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Complete marketing system with Leadcapture pages
Customizable to any online business

mobile banner & leadcapture page

Take Your promotion, advertising and marketing a step further by getting the Simple2Advertise marketing system.

It’s a complete marketing system in a box all done for you system for promoting any online business in the "work from home" niche.

They have a tons of different leadcapture pages including Video capture pages where you can choose your own video, mobile lead capture pages and Facebook apps so you can have a leadcapture page on the Facebook tab of your facebook page. Two of the leadcapture pages are quizzbased and especially the page "2 minut quiz", converts to leads like crazy.

You will find banners in all sizes that match each capture page to promote any online "work from home" business, MLM and network marketing. You will also find mobile banners and matching mobile capture pages.

The system is not for promoting special products like weightloss, ebooks and the like.

They have advertising campaigns running you can buy a share of to get traffic to your leadcapture page.
They have a list of traffic sources so you can find and buy your own traffic if you like.

You can customize your leadcapture page and promote any work from home business you might have. You can connect your own autoresponder, aweber, getresponse or GVO to the capture pages and you can set which "thank you page" people should arrive on after optin.

Simple2Advertise marketing system costs $37/month and is worth a lot more and I highly recommend it. Get it here: Simple2Advertise marketing system

Some of the banners that come with Simple 2 Advertise. The banners come in all sizes and all banners have corresponding leadcapture pages that match.

Some of the leadcapture pages that come with Simple 2 Advertise

Facebook tab capturepage

Video about Simple 2 Advertise. A short review

Get Simple 2 Advertise here.

Video. Shantelle is going through the simple2advertise marketing system. More banners and leadcapture pages have been added since this video. She is talking about EmpowerNetwork (earn money blogging about the things you love) , however the system can be used for any "work from home" opportunity.​


I'm working from home with online business in different areas: Web Traffic Generation, Internet Marketing and Health & Diet. I'm a High Traffic Academy Certified partner and Lifetime member of 4 Percent Group.

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I'm living in Denmark (city Copenhagen) I'm a veterinarian and biologist (DVM, Msc) and have been self employed for many years, including offline business like small animal clinic.
Being able to work from home & doing things when I like and work when I want, has so much value.

enjoy, regards Hans Ronne
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