How to move wordpress Blog to a new hosting or new domain - also with eStage


First Save everything
First you should save database and export posts and pages from the old domain. You should also save all pages and posts individually just to have the content handy for safety reason. Go to each page and Control+S

On old domain
• left menu / tools / export
Export all pages, posts, Vc Templates and what you see
download export file

• left menu / database / backup DB
save and download the database file (just for security, you dont need it for new domain)

on new domain
• install wordpress
• install this plugin: WordPress Importer
• install eStage
• import file with pages and posts from old domain
• make a 401 error page that goes to the front page

​As you install everything on a new domain, you should check links on pages and posts to see if the go right.

In regards of google and indexing, you cannot have duplicate content ie same content on old and new domain.

If you are deleting everything on old domain you should keep the hosting for a while and make a .htaccess file on the old domain that 301 redirects all pages and posts from old domain to similar pages on new domain.

Moving hosting - but Same domain
If you are moving a wordpress blog from one host to another, but same domain, it's similar but in that case you should import the database as well.

How to move eStage Livence

​I want to move my eStage Licence to a new domain and keep the old content

It's a little tricky and something I don't like about eStage, it keeps you hostage and it's difficult to escape without breaking your site.

​You should definitely save all pages and posts individually (Control S) just to have the content in a readable form. Also save database.

eStage has "visual composer" content editor, custom integrated, not as separate, allthough you can buy it seperate at $59

​This composer uses shortcode and if you remove the composer (remove eStage), evertyhing in colums get completely messed up. The jack oliver templates contains a lot of shortcode in colums it starts with [vc_row][vc_column].........

If you remove the composer (remove eStage) wordpress has no Idea what this code means and cannot render the page to anything meaningfull.

​Another problem is if you disconnect the license you cannot even log in to your wordpress. You should first uninstall eStage theme, wordpress always has a default theme that it goes back to. However I haven't tried uninstalling eStage, so Im not sure how it goes and not sure how many features that disappear

​One option is to save all pages so you have the content. Get the Visual composer seperate and install it after you deleted eStage.

​Another option is to get a good Content editor, the best is Thrive architect ($67 for single domain) and reconstruct everything from your saved pages. This content editor is a beauty to work with.


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