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It's called Alchemy
How to Create Cash out of thin air!

In this video Vick walks you through his 4-step formula and shows you EXACTLY how he literally create Cash out of thin air, virtually anytime he wants.

In fact, you get to watch over his shoulder as he does everything from A-Z live, right before your eyes. Seriously ...this is really good and it will help you a LOT.


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Excerpt from video 2

Alright Vick back with you again, welcome to video number 2 in this series.
In this video, as promised, I will basically try to make money out of thin air, right before your eyes.

In the last video I took you inside my traffic account live, and I showed you proof that getting over 300,000 visitors a day is actually really possible.

That's exactly what I do in my business in a consistent regular basic. I am not promising that it's exactly what you will do, I am not psychic, I don't know if you will apply this stuff, hopefully you will, but that's exactly what I teach in High Traffic Academy.

I also showed you how much money that traffic is rolling in for me and we talked about the 3 pillars of good traffic and why paid traffic is really the only kind of traffic you should ever focus on in your business because there is absolutely no shortage of it ever in the world and there will never be a shortage of paid traffic in the world, but I think that so many marketers don't understand this!
...see traffic is just one part of the equation that nobody ever teaches and I think that's the reason why so many marketers fail in this industry, called internet marketing, it's because they don't understand the first part of the equation, which is Campaign.

I can teach you all that traffic, but unless you understand the first part of the equation it's gonna be really difficult for you to make money on the internet.

I told you I would kind of put you behind my back and we are gonna do this thing together, we will go out there and I will basically try to make money out of thin air right before your eyes, so you can watch me do stuff and you can watch the whole process and hopefully you can model that for your business.

Anytime when I create a new campaign I always follow a certain formula, the formula is basic and I am gonna show it to you right now.

Here is the Magic Formula that i always go by.

Magic formula - there is four steps
1. Get an offer
2. Get traffic
3.Track ROI (return on investment)
4. Scale like crazy

I recommend you take notes you want to write this down, because we will go through each one of these components with you in this video series, so for the rest of this video series we are gonna do this live.

I haven't seen anybody actually walking you through every single step of this formula. So that's exactly what we will do in this video and the next couple videos I'm gonna walk you through this whole process.

Getting an offer:
there is a science in getting an offer, not every offer is gonna convert for you, so when we are talking about getting an offer, we are really talking about creating a profitable campaign.

My two minute research formula for an offer:
I have a two minute research formula that I go by every single time when I am trying to promote something and when I am creating a new campaign, I am always trying to promote someone elses product first.

Maybe you already have a product, maybe you already have some kind of business opportunity or MLM or whatever your thing is and that's fine, I'm still gonna show you the formula that you can apply in you business.

I see so many people do it wrong but I'm gonna show that to you.

Getting traffic, believe it or not, it's actually the easy part and of course I gonna walk you through and in the end of this video I will give you a free gift, I will give you a PDF with a bunch of specific traffic sources you can go after to-day, to start getting traffic to your website.

We gonna track the ROI and we are gonna scale it up like crazy, if our offer works.

Creating Campaign Live
I will take you to my computer and we will do this live on the screen like you are standing behind my shoulder and actually watching me do stuff on the computer and the reason for this is I really want to help you, I don't want to teach you theory, there is a lot of marketers, a lot of so called experts and gurus they are just teaching theory, right? ..talking from a powerpoint giving you incomplete information.

What we are gonna do here, is we will take this 4 step formula, step by step, very very detailed I am gonna walk you through this thing.
My goal is to help you, so I recommend you take notes, so you can model after this process.

Let's go over to my computer, are you ready to do this?

I am gonna take you live to the internet, but before that I will give you a birds eye view and show you exactly what's gonna happen and why I am gonna do it in this video.

I think it's important for you to see this kind of stuff from up above and if you are taken notes again, this stuff is important.

So many marketers don't get the result they are looking for in their business, simply because they don't understand and they don't follow this formula that I am about to outline for you right now.

 A Blueprint to follow
I will give you a blueprint to follow in this video that I am gonna follow and will go to the internet and do this live, un- edited, real time and you will be able to see everything I do on my computer and again the reason for that is I don't just wanna give you theory like all the other gurus out there.

I have bin there I know what it's like just to get the theory and when you try to put everything in practice it's not working for you.

I want you to be able to do stuff and even if you haven't made a dime on the internet yet, if you are just getting started, maybe you have bin trying to make money for a while now, but you are still kind of burning your tires, you stand on the same spot, I want you be able to watch me do stuff, so you can go out there and model after this process, implement this stuff and hopefully get great results for yourselves in your business as well.

So let's get to work

1. Find an offer
1st. step in our formula. Find an offer
The 1st. step in our formula that I follow every time I promote something new, we gonna find ourself an offer. we can't make money with no offer.

We are not just getting an offer. So many people just assume that just because they have something to promote that it automatically gonna convert for them. That's not true, before we even talk about traffic, first we need to build a campaign.

There is 3 steps to getting the offer part right
A) market research
B) how much am I gonna earn per sale
C) Competition

A) market research
Make sure there's high demand in your marketplace. Market research is very important. Before thinking to promote anything, you want to make sure that there is a high demand for that product or service in the marketplace.

I like to show you exactly how I do my market research and it works every single time and if you follow this process you will have no problem.

First when I know there is a market in that niche, I like to do a little market research for the particular products that you you are gonna promote and here is what I am looking for:

B) how much am I gonna earn per sale. Is there a one time commission or a recurring commission that come in every month?

C) Competition
Is there a competition, which is not a bad thing. If there is no competition maybe the product is not converting that well.
If there is competition it means people are making money and my thinking goes how can I outsmart that competition.

2. Get Traffic
then I go on to step number 2 in our formula: Get traffic.

I will implement traffic methods that will allow me to do small tests under $100, I want to test it out on a smaller scale and see how well that offer is gonna convert before I do anything.

I am looking for traffic methods that are fast, scalable and consistent, very important, which is the 3 pillars of good paid traffic we talked about before.
I want to be able to get traffic to night or tomorrow and that's what we teach in High Traffic Academy.

I am also looking for the ability to capture leads if possible, so I can build my list. I want to be able to promote my landing page (lead capture page), very important.

In this example we are using someone elses product from clickbank. I am always trying to capture the emails so I can build my list which is building my business assets.

If you are promoting something and you are not building your list, you are making the biggest mistake in your business ever.

3. Track ROI
step 3 track ROI. always know your numbers!!!

I am looking for ROI so when I am promoting something and doing the small testing I always want to know my numbers, no matter what you are promoting, you always want to keep track of conversions and know your traffic stats (visitors, cost per visitor), you always want to know your numbers for that particular traffic source.

Earning per click EPC
I want to track earning per click EPC. I want to know these numbers first and if they are good you can scale up big and doing the roll out and when you do that it's like printing money, it's awesome and I am gonna show you how to do that.

I also want to track my lead conversion %, I want to see how many opted in to my landing page. I want to track my sales conversion %. It's basic stuff.

Tracking software
To do that you can use a tracking software, you can use software like hypertracker, budurl or tracker123 which is our internal tracker which we have created custom build for High Traffic Academy members and it's free for members.

So you always want to use some kind of tracking software that allows me to track all my statistics.

(Hans Ronne says: I use trck me to track my ads, it's simple and easy. See my Post here.... )

4. Roll out. Scale Big

OK, I got myself an offer, the market is there, I tested my offer with traffic, I tracked my ROI and IF the offer is working, if it's convert, if it's profitable, I do a rollout, that's something we will talk about in video number 3. and when I do a rollout I want to go as big and fast as I can.

OK, now we are going to get traffic to this product, to my affiliate link.

I want to repeat, there is absolutely no shortage of traffic when it comes to paid traffic. I have the ability to get over 500,000 visitors to my website daily and you have the same ability. I know this stuff and I am teaching this in High Traffic Academy (link)

FREE Gift for you: Cool Traffic Sources
I have a free gift for you, it's a PDF called Cool Traffic Sources and this is a Goldmine of resources that you can use in your business starting today.
There are 32 traffic sources and if you use this you can easily get over 100.000 visitors to your website. Of course there is something you should know, some insider things and we teach everything inside High Traffic Academy.

(You can download the PDF above).

Campaigns with two traffic sources
What I am gonna do is set up two different campaigns, using two different traffic sources for my offer.

As I said before, when it comes to traffic I want to test my offer on a lower scale, so I want to invest under $100 for testing to see what the conversion rate is and if it converts well then I ROLL it out, which is something we will talk about in video 3.

1st. ad campaign and 1st. traffic Source
I will go to a cool network called adknowledge.com this is the 4th. largest Pay Per Click (PPC) ad network in the world. Nobody is talking about this.

When you advertise on adknowledge you ads are gonna be shown everywhere on the internet and they convert well.

I told you I will actually create an campaign live on video, so here it is.
(Vick logs in to his adknowledge account and goes through the setup of the first campaign).

(Watch video from 49. minutes for the details how to set up this campaign with Pay Per Click (PPC) adknowledge ad network. It is a PPC network with a twist).

(Note: adknowledge.com has now a minimum deposit of $500 to start with them. The money can of course be used for advertising).

2.nd ad campaign and 2nd traffic Source
Vick is creating another campaign with another traffic source called jemamedia.com
Watch video at 1:00 hour for details.

He normally runs an offer for testing, with at least 3 different traffic sources, here he only do two to save time and he has spend $25 on each campaign (each traffic source).
Normally he also uses a leadcapture page in front of the offer, to capture leads.

In Next Video: How are the two ad campaigns doing?
We are gonna come back in next video to see how these two ad campaigns are doing.
Hopefully we can make some good positive ROI with these campaigns and when it happens, we gonna do a ROLLOUT and I am gonna show you exactly how I do that in the next video.

The title of next video 3:
How to get in front of over 100 million people with your offer, per week!

Stay tuned for the opening of High Traffic Academy 2.0 (new version april-2015) where we will teach all these stuff.

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