​Solo Ads - OPL Traffic Method - Other People's List - How to find a good Solo Ad provider

​What is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad is an effective way of email advertising.
You Pay a person for sending out YOUR email to THEIR email list.

The list you choose to advertise on should match your offers, in other words the audience should be interested in what you have.

You can pay for sending out your email to an entire list, but usually you pay per click so you buy say 500 clicks and that is what you get.

Sometimes you give them your email copy with subject line and link, often the solo ad Provider uses their own email copy and you simply give them you link and that's it. The solo Ad Provider then gives you the number of clicks you bought. Usually they have other advertisers and use a rotator link so the clicks are rotated between those that advertise.

The OPL Method, Other People list Method is easy to scale up. If you find a good Solo Ad Provider you can easily buy a large number of clicks to your website.

Price per click can range from $0.3 up to $1-1.5 or even more, depending on quality.

WARNING about Solo Ad Providers

There are a lot of fraud going on in the online world and that goes for Solo Ad Providers too.

There are many Solo Ad Vendors that sell crap clicks, worthless clicks that will give you worthless traffic. They simply buy Crap traffic for example 1000 clicks $1 = $0.001 per click and redirect to your link and you give 10 times or 100 times more than the seller spend. If they sell for $0.3 per click they earn 99% of your purchase.  

It's almost impossible to recognize and sort out the bad ones, therefore you should always start small fx. 50-100 clicks and see how it goes.

Another method is to use good solo ad directories and trusted Solo Ad Providers.

Solo Ad Providers - List of freebies

One general thing about professional Solo Ad Providers is they collect leads to their list by offering Free Gifts, thus have a list of freebies that are maybe not the best buyers.

One other thing is many solo ad providers swap email list or advertise at each others list and thereby grow a large list of subscribers (freebies) who are on several list.

Therefore the method described in the video, by contacting blog owners directly, may be a much better quality list of subscribers and more targeted for your offer.

UDIMI ​Solo Ad Provider - a Solo Ad Community

Udimi.com is a Solo Ad Community where Solo Ad Providers sell clicks. The deliverability is quality and fraud controlled, which makes this unique.
It's FREE to join and you can create a FREE account to browse through the solo ad Vendors and choose one and purchase the amount of clicks you want. Accepts Paypal.

I have used several and not all are good (bad experience with Mark Lee). I cannot guarantee anything, but these two below are some I have used.

Traffic Agencies

Traffic Agencies are traffic brokers selling large amounts of soloads and offer clicks you can buy.  Minimum clicks are usually 500-1000 and the price in the range from $0.70 and up. There are a few reliable. One is TheTrafficSource which is recommended by me and Vick in 4 Percent

    ​Video OPL Traffic Method. Other Peoples list method

    Video by Vick Strizheus - go to min 36-55. Vick is talking about "Other Peoples List" how to tap into other peoples email list - and get your email out in front of thousands of subscribers​

    ​There are many different ways to get traffic to your website. I am gonna show you a couple of different methods you can implement in your business today, they will be relatively easy to implement and very inexpensive. This is something you can apply in your business today.

    One of the methods is something I call O.P.L. Method, other People's list method.

    Let me show you how this works, it's pretty Awesome. With this method you can get instant traffic very quickly to your website.

    Usually very inexpensive, works for all kinds of niches. It allows you to build your list very quickly. If you don't have a list, if you are someone who just started out, this is perfect, this is how I got started online, this was how I was able to get my first $10.000 a month income level and got it up to $30.000 a month level, just by utilizing this one method alone I am gonna walk you through right now.

    This method is fast, scalable & consistent, if done correctly.

    There is 3 components to good traffic:
    1. fast
    2. scalable
    3. consistent

    If you are looking at traffic methods that doesn't have these 3 components, walk away from it. With this one, OPL method, it have all three.

    Here is how it works

    Let me explain to you, the easiest way I can explain to you is like this.
    Let's say you are in to dogtraining, chances are there are probably other people promoting similar stuff in that niche.

    Lets say you are in to weightloss, there are probably other marketers there are in to the same thing you are in to. If you are in to a business opportunity, how to make money online, chances are there is other people promoting similar offers and similar products in that niche.

    The idea is, there is different marketers with different list, they have already built a list, lets say this guy have a list of 100.000 people, next guy has 70.000 people on a list and next guy has 300.000 people on his list.

    They can be different marketers, publishers, ezines which is electronic magazines. The idea here for us, especially if you are just getting started and when you need to get traffic on demand.
    When I need to get traffic fast, if I wanna test something I can go to these guys. A lot of these guys will allow you to tap in to their list, they will sell you something called solo ad. Let's say this guy has a list of 100,000 people on his list, a lot of these folk will allow you to send your advertisement to their entire subscriber base of their list to a hundred thousand people, can you imagine that? which is Awesome for us, for people who will implement this method.

    For a lot of time this is very inexpensive, we talk about $50, $70 or $100, but we can tap into those marketers list. These people are already looking for what we have got. Maybe they opted in on their landingpage or got on their newsletter on their blog and they did resonate with the product they were selling, but if you got something similar we can tap in to that list and get in front of those subscribers and you can get traffic instantly to your website and get sales, so the whole idea is, tap into that list and send traffic to your website, hopefully if you are smart you will send this traffic to your landingpage so you can capture those subscribers and build your own list and this is the perfect way to build you list.

    So this is the overall birds eye view how this process works.

    Here's what you Do
    Now let me show you what you can do and how to apply this.
    You can do this right now.

    Go to Google, search for your "Keyword" + "ezine" or "newsletter". Your primary keyword for whatever you are promoting: dogtraining, watching TV on the computer, how to play better golf, whatever you are in to + Ezine or Newsletter.

    Then you will see a list of different publishers and different marketer and blog owners that offer a solo ad which is a stand alone advertising to their entire list.

    Another thing you can do, this is really underground, I don't see other marketers out there teach this, but this can work really well.

    Go to Google and type in "your keyword" + "blog" fx. dogtraining + blog, entertainment + blog, weightloss + blog, business opportunity + blog. You will see a list of different bloggers, people that are blogging about that topic. And a lot of these guys will have an optin form on their blog where their readers, their subscribers, their loyal followers they can get on their list to get regular updates from them.

    So what we can do, we find these blogs that collect leads, they have a webform on their blog and you are gonna contact that blog owner and you ask them if you can buy a solo ad to their list. Very Awesome.

    If you haven't done it before you definitely give it a try. These can be some of the best buyers for whatever you are promoting. Obviously if you have the right audience, subscribers. If people are looking for dogtraining you are not gonna selling business opportunity and vice versa. You want to match the subscribers and your offer.

    This can be a really Awesome way for you to do.

    Let me show you how it's done
    Vick goes to Google and search for Dogtraining + newsletter.

    A bunch of newsletters pop up where you can potential get in front of the site owners subscribers. Don't look at the sponsored ads to the left and ads on the top = adwords. Look at the organic results.

    What you do, is you contact this newsletter owner, hey can I buy a solo ad from you?

    Bye the way I will give you a list of questions you should ask the list owners, before you buy an ad a Blueprint you can follow every time when you implement this.

    Here we got the ezine directory here www.ezine-dir.com let's check this one out!

    Look at these places, all these links are stand alone ezines, publications and you can go and contact all these guys and get in front of their subscribers.

    Awesome stuff, this is easy you can do this!

    I will give you a blueprint you can follow. How do you determine which one are good and which are not.

    So ezines is one way you can do, another way is "dogtraining + blog" and here you have all these different bloggers where you can tap into their list if they are building a list. Some of these bloggers will not be collecting leads and that's fine. You just go to those who build list.
    You are looking for the ones that collect emails on their blog, that's it.

    How do you know which ones will be profitable or not?

    Here is the blueprint: Here is 4 questions you should ask every single publisher, every single marketer, every single blog owner, before you even consider buying anything from them, You should ask them these 4 questions.

    1. Question no 1, you ask can I buy a solo ad from you? .. and they know what a solo ad is.

    2. 2nd question, and this is important. How many active subscriber do you have on your list?
    Notice the word "active" that's important.

    3. this is critical important: what is your average email open rate?

    Some will say, I don't know, you don't want to deal with them! The answer determine if I am gonna buy a solo ad from them or not!

    4. the 4th. question, how much is your solo ad?

    obviously you want to know what's the cost, is it $1000 or is it $50?
    By the way you can always negotiate with these people, they are independent marketers and business owners, independent publishers so you should always negotiate with them, the price on the solo ad.
    If they say it's $100, hey can I run this for $70... and if I get good results I will return to you for more.

    • Can I buy a solo ad from you?
    • How many active subscriber do you have on your list?
    • What is your average email open rate?
    • How much is your solo ad

    These questions is important and the answers is important.

    Let's look at an example
    Let's say we found a publisher with a list of 30,000 subscribers and the price for the Solo Ad = $100.
    they send out your email, it will go out all by itself to every email box to their 30,000 people. And it costs $100.

    Let's say that based on 3rd question "what is your average email open rate" Let's say that it's 10% which is rather low, if they are taking care of their list it should be higher than that.

    But let's be conservative and say their average email open rate is 10%. I need to know this because this is gonna tell me whether I should go and buy this or not.

    If I know their openrate is 10% and as a rule of thumb the Click through rate (CTR) is about 20%. Let's say 30,000 people, email open rate is 10% so 3,000 people are gonna actually open the email and 20% of those are going to click on the link in the email.

    30,000 x 0,10 = 3,000 x 0,20 = 600 click on the link and visits the site, so I can expect 600 visitors to my site.

    Let's say that the offer you are promoting converts at 2%, meaning 2% of those that click the link in the email, visit the site, actually will buy.

    2% buyers is about average, it can be 1-1,5-2% or even higher depending of how targeted your visitors are to what you are promoting and the offer quality.

    600 Visitors with 2% conversion equals 12 sales and let's say you earn $30 per sale, that's $360 in commissons minus a hundred dollar for that you paid for the the solo ad, you just made $260 profit. So you are 260% ROI = Return On Investment

    600 x 0,02 = 12 sales @ $30 = $360

    You got to ask these questions. If a publisher does not answer your questions, don't go with them, there are plenty of others you can go after.

    This is what I did in that campaign I showed you in the last video.

    That's what you can do in the business today, it doesn't matter what niche you are in if it's a business opportunity or anything else.
    Just take your primary keyword and do what I showed you and get your feet wet.

    This method, I still implement it, it works really really well. When I got started online I mastered this particular method and implementing this method alone, the method I just shared with you, I was able to go from zero, to actually being in $30,000 in debt to paying off that debt and going from zero to making up to $30,000 per month in income.
    Just by implementing this one method alone as traffic generation. I really understood how this worked.

    Obviously my results are not your results.
    What I am sharing with you are just my results it does not mean that's exactly what you will be seeing.

    I am just sharing with you these ideas, because this stuff works really well for me personally.
    Of course in High Traffic Academy I am going in to a lot more details how this works how to make it how to tweak it how to make it profitable.

    So hopefully this makes sense to you.

    Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
    Earn Money selling affiliate products

    What is Affiliate Marketing?
    Affiliate marketing, is earning money on the internet by promoting other peoples products. It's the most common way and easiest way to earn money on the internet and start an online business. You don't even need to have your own website to start earning money as an affiliate.

    When you make a sale, you get rewarded with a commission from the owner of the product. It's a revenue sharing model where you typically get 50-75% of the sale and the merchant (vendor) gets 25-50%. That's when we talk about digital products like e-books and memberships sites. Obviously when it comes to physical products, like amazon.com products, the commission is a lot smaller.

    Most often affiliate marketing is organized in a way so the merchant has listed their products with a company an "affiliate network" that handles a lot of merchants and presents offers for the affiliates to choose from.

    You as an affiliate marketer, join the affiliate network and may pick the products you like to promote. The affiliate network manage the vendors and the affiliates and handles the money transactions from the customers, and payments to the vendor and affiliate commission to YOU as an affiliate.

    Learn Internet Marketing:
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    Obviously the affiliate network company gets a fee from the transactions and that's their business.
    The affiliate network provide you with affiliate links for each of the products you want to promote.

    Your business is to promote the affiliate products via your affiliate link and collecting your commissions for the sales you generate. The most common way to get paid is via paypal, by check or direct deposit into your bank account.

    By selling other peoples product as an affiliate, most of the work is done for you. You don't need to create you own product or business model, you don't even need to have a business, no inventory, no risk, very little business expenses except advertising cost, it's free to signup with an affiliate network and join affiliate programs, you don't need to accept payment and dealing with customers and refunds.

    Your only job is to show your offer (affiliate link) to as many people as possible by driving targeted traffic to the affiliate product you promote. To get your affiliate link and product promotion in front of potential buyers.

    So selling affiliate products is a very easy business model and starting promoting and selling affiliate products is something you should consider seriously if you want to start earning money on the internet.

    Selling affiliate products is the best way for the majority of people to start earning money on the internet.

    affiliate marketing promoting affiliate products

    Affiliate marketing and promoting affiliate products has giving people around the world the option to create an online income and help their dreams come by satisfy their desire to make a living off their home.

    How would a commission of let's say $100 per day make a difference for you? - that's an income most people can make a living off - and be able to quit their job. What about $500 per day?

    affiliate marketing promoting affiliate products

    Would a commission of $100 per day make a difference for you? - or $500?

    Affiliate Networks
    One of the largest affiliate network is Clickbank.com and promoting clickbank products as an affiliate is the easiest way to get started promoting affiliate products. Clickbank product promotion is the easiest way to start an online business.

    Amazon.com is another major affiliate network player you may choose as an affiliate marketer. These two affiliate networks have hundred of thousands affiliates promoting their offers.
    Affiliate marketing and affiliate marketers are somewhat overlooked, but this business is massive and you find it everywhere and it plays a major role for online retailers.

    Many ways to promote affiliate offers
    As an affiliate marketer promoting affiliate products e.g. promoting Clickbank or amazon.com affiliate products, you may promote your business in many different ways: by advertising different places, banner placement on other peoples websites (banner media buy), "blogging" having your own website often in the form of a "BLOG", for example writing product reviews on your blog and doing organic search engine optimization, SEO on your website.

    You may promote products via social media like facebook, youtube, instagram and pinterest. Writing articles (article marketing), pay per click affiliate marketing like google adwords pay per click ads (paid search engine marketing) or facebook paid advertising. 

    You can promote via email marketing either by collecting emails and growing your own list or by advertising on other peoples list.

    Big affiliate marketers
    The Internet and online world is a very powerful vehicle for earning money. The really big affiliate marketers often work very unnoticed and silently and you never know who they are or what they do and how they do it, but you can be certain they make a lot of money and I mean A LOT.

    The big Question - how do you learn what to do?
    The big question for you as an affiliate marketer is what do I do? what are the best marketing strategies and how do I learn it?
    To get started the right way I will recommend you learn about affiliate marketing and online marketing, what to do and what not to do. Look below for FREE TRAINING.


    ​The Training is a 14 days video training series
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    How To Make Money with Clickbank Products
    How to Find good Clickbank Products to Promote

    Let's go to Clickbank and find an offer on clickbank to promote - watch the video below (video removed, so only transcript below) how Vick is doing market research and choose an offer from Clickbank.

    Excerpt below from the Video - How to make money with ClickBank products - How to choose an offer from ClickBank to promote - How to do Market research to see if there is a market for your offer. The Video clip is from High Traffic Academy v.1 free video series Video 2. Watch all 4 videos in this series Here

    Let's find an offer to promote from clickbank
    OK, let's go and get a clickbank offer, I will show you everything live.
    I told you before we will be using clickbank.

    (If you haven't yet created a FREE clickbank account get one here: Clickbank.com )

    I will show you a process, something you can model after. I am going to show you an actual offer and create an actual campaign, but don't copy this exactly, use it to model after and implement it in your business.

    Learn how to earn money on clickbank
    ClickBank University: Click here

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    Let's go to clickbank.com marketplace

    ...but first "How do we engineer a profitable campaign"?
    This is something that nobody teaches. It's the most important thing before even getting traffic.

    (Vick is going through the clickbank marketplace and find a potential product to promote, which is satellite direct).

    The first thing to find out: is there a market for this product?

    Market research for your Clickbank product
    Here is how to do:
    Go to google Keyword tool (now google keyword planner which you'll find inside a free Google Adwords account), input the offer website to find which keywords google suggests for the product sales page. Very easy!

    Important: Search for "exact match" keywords for the salespage, that's keywords in brackets like this: [keyword]. (Note Google's New Keyword planner shows Exact match type keywords automatically)

    Now to determine if there is a market for that Clickbank product you want the main keywords for the product to be 5000 exact match type searches a month or more.

    OK, we have determined that there is high demand for our offer.

    The next thing, I will find out for the actual offer is, how much money I am gonna make in Clickbank commissions.
    Is there a recurring commission so I am getting commissions over and over again each month?

    The next I will look for, is there a competition?
    Remember what I told you before, I want competition so I know there are people making money with this.

    If there is no competition stay away from the product. You wanna promote something that has competition, then you think of how you can outsmart that competition.

    How do I determine if there is competition?
    Well, clickbank has something they call "Gravity" that's an internal formula clickbank uses, which basically shows you how many affiliates are earning money with this particular product.
    The higher the gravity, the more people are promoting and earning money with this product. So the higher the number the better.

    What should the gravity number be?
    If the gravity number is below 50 I recommend to stay away from promoting this product and look for another clickbank product in the marketplace to promote.

    So I am gonna promote this clickbank product, I'm gonna click on "promote" and enter my click bank ID to generate the affiliate link I will be using.

    NOTE: the Satellite Direct offer that Vick is talking about is no longer on clickbank, it has been taken off.

    CB Engine review Video

    CB Engine is a Cool Clickbank research tool to find good Clickbank offers. Check it out here