Domination BluePrint Review

Your Treasure Map to Success

A BluePrint to Earning Multiple Streams of Income
in just a few days without having a Product

You probably came here because you have heard the buzz about The Domination Blueprint created by Vick Strizheus from the 4 Percent Group and searched for the term Domination Blueprint Review.

You came here because you want to earn a stable income online - and are tired of all your failures with previous opportunities and systems.

Domination Blueprint Review

Your Treasure Map to Success

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Domination Blueprint Review


The Domination Blueprint Review
Official Website: 4PercentGroup

Product Name: "Domination Blueprint" a marketing funnel for "The 4 Percent Group"

This is the review of The Domination Blueprint that is a strategic sales system that promotes "The 4 Percent Group" multiple streams of income sales system.

The 4 Percent Group is a unique sales system to earning multiple streams of income - there is nothing that comes close to this on the internet. It is currently in prelaunch and will launch full around 1st. sept 2016.


Domination Blueprint Review

Vick Strizheus created The Domination Blueprint as well as the 4 percent group. He earlier created Global Success Club, the 48 hour cashmachine, Big Idea Mastermind, Internet Traffic Formula and Hightraffic Academy (2012-2016).

The Domination Blueprint is a Sales System designed for new internet entrepreneurs as well as seasoned marketers, to help them earn their very first money online easily with a simple Done-for-You system and help experienced marketers to take their business to a new level.

The Domination Blueprint is Designed to allow a complete newbie, even if you have never made a single dime online before, to go through the Domination Blueprint and the 4 Percent system and start making money.

Basically The Domination Blueprint is a sales funnel that promotes the 4 % group sales system. The Domination Blueprint is modeled from Vick Strizheus most successful funnel "Total Domination Engineering" (TDE funnel) from 2015 promoting HighTrafficAcademy traffic course.

Below you can see the salespage from Hightraffic Academy's TDE funnel. That was the 4th. and last video which opened the abillity to purchase with a 2 hour timeframe for the lowest price. Make no mistake, the price actually doubled after the 2 hours. From $495 to $995 

Domination Blueprint Review

Screenshot from Vick Strizheus HighTrafficAcademy TDE sales funnel from 2015
The salespage and 4th and last video in the series

Domination Blueprint Review

Screenshot from Vick Strizheus's 48 hour cashmachine salespage from 2010

How does the Domination Blueprint works?

The concept and idea with The Domination Blueprint system is, like the TDE funnel, to give a lot of value to people even if they decide NOT to jump onboard the 4 Percent Group, which it is designed to "sell" ultimately.
People need to opt in to a landing page and will be presented with a series of videos over the next days that will present a lot of value and goodies how to create a success online business on the internet.

People will learn how an Online business works, how to find good products to promote, how to use landingpages and autoresponders. Then the last day, they are presented with a shortcut, a done for you system, which they can tap into and start immediately. That shortcut is obviously the "4 Percent Group" sales system they will be able to get for $49/mth instead of normal price $297/mth IF they get it with in the next hour, else the price will go up to normal. That creates an urgency psychological effect that push people to buy.   

The construction of the Domination Blueprint system (funnel) goes like this:
The Domination Blueprint system will teach people how to earn commission by selling products you do not own yourself = other peoples products and earn a commission by doing it.

  • You will be educated how to earn multiple streams of commission in few days. You will learn how to search for and find a good product to promote, which affiliate networks to search in to find the good products

  • The Domination blueprint will next teach you how to promote the product you found. How to use landingpage, how does it works and how to create a strategic sales system with examples. How to collect emails via the landingpage and how to build a list and how to market the product to your contacts

  • The Domination Blueprint will next teach you how to get good traffic and get paid commission, even if they do not buy 4%

If people follow the education they can realistically earn a commission with a good product within few days, by doing the manual process taught

The idea with the Domination Blueprint funnel, is to provide value to people, so they can see how to earn money online, what they shall do it, so it creates a positive expectancy, they can technically do it themselves...

Now the point of this strategic sales system "The Domination Blueprint" is to "Sell" the 4% group system by providing people a shortcut to start earning commissions. If they want to eliminate all the research finding a product, set up landingpage, create autoresponder series, how to know which one product is good, how to pick a good product, How to make a strategic sales system.

... If people want to skip this part and get a shortcut to success, they are presented to the 4 % group sales system, a done for You system they just can tap in to and start immediately to earning commissions very shortly.

That's it, my review of The Domination Blueprint. Now go Get Started with your own business, Click Here to Join the Domination Blueprint

Domination Blueprint Review

Income disclaimer
Obviously this "Domination Blueprint review" doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts and advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.


The Domination Blueprint - Videos

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Domination Blueprint Review

The Domination Blueprint
Backoffice Screenshot

domination Blueprint backoffice


Is Domination BluePrint a Scam?
Is Domination BluePrint legit?

Is Domination Blueprint a scam?

Is Domination Blueprint legit?

Q: Why it is called the Domination Blueprint?
A: the system teaches the principles how to earn money promoting other peoples products, as an affiliate marketer, fast and realisticly earn the first commission within few days

What is MSI?
MSI stands for multiple streams of income

Watch the Video - and Get Your Domination Blueprint
& start Earn money in few days