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Why YTD Youtube Downloader Sucks!

4K Video Downloader review

I have been using YTD youtube downloader for years. But with the new update 5.9.6 I'm done. New user interface they say! - Really? The new user interface is an AD for trying to trick you to upgrade to YTD pro. In addition they trottle your youtube downloads so they are stuck on low Kb/sec for long time.
When they try to trick you to upgrade to pro they offer $9.90 per year.... but the following years it's $35. I don't like being tricked.

I'm done with that YTD youtube downloader shit and deleted YTD youtube downloader from my computer.

4K Video Downloader Review
So here is my review on 4K Video Downloader, which is much better.

I searched for a decent youtube downloader and found 4K Video Downloader and downloaded and installed it.

Oh my god what a difference. It's so fast and easy and the free version has no annoying ads although there is an ad below the interface that encourage you to upgrade to pro version. But it's not annoying.

The download speed of 4K Video Downloader is very good something like 12 mB/sec a complete different world that the lousy YTD youtube downloader 50 Kb/sec speed.

Get 4K Video Downloader here:

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4K Video Downloader review



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