CryptoSplosion Review

CryptoSplosion is The #1 Marketing System for Kuvera

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You probably came here because you have heard about Kuvera and CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera and searched for the term Kuvera Marketing system - CryptoSplosion Review, because you are interested in earning an income online and you are so sick and tired of failing with your business online.

CryptoSplosion Review

Official Website: Product Name: "CryptoSplosion" a marketing funnel for "Kuvera Opportunity"

Here is my review of CryptoSplosion a marketing funnel System for promoting Your Kuvera Buisiness. CryptoSplosion Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, CRM, Social Media a promotional system for Your Kuvera Business.

Kuvera will later be part of Four Percent's multiple streams of income, probably in form of CryptoSplosion.


CryptoSplosion Review

Cryptosplosion is a complete marketing system with optin pages and email follow sequence you can use for Your Kuvera Business.

It's not part of Kuvera but a 3rd party company that created the system specifically for promoting Kuvera. I'm using it and it's awesome. It's only $30 monthly and worth a lot more. You can checkout the system here, just optin with your email and see how it works.

This complete marketing system is of huge value, especially for newbies. You do not have to create your own website or have an autoresponder, or write emails. The system does it all for you, it's a complete marketing system with websites, videos, webinars, resources, lead generation system (optin page, leadcapture pages), pre-written emails that go out automatically.

CryptoSplosion Backoffice Screenshot

CryptoSplosion Review

CryptoSplosion Review Video

CryptoSplosion walkthrough video. Automated Marketing System for promoting Your Kuvera business

CryptoSplosion Marketingsystem Works on Complete Autopilot

CryptoSplosion is a complete Turn-Key Marketing system for promoting Kuvera, with funnels and high converting Capture pages and email follow ups, designed to get sales and grow Your Kuvera Business.

You can get the exact same CryptoSplosion System to Promote your Kuvera business

CryptoSplosion Funnels & Lead capture pages

Opportunity Seekers funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

This funnel is aimed at people who have been jumping from program to program searching for a home business and an opportunity to finally succeed. After opt in the visitor is presented with Kuvera's opportunity and how they can succeed with a home Business

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Business Overview funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

This funnel “Business overview” targets those who are tired of the standard MLM program where you hunt friends and family to recruite them, but still want a home business. After opt in they see Kuvera's opportunity as a refreshing program with a new approach that focus on simplicity and crypto.

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Leaked Video funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Leaked Video Funnel Trigger the curiosity of the visitor that there is some sort of insider or leaked information. When they opt in they will see information of Kuvera in the form of a discussion between top earners.

Checkout the funnel

The Game Show Funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Game Funnel, is a short and fun funnel aimed at people who already have knowledge about crypto mining is. It compares different mining programs.

Checkout the funnel

Expert Interview

CryptoSplosion Review

The Expert Interview is a 1½ hour Video and interview of an Expert explaining the details of cryptocyrrency mining. It's not a funnel with an optin option and thus not a stand alone page. The button goes to Kuvera signup. The pages is included in the automatic follow up email sequence, so every lead is presented with this page

Checkout the Page

Product Funnel

CryptoSplosion Review

The Product funnel, obviously focus on Kuvera's Products. After opt in the visitor sees a presentation of Kuveras educational products, the financial products that help them with strategies how to grow your money, walkthrough of forex and crypto trading, what crypto currencies is, crypto mining and the optional business opportunity

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FAQ Page

The FAQ page about Kuvera, answer questions you may have about the products, cryptocurrency, crypto mining and Kuvera's Opportunity. On the page is 8 videos to support the information. The links and buttons go directly to Kuvera's official page where you may signup.

Checkout the FAQ Page

CryptoSplosion Review

Main Features of the CryptoSplosion Marketing & Sales Platform

  • Pre-Built Lead Generation Funnels, Optin pages and Web Pages
    Automated marketing System using the pre-built sales funnels for lead generation system, with pre-built high converting optin pages that capture your leads and info-webpages with videos. The marketing system has pre-written email series and different campaigns, that sends emails automatically to your leads. It has CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
    The CRM tracks leads actions: Email opens, click on links, page visits, time watching the videos, which classifies Your leads with a Score value and the categories: Cold, Warm or hot. For each individual lead You may attach: Notes, create tags, schedule tasks, change email campaign as well as watch statistics for our lead.
  • Statistics & Analytics
    Cryptosplosion Marketing System has advanced real-time Lead Tracking, Reporting and Statistics to measure your marketing strategy and traffic efforts.
  • Dotcast - BroadCast Email
    In addition to the Pre-Built email Campaigns that sends emails to your leads on autopilot, you have the option to create a custom email and broadcast the email to your leads. Either to all leads or to segments of your leads based on what tag is attached to the lead. The Broadcast is called DotCast
  • CryptoSplosion has Social Media Post templates
    The CryptoSplosion platform has pre-built templates for creating social post on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with the “Get Social” tool. With hashtags (#) and short URLs, so you can post on social media without having technical skills and drive traffic to your CryptoSplosion
  • You receive Email Notification when a lead subscribe and take actions
    You will receive notification to your email, each time a lead has opted in to one of your Lead Capture pages and when one of your leads has changed Score Category: from Cold to Warm or from Warm to Hot, so you can take action based upon their activity.

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That's it, my review of The CryptoSplosion Marketing System for Promoting Kuvera. Now go Get Started with your own business, Click the button above.


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Is CryptoSplosion a Scam?
Is CryptoSplosion Legit?

​Is Cryptosplosion a Scam?
No Kuvere is not a Scam

Is Cryptosplosion Legit?
Yes, Kuvera is legit


Cryptosplosion FAQ

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Income disclamer
Obviously CryptoSplosion marketing system for Kuvera doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, skills, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


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