ziglar said that and I love that quote!
What we do, how you gonna behave in this community is gonna dictate largely how successful you gonna be. So let's bring inspiration, let's bring hope to others... starting with YOU!
OK, You with me? Do you believe that this is the beginning of something great in your life, if so, let me know in the comments.

Let's get this started, I'll see you in next module!

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