3-day Breakthrough Review

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4 Percent Group Review

You probably came here because you have heard the Buzz about The 3-day breakthrough and searched for the term 3-day breakthrough Review, because you want to learn Internet Business and become a successful Internet Entrepreneur.

What is 3-day breakthrough
3-Day Breakthrough is a detailed training program created and presented by Vick Strizheus - a world-class internet entrepreneur, founder of Four Percent, creator of some of the highest converting sales funnels, and mentor to millions. In this comprehensive program you'll learn exactly how to create a real breakthrough in your business and marketing in as little as 3 days or less by following a proven strategic plan.

We help modern entrepreneurs become most powerful, most influential and dominant figures in their business and life through our programs, strategic thinking and proprietary technologies.

3-day breakthrough is a standalone training. Start the 3-day Breakthrough Now!

3-day breakthrough Review
Official Website: 4PercentGroup
Product Name: 3-day breakthrough

Here is my review of 3-day breakthrough - "Multiple streams of income" (MSI) system for Newbies.

The 4 Percent (Four Percent) is a brand new business opportunity, sales system and elite community, as of July 2016, from vick Strizheus, the creator of HighTrafficAcademy, which he left June 2016.


4 Percent Group Review

​The 3-day breakthrough is a Free videoseries and  "Cashmachine" designed for newbies to help them earn money easily with a Done-for-You simple system. 3-day breakthrough is a promotional introduction and entry to FourPercent.

3-day breakthrough prices:
Free VideoSeries: free
Pro Level Lifetime membership of FourPercent: $497 onetime payment. It's a discounted price valid through the first 24 hours - then it's $997 onetime payment for lifetime membership of FourPercent.

Content of 3-day breakthrough

Step 1 Find an In-Demand Product
You'll Learn how to find product that large amount of people are already looking for and are willing to buy from you. The Secret Here is knowing exactly where to look for them and how to identify these winning products. Vick shows you exactly how.

Step 2 Creating Your strategic V.D. Marketing System
Less than 5% of all internet entrepreneurs understand how to do this.. and that's the big reason why so many of them fail. You'll learn how to use systems to open floodgates of sales and revenue virtually on-demand (this is your "Silver bullet")

Step 3. Get Instant Targeted Traffic!
Now, this is where you simply "CASH-IN". You'll get Vick's Ultimate Traffic Blueprint and learn exactly where and how to get massive amounts of laser targeted traffic. Visitors to your site who are ready and eager to buy what you're selling.

Is This Really FREE? What's The Catch?
Yes, right now this training is really 100% FREE and there's no "catch". It is brought to your courtesy of Four Percent.

Ready to Start Your 3-DAY BREAKTHROUGH?

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4 Percent Group Review

3- Day Breakthrough Videos in the program after you created your FREE account

  • STEP 1. Find a hot in-Demand Product
  • STEP 2. Create Your V.D. Selling System
  • STEP 3. Get Traffic and Get Money
  • Bonus: The Ultimate Marketing Eco-System. This is the system we use that makes us thousands of dollars daily on autopilot...

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4 Percent Group Review

The 7 streams of income in the 4 percent group system

1. the Four Percent Group system itself. System Price is $97/month (50% discount first 24 hours) of which you earn a 50% commission minus fees. The Four Percent Group system Includes basic training, sales funnels, marketing material, webinars and 90 training episode series called "Operation 100K" by Vick Strizheus. Private facebook group already counts around 8.000 people.
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Optional business Tools promoted inside the system are:

2. ClickMagick Tracking tool. ClickMagick (independent program with affiliate program)

Optin page creators. 3+4.Two leading landingpage builder and optin page creator programs. They have affiliate programs attached:

3. Clickfunnels
Optin page creator. Clickfunnels
4. Leadpages Optin page creator. Leadpages

Autoresponders, they are independent programs with affiliate programs

5. Getresponse
Autoresponder. Getresponse

6. Aweber
Autoresponder. Aweber

7. Udimi
solo ad Market. Go to Udimi

8. TecAdemics (formerly known as "Internet Marketing College
IMC"). Look here at my TecAdemics Review, created and owned by Chris Record. A business education and coaching program. It's a high ticket two tier hybrid affiliate program with a leverage that means there are passups of some of the commissions to the enroller. To earn commission you do not need to buy the products yourself, however you will have benefits if you do.

9. Namecheap.
Create your domain for tracking and own domain email which is a MUST. Get your domain here at Namecheap

10. The Traffic Source. That's another source of income that appears after you finished the 5th. episode of Operation 100K. Which means only available for pro-members. Free members will not see this traffic source. ==> go to the Traffic Source

It is part of the multiple streams of income, however you don't earn money directly, but earn 5% that you can use to order free clicks.

This Secret TrafficSource that you can buy clicks from is a Traffic agency.
Traffic Agencies are traffic brokers selling large amounts of soloads and offer clicks you can buy. Minimum clicks are usually 500-1000 and the price in the range from $0.70 and up. There are a few reliable. One is TheTrafficSource which is recommended by 4 Percent as one of the programs we endors in the multiple streames of income

11. Insta Traffic Mastery. A high level Course where you will learn All about Instagram, Instagram trafficgeneration, Instagram influence and Instagram monetisation, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent", you cannot get this course anywhere else. Price $997, probably discount first 24 hours so you can get it at $497 onetime fee. As a master affiliate you can promote this program and earn 40% commissions. Check out the Insta Traffic Mastery salespage

12. More programs will be intergrateded in The 4 % Group system, multiple streams of income: These programs will be products to complete your Wheel of life the the following areas: Business and marketing - finance - Health and Fitness - Family & Relationships - Love & Romance - Personal Growth - Fun & Recreation - Contribution.

Programs to be released soon in category Business and Marketing:

Category: Business and marketing will have the following products:
- operation 100K - as a stand alone product
- Internet Traffic code - Vick's new traffic course - paid product
- Advanced video secrets - is out available free for pro-members
- SEO Mastery (Josh Earp) - product to come
- Powerday - product to come

Income disclaimer
Obviously this "The 4 Percent Group review" doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts and advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


4 Percent - Backoffice Screenshot

fourpercent group backoffice screenshot - 4 % group review site

4 Percent Group - Backoffice screenshot from video

4 Percent Group Review

4 Percent Video
Operation 100 K - FREE Training
90 episodes

Vick Strizheus is going to show You how to go from zero to 100 K ($100,000) in 90 days.

Above is the Intro video for Operation 100 K. The 1st training video started 1st. august 2016 - and during 90 days you will follow Vick promoting Operation 100 K as a NEWBIE. So that's 90 episodes total, that will walk you through exactly what Vick is doing promoting 4 Percent system, you literally watch him over the shoulder. He will start from scratch and not use his name and excisting email lists and contacts.

I understand that Vick does not promise or guarantee any income or result with this program. This is a journey and I will get to see Vick starting a brand new campaign with a goal to reach $100,000 in affiliate commissions within 90 days. I can model what he does but at my own risk.

(Obviously I cannot show the 90 training videos (episodes) from the FREE Course "Operation 100 K")

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So what exactly is 3-day breakthrough?

The Four Percent Group is one of the fastest growing and most powerful marketing and training center for digital entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our mission is to inspire and help entrepreneurs world-wide rise above average and become great at what matters most - GETTING RESULTS. -- We believe that people don't necessarily need more "information", there's plenty. Enough with "theory" and "concepts". What people really need is results.

This is why we exist. We take seemingly complex topics such as traffic generation, marketing funnels and systems, customer acquisition, business development, automation and scale and make it simple to understand and implement.

Our products and trainings are some of the best in the industry because we deliver the most potent, cutting edge information, strategies and tactics that are working right now.

4 Percent, Is an educational program that teaches you how to do Internet marketing. To become extraordinary instead of an average marketer. It's next level ninja training. An awesome highly supportive group of people in the facebook group and in 4 Percent support. It's nothing you have ever seen before.

FourPercent is an umbrella for multiple sources of income and Vick teaches how to put together a ready system. He has the funnels, emails and other marketing tools for us, but each one of us has to put the system together for it to work flawlessly. Your business won't work without you.

Section "Start Here 7-Steps" walks you through the steps and tools needed to run an online business. In "Operation 100K" Vick gives you a "look over his shoulders" training how to put tools and things together and create a marketing campaign with traffic and everything, with the ultimate goal to earn 100.000 Dollars in 90 days. You may learn from this or model this or copy the exact same as Vick is doing.

In the section "The Journey" Vick interviews successful marketers and you will learn the steps and mindset that brought these people to success.

4 Percent is not an "Income opportunity" in the traditional meaning of the word. It is so much more, it's a vision, it's a lifestyle, it's your journey to understand online marketing and become a successfull marketer. If You start from scratch and are "newbie" to internet marketing, you will not learn these things in one day and you will need to take the time to learn things. The whole 4 Percent system is created to help you do exactly that.

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The future portfolio model will reflect the "Wheel of live" elements. The Training programs is divided in 8 main categories of products.

All products will have two levels: a free level that gives you lots of free value and a paid advanced level. Some products are 4 percent products, some products are from external experts.

The Main Product Categories:
Business and marketing - finance - Health and Fitness - Family & Relationships - Love & Romance - Personal Growth - Fun & Recreation - Contribution

Business and marketing will have the following products:
- operation 100K - episode 6-7 is out primo February
- Internet Traffic code - Vick's new traffic course - paid product
- Advanced video secrets - is out available free for pro-members
- SEO Mastery (Josh Earp) - product to come
- Powerday - product to come
- Instagram celebrity - product to come

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Is 3-day Breakthrough a Scam?
Is 3-day Breakthrough legit?

Is 3-day breakthrough a scam?
No. Come on how a free videoseries with tons of free value be a scam? - how can you even ask that question?

Is 3-day breakthrough  legit?




Q: Why it is called 3-day breakthrough?

A: It's based on the general rule of life 80/20 - 80% of people don't do anything, they are tirekickers. The 20% are those that show interest, then of these 20% only 20% take the action needed - that's YOU the 4 percenter.

Even with a perfect system like four percent group sales system, 96% will be tirekickers and only 4 % will take action. You decide which group you will be in.

Q: What is MSI?
A: that stands for multiple streams of income

Q: How do you earn money with the 4 percent group system?
A: Promote the system. People you enroll pay the system at $97 monthly (50% discount first 24 hours) of which you earn $42 /  $21/mth.
The tools and programs inside the 4 percent group have their own affiliate programs. You need to join these programs one by one and input your affiliate ID for each program.

Now when new 4 percent members are encuraged to get those tools they will join with your affiliate link for each of those programs.
The affiliate programs inside 4 Percent group are free to join except "Leadpages" for this program you need to have an active account first.
These affiliate programs are free to join: ClickMagics, Clickfunnels, Getresponse, Aweber, TecAdemics

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4 Percent Group Review


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I'm working from home with online business in different areas: Web Traffic Generation, Internet Marketing and Health & Diet. I'm a High Traffic Academy Certified partner and Lifetime member of 4 Percent Group.

My Health and Diet website (in danish with translator):www.langtfedtliv.dk

I'm living in Denmark (city Copenhagen) I'm a veterinarian and biologist (DVM, Msc) and have been self employed for many years, including offline business like small animal clinic.
Being able to work from home & doing things when I like and work when I want, has so much value.

enjoy, regards Hans Ronne
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