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The Rollout Method - How to get you AD in front of 100 M People in 1 WEEK!

Advertising Offline with Nationwide Advertising Newspaper ads

I just posted the 3rd video in the series and it's got a TON of gold.
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Here's what this video is about:

=> My results from the campaign I started in the last video 2.
    (very interesting thing happened there...)

=> More cool ways to get GOOD traffic very cheap

=> My secret "source" for reaching 100 Million people in 1 week and virtually "printing" money.

=> How to become the traffic getting EXPERT

=> The RollOut Method - How to Scale your Campaigns BIG

=> And much, much more!

There's no fluff. It's 100% pure training.

I think this is better than most other traffic courses out there and I think it will help you a LOT.

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The Rollout - How to reach 100 M People in 1 WEEK

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The Money-Getting Blueprint!

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Excerpt from video 3

The Agenda for to day. I will be sharing with you some cool traffic getting strategies you can implement in your business today and I will share my results from the campaigns from last video.

The Agenda for today's Video

1. My results from last Video
2. More Cool Traffic Getting Strategies
3. The Rollout Method
4. You: Traffic Expert

The first thing I will do is show my results from the campaigns in the last video and walk you through and there is a very important lesson from these results.

Second thing I will do, is give you more traffic getting strategies, I will show you how you can get traffic to your offer, to your website to your business from different low cost traffic getting methods you can apply into your business today and hopefully get you good results.

Then I am gonna show you my RollOut method, one of the method in my business I use to get my offer in front of 100 million people in one week. It's gonna be the "Scale" or the "Rollout" method. I'm gonna show you that so you can have a good idea how to get the great results and earnings I showed you before.

And then we will talk about YOU, how YOU can become the traffic getting expert. When you know this traffic game, when you learn how to get good targeted traffic to your offers and not only get traffic but create good campaigns and get traffic to campaigns that convert for you and give you profit. When you master this you can make money online with no problem.

So lets start with number 1 and let recap from the last video 2. In the last video I said, that there is a 4 PART FORMULA that I always go by in order to create a good campaign and that is:

1. Get an Offer
- Do Market research
- Do Product research

2. Get traffic
- Start small then scale if profitable
- ability to collect leads

3. Track ROI
- Always know your numbers!

If you can make $2 or more for every $1 invested and can scale it big, you can make unlimited amount of money, but if you don't know your numbers (conversion, cost per visitor, cost per click, cost per conversion, cost per sale) you will be shooting in the dark.

- use tracking software to know your numbers. If you a member of High Traffic Academy you can use tracker tracker123 that comes available in the backoffice free for members.

4. Scale Big
When you know your numbers, when you found an offer that is profitable, you want to scale big and you want to make it an automated income source for you and put it on automation so it can run while you are doing things that you like the most, all while your campaign is driving dollars into your bank account on automation..

- Go as big as possible as fast as possible
- Create a solid, automated income stream
- Always keep finger on the pulse

Here's what I Did in vid 2

I went to clickbank and I found this satellitedirect offer because we determined that this offer has a demand in the market.
I started campaign in jemamedia and adknowledge.
I started in adknowledge with a $25 ad budget per day. I started to get some clicks, but it didn't convert well, kind of broke even.

There is a very important lesson here. My conversion was not at the level that I wanted it to be. Then I got an email from adknowledge saying that this offer is over saturated.

Any time when you are promoting something, especially affiliate offers with high competition, is you want to outsmart your competition.

When you are getting clicks but not conversion it means that the market is probably oversaturated with that offer.
The problem is everybody is promoting the same offer and the same salespage.

So I stopped my campaign and I implemented another method called OPL method which I will go through in a minute.

Vick is going through the results of this new campaign and traffic method and it shows a profit.

Then I was thinking, now that the offer was in profit with this method, how can I scale that up, so that this product can be a stand alone income stream for me.

So here is what I am gonna do, I am gonna turn this into a little mini business. I created a landingpage for this product (optin page with email form for people to optin). This is one way to outsmart your competition, to create a landingpage that is different from the salespage that everybody is seeing.

One other big benefit of this method, is that you are also building a list of subscribers, people who optin to see the offer your have (after optin they are directed to official salespage of that offer).

If you don't know how to build a landingpage, look here: Vick went to to get a landingpage done based on the salespage, but a little different. or are other places where you can get a landingpage created.

One other option is to get Clickfunnels, which lets you create all kinds of landingpages and optin pages you like.

When sending traffic directly to the offer's official salespage, obviously not everybody are going to buy, maybe only 1-2% and the rest will never see your page again, they are gone.

... but when building a list using an optin page in front of the offer, you can get optins, say maybe 30% optin to see your offer of which a few will buy, but most people will not buy but you have collected their emails.

But by having a list you can promote other similar offers to that list, that they maybe like better.

So I created a landingpage and went back to adknowledge, which said there is a lot of competition for that offer, but now I have a different page than everybody else is promoting.

Vick is going through this new campaign and it is profitable with around 200% ROI and now when it's profitable it is scalable big.

Lesson learned
- Always be flexible
- If you get 200-300 click to an offer and no conversion it's time to go to a different traffic source or change something.
- always think of how you can outsmart your competition.
- One of the best ways to outsmart your competition, is if possible, always create a landing page and build a list that you can monetize later on.

Vick goes through a traffic getting method called
The O.P.L. Method (other People's List) (video at 35.minutes).

I will make another post about this method (coming soon).

Vick goes through a traffic getting method called Pay Per View
(video at 55.minutes)

I will make another post about this method (coming soon)

The Rollout Method - How to get your AD in front of 100 M People in 1 WEEK! Video at 1.25

Advertising Offline with Nationwide Advertising Newspaper ads

The Rollout method
Let's talk about The Rollout method. This in not for somebody who is just getting started. I promised I will show you one of the methods I use in my business to get my offer in front of 100 million people in a week.

I will show you exactly how I do it and exactly what you can do, but this is not for anybody just starting out. You have to have an offer that is already converting for you.

So what you do is, you find a find a "mass market" offer.
What's a mass market offer? that's something that everybody wants out there:
for example make money, everybody wants to make money.
Loose weight, everybody wants to loose weight, everybody wants to feel younger, live longer, have more energy.

So you find a mass market offer, something appealing to the mass market.

You Test and optimize for conversions online, so you start small, $25, 50 100 to test the offer and optimize it, meaning you build a landingpage for it, you make sure it's profitable for you online, doing the small tests and what you do (nobody is teaching this), is Scale OFF-LINE. Of course you can scale online as well, so you can get more traffic to this offer from all these different traffic sources, I'm showing you here.

But you can scale off-line and there is no competition off-line and when you scale this off-line and when it's profitable for you online, you can make it big time.
This was one of the methods that I implemented to get my big results I showed you earlier.

The secret:
Newspaper Classifieds! I have implemented this method for about 2 years and I got it down to a science, I'm not gonna teach you in great details here, this is not for someone just getting started, but I wanted to open your eyes to that there is an entire universe of traffic generations and conversion, it's not out of reach for you, it's right there before your eyes.

So what you do is you find an offer, you test it with different methods and if it's profitable you take it offline and you can virtually print money.

Let go to google and I will show you exactly how I do it, this is secret stuff and nobody is talking about it. I will share this with you, I will show stuff from my personal experience, this is exactly what I do. One of the methods that I implement in my business and it works like a champ.

The way this works is there is different networks, different groups out there, offline, which we can tap into to absolutely crush it.

I will show you one of the networks that I personally work with called

Pay attention because this is absolutely phenomenal, but I will emphasis this, don't go here if you are just testing the waters, you want to make sure your offer is converting well online before you start here.
Make sure you are profitable, make sure you are getting at least 100% ROI or maybe at least 50% but nothing less than that.
If you are at that level online, then you can go here and absolutely crush it.

The Rollout Method
Find a "mass market" offer, make money, loose weight, appealing to mass market
Test and optimize for conversions online
The secret? Newspaper classifieds!
nationwide Newspapers

So let me show you this. NationWideAdvertising is a place a directory, a huge directory, they got different groups of networks that you can tap into and you can get your AD in front of 100 million people. A hundred million circulation weekly. That means there are probably double that amount of people that are potential readers of these newspapers.

There is an entire module in High Traffic Academy where I talk about this method. How to do this properly, how to make sure that you can get success.

Right now I just wanna show you the concept and open your mind to the possibility.

So you can place your AD in 1 million newspapers for example for $180, you can place your AD in 3,5 million weekly circulation for $379.

I want to share one of my secrets that someone have been asking, how in the world can you invest few hundreds bucks and made 20.000 in profit, how do you do that? Well this is one of my secret methods that I personally implemented in my business.

Take a look at this 7 million weekly circulation 639 dollars, so let's do some math. Let me give you a real world example. A real world case study. Here is what you can realistically expect if you have a good converting offer.

I will share my personal result from my experience.
let's say you are running an AD in this network here. 7 million circulation. All this traffic will be US based traffic.

If you should go to the newspapers individually it would probably cost you a small fortune, but if you go to a group like this one.

Let me give you an example a casestudy numbers. You can place you AD in millions of newspapers next week! you can have visitors to your website next week if you do this properly.

So let's take a look at this, you've got 7 million circulation. Anywhere I run my AD I see a response rate from about 0,5-1% depending on the offer and the AD.
I go a lot in to details how to write your ad, how to structure and how to put this together in High Traffic Academy.

But let's use the conservative number here and use 0,5% response rate of 7 million, so that makes 35,000 visitors to your website!
Again you run an AD for a mass market offer, that sells online and you send this traffic to your landingpage.

So you got 35,000 visitors for $639 that's around 1,8 cent per visitor. In my experience, offline traffic converts much higher than online traffic, because these people are not getting bombarded with emails and 20 different offers daily.

So these people responding to your AD are very responsive. These folks are much more responsive than online visitors.

If you send these people to your landingpage which you should always do. Average conversion rate on a landing page is about 20%, on the lower end, but lets say that your landingpage only converts at 20%, so we are talking about 7,000 optins (subscribers).

This is not instantaneous traffic, but this traffic will come in about 2-3 weeks after your AD goes out.
So in about 3 week you got 7,000 people on your list in your autoresponder.

I wouldn't promote an offer where I made $20 per sale. Find an offer where you will be making at least 50-80 to $100 per sale.

So 7,000 people on you list and only 2% of those people will purchase your product, that's 140 sales and if you are selling a product where you are making a 100 dollar commission, which is not difficult to find an offer like that, that has a mass appeal, you just made yourself $14,000 and you only invested 639, so congratulation you just profited with $13,361.

I am not guaranteeing that is what is going to happen for you but this is approximately what I see for my personal experience. I have been doing this for about 2 years when we are filming this.

I can tell you this method, when done correctly, how to write your ad correctly, how to position yourself correctly, how to get your ad to be responsive, how to raise above all the other ADs in the newspaper and make your AD be super high responsive.

I teach all those tricks and all those strategies and secrets in high traffic academy. Right now I just want to give you an overall view to open your eyes to the possibilities.

Nobody teaching this stuff and you don't have to beat your head against the wall online trying to get the SEO etc to work and work your butt off trying to get something going and all you are getting is failure, failure.

That's what happens a lot in this industry. You don't have to be one of those guys. There are other options out there.

When you go and scale stuff up and you do your AD in this network right here, that is going out to 100 million circulations you are gonna pay $ 9,000, but before you even get to nationwideadvertising you should get your offer online profitable and you can get started with online campaign for 25 or $100, start small, test and build larger.

YOU the traffic getting Expert
Now let's talk about how YOU, no matter your previous experience, no matter what your background is, no matter what you're going through in life right now, no matter if you are broke right now, if you are making some money right now, doesn't matter if you failed 100 times ... how YOU can become the traffic getting Expert.

Time is running, now 1 hour 40 minutes, I think we should save this till next video...

In video number 4 I will tell you exactly how I believe I can help you becoming that traffic getting expert. Where you are getting as much traffic as you want anytime you want to any offers you want and making as much money as your heart desires.

3 Levels of traffic
In the closing I will talk about one last thing.
When it comes to traffic, there are 3 main kind of traffic, a lot of people don't realize this, so I want to show you this so you are aware at least.

There is 3 different levels of traffic.
level number 1 is where the majority of people on the internet fall into. When people get started online they get overloaded with information, everybody try to sell them something, they are bombarded with information, they don't know what to do, obviously when you will success online you need traffic, without traffic nothing happens, so there is a lot of so called gurus out there, different software, buy my stuff, buy this pushbutton system that is gonna get you traffic tomorrow you don't have to do anything, different scripts, buy this line of code from me, place on your website and you will get traffic to your website some how miraculously. Listen all that stuff, I got one word: GARBAGE

...and unfortunately a lot of people fall in to this category.

When it comes to traffic, I personally don't know anybody, who has studied as much traffic generation that I do. I have invested, over the last several years, over $100,000 in different courses and materials including a lot of these level 1 traffic that you see on the screen here and I can tell you from my experience, level 1 traffic stuff, garbage.

Don't buy it don' use it, don't even bother, that stuff doesn't work.

Level 2 traffic
Then there is Level 2. We are talking about stuff like paid media, some of the things I showed you in this video series, SEO that some of these guru's teach how to get your sites ranked, unfortunately it takes months and a lot of work on your part and you are in the mercy of Google to have you stuff ranked.
Stuff like affiliate, JV, social media, video marketing, the only thing I like from this Level 2 category is paid media. I am not a fan of SEO, I don't know it, I don't do it, I don't want to mess around with it, I don't want it, I don't care about it.

Level 3 traffic
Then there is Level 3 traffic and this is where you really want to be at. Level 3 traffic is the elite circle. Nobody talking about this, there is very few marketers that understand this category of traffic.

When we talk about Level 3 category, elite circles, there are some networks, I can go to and get traffic for as low as ½ a penny and that traffic is super targeted, in fact that is some of the results that I showed you in video 1 where I get traffic for super low and 2000% or 3000% ROI. Not very many topmarketers understand this stuff, and you got to be like an insider.

3 different levels of traffic
level 3 traffic. Elite Circles
level 2 traffic paid media....
level 1 traffic, software - Garbage

I got good news for you, we teach all this stuff in High Traffic Academy in my coaching program in the High Traffic Academy Elite mastermind group.

I teach this stuff and I reveal these methods, like I said I have invested over $100,000 over the last several years to learn this stuff, obviously I cannot reveal this here.

These Video series are not even scratching the surface of what I teach in High Traffic Academy, you may want to check out High Traffic Academy. We will be talking about level 2 and level 3 stuff in High Traffic Academy, how to convert that traffic and how to put together profitable campaigns, how to optimize your campaigns, insiders secrets and tips and tricks.

The title of next video 4:
In the next video we will be talking about YOU, how you can become the traffic Getting Expert.  

Vick will also interview 4 people about the campaigns they were running using some of the methods taught in High Traffic Academy,
Keep your eye out for my next email 😉

Stay tuned for the opening of High Traffic Academy 2.0 (new version april-2015) where we will teach all these stuff.

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