Conversion on HTA page. High Traffic Academy Conversion tracking. How to track optins to your HTA affilate link

Track conversion of your HTA affiliate link With a Tracker

Use a tracker in front of your HTA url and place the tracker conversion pixel on "Video 1" page.
I use "" tracker and input https in the conversion pixel instead of http and It tracks conversions nicely and according to clickpromise stats (see below).

How to see optins to your HighTrafficAcademy affliate link without a tracker

If you don't have a tracker, you will still see conversions.
In clickpromise backoffice, click "Reports" in left menu, then "conversion report" it shows hits to the landingpage "LP 500k-vid" and "video 1" (thank you page) for the different Ad tracking ID's.
When someone reach Video 1, it's an optin.

Stats delay: none

ClickPromise Backoffice showing the different Creatives (landingpage ID) and different hits to Pages (events), either landingpage LP-500K-vid (with video) or Landingpage 500K (without video) and Hits to the so-called "thank you page" "Video 1" (hits to the page after optin) = Optins.

Sub ID 1 is the AD tracking ID (which I grayed out)​.

Retargeting Your HTA landingpage

If you ALSO want to do retargeting with your HTA affiliate link: You can place a retargeting pixel (fx. from sitescout) inside the tracker so all who hit your tracker link = visit Your HTA landingpage, will get injected with a pixel and added to your retargeting audience that you build in fx Sitescout.

Un-targeting: To remove optins to your HTA landingpage, from getting bombarded with banners from your retargeting campaign, you should remove them from your retargeting audience. Build an un-target audience: create a new retargeting pixel and place it on Video 1, so optins will be removed from the first audience.


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