Web Traffic Tips Overview

Ways to promote Your Business and website - How to Get Traffic - an Overview

Welcome to Web Traffic Tips Overview page.

I will reveal some cool traffic tips that can help you in your business.

I also include a few traffic generation training webinar videos by Vick.

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To do business on the internet you need traffic. With no traffic, no visitors you don't have a business, period end of the story. Getting traffic and getting optins to your business website or lead capture page is crucial for your business.

There are thousands of ways to promote your business page or leadcapture page online.

Generally you should focus on only few different ways to promote your business and then become really good at it. Promotion is something you should learn and if you jump around with many different promotion types you will never get good at anything.

Invest in your business
You should be prepared to invest in your business. If you want to start a shop you have a large investment before you see any return. If you are buying a franchise it's even more.

Say you are in some sort of network marketing business or other "business in a box" done for you business system, for example the "Ready made blog system". Consider you business, whatever that may be, as a franchise, a ready made business you can tap in to, without creating your own marketing system or material, it's a much cheaper franchise than any off-line business.

Basically there are two main ways to get traffic

FREE traffic
PAID traffic

I will recommended you only use 1-3 different traffic methods initially and learn to master them before you try more methods. Use a combination of free and paid traffic.

Your traffic getting strategy combination could be:

1. Blogging and banner advertising on your own blog (free)
2. facebook, tell your friends (free to friends)
3. email list. Promote your business to your email contacts (free)
4. buying clicks to your lead capture page, traffic brokers.
5. solo ad. Your link in other peoples email list
6. media buying. Buy banner ad spots

FREE Traffic
Don't fool yourself to think you can easily get tons of good free traffic. It is time-consuming and many methods with little outcome. That being said some methods could be a very good traffic source.

The best ways to get good FREE traffic:

1. Blogging (recommended)
Blogging is one of the best ways to get free traffic to your site. And the best way to earn money on the internet.
You get natural visitors to your site from search engine results. People search for something and if your site is about that topic you can get free visitors and very targeted and good visitors that might be interested in buying what you have on your site.

If you like writing and has a lot to offer in terms of original content, start blogging. It will take some time with daily blogging to get decent amount of traffic to your blog.

I will point out something important: your content on your website or blog should be unique, the text should not be found on other sites else google will not consider to get it indexed which means it will not show up in search engine results and you wont get any visitors.

If you are copying contents from others it will not get you any traffic and you also have a copy-rights issue. You can get inspired by others articles and re-word it in your own words so it is unique.
Best Spinner software is good for spinning articles and re-wording articles.

Blogging is the best way to earn money on the internet and it could earn you a lot of money.
Look here how to get started blogging

2. Facebook tell your friends (recommended)
Facebook is a good way to get good traffic. Promote your business to your personal friends and "likes" and get your facebook friends to visit your blog and see what you have.
This traffic is obviously limited to the amount of friends you have.

One special discipline is to communicate with other facebook members fx. in groups, but it's a balance not to be spammy.

Facebook has also paid advertising in form of PPC (pay per click). You need to learn this else you will loose your money.

3. Place Ads on FREE ad sites. Classified ads sites. (limited recommended)

Time consuming, it could give a little result, especially Craglist could be a way, but they have restrictions with state/city and number of Ads and they don't allow "work from home" business advertising, so you need to find a way around this, else your Ads get deleted.
Backpage.com is another site.
You can get some leads for your business, but is it worth the effort?
Why not simply buy some advertisement other places?

4. Traffic Exchange(NOT recommended)
(surf websites, banner exchange, click banners, click or view websites to earn credits)
People join these service to promote THEIR OWN PAGE and couldn't care less about YOUR page, they have seen tons of different pages already and not very likely to join anything. Don't do it. Not recommended. Don't waste your time.

5. Offline marketing (recommended)
Promoting websites off-line Can be done using flyers, billboard notes, windscreen flyers, dropcards and handout flyers. Newspaper ads and postcards.

Some of the methods are Free fx. billboard and hand out flyers others are paid fx. newspaper ads.

It's a good way to advertise.
Offline marketing is a forgotten marketing methods that can give good results when done correctly.

You need your own domain name
Offline marketing requires you get an "easy to remember" domain name, so people can go home and type it on their computer, to see what it is that you have.

The domain name is written on paper and people cannot click on it, so it should be a catchy name that people can remember and write correctly. The domain name redirects to your business or lead capture page.

fx. get an easy to remember domain: EarnWithJohn.com, 3000monthly.com and 5000fromhome.com or similar.

These are easy to remember domains, people can go home to check them out and they land directly on your lead capture page or business page, got the idea what I mean?

Domain name and Hosting
It's around $10-15 a year without hosting for a domain name (without hosting you simply redirect to your business page). If You just want a domain name and redirect, you can get one at namecheap.com (for $10.69 /year) https://www.namecheap.com/

More advanced user may choose to get hosting as well for their domain name. If you choose to have hosting you should get a decent host.
HostGater.com is one of the best hosting companies and the one I use for my about 13 different domains. It's $12.95 /year for domain at hostgator and from $3.96 monthly for hosting of one domain.
You can get both domain name and hosting at hostgator. I do that.

Paid Traffic
Free traffic from Blogging is Queen, while Paid traffic is King - Paid traffic saves you a lot of time.

Pay for your traffic - test different methods, find those that are working, scale it up to get tons of traffic on demand to any website.

High traffic Academy is a high Quality course that teaches You how to get traffic to any website, primarily paid traffic.
High traffic Academy is also a community of successful people sharing their knowledge about traffic and earning money on the internet.

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With paid traffic, You can decide how much traffic and how many visitors and how many leads you want. There are tons and tons of traffic out there you can buy..... BUT you need to find the good traffic sources, else you will loose money.

Some traffic it worth nothing, there is so much fraud going on, so be careful.
Paid traffic is a jungle and it's easy to get lost and buy some worthless traffic.
... so always start small, test and learn and scale it up

So much paid traffic is of little value, no value or simply fraud.
So little of the paid traffic is actually good and even if it's good you need to learn to master it and learn how to do and what to do with the traffic you are getting,

As long as your outcome is bigger than your investment with paid traffic, then go for it and scale it up.

If you know that a certain traffic method will give you 2, 3 or 10 times your investment, then obviously you will do this all day long .... AND you can scale it up, which is very important.

With all the free traffic methods you cannot scale it up to give you 10 or 100 times the amount of traffic.

Different forms of paid traffic
There are banner ads, pay per click (PPC), text ads, pay per view (PPV) ads. Solo ads (email), banner ads, popups, popunder, video ad, videomarketing, traffic brokers sell clicks directly to your website.

Paid traffic can be the worst traffic you can imagine. The internet is full of crap and people selling fraud clicks to earn a living. If you find sellers selling 10.000 clicks for $10 you are sure to get crap.

If you go to fiverr.com to buy traffic, a website selling gigs for $5, you are sure to get worthless traffic. At Fiverr you can get graphics, audio and video work done and other things, but don't buy traffic.

If you choose to buy more expensive clicks let's say $0.80 per click you cannot be sure this is good traffic either.

Avoid paid to click services, where people get paid to click your banner or link in email. Avoid paid to view services, were people are getting paid to click or view your site, obviously they are not interested to buy anything.

Avoid traffic bought from fiverr and bit.ly (Adf.ly) traffic.

Important with Paid Traffic
ALWAYS start small, test and learn and scale it up if it gives profit.

Traffic brokers
There are companies where you can buy clicks, they are called traffic brokers. You simply order the amount of clicks you want, pay and give them your link. Sometimes they will need to know the business opportunity you're promoting

You only need to provide a link (no email copy) and (sometimes) the Business you are promoting, then they do the rest. It's $0.75 - 0,90 per click depending on amount of clicks ordered.

You only need to submit your link, and they do the rest. No email copy text required. How easy is that?

Like all other paid traffic you should be careful and always test small. Not all traffic brokers deliver good traffic.
(I will come with links to good traffic brokers later)

Coop Ads
Some network marketing companies or communities has Co-op ads. Which means the organization buys a large chunk of traffic, then the individual member buys a share of that traffic to get clicks to their website. You buy a share of a larger campaign ran by others in the category "home business opportunity".

Is this good? maybe or maybe not. It depend on the traffic source. Test small.

Solo Ads
You buy a spot on other peoples email list, which means your ad, email text with link or simply you link, will go out in emails to people on a list.
When ordering the solo Ad you need to provide the email text and the link or simply the link only.

For good solo ad traffic expect to pay around $ 0.50-0.80 per click (per visitor to your site) and expect around 30% optin rate, sometimes more. Which means 100 clicks will result in 30 optins or contacts in your autoresponder list.

Expect to pay 1.5 - 3 dollars per lead to your autoresponder.
Expect around 2-3 percent of your leads to turn into paid signups to your business.

You should always test small fx. 100 clicks and see how it goes... and ALWAYS use a tracking tool.
Always be careful with Solo Ad providers, some deliver crap traffic which they buy very cheap to sell as solo ads (= fraud).

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...or go here to view the free Video series

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