Automated Selling Machine Review

How to Earn Cash in just 3 days without having a product

You probably came here because you have heard about The 3 day Cash Machine by Vick Strizheus from the 4 Percent Group and searched for the term 3 Day Cash Machine Review, because you are interested in earning an income online and you are so sick and tired of failing with your business online.

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3 day cashmachine Review


3 Day Cash Machine Review
Official Website: 4PercentGroup
Product Name: "3 Day Cash Machine" a marketing funnel for "The 4 Percent Group"

Here is my review of The 3 Day Cash Machine which is a new marketing funnel for promoting "The 4 Percent Group" sales system.

The 4 Percent Group is a brand new business opportunity and sales system and elite community launched July 2016, from vick Strizheus. Vick also created HighTraffic Academy in 2012, which he left June 2016.

3 Day Cash Machine is a strategic marketing system for promoting the 4 % group Simple System for earning multiple streams of income.


3 Day Cash Machine Review

The 3 Day Cash Machine is a System and  "Cash Machine" designed for newbies to help them earn their very first money online easily with a simple Done-for-You system.

The 3 day Cash Machine is a marketing funnel for promoting the 4 % group sales system. The 3 day Cash Machine is similar to a previous funnel from 2010, the "48 hour cashmachine" created by Vick Strizheus. Screenshot below of the 48 hour Cash Machine salespage.

3 Day Cash Machine Review

Screenshot from 48 hour cashmachine 2010

How does the 3 Day Cash Machine works?

The construction of the 3 day Cash Machine system (funnel) goes like this:
The 3 Day Cash Machine system will teach people how to earn commission by selling products you do not own yourself = other peoples products and earn a commission by doing it.

  • You will be educated how to earn a commission in 3 days. You will learn how to search for and find a good product to promote, which affiliate networks to search in to find the good products

  • The 3 day cash machine will next teach you how to promote the product you found. How to use landingpage, how does it works and how to create a strategic sales system with examples. How to collect emails via the landingpage and how to build a list and how to market the product to your contacts

  • The 3 day cash machine will next teach you how to get good traffic and get paid commission, even if they do not buy 4%

If people follow the education they can realistically earn a commission with a good product within 3 days, by doing the manual process taught

The idea with the 3 day cash machine, is to provide value to people, so they can see how to earn money online, what they shall do it, so it creates a positive expectancy, they can technically do it themselves...

Now the point of this strategic sales system "The 3 day cash machine" is to "Sell" the 4% group system by providing people a shortcut to start earning commissions. If they want to eliminate all the research finding a product, set up landingpage, create autoresponder series, how to know which one product is good, how to pick a good product, How to make a strategic sales system.

... If people want to skip this part and get a shortcut to success, they are presented to the 4 % group sales system, a done for You system they just can tap in to and start immediately to earning commissions very shortly.

That's it, my review of The 3 day Cash Machine. Now go Get Started with your own business, Click Here to Join the 3 Day Cash Machine

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Income disclamer
Obviously this "The 3 day Cash Machine review" doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts and advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


The 3 Day Cash Machine - Videos

In the video below (4 % group meeting 2nd aug-16), Vick talks about the 3 Day Cash Machine about min 23.10

3 day cashmachine Review

The 3 Day Cash Machine - Backoffice Screenshot

The 3 Day Cash Machine backoffice


Is 3 day Cash Machine a Scam?
Is 3 day Cash Machine legit?

Is 3 day Cash Machine a scam?

Is 3 Day Cash Machine legit?

Q: Why it is called the 3 day Cash Machine?
A: the system teached the principles how to earn money promoting other peoples products, as an affiliate marketer, fast and realisticly earn the first commission within 3 days

What is MSI?
MSI stands for multiple streams of income

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