SEO Mastery Review

Master the art of Search Engine Optimization - Training By Josh Earp

​Here is my review of The SEO Mastery" a high level Course By Josh Earp that teaches you every thing you want to know about Search Engine Optimization, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

SEO Mastery review
Official SEO Mastery Website

Product Name: "SEO Mastery" a high level Course that teaches you Search Engine Optimization, exclusively delivered by "The 4 Percent"

You will Learn SEO by One of the absolute masters of SEO: Josh Earp

Sold as a stand alone product. You do not need to be member of 4 Percent to buy this course.


SEO Mastery Course

What is 4 Percent? It's an educational platform for visionary entrepreneurs, that offers you a lot of free training. 4 Percent also has a marketplace where you can buy highquality courses exclusively for 4 Percent, presented by the best presenters in the world within in their fields.

To get this Course go to the Official SEO Mastery website. Price is Only $997 onetime with a $500 discount right now, so you can get it now for $497


Why do you need SEO?

​Why Your Business Website Needs to be Optimized for Search Engines

You want to have your website ranked at the first page of Google Search Results for your most important Keywords. It is getting you FREE Traffic - and this traffic is the best you can ever get - it is highly targeted traffic, because people searched for YOUR Important keyword.


Content of SEO Mastery

SEO Mastery course is a module based course that will teach you everything you want to know about SEO. Created by Josh Earp and brought to you exclusively through the 4 Percent.  To buy the Course go directly to the SEO Mastery website or become free member of 4 Percent Group and purchase the course from the backoffice. Introductory price $497 (Normal price $997)

What You'll learn from SEO Mastery


• Complete SEO Mastery from A-Z
• Secret Tools and Software Reveal
• Perfect training for eStage system
• How to rank your website
• How to rank YouTube videos
• How to promote affiliate offers
• How to get unlimited traffic through SEO
• How to rank ecommerce products
• How to create SEO consultancy
• BONUS 1: Niche Traffic Hacks
• BONUS 2: Amazon Ranking Secrets
• BONUS 3: Ongoing monthly coaching

SEO Mastery Course Modules

Curriculum For This Course COURSE INTRO
• Course Overview
• Seo 101 Recorded Webinar

• Introduction To SEO
• Tools & Software
• Google’s Algorithm
• Moz
• Pr Checker
• Majestic

• Market Research Introduction
• Market Research & Competitive Analysis
• How To Create A Market Breakdown Sales Video

• Website Creating Introduction
• Hosting & Money Site Creation

• On Page Optimization Introduction
• WordPress Final Touches
• Inner Linking

• Off Page Optimization Introduction
• Citation Building
• Press Releases
• Social Signals
• 301 Redirect
• Private Blog Networks (P.B.Ns)
• Cloak Hosting P.B.Ns
• P.B.N Set Up
• Linking Out And Anchor
• Traffic Crowd Search

• Client Acquisition Introduction
• How To Create A Market Breakdown
• Sales Video Client Proposal

• Affiliate Seo Introduction
• Organic Traffic Hacks

• Secrets To Ranking Amazon Introduction
• Rank Your Amazon Page #1 On Google

• Video Marketing Introduction
• Ranking You Tube Videos

​SEO Mastery is not just any product, this is literally the best, worlds best trainer Josh Earp. This is someone who coaches and consulting and doing SEO work for Celebrities and Companies doing billions of dollars per year.

We are talking about movie producers, HollyWood, some of the biggest names in business in online marketing space, some of the biggest influencers. Josh Earp does their SEO, he trains their team on how to do SEO, so when the discussion came for about bringing SEO training in to the 4 Percent Platform, what's the best when it comes to SEO, because people ask about this.

​There is paid traffic, there is content marketing and SEO. So if you have a website, you wanna rank, a video you wanna rank, if you want to rank affiliate stuff, your own stuff, ecommers store, whatever it is you wanna rank, on youtube on search engines, how do you do that.

What we wanna to do, we wanted to really find the best expert in the SEO area, and that name "Josh Earp" came up. We are bringing this course to the Four Percent, exclusively available to our affiliates and Platform here.

​Vick Strizheus interviewed Josh Earp in the video below to reveal what is included in the course.

Here is one thing I can tell you, it's possible to rank your affiliate personal website, it's possible for you to promote somebody elses offer and rank that on youtube and rank that on facebook and rank that on google and yahoo, it's very possible, but you got to understand how to do Search Engine Optimization.


    SEO Mastery - Vick Strizheus interviewing Josh Earp

    Video by 4 Percent - Vick Strizheus interviewing Josh Earp about the SEO Course

    Video Transcript from Video above

    Vick Strizheus:
    We have a training coming in to the 4 percent Platform and Market Place, it's all about SEO.


    SEO Mastery Affiliate Program

    SEO Mastery affiliate Program - How to join the Affiliate program?
    The course is a high end program presented through 4 Percent's portfolio program. As a 4 Percent Pro member, you will be able to earn 50% commission on this course if some of your free or paid 4 percent members purchase the program. You will also be able to promote this program individually to the world and people do not need to join Four Percent to purchase this program.

    Note: you do NOT need to purchase this program yourself in order to earn commissions on sales. We sell products for what they are and are not a MLM company that require to buy a product in order to sell it. That's a crap MLM mentality. 

    Become pro-member, it's only $49 monthly - First Join as Free member here and upgrade to pro member.


    about SEO Mastery

    ​In Real Estate the 3 most important words are: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

    Your website (or any of the web properties such as a video, podcast, blog, etc) is a virtual "real state" property, and the same 3 words remain most important - location, location, location.

    ​The big question is "How Do You Do That?"

    ​There were two problem entrepreneurs were facing - information overload and inaccurate information / useless trainings.

    ​Not anymore!

    ​Introducing - SEO Traffic Mastery from Four Percent.

    ​This is world's most complete, most potent and cost comprehensive training program that shows you how to master SEO.

    ​Presented by world's top SEO expert - Josh Earp. Josh is a marketing consultant to multi-billionaires, TV Stars and Celebrities.

    In summary, Josh teaches billionaires how to make more billions by leveraging the power of organic search through Search Engine Optimization.

    ​In this course you will learn everything from A-Z on how to start and master SEO.

    ​Whether you are selling your own product or you’re promoting something as an affiliate - these skills will certainly elevate you head and shoulders above your competition, allowing you to direct massive amounts of traffic from search engines including YouTube and channel them to any website of your choice.

    ​Just imagine the possibilities!

    The best part is this is some of the highest quality traffic and you will learn how to get it 100% FREE and long-term through Search Engine Optimization.

    ===>  Enroll and start your training now!  <===



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    SEO Mastery Review

    eStage Review - Website and Blogging System for Entrepreneurs - by 4 percent

    Four percent has launched a brand new Website and Blogging System based on WordPress, with Themes, Plugins and Widgets for Entrepreneurs. It's a stand alone Product that is sold by 4 Percent affiliates to any entrepreneurs who need a home on the internet, a platform to promote their business and brand.

    eStage Review
    Official Website: eStage
    Product Name: eStage theme
    Price for one domain license: $97 monthly

    Here is my review of the brand new eStage theme and blogging system for wordpress


    4 Percent Group Review

    ​eStage Blogging system - $97 /mo

    Get it Now

    About eStage Website and Blogging System

    How to get your hands on eStage: Buy eStage from your Four Percent backoffice og signup for Four Percent here

    ​eStage is a website and blogging system that consists of themes, plugins and widgets specifically designed for entrepreneurs. eStage system comes with multiple themes that you can choose from, included in the package.

    Themes for specific industries, like realestate, insurance et.c. will be released as paid options. Your website blog will be fully customizable and responsive so it will fit every device screen, laptop and mobile. eStage is not just a theme for wordress it's a lot more.

    eStage is Based on wordpress and you should have your own domain and hosting for your wordpress blog and eStage System. Own domain is a necessity for any entrepreneur.

    eStage is Your home on the internet from where you can message out to the world, plant your flag, this is who I am, this is what I'm selling, here's the services I'm offering. You will be able to use estage to build your services company, sell you affiliate stuff or anything, this is your world.

    You will be able to build a landingpage (included with the current license) to where you can host videos you can host webinars, you can share content, for example fourpercent content.

    FourPercnt is developing own plugins. One plugin especially developed for estage is called Pagebuilder, where you will be able to visualize the page while you are building it, drag and drop type of designing. What you see is what you get pagebuilder. It is available as a separate add on product to eStage, through the FourPercent marketplace.

    ​Additional add ons to the eStage system package are Different themes, Plugins and widgets available through the FourPercent marketplace.

    What is eStage - Short overview
    1. You should have a domain with hosting
    2. Install a wordpress blog on your domain
    3. By default the wordpress blog comes with a free "theme" which is the "skin" or design of your blog.
    4. there are thousands of themes you can choose from for your blog of which some are paid themes.
    5. 4P designed a special theme for your wordpress blog with special 4 P features. It's optional to have eStage on your blog and your first job is to get a blog, then you can decide if you want eStage as theme.

    Advanced training in Estage and WordPress
    "eStage academy" advanced training how to master wordpress and estage. Sold as a separate product.

    eStage Academy
    Course in eStage, how to use it for your online business, how to use wordpress.
    This is not free. Price $497

    ​eStage Academy - $497



    How to install eStage

    eStage is a theme and plugin for WordPress, so it is required you have wordpress first on your own domain. WordPress is a blog. You cannot use the wordpress you can get free at / domains.

    You need to have wordpress on your own domain and hosting and it's not expensive and very easy.

    Here is a short walk through how to get domain, hosting, wordpress and eStage

    1. First you should get a domain and hosting. I recommend Bluehost hosting for your domain. Bluehost offer one free domain when you create a hosting account at Bluehost.

    2. When you have created a hosting account and chosen a domain, you install wordpress with a push of a button from your Bluehost account. Go to your C-panel of your Bluehost account and choose wordpress 1-click install. It takes two seconds.

    If you want the blog to be in the root of the domain, say your domain is: do not choose a special folder for the blog.

    You also have the optiont to have your blog in a folder of your domain, like:  or what ever folder you choose. The only thing is the folder should not excist before, because you choose the folder name, when you create the wordpress blog.

    3. after you created your blog, you should download estage to your computer, from Four Percent backoffice. It's a .zip file and calles something like with a version number in it.

    4. after you downloaded the file to your computer, login to your blog backoffice (the dashboard) and go to left menu "appearance" and choose "themes". Now click "add new" and then "upload Theme" and find your file on your computer and upload.

    Next activate eStage theme.

    5. That's it, you have installed eStage theme and website blogging system.

    This was a short walkthrough how to install WordPress and eStage, just so you know the main steps. There is a full description how to install eStage at:

    What plugins to install on your wordpress

    Plugins are small program add ons to wordpress, each plugin has special features that improves the functions and design of your wordpress blog.

    Your eStage theme offers many different special features designed by Four Percent, to help you in your business and to help you promote Four Percent products.

    Plugins that Four Percent recommends for eStage are:
    • Contact Form 7
    • One Click Demo Import
    • WordPress SEO

    Additional Plugins that I will recommend for eStage

    I run several blogs and have been blogging for several years and I use additional plugins on my blogs, that I found useful and selected carefully, including plugins on this blog. These are:

    Additional Plugins that I will recommend for eStage are:

    Wordfence Security (strong security and firewall, so no one breaks in to your house)
    WP-SpamShield (avoid lots of spam in comments)
    WP-DBManager (backup and manage your database)
    Jetpack by - many features, the one I use all day is statistics from wordpress, where you can see how many visitors and what pages they visited. You need to create a free account at
    Duplicate Post - you can clone posts
    Post Type Switcher - you can change pages to posts and visa versa
    StarBox - nice "about the author" box, with profile photo
    Yoast SEO - I use that instead of WordPress SEO

    How to install these plugins?
    For each of the plugins: In your blog dashboard, left menu "plugins", "add new". Copy the name of the plugin you will install, I gave you the exact name above. Find the plugin and click install, then activate and you are good.

    How to have your photo appear in your blog
    WordPress uses avatar profile photos that are attached to your email you are using for the blog under "users - Your profile". Go to and connect your email with a profile photo.


    Earn Money From Blogging - How to Monetize a Blog​

    Can I really earn money blogging about my interests, my passion and things I love?

    Firstly what is a BLOG?
    A Blog it is short for Web-Log, sort of a diary on the internet. When you make an article about something, it's called a "Post". Each post gets it's own page on the blog. This article you're reading is a Post on my blog.

    A Blog is a place, a site, a site, on the internet, your own website, where you can write about anything you feel like. You're in charge, you're your own boss, so you decide!

    The Word "Blogging" means writing something on your blog.

    A blog can earn you money
    Thousands of people are earning money with their blog. How you might ask?

    Check out Four Percent, it's a membership site, that teaches you how to become an online entrepreneur.

    You can get a blog up and running in 5 mins
    You can get Your very own Blog in 5 minutes all set up, all done and ready for you so you can start blogging immediately - and start earning money. Get a domain and hosting and install a blog in few secs, then check out Four Percent to learn how to become an online entrepreneur and earn money with your blog. We have a multiple streams of income system, that you can plug in to.

    Having a blog
    Having a blog is becoming more and more popular, soon everybody wants a blog and wants to start blogging and earn money blogging.

    Some years ago, the private diary on the Internet was common, now Professional blogging has become more popular, more and more people take the professional approach when it comes to blogging, which means they are becoming more and more aware of the fact that it is possible to make a living off the internet and even make a huge income... by blogging about what interests them the most. Get started with your Own money earning and blogging system: CLICK HERE

    In the beginning, people blogged about everything and nothing, but today it is quite different. Today, people are good at writing about specific topics, which is characterizing bloggers today, they stick to one topic:

    The new Iphone, gardening, fashion, their hobby, their profession, their special skill, dogtraining, dog breading, cats, their sport, fishing, golfing, computer, internet, handcraft, recipes, cooking, dieting, the topics are an endless row.

    The real fuel behind blogging comes from two things: are you truly passionate about something and are you willing and able to write about that passionate topic every day. If so, you might be able to translate a passion into a successful blog... and earn an extra income even a full time income. You can start here.

    Have you ever been thinking about making money online?

    Have you ever played with the idea of earning money off the internet and becoming a blogger and perhaps even being able to live by it, but don't know how and where to start, then you should listen in here.

    Do you want to earn an extra income and earn money online or even replace your current income and quit your job?

    Do you have someting you are good at, a special skill, a hobby, something you are passionate about - something you want to write about?

    Yes, You can Make an extra income online
    Yes, You can earn money by blogging, even a huge income.

    4 ingredients to get started earning money with a Blog

    1. You need a Blog - you can get a blog in just 5 mins from now Click here
    You can get a ready made Money Getting Blog, a blogging System all done and setup for you. You don't need to think of domain, hosting and setting everything up.

    2. Find a topic: Find out what interests you. You should blog about a topic you find easy to dive in to and write about.
    Actually you can write about several different topics, but it's best to center your blog about a certain topic and area.

    You need to blog daily or at least make few posts a week consistently, to get content on your blog and visitors to your blog. Optional you can start advertising to drive traffic to you new business.  

    3. You need interested people to come visiting your blog. They will come automatically when they search in google about your topic, if you have good and unique content on your blog.

    4. you need to monetize your blog, which means you need a way to make money from the visitors to your blog, something that generates income for you.

    ​How to generate income from your blog?

    ​You need to have something on your blog that generates income for you. It could be banners or text ads on your blog selling e-books, courses or business opportunities. 

    Actually you only need one thing on your blog that generates income for you and that's the blogging system and business opportunity. Get started with your own blogging system here

    The blogging system is also a business opportunity that can earn you money. By showing people the blogging system, they can get up and running and start blogging in few mins.

    Promoting this ready made blogging system can potentially earn You a lot of money.

    See the banner here - and the banner in the right side bar? - these are banners promoting the blogging system and business opportunity.

    Once you get your own blog and business opportunity, you can advertise the blogging system to your visitors and make commissions from the sales.

    ​More ways to generate income from your blog

    Besides selling blogging system, which can earn you an extra income or even a big income, there are other things you can sell from your blog.

    How I make money from my blog
    I can best explain by showing what generates income from my blog, the blog you are on right now:
    I blog about webtraffic, tools for online business and about earning money by blogging.

    A. my webtraffic blogging:
    I promote and sell Four Percent products and make commissions from selling these products. You can do the same once you become a member of Four Percent and learn online marketing. 

    B. my blogging about tools for online business:
    I advertise different tools for people doing online business, all of which I make a commission off.
    Here are some of the tools I promote:
    Adtracker (, Aweber autoresponder, Getresponse autoresponder, Simple2Advertise (ready made leadcapture pages), Clickfunnels (Create leadcapture funnels), Best Spinner (spin articles), Bluehost (get own domains and webhosting)

    C. my blogging about how to earn money by blogging.
    I promote and sell the blogging system and make commission from sales. You can do the same once you get your own blogging system.

    ​How YOU can make money from YOUR blog

    A. You can sell the blogging system and High Traffic Academy course once you become member and make a commission from sales.
    Just by having a banner on your blog that lead people to get the blogging system you have the opportunity to earn money from the internet... even a HUGE income.

    B. You can have other banners on your blog, promoting different products that you can earn commissions on.
    What products to promote? - you can promote any product you like. Most products you can buy on the internet has an affiliate program, provided by the company behind the product. Join that affiliate program, get your affiliate link and a banner for that product and you are up and running.

    Best to promote products related to your topic
    Obviously it's best to promote products that are related to the topics you chose to write about, because you get people to your blog who are interested in that topic you are writing about and they are the best potential customer for products that are related to your topic.

    Example: if you blog about Classic Cars, a banner on your blog about cooking and recipes is obviously not very likely to get any sales. It is completely off topic and not targeted towards the audience for your classic cars.
    The people visiting your site want to read about classic cars and what's more they are mostly men not interested in recipes.

    So you should show banners that your special audience might be interested in. That could be: car insurance, tools, repair guides, books, car parts, car accessories, audio for cars.

    Say you're blogging about classic cars. Which of the two advertisments are targeted for your blog audience: the classic car insurance quote or the Recipes ad? By the way isn't a beauty car this Jaguar type E?

    There is one product you can promote on every blog! - You know what it is?
    No matter what topic you are blogging about - you can promote the blogging system to all visitors who come to your blog whether your blog is about Classic Cars or your new born baby.
    All people are interested to earn money online, but most simply don't know how to do it and how to get started. If you can show them a way, don't you think they will be interested to check it out? - you bet they will. Maybe YOU should check out the Blogging system, right? is selling tons of different physical products and they have an affiliate program you can join. has thousands of digital products, mainly e-books, software or membership sites subscriptions. Join as an clickbank affiliate, create a free account and find a product to promote, grab a banner and your affiliate link for that product and earn a commission. Two of the popular products from clickbank below: "How to loose weight, the 3 week Diet" and "how to get a flat stomach and six-pack abs". Each one generates about $30 average for a sale.

    Most digital online products have affiliate program
    Most digital online products has an affiliate program you can join and earn a commission selling these products just by having a banner on your site or by writing about these products.

    So isn't time for You to get started blogging and earning money online?

    Start blogging and start earning money online CLICK HERE