E-com Entrepreneur Review

eCommerce - New trend in online business - Spreading like wildfire - The Fastest Growing business in the world!

How to tap into a multi-trillion dollar HUNGRY market and win BIG...

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eCommerce is selling products from webshops - It is The Fastest Growing business in the world!
You probably came here because you have heard the Buzz about  E-com Entrepreneur and eCommerce and searched for the term E-com Entrepreneur Review.

E-com Entrepreneur Review
Official Website: eComEntrepreneur
Product Name: E-com Entrepreneur

eCom entrepreneur is a master course and training in eCommerce (selling products online from a webshop), that will change the ecommerce game.

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​eCom Entrepreneur - $1.997

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E-com Entrepreneur price:
Price for early birdies $1,997 normal price (4,997).

E-com Entrepreneur
Master Course that takes e-commerce to a new level and it will set the new standard in e-commerce. You will learn How to operate a webshop that is not based on dropshipping, like most are doing. Note: dropshipping is dying because more and more payment processors (eg Paypal) do NOT accept dropshipping any longer.

There will be problems with dropshipping very soon and it already started: Paypal and Stripe payment processors do NOT accept dropshipping business and it is estimated that more payment processors will follow. There is bad customer experience.

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The Videos in the FREE Videoseries:
Video #1  "The Fastest Growing Business"
Video #2: "Traffic & Marketing"
Video #3: "Insider ECOM Secrets"
Video #4: "Getting Started"


Curriculum For the Course: eCom Entrepreneur

Course Intro Introduction to ECOM Entrepreneur

1. Finding manufacturer on Alibaba
2. Finding USA manufacturers

1. Creating your company name and domain
2. How to create a great logo
3. Securing Social Media Accounts 02:32

1. Tips for taking great photos
2. Apps for cool editing
3. Tips for making great videos
4. Tips for written content

1. Important - Create your Shopify account from here only


1. Connecting Social Media
2. Newsletter Integration
3. Retargeting app setup and integration
4. Shipping app setup
5. Fraud Prevention
6. Inventory Management
7. Live Chat Setup




+ group choaching 6 private sessions
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How to become an eCommerce Consultant


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Can I use Shopify eCommerce webshop with eStage?

Answer: No ... and Yes!
It maybe requires a little explanation.

Shopify is a stand alone nicely designed webshop application that you can run under shopify's domain (myshopify.com) that automatically have your username as subdomain, like this: USER.myshopify.com  however most people host shopify webshop under their own domain and you should do that. Shopify has limited customization and design features compared to wordpress. You cannot install wordpress or eStage on top of the shopify webshop.

WordPress is a stand alone application (blog) that you host on your own domain and eStage is not a webshop and is not a stand alone application, it's an add on plugin (theme and more) on top of wordpress.

You cannot have wordpress and shopify at the same time on same domain in the root or in same folder.

If you want to have wordpress blog and eStage on your domain AND use shopify, you have different options:

1. You can run shopify in a subdomain like: store.mydomain.com or in a folder that does not has wordpress installed, like: mydomain.com/store

2. You can get a shopify account and add shopify buy buttons to any page or post on your wordpress blog, which also can have eStage installed. It is simply a piece of code from shopify, you place on your blog.

Here is how: You first add products to your shopify account and create shopify buy buttons for each product. Take the button code and place on your wordpress blog anywhere you like.
In this case you could have the best from both worlds. You can freely design your wordpress blog as you like, design it as a webshop and add shopify products.

The buy buttons are sort of an extension of shopify on to your blog.  


Do I need Shopify to run a webshop?

No, you do not need shopify to run a wordpress blog, there are other options, other modules you can use to create a webshop. For example woocommerce plugin for wordpress.

WooCommerce is a free open source plugin that you can install free on your wordpress blog. However it is not as user friendly as shopify, it takes time to find out how to implement it and the design requires more of you, so you should be a little techie.

... but it is free and what is more important if you cannot or will not use the shopify default credit card payment option, shopify will charge you for any transaction made via their platform.

For example, if you want to use paypal or cannot use the default creditcard payment option, which is the case if you live in a non english speaking country, shopify will charge you extra for every transaction made via your shopify store. That is on top of the normal credit card or paypal processing fees.

Shopify charges you 2%, 1% or 0.5% of every transaction on top of the payment method transaction fee. 2% for standard shopify account, 1% for business account and 0,5% for enterprise account.

Shopify doesn't charge extra fees if you line in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia.

So Beware of Shopify fees for 3rd party payment processors
If you live in a non-english speaking country or you want to use Paypal or any other 3rd. party payment processors, other than the default "Shopify payment", you will be charged extra for every transaction made via the shopify system, that is on top of the normal transaction fee for your payment processor.

The fee is 2% for the standard shopify account, which Shopify charges with next subscription. They call it "subscription transaction fees"

Shopify says: "Shopify Payments is available only to stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand"


​Shopify - New Trend in Online business - Spreading like wildfire

How To Sell Products Online From Home With Shopify Webstore and e-Commerce

​TecAdemics is talking a lot about Shopify - and have several training videos about it. They also have a Shopify course

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

What is Shopify? If you have never heard of Shopify before, look below.

1. The short answer:
Shopify is a simple tool and webbased platform that helps you to build a great eCommerce website and just within few click. From Your store you can sell physical or digital products, either your own products or others products.

2. The longer answer:
Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that helps you to setup an online business to sell your goods without any technical coding skills. It lets you to organize your products, customize your site look and also help you to setup payment methods just with few clicks.

Shopify Is a web-based eCommerce software and therefore you don’t have to install or download it. The best part is Shopify store is hosted on their own server, therefore you don’t have to bother with buying and configuring the hosting account.

Shopify webstore another version of an online business
Another version of an online business is to start a shopify webstore, it's more comparable to the offline "gift shop". You have the storefront as landingpage and your main focus should be to find products to your shelves, to advertise and fullfill the orders. It will be a good idea to collect emails from your customers.

Shopify Review:
Get a Shopify Store  Price: $29/month for basic version with 14 days free trial

A Shopify Store is very simple an eCommerce platform where you can sell physical or digital products, either your own products or others products.

Shopify Rating:

One very popular use of a Shopify store is to sell physical products via drop shipping where you take the order and let another vendor deliver the goods to your customer. When you do drop shipping you can start for very little money, you dont need to invest in inventory.

You Don't have to be Techie
To run a Shopify Store, You don't have to be super techie in order to figure out how to list your items and how to build your site, you don't have to know website building and coding and you don't need to know how to integrate shopping cart and all that. Shopify Store has built-in payment system so you can accept creditcard or paypal payments, the store also has order tracking. 

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Shopify Store Fully customizable
A Shopify Storefront is customizable with different themes you can choose from, so you can get the feel, looks and design you want. You can add your own name, header and logo. You can buy a domain name and host your shopify Store under your own domain name.

You just login into the BackOffice and upload your items and your pictures and you are ready to take orders.

​Accept Payment in a physical retail Shop
With a Shopify "Point of Sale" add on system, you can even accept creditcard payments in a physical retail store.

Sell on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter... or from your own blog
You can sell Shopify products from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and even on your own blog. You don't need to have a complete store up and running, You can integrate single products to sell on your current website or blog, so you can turn any website in to a money-making selling machine.

How common is Shopify:
There are around 200.000 people around the world having a Shopify. Most people have it under their own domain, so you will not notice that it is supported by the Shopify system.

What products can you have in your store?
Anything you like, your own or others products. Most run their Shopify by using drop shipping where they let others send the goods so there is no needs of inventory and handling the products.

Where can I learn more:
TecAdemics, one of the companies endorsed inside the 4 Percent system, is specialized in Shopify and has several free training videos about shopify, you can learn from. Join TecAdemics from the link in 4 Percent backoffice and get access to around 30 different internet marketing training videos.

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Training How to run a Shopify Webstore - Free Signup

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training

​TecAdemics is an educational company that teaches Online Marketing. One of their specialty is Shopify Stores and eCommerce. You can signup as a free affiliate with TecAdemics to get access to their free training Videos.

TecAdemics has several free training videos about Shopify Store, how to find products and how to load them into your Store and how to run a Shopify.

You will also find a casestudy about a Guy, a Shopify Newbie, who sold for around $35,000 in two weeks from his newly created shopify store.

==> Go to TecAdemics to become free affiliate


Example Shopify Webstore

Example how a Shopify store can look like - Start an Online Shopify Store

Shopify Store BackOffice

View into your Shopify store backoffice - Start an Online Shopify Store


Video - what is Shopify?

Video - What is Shopify - a Simple explanation - Start an Online Shopify Store


Video - how to build a Shopify eCommerce webshop

How to Build an Ecommerce Website with Shopify - Start an Online Shopify Store


What is Drop Shipping?

What all that buzz about Dropshipping and e-commerce - What is dropshipping?

  • Droppshipping is a way to sell products online - without having an inventory - without actually handle the products physically
  • You find a product you want to sell on different places lets say ebay
  • You announce your product on your shopify store or on your blog
  • you will probably need to advertise like facebook paid advertising
  • when someone buys from your shopify store you get the money to paypal and you buy the products on ebay and give order for the product vendor to be send to your customer.
  • So you take the order but you buy the product from a vendor that physically sends the product to your customer.
  • I watched a video in tecademics backoffice and he mentioned, with experience, it take average 5 mins for you to handle the order and buy from your vendor and give instruction to send to .....


Is Shopify a Scam?
Is Shopify Legit?

​Is Shopify a Scam?

Is Shopify Legit?


Shopify FAQ

​Q: can I use my own domain for my stopify store?
A: Yes

Q: What language does Shopify supports?
A: all languages

Learn How to Create a Shopify Store - Free Video Training



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